15 Kids Who Survived The Most Horrifying Home Invasions

Imagine coming home and finding out that someone has broken into the house. They have walked around in one's sacred and private space, and have undoubtedly taken things that don't belong to them. Even worse, things are destroyed and broken that can never be made whole again. The sense of security a person once had, has been shattered in an instant.

Now, imagine being home when an intruder comes into your home. Just the thought of it makes me shiver. Either hiding from, or confronting this person(s) would be horrifying. Now for the real terror, imagine you are a child. You are home alone, or home with your parents, and an intruder breaks in. What do you do? How do you react?

Some of these stories have tragic and sad endings, however even more of them have wonderful stories that end in tales of heroism and courage. A young person who steps in to call 911 and saves his or her parents, or the girl who hides in the closet, only to see her mother and father again safely after the intruder has left. How about kids who are assaulted but still fight to make it through to see another day? The good stories far outweigh the bad, and we find that there are many of our little ones who are heroes in ways we could never fathom. They step up and do incredible things, things we could never have asked of them.

15 Seven Year Old Saves His Parents' Lives

When three armed intruders broke into the Norfolk California home, they immediately held the mother and father at gunpoint. Carlos, only 7 at the time of the incident, grabbed his 6 year old sister, a cell phone, and locked himself in a bathroom.

He explained the terrifying situation that was unfolding to the dispatcher at 911. "These men broke into my house, they have guns. They are going to kill my mom and dad. Can you send help?"

In a scene that could have come straight out of any thriller move, the men then kicked in the bathroom door where Carlos and his sister were hiding. Fortunately, as soon as they discovered Carlos had called 911, they fled the scene.

Carlos, at the young age of 7, had saved his entire family from harm.

14 Fourteen Year Old Saves Younger Siblings

A 14 year old by the name of Andrew Mason, from North Las Vegas, is credited with saving his younger siblings from a home invasion. He was home alone with his younger brother and sister, both 6 years old, when 2 men entered into their home.

He acted quickly rushing his brother upstairs and telling him to hide in the closet. He immediately grabbed a cell phone off his Dad's dresser, grabbed his own rifle, and hid in the closet alongside of his brother.

During an interview, the boy's father Keith, told FOX that the family had practiced a break-in scenario. "We believe in the right to bear arms, so it was not like he was foreign to it. We actually go to the shooting range quite often." he explained.

When the men who had broken into the home opened the door to the closet Andrew was in, he pointed the gun and them, and they fled immediately. His father went on to say that he had done an excellent job, executing the practiced routine perfectly. Ultimately, he was the hero of this situation.

13 Eleven Year Old Calls 911 During Home Invasion

Ashley was home on winter break from school, and was left alone for a short period of time while her mom ran an errand. She can be heard on the 911 call pleading with the dispatcher to send help.

"Hello. Please, I need help." she exclaims. "They're breaking into my house, please come really quick."

Later, the suspects entered the bedroom where Ashley was hiding and knocked down a door. She can be heard on the 911 call saying, "Oh no, please. I won't say anything, I promise you."

Upon seeing Ashley, the suspects fled the scene, and were later apprehended after crashing their car into a flatbed truck.

Fernandez, the 911 dispatcher, speaks highly of Ashley saying, "She followed all directions. For being 11 years old I was impressed. She did better than most adults out there." Fernandez had a chance to meet Ashley, and the two exchanged hugs.

12 Fourteen Year Old Hides Niece In Bathroom

14 year old Savannah was baby-sitting her 4 year old niece when she heard a knock at the door. She looked out the window to see an unknown man standing there. She immediately sprang into action, grabbing her niece, and going into a bathroom to hide, while calling her mother.

When she heard the door being kicked in, she hung up with her mother, and began texting her instead. She stated she was afraid the man would hear them.

"I wasn't afraid for myself so much, as I was really scared for Zoyee," Savannah explained later.

Savannah's mom said it was gut wrenching to not be able to get to the girls. She called the neighbor who called 911 and rushed to the house.

The suspect ransacked the mother's property and two other rooms before leaving. He never found the girls hiding in the bathroom. Savannah is now being called a hero for her fast thinking and keeping her niece quiet.

11 Nine Year Old Boy Hailed As Hero

A 9 year old boy out of Hazel Park Michigan helped police nab two home invasion suspects. This boy remains unidentified, even at this time.

This young man raced into action, hiding in a closet after hearing two men force their way into his home with guns. These armed suspects made the boy's mother and father lay on the ground, covering their heads with blankets, and began demanding money from them.

The young child slipped out through a window, ran to the neighbor's house, and called police. The police arrived, and suspects were arrested shortly after. When interviewed, the boy explains that he knew he must stay calm. "I wasn't really afraid," he said, "I was actually pretty calm."

His calm thinking and plan of action helped take two more armed suspects off the street.

10 Two Children Home Alone Endure Terrifying Experience

A 10 year old boy and his 16 year old sister were alone in their home in Fremont California when suspects rang the bell and knocked. The 16 year old girl noticed that one of the men had a crowbar. She grabbed her brother and they went into a closet to hide. They were proactive, and locked the closet from the inside, and dialed 9-1-1.

As the men entered the home they could tell almost immediately that someone else was home. The girl shares her story, saying, "We heard them saying 'Come out, or we are coming in.' I was really scared. "

Luckily, helped arrived within 2 minutes and the Fremont Police were able to take the men into custody. The men were charged with home invasion and possession of stolen property.

9 Six Kids Survive Home Invasion With Their Mother

In St. Paul, a 10 year old girl remained calm under harrowing circumstances, and quite possibly saved her family. She was home with her mother, and 5 siblings. The six children range in age form 1-10. The two men kicked open the door pointed a gun to the mother's head, and asked her where the drugs and money were. The mother was holding her year old baby.

The 10 year old, coming downstairs to see what the commotion was about, was grabbed by one of the men, and told to lay down and keep quiet. She did exactly as she was told, despite being terrified for her family.

The men tore the bedroom apart, and after being unable to find anything, told the mother and the girl to count to 100 with their eyes closed, and then left. They were stopped several blocks later by police, with the guns still inside their car. Both men were charged with armed robbery.

8 Kids Rescue Father Who Was Shot In Home Invasion

A father, returning to his home with his 2 small children, ages 6 and 7, noticed a grey truck backed up to his garage. He immediately told his children to stay inside the Jeep, lay on the floor, and lock the doors. The father then went inside, startling the suspects, who shot him and fled the scene.

The 2 children, hearing the suspects drive away, immediately ran to their father to see how they could help. He advised them to call the police right away.

"I called 9-1-1, and told them to please hurry up," says Max, one of the sons.

The mother, Julia, receiving the call that her husband had been shot, rushed home. "I am just happy that my family is safe" she stated, "and that they didn't try to steal the Jeep with my children inside."

The children's quick thinking helped ensure their father made a speedy recovery.

7 Five Kids Survive Home Invasion

Just before 4am, in Bradenton, Florida, four masked intruders were seen entering the couples' home. Five children were inside this home, ranging in ages from 1-11. Those children were all left unharmed, even though one of them says they saw the intruders walking through the house with their masks on.

The men, shot and killed the couple living inside the home, and left. The children were immediately turned over to Child Protective Services so they could be reunited with other family members.

The concern here was motive, as there didn't seem to be one. Nothing appeared to have been stolen from the home, and the kids didn't hear arguing before the shots were fired. It seems the sole intention of this home invasion was the calculated murder of the couple who lived there.

6 Two Boys Hide Under Bed To Survive

Clifton, NJ is the scene were 2 boys survived yet another home invasion. The younger brother heard someone breaking in through the door using a crowbar. He ran up to his older brother's room, where the 15 year old was playing video games.

The older brother acted quickly, telling his brother to slide under his bed with him, which is elevated about a foot off the ground. There, the boys held their breath and kept quiet. "I told him, calm down, everything is going to be okay" the 15 year old later recounts his story for police.

The man who broke in impersonated a law enforcement officer, and was walking through the house saying, "It's the police, it's the police." Although his heart raced, the older boy knew he had to protect his younger sibling. They listened as the house was trashed and then waited another 15 minutes before making a call to the police. Police are still searching for a suspect.

5 Mother Molested While Children Were Home

Sometimes being a hero is as simple as making it through a horrifying situation. That's what happened in Indianapolis shortly before midnight in 2013. A woman was sitting out on the back porch when she suddenly felt the barrel of a gun being pushed up against her head. One of the three men guarded her, while the other 2 went and rounded up her husband and 3 children, 16, 16 and 7.

The father was then brutally beaten over the head, and the mother was taken to an adjacent laundry room where she was sexually assaulted. When the assault ended, the men forced her to shower, in hopes of washing away DNA evidence. Having not felt as though the shower was good enough, the leader ordered her to dump bleach all over herself.

The children, 2 of whom were 16, and one who was 7, were in another room with the father. They were humiliated by being told to hand over all belongings, and strip down out of their clothes.

All of the men involved in this invasion were caught, and are serving prison sentences for this, and another heinous crime they were involved in.

4 Two Children Slept Through Home Invasion

Two children were asleep in their bed, in Gaston County North Carolina. Little did they know, they would sleep right through a home invasion. Just before 1am, several armed suspects broke into this family's home. The mother and father were bound and tied with duct tape, and the home was ransacked.

The suspects took off with the family car, which they later ditched about a mile away. The inside of the car had been set on fire, in hopes of destroying any evidence that would link these suspects to their crimes. The children were left unharmed, sleeping in their beds, never knowing what terrifying experience their parents were enduring.

Police are still looking for evidence from the vehicle that may bring them closer to the men who were involved in this home invasion. Luckily, the family is all safe.

3 Children Asleep While Parents Forced To Open Safe

In Miami Florida, a couple of men dressed as police officers broke into a family's home and robbed them. This home invasion was not nearly as violet as others like it, but was still scary for the couple. Once inside the home, after breaking in the door, the men rounded up the homeowners. The men were wearing vests, and jackets, and appeared to be wearing badges of some type.

The couple was handcuffed and forced into their safe. At this point, they opened the safe, where the robbers took an undisclosed amount of money. The incident occurred just after 3am.

The couple, while considerably shaken up, was not harmed. Also safe, were the couple's three children, all of whom were left sleeping in their rooms. The suspects may never even have known they were there.

2 A Father Shot, Two Young Boys Unharmed

A home invasion with a violet beginning left a father shot and in the hospital. In Houston, Texas a little after 3am, two suspects broke into the home and immediately started shooting. The father was shot twice, and rushed to an area hospital. The two young boys, ages 10 and 12 were left unharmed.

Police are not sure if the home invasion was based on the intent to rob, as nothing appeared to have been taken from the home. Was the motive simply to shoot the father, or were the suspects scared away at the thought of harming two young boys to get what they wanted?

The boys are safely in the custody of their mother, who was not home at the time of the invasion. The father is expected to make a full recovery. Meanwhile, the suspects are still on the run.

1 Suspect Fires Warning Shot Narrowly Missing Three Children

At a home in Missouri, a woman was home with her boyfriend, and a mutual friend, when they heard a knock at the door. Always having felt relatively safe in her neighborhood, she answered it. This is when suspects forced their way into the home, and immediately fired off a warning shot to get the attention of the adults inside.

However, the shot fired came very close to being more than a warning. The round went through a TV table, through the floor and into a Christmas tote in the basement. This tote was only feet away from where three children, ages 7, 6 and 3 were playing.

The suspects made off with cash, cell phones and a computer. They were caught later that day by authorities, and are off the street, Luckily, no one was harmed.

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