12Kids Who Don't Use Their Manners

He doesn't know how to act when he's out in public places. So he spends his time at restaurants running through the tables, yelling across the dining hall, and screaming when he's told that he won't be getting dessert today. His parents dread taking him out of the house because

they just know he's going to be rude and throw a tantrum wherever they end up.

Instead of flinching and hoping for the best every time they leave the house, his parents need to step up and teach him what their expectations for his behavior are. He needs to learn how to treat others with respect and how to use good manners because those are skills he'll need for the rest of his life.

Whether he's trying to make (and keep) friends in preschool, ask someone out on a date, or get a job, knowing how to be polite will go a long way.

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