15 Kids Who Need To Be Removed From Their Home ASAP

In a perfect world, every child would be loved and provided for. There would be no CAS or CPS to investigate cases of abuse all over Canada and the United States. Sadly, this is not the world and we must face reality. The reality is that there are children all over being abused and neglected, and some don’t make it out alive.

What exactly constitutes as child abuse? We hear cases all over of parents having social services called on them for the smallest things. For telling their child no, to holding them down while they have a temper tantrum in order to protect themselves. This has put a bad taste in our mouth about what good the services do, if they are called for these little things.

Both the CAS and CPS have very similar definitions of what constitutes as child abuse, and it is around these lines, Child abuse is when a parent or caregiver, whether through action or failing to act, causes injury, death, emotional harm or risk of serious harm to a child. There are many forms of child maltreatment, including neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation and emotional abuse”.

So, we must take this into consideration and keep it in mind when we read through this article. This article is about 15 children who need to be removed from their home as soon as possible. Children that are being abused, whether blatantly or subtle. We must ask ourselves, where is social services in these situations?

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15 Kids Living In A Mess

This is one that may seem to be on the line, and have a lot of people questioning if this is considered abuse. It is obvious that children live in this home, with all the toys around, but we must wonder why the room looks like this. Hoarding is a serious issue affecting hundreds of Americans, and it will be considered abuse in the eyes of protection services.

This would be considered neglect, it is the failure to provide a safe and healthy home for a child. This place is not hygienic, and when we have a mess like this, it is only safe to assume that there may be some issues with rodent and bug infestation, both capable of carrying many diseases. This is also an extreme fire hazard, as if a small spark where to be lit in this room, it would not take long for the whole room to go up in flames.

14 Kids Being Fed Bad Food

Sometimes we need to look at the smaller things when we think about children who need to be removed from their home. Sometimes, a parent is neglecting their child as we all just look another way. Abuse can be a lot more than hitting, smacking or screaming at them. Feeding them too much, of the wrong kind of food can be seen as neglect.

If you have a child who is on the heavier side, they should not be fed an endless number of calories. Now, we understand some children are heavy due to health reasons, but when that is not the case, it is neglect. You are harming them by indulging in their every wish for fast food, and it is dangerous for them. They are young, and their digestive system is young still and needs proper nutrition to grow and flourish.

13 Kids In Homes With Guns

I think the jury is still out on children and guns, and a lot of it depends on where you live. America is very gun-friendly, and that is their right as a citizen, but we must worry as a society as we hear more and more acts of gun violence in the news. Canada is not so gun-crazy, and not many home owners own these weapons. We would like to think that all parents know to keep their guns away from their children, but again, the news reports are making us think otherwise.

This would probably be a grey line for CPS/CAS, is it abuse or neglect? In situations where guns are kept locked up and are NEVER handled by a child, they would probably get a green light. When your child is handling a gun, that is where the line should be drawn. Sure, they may be taught proper handling techniques and do it for sport, but let a child be a child, and they should not be messing with adult things.

12 Kids Constantly Being Left Alone

Some images will cut right to your core and make you really feel for these children. It may make you want to just open your home to all who need one and make sure they are loved and cared for. This is a boy who is dirty, (probably) hungry and laying all alone on a doorstep with a dog. Whether this is from the US, or a third-world country is really irrelevant, he needs to be removed.

This environment is not conducive with a happy and healthy childhood, and is bound to lead to a life that is full of struggle and heartache. The problem sometimes is that a child could have the most loving and caring parents, who have just caught a bad break, and they can not provide the life they want for their child. Sadly, in those cases as well, the child should be removed from the home.

11 Kids In Homes With Dangerous Pets

Lots of families all over Canada and the United States have family pets. Usually they are dogs, cats or even a bird or two. A snake is not one that would normally be in the home, around children, let alone little babies. The problem is this is a wild animal. I have heard it all, that snakes are very gently and loving and do make great pets. That may be the case, but they should not be left around an infant.

This snake in the picture is a constrictor, which means that its bite is not venomous, but it can wrap itself around you and crush you to death. Another problem is that the baby appears to be gnawing down on it. Even the friendliest, most gently snake has the ability to get agitated, and babies are known for ‘harassing’ the family pet. They don’t mean too, they are just curious and learning, but their antics can make any pet attack without warning.

10 Kids Put In Compromising Situations For A Laugh

I am sure you have seen all the funny videos on the internet about babies trying new foods. The lemon sour faces and the pickle faces. These are all innocent enough and make for a good memory, but they are nothing to what this parent is going to make this baby try. He is about to give his son a spicy pepper. This is where the line is crossed.

Some may even say the lemon and pickle testers are abusers as well, but at the end of the day those are innocent flavours that will cause no internal harm for a baby. A hot pepper can cause some serious intestinal damage. It can burn the esophagus and even the stomach as it is digested. This is something that even CPS/CAS would look twice at, after all, women are found guilty for putting hot sauce on their kids tongues as punishment.

9 Kids Living With Hoarders

We go back to another hoarder, one that was aired on the famous TLC show Hoarding: Buried Alive. This show follows the families of hoarders, as they attempt some sort of organization and clean up. It usually involves a lot of drama and tears as the moms (or dads) in the show seem to be more attached to their belongings than their children. In this particular episode, the mom was at risk of losing her children, because that it how serious CPS/CAS takes situations like this when there are children involved.

Not only is there a safety concern, but there is also concern for the child’s emotional state. Hoarding is a serious mental illness, and a parent with a mental illness that is not treated can be just as damaging to a child as a physically abusive one. Children are forced to deal with issues that only adults should deal with and are forced to grow up too quick.

8 Kids Allowed To Smoke

This picture may look photoshopped, but it really isn’t. I know what you are all thinking, what kind of parent lets their child smoke? Well, apparently this little boy’s parents do. This is a child that had social media by storm a few years ago, as he is an active cigarette smoker. It is very clear that this is not in Canada or the United States, and why is that clear you may ask?

Well, if this was in one of these two countries, CAS/CPS would be called, and this child would be removed immediately from the home. The parents would also either be facing some serious jail time and at the very least a hefty fine. Social services in other countries is not as detailed and observant as the ones in North America, and there are also a lot of things that constitute as ‘cultural’ and not abuse. This child needs to be removed from his home and his parents, before he gets very ill from an illness that could have been prevented.

7 Kids Who Are Encourage To Be Fat

We know that childhood obesity is a real thing, and it exists all over the world. Look at the picture above, the two children are the exact same age, but not the same size. Sure, we know all children grow differently and at different paces, but this is a little extreme. Now, I wonder if you could say which one needs to be taken away from their home as soon as possible.

If you didn’t already know, it is the girl on the right. Her parents (while they may love her) are neglecting and abusing this poor child. No child (unless for medical reasons) gets this big without her parent’s help. There is not other way around, it is the parents that are doing this to their child, and they may as well be physically abusing her for all the harm they are doing. Seems a bit extreme, but it is true, and it is how social services would look at it.

6 Kids Not Properly Placed In Car Seats

There is a saying that nothing is common sense anymore, but I don’t know if I believe that. Anyone who has been pregnant knows that there are just certain things you know to do. You know to place them on their back to sleep, you know to burp them, and you certainly know to place them in a car seat properly. There are all kinds of things wrong with how this infant is placed in this car seat, and while it may seem minor I wonder if it is enough to get this baby removed.

The baby should not be swaddled, he needs his arms through, the straps are too loose, and the chest clip is no where near where it should be. Again, call it petty and a ridiculous reason for a baby to be removed, but it is something that is putting the life and safety of that baby at risk. Parents all over have had CPS/CAS called on them for worse than this. This is basic knowledge when it comes to being a parent in todays world.

5 Kids Being Given Alcohol

The entry title for this one is extremely sarcastic, as this father is not winning any awards anytime soon. Alcohol has the capability of being a very dangerous substance, and it is also illegal for anyone under 19 in Canada (21 in the United States). This dad is putting the life of his baby at risk, and for what? A funny picture? Or just doing something that a lot of dad’s and grandpas did years ago.

There were generations that would let their babies and children have a sip of beer, my grandpa did it and I am fine, but that does not mean it is OK. Even the smallest sip of alcohol to a baby is dangerous, they are too tiny, and their body can not filter it through. A small sip to them would be the equivalent of you going out and getting drunk. The difference is an adult body can filter it through safely. This baby needs to be removed.

4 Kids Living In Bad Conditions Elsewhere

Some problems are much bigger than a sip of beer. While we understand that it would be impossible for social services to step into these situations, doesn’t make it any less true that these children need to be removed immediately. It is no secret that there are whole army groups made up of children in Africa, and in other countries. It is not something we like to think about, and we rarely talk about it. No matter how little we speak about it, does not mean it doesn’t exist.

Governments need to change and remove these children from these situations. These are the situations where assistance is needed as soon as possible. If it could have been done yesterday that would have been even better. These are situations we don’t like to think about, because we know that there is nothing really your or I could do from our couches as we read this article.

3 Kids Whose Safety Is Being Neglected

We already discussed the importance of car seat safety, but I guess car seat safety doesn’t really apply if you just don’t use a car seat at all. If you were driving down the street like this with your baby in your lap, and a police officer saw you, you would be in for a world of trouble. Not only would you be arrested and fined, but social services would most definitely be called.

This baby needs to be removed immediately, as its safety is blatantly at risk. Sure, maybe they were just driving to the end of the driveway, or across the street, but it really doesn’t matter. Anything can happen at any time, that is why they are called accidents. This is clear neglect, as they are not thinking about the safety and wellbeing of that child. The length of their drive doesn’t really matter to me, and it also won’t really matter when CAS/CPS comes knocking on your door.

2 Kids Who Are Allowed To Co-Sleep

Now, I don’t want to get attacked by the bedsharing community, because I know it is a large one, and I am not suggesting no one bedshare. We know that it can be done safely, with little to no risk to the baby at all. This, however, is extremely dangerous. The angle at which dad and baby are sleeping is very dangerous. Dad could roll over on top of the baby, or the baby could get himself tangled in the blanket that is wrapped around.

This is not a safe environment, and there have been cases of CPS/CAS being called due to unsafe bedsharing practices, and there will be an investigation. If there is reason to suspect that the situation is putting the health and safety of the baby at risk, they will either try to educate the parents. If their education efforts are not met, they may go as far as to remove the child.

1 Kids Who Are Allowed To Use Substances

We already talked about a child smoking a cigarette, but this one is a little different. It may look similar, but take a closer look. Do you see it now? That boy is not smoking a cigarette, he is smoking marijuana. This is not a conversation about which is worse, this is a conversation that involves neglect. There is obvious parental involvement in this, because the child did not gain that on his own, it was given to him.

Again, if this happened in Canada or the United States, that child would be removed from his home right away, and the parents jailed, fined or both. There are people out there who will say marijuana is a natural product and not as bad for you as other substances, and while this may be true for an adult, it is not true for a child. Their brain is still developing, and when you introduce a substance such as marijuana it can change the pathways that their brain is creating.

Sources: childhelp.org

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