15 Labor Moments Throughout History That Stunned Us

Labor is quickly approaching! Most mums are definitely nervous about giving birth, but at the same time are excited about meeting their little bundle of joy. Even if moms have read through all the books on labor and delivery, mapped out their own birth plan (as if this will actually work!), listened to podcasts on hypnobirthing and asked other mums their experiences; turns out their story might just be different.

Whether you are a first-time mom or you have delivered several babies, labor may or may not be a walk in the park and no amount of preparation is adequate for the shockers that might be in store for you during labor. The moment the water breaks, all the prep and confidence flows right out of the window and the delivery day will inevitably throw you some curve balls.

From moms who gave birth without having a clue as to being pregnant, some who spent weeks and even some months in labor, some giving birth with no pain at all, while others delivered in the toilet!

Read on for crazy, hilarious and unexpected birth stories that mothers have shared.

Below are 15 labor moments throughout history that left us stunned!

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15 Mom Delivers As the Oklahoma Tornado Rages

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While the people of Moore, Oklahoma, were making their way into storm shelters and basements in order to survive a deadly tornado; Shayna Taylor, a brave mom, aged 25, was at Moore Medical hospital on the upper floor ready to deliver her second baby when the hospital took a direct hit from a tornado. Shayna was too far along to move and had to brave both the terrifying storm and her peak childbirth contractions. Shayna had already dilated to nine centimeters when the tornado ripped off the roof and walls of the small hospital.

Her family, including her spouse, was directed to wait at the cafeteria downstairs moments before the twister hit. After the havoc, Jerome, Taylor’s husband rushed with their son, Shaiden, upstairs to find his expectant wife in the dark, but doing alright. The hospital workers carried the mom carefully while she was still in labor through the damaged building and took her to a waiting ambulance. She was rushed to a different hospital five miles away and delivered a healthy baby boy three hours later.

14 Texan Mom has Two Sets of Identical Twins

The chances of having the IRS audit you are one in 175. The chance of becoming the American president is probably one in ten million. The chance of winning the jackpot Megabucks Slot Machine is one in fifty million, but the chances of giving birth to not one, but two sets of identical twins are one in seventy million. It’s actually easier to be the president of the United States than to get two sets of identical twins. Bizarre! This is exactly what happened to 36-year old, Tressa Montalvo in Houston, Texas. The mum of four boys just added two sets of identical twins to her already large family. Reuters reports that Tressa and her husband, Manuel, stated that they weren’t on any fertility drugs and this was just a case of an overly successful planned pregnancy. Her doctor told her she that she was expecting twins at week 10, only to later discover another set of heartbeats, confirming that she wasn’t only expecting four boys, but two sets of twins. The babies were delivered through a C- section and were unsurprisingly tiny; they weighed between three and four pounds each. What to do with eight boys? The dad insists that they want to try for a girl now.

13 When The Baby Falls Out

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Most people imagine labor as an excruciating ordeal. We imagine masked women and men surrounding a woman in labor in a hospital bed with her forehead sweaty, beeping machines while she screams uncontrollably at the top of her lungs saying how much it hurts. This is how most women deliver. Or do they? Karen only discovered that she was in labor while 39 weeks pregnant. The weirdest part is that her doctor told her about it. He immediately sent her to the hospital and the staff was perturbed as to whether she was in labor. She was strolling around happily, joking and laughing with them and other mums. Karen finally felt an urge to bear down and five minutes later, her daughter Tara was born. Other than the urge to push, Karen only felt the perineum stretch over Tara’s head. Adele, her second daughter was born in an almost similar fashion.

Her daughter was stuck in breech position, the due date was past and the doctor planned to induce her. While sitting in bed cracking jokes with a nurse, she felt something wet between her legs. It turned out to be a little foot. The nurse was in shock and couldn’t believe it and upon checking, rushed to get the doctor. While the nurse was away, the second foot appeared together with the legs. In two more pushes, Karen delivered a healthy daughter.

There was no time to even transfer her to the hospital’s labor suite; she gave birth in the general ward. Karen clearly doesn’t sweat it! Some people have all the luck!

12 Mom Gives Birth Outside The Delivery Room

Gaynor Rzepa, a 25-year old mom from Glamorgan, not only gave birth while sitting on a toilet, she didn’t know about the pregnancy. According to The Metro, Gaynor woke up with sharp pains in the wee hours of the morning. Her instincts automatically assumed that she needed a bathroom break. To her surprise, she gave birth instead. The mom was in such shock upon delivering the baby on just a single push and she caught him before he fell into the toilet.

Olly James was born healthy and weighed six pounds. The mom burst into tears while her parents calmed her and she insists that she had no clue whatsoever about being preggers. Gaynor claims that she only experienced minor weight gain and continued to have her monthly period. She still worked at the supermarket up to the point of giving birth and even ran The Cardiff half marathon while five months pregnant. Rzepa experienced no signs, no pain, no heartburn, no morning sickness, nada! She put on most of her weight around Christmas and assumed it was a Christmas belly. The only clue was her craving for Mars bars, which she normally hates.

11 Mom Peaks During Birth

Orgasmic births are no myth. Lisa’s contractions started increasing at 4 a.m. and she had already made up her mind on a home birth. Her husband John, inflated the pool in their dining area while she called the hospital to notify them that she was in labor. She assured them that they didn’t have to send a midwife yet since she was doing just fine. She took a morning stroll in her garden to alleviate the pressure and she felt the baby move down. At this point, she desperately wanted to enter her birth pool. Her labor pains intensified and her husband decided to call the midwife.

While the midwife was examining her, a sharp twinge hit her, one that was unusual and different than any contraction she had experienced before. She developed an overwhelming rush that took her breath away and spread all over her body. She was having an orgasm! That was the best, yet most awkward, four seconds of her labor. Her midwife and husband were oblivious and she felt too embarrassed and shocked to tell them about it. She had two in a span of fifteen minutes and each one gave her an amazing rush. Clearly not the labor anyone would expect! She delivered a girl and the only part of the labor that hurt was the stitching.

10 Mom Goes Out For Ice Cream And Comes Back With A Baby

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Olivia Siegl had cravings for ice cream while expecting her second daughter.

During one sunny afternoon, the husband Jaime, drove her to the park to enjoy fresh air and get some ice cream. She was only 34 weeks along and because her older daughter, Eva, was born premature, her doctors advised that she rest and not drive or walk long stretches.

She wanted the best for her unborn child, but her cravings were driving her nuts. While going to the park, she noticed tightness around her bump and took deep breaths, but took it lightly. She began feeling uncomfortable and the husband insisted that they forego the ice cream and rush to the hospital first. Lisa was defiant and insisted on waiting since she had been home for as long as she could remember and she desperately wanted a treat. As they debated, her tightening changed to sharp pain and they both agreed that the ice cream would have to wait as Jaime sped to the hospital. She assumed that she had false labor and the midwives would send her home. To her surprise, the baby was on its way. The midwife prepared her for labor and despite being both excited and anxious about the early birth; she gave birth to a hearty baby girl.

9 Mom Gives Birth To Twins At 26 Weeks

Katie was admitted to the hospital at night due to pain and bleeding. Something no mum wants to experience when only 26 weeks pregnant. She woke up in excruciating pain the next morning and she was given pain medication to go to sleep since she wasn’t in labor. She experienced worse pain the next morning and became petrified begging the husband to rush to hospital since something was wrong. The gynecologist arrived when it was too late and they couldn’t stop the inevitable. She was wheeled into the labor room and she could sense the worry and the seriousness of the situation.

There was no time to get an epidural and Katie was told to push. She delivered her first son Kaden who could barely breathe on his own and weighed barely 2 pounds. He was rushed NICU and they didn’t get to see him. Noah, the second son was also in distress, he was breached and an emergency C-section had to be performed in order for him to survive. The operation was a success and both her sons were incubated.

8 Woman Thinks She Has Kidney Stones

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Beth Clay started experiencing excruciating pain in her abdomen and suspected that it was a case of kidney stones. However, upon arriving at the hospital emergency room, the doctor informed the 45-year old that she was about to give birth to her third child.

The Venice woman in an interview confessed that she had no idea about her third pregnancy and her husband was equally surprised about being a dad once again. She had maintained an active and healthy lifestyle for the past nine months and she even took long bike rides on the boardwalk days before the delivery. She maintained a strict diet that surprisingly led her to lose 15 pounds while pregnant. Beth didn’t even feel her son kick and only discovered she was expectant after going into labor. Liam was held in the ICU for a few days but is now thriving and healthy. Although the Clays’ never imagined being on diaper change duty at their age, the parents of two other adult kids are thrilled with having a newborn.

7 Mom Deliver Hours After Finishing Marathon

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Amber Miller gave the phrase “marathon labor” a new definition. The 27-year-old participated in a marathon in Chicago sponsored by the Bank of America, together with 45,000 other runners and then delivered her baby a few hours later.

Her doctor granted her permission to run the race despite being 39-weeks preggers with her second baby. ABC News reports that the mum covered the first leg of the race, which was 26.2 miles, she then walked in the second half with her husband beside her, even though she didn’t think that she would participate in the second leg. The mom enrolled for the race even before she discovered she was pregnant.

Miller is a pro runner and this was her eighth race. She had continuously run throughout her pregnancy and her contractions began while in the second leg of the race. It took the couple an extra three hours to finish the race after which they grabbed a bite then headed to Central DuPage Hospital where her second born, June, was born weighing 7 pounds.

Although participating in a marathon while heavily expectant is extraordinary, the American College for both Gynecologists and Obstetricians encourages strenuous and moderate exercise while pregnant.

6 A Brave New Mom

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A seven-month-old pregnant Maryland woman was forced to deliver her baby after her boyfriend put her in the hospital for burning her. She delivered a seven weeks premature baby girl at the hospital who was also in critical condition. The brave 31-year old recounted the events to the police and even named the culprit responsible while suffering from the injuries.

Grinage had told her mom that the boyfriend wanted to harm her prior the incident and that he was on his way to her apartment. Preventive measures were taken and the boyfriend was arrested before he set foot at her apartment.

Jennifer Donelan, the police spokesperson for Prince George’s County commends Grinage for being brave and sharing the information that they required. She helped them continue with their investigation and tried describing the suspect despite being in a lot of pain, worrying about her newborn, and dealing with her injuries. Grinage’s dad told the station that the baby was beautiful and hanging in there.

5 Woman In Labor Gets Kicked Out Of Cab

We have heard of incredibly short labors where women give birth in cabs. Generally, these stories feature a heroic, yet bewildered driver who assists where he can. One laboring mom was unfortunately not so lucky after her cab driver kicked her out of his cab before she gave birth. A driver picked the heavily pregnant Ana Belis Hernandez in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, but changed his mind claiming that he didn’t want to get blood all over his cab. Not only did the heartless driver force the mom out of his cab, but he also left Ana alone and stranded and she resorted to delivering her own baby at the place you would expect the least, a sidewalk! The mom used her sweater to wrap her baby, but she started coughing. Several cars passed her, with no one bothering to check up on her. My best guess is that people in Honduras seem to be used to women delivering on sidewalks!

A Good Samaritan eventually called the paramedics who checked out the mom and her daughter, cut the umbilical cord, then rushed them to the hospital. Though the baby, Milagro, was treated for an infection, she was released alongside the mom shortly after.

4 Obstetrician Gives Birth Shortly After Delivering a Baby

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Dr. Amanda Hess, an obstetrician from Kentucky was only hoping to deliver one baby when she arrived at the hospital, her own! While preparing to give birth to her second baby, she noticed a mom in labor two doors down who needed immediate medical attention. The patient, Leah, needed to be attended to because her baby’s heartbeat was not only dropping, but it was dangerously low. Dr. Hess knew too well that the on-call doctor was away helping another mum deliver and therefore decided to take matters into her own hands. She slipped on some boots that were splash proof over her flip-flops and rushed to her Leah’s room and delivered her baby. After delivering the baby, she went back to her room and induced her own labor, which caused contractions an hour later. She gave birth to her second child, Ellen Joyce, the following morning. Dr. Hess has been practicing for seven years and she says that women occasionally deliver a baby without a doctor having to be there and in this case, nurses handle the delivery.

3 75 Days Of Labor

This is just about the saddest and most memorable labor ever. We feel deeply sympathetic for a woman from Poland who had to endure the longest period of labor ever documented. Krzysztonek had to deal with 75 days of intense pain. Her tale is somewhat tragic since Joanna of Wroclaw, was expecting triplets. While five months pregnant, a fetus was prematurely born and died. After this, Joanna went into labor and the doctors insisted that she stay bedridden and prop her feet over her head.

Her doctors all agreed that she needed to prevent any more premature births by propping her head up in order to relieve the burden of gravity on her cervix. Krzysztonek told Reuters that she was excited and relieved on realizing that there was a probability of keeping her twins and give them a chance for a successful delivery. There is a happy ending to this story since her twins, Ignacy and Iga, arrived when the mom was 32-weeks along and were born healthy.

Krzysztonek took a long time recovering after spending over sixty days upside down and she, therefore, lost her balance. The mom eventually recovered and started nurturing her girls.

2 3 Sets Of Twins Born Half In 2011 And Half In 2012

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Over a New Year’s weekend, a mum delivered a set of twins in different years. In Buffalo, New York, Ronan was the last son born in the last moments of 2011, whereas Rory was born 33 minutes later in 2012 on a Sunday. The Buffalo News reported that the twins appeared fraternal rather than identical, due to their features. Ronan’s hair resembled the mum’s Brighid, whereas Rory took after his dad who has darker hair. Brighid Rosputni and the family have proposed a birthday party for the boys on the same day, and in the same year.

In Minneapolis at the Hennepin County Medical Centre, Beckett Humenny was born 5 hours before New Year’s and his twin, Freya, was born later in 2012. Freya weighed two pounds, while her sister weighed four pounds. The nurses celebrated Freya’s New Year’s birth by throwing confetti and even joked about Beckett teasing the sister for being a year younger. The mom, Stephanie Peterson, was excited about having different birthdays for the kids.

In Tampa, Jocelyn and Blake Bear delivered Jenna in 2011, and her twin Leah in 2012.

1 Mom Delivers 12 Hours After a Judge Serves Her Unborn Child An Eviction Notice

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When the third-trimester clocks in, most eager moms-to-be are ready to meet their new additions to the family. Despite labor inducing techniques, most mums prefer waiting it out. For Kaylee however, her story was different. She underwent a series of frustrating false alarms that forced her to turn to a higher power, a judge. Kaylee Bays, who works at the local courthouse as a clerk, made a running joke about her never-ending pregnancy with her colleagues. Bays had been through labor before, and this was her third child; by her third trimester, Kaylee was ready to be done. Her colleagues made jokes about the baby staying in there forever and as her due date came nearer, she experienced on-and-off contractions but no result whatsoever.

Each day she returned to work, leaving her colleagues stunned as to how she still had the baby bump. Bays got impatient and amusingly took matters into her own hands. She confronted Judge Lynn Davis to grant her a one of a kind request – an eviction notice for her unborn baby. The stamped and signed order was directed towards baby Gretsel, which was the name Bays had chosen for her incoming daughter.

Gretsel was given three days to vacate the premises and failure to comply meant legal repercussions. The document seemed to do the trick since Gretsel delivered less than 12 hours after the order was officially issued!

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