15 Last Names That Make Perfect First Names For Babies

We all love to name our babies something special. Perhaps after a family member or a famous writer? Or maybe a TV character or even a rock star? Of course the names that we give our babies are as varied as the babies themselves. It is probably for this reason that new trends seem to keep forming when it comes to naming our offspring.

The latest craze seems to be taking non-traditional or even last names, and using them as first or middle names for baby. What a great way to honor a family tradition, or even to give a long line of history to a child’s first name. Last names, or surnames if you will, tend to have stories behind them. With a little research, one should be able to find some information about the ethnicity and background of the chosen name.

In addition to the lineage, some are named after a family, or even after a celebrity, and these are no doubt the inspiration for others to name their little ones in their footsteps. Examples may be as varied as the parents, but nonetheless, people are intrigued by a strong name… so why not put it front and center on the birth certificate?

On the following pages, there are some celeb-based examples to use as a springboard. Have fun with it! A baby only gets named once! Well, usually.

15 Stone

Sly and the Family Stone? Perhaps Emma Stone? Oliver Stone? Or maybe old school Sharon Stone? You can’t get much stronger than a rock. Rocks weather whatever the world throws at them, and they no doubt do it with grace and dignity. They are as varied as the ground they come from, but their beauty goes further than just skin deep.

Stone doesn’t take any crap. He’s a go getter with a hard head. He learns from the history of the world, but is always anxious to go out and forge his own path. Stone is a tough guy. If this name is chosen for a girl, she will likely be a tough cookie. She will likely be strong willed with a serious nature, and won’t take any crap from anyone.

Birthdays will be a lot of fun too! Flintstones theme? Indiana Jones? The possibilities are truly endless. Great name for a great kid!

14 Finley

Michael Howard Finley may have been a six foot seven basketball player for the NBA, but this little gem of a name can be perfect for either a boy or a girl. In fact, if you are undecided about revealing the sex of your baby to either yourself or family and friends, you can decorate the nursery with the name Finley and be good to go either way.

Why not? Greens, yellows, and reds and you are good to go whether your precious little one turns out male or female. That, my friends, is pure genius! Such an adorable little name too. Can’t you just see that sweet little chubby cheeked face looking up at you?

Fin for short, and that’s all she wrote. Absolutely precious in every way.

13 Jones

Bridget Jones’s Baby? Davy Jones? Whatever your favorite, little baby Jonesy is bound to be a little cutie patootie. A simple, yet adorable name, that conjures up images of a simpler time. Whether you have a beautiful little boy or a precious little girl, names are always important. Why not go with something simple and adorable?

Little Baby Jones has all the personality in the world. He’s laid back, yet smart. Funny yet reserved. A bit sneaky at times, but all in all a good sport and knows how to go with the flow. Mom and Dad are sure to be wrapped around this little one’s finger, and rightly so. He or she is absolutely irresistible and they know it.

Once you take a little look into those eyes, you will be hooked forever.

12 Kennedy

Few last names conjure up as many famous images as the Kennedy’s. JFK, Jackie, Little John, Caroline…Camelot. In addition to the famous babies, there have been many more uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces and nephews that have added to the allure of the family name over the years.

This is most certainly a name for a very special baby. There’s a lot to live up to with the Kennedy seal. Mostly, it is one of honor and community service. However, as with many famous families, they have also had their fair share of scandal and heartbreak.

In any case, they were always a good looking, intelligent, and hardworking bunch. So, if you want to give your baby an extra little step toward success, this name is sure to help out a little.

11 Monroe

Whether you’re a big Marilyn Monroe buff, or if James Monroe is more your cup of tea, using Monroe as the first name for your precious little one is definitely a worthwhile undertaking. What could be more beautiful than a little baby girl that is named after the awe inspiring Marilyn Monroe? Sure she had her troubles, but what an interesting, talented, and gorgeous young woman she was!

If your girl is going to capture the hearts of the nation, she is going to need a fabulous name. What could be better than naming her after an icon that will last until the end of time? Marilyn Monroe is still a household name all of these years later. It’s a name to remember.

In any case, Monroe would be a memorable name for a boy as well. Who knows, maybe he’ll grow up to be the President of the United States. I hear that job is easier to get than it used to be. Haha.

10 West

Ok sure…West is a direction and a last name. It was also the destination of the pioneers on the Oregon Trail, as well as the goal of more than one young starlet who had set her sights on becoming rich and famous. Certainly a good and solid name with a rich history in strength.

Whether you are a fan of Batman (Adam West) or Kanye, or perhaps even a die-hard Kardashian groupie, this may just be the name for you. Personally, I think that this name would be suitable for any man. It may be a bit tough to carry off as a baby though.

West, Westy, Western? What in the world are his teachers and peers going to call him? Maybe he’ll go by the name “W” instead. In any case, cutie patootie little Westie won’t have any troubles getting attention. His name will always guide him in a solid direction.

9 Griffin

The difference between a Merv Griffin fan and a Kathy Griffin fan could probably not be any more distinct. However, if you are a wheel watcher, you should know that Merv Griffin is the brains behind the wheel. From his successes with his own talk show back in the day, to his association with assorted successful game shows in recent years, Griffin is certainly a name that can be associated with power and large amounts of money.

If you are thinking about Kathy Griffin, well the story might be a bit different. Although successful in her own right, she is certainly nothing to name your baby after. In any case, Griffin is a solid name for your baby boy. It’s serious, yet certainly not lacking in personality. Classy, yet absolutely not on the stuffy end.

Griffin is a name that will grow with your sweet little boy. Definitely the name of a good friend.

8 Anderson

Hans Christian Anderson? Pamela Anderson? The choice is up to you. Whether you have a little linebacker or an author, this sweet little name can carry your little one through their lifetime with no problem. Adorable for a baby, and strong for a man. Anderson is a name for the ages.

Mom and Dad can shorten if they like, because everyone likes little Andy as well. He’s a cooperative and sweet little guy. Cute little chubby cheeks and a sweet disposition. Always a good kid.

In any case, Anderson is a name that is tried and true and rich in history. This kiddo will likely be wise beyond their years, and a joy to be around. Maybe Anderson Cooper was named after somebody famous as well. He has certainly done well for himself!

7 Carson

Well, my vote for number one is this little cutie pie named Carson!! Whether you grew up with your parents watching Johnny Carson on TV, or you’re a big Philadelphia Eagles fan and happen to love Carson Wentz, this is an adorable name for your little bugger. Just look at that precious little face. Seriously? It doesn’t get much cuter than that!

Mom and Dad can both get in on the action with this versatile name. Carson is a funny and talented little guy, who will most likely have a natural knack for sports. This future quarter back is truly something special.

With such a warm ring to his name, he is sure to have many friends that will adore him his whole life through. Just look at that contagious smile! How can you go wrong?

6 Miller

Here’s a cute little pic of World Skiing Champion Bode Miller’s little boy. His name may not be Miller Miller, but this certainly serves an example of a last name that may make a strong and powerful first name for baby. Whether you are a fan of Bode Miller, Dennis Miller, or Miller Beer, this name may just wrap up many of your interests in one adorable little package.

I know many people that may or may not have conceived Junior with the help of Miller Beer. Or perhaps while watching reruns of Saturday Night Live with Dennis Miller? Or maybe even during the cold winter months when there’s not much on TV so you became a big fan of watching World Cup Skiing?

Whatever the case, Miller is definitely a cool kid name. He is a fun go to guy with a heart of gold. Sounds good to me!

5 Hendrix

Seriously? For the rocker in your life, is there a better little baby boy name than Hendrix? Oh my goodness, I love it!! Maybe they make a little guitar teething ring so that Junior can start playing those screeching notes with his teeth at a young age. Too stinkin’ adorable if you ask me.

Sure, you could name your boy Jimi, but how original is that? There may or may not be a lot of kids with that name (spelled the same or differently) on the playground with your boy, but there’s only room for one Hendrix. Without a doubt, he is something special.

Photo ops for his birth announcement will be fun to say the least. The possibilities are truly endless!! Christmas cards, birthdays, and Halloween costumes should be a great time as well!!

4 Lennon

If you want your baby to be creative, talented, good looking, smart, and capable of deep thought, you may want to take the name Lennon out for a little spin. John Lennon was not only an icon while he was alive and well with The Beatles, but his name and talent live on today. Those are no doubt some very large shoes to fill, but surely your little guy is up to the challenge.

The name Lennon carries with it a certain amount of coolness. Perhaps it is the fact that this famous name is still a part of cultures around the world, or maybe it is because of the importance attached to the name its first time around. Either way, this little guy is going to be a man of many talents. How could it really go any other way? Just imagine.

3 Hamilton

With the craze of the Hamilton musical sweeping the nation right now, it is no surprise that the name is catching fire as well. People are falling in love with his story, and finding a new level of understanding for American history as we know it. Whether you are a fan or not, the name is one that is going to be around for a while.

Strength, intelligence, persistence, and tenacity. All traits displayed by this interesting character that played a vital role in the birth of the United States of America. He was a politician, husband, father, and business man. He knew how to put his mind to something and get the job done.

Although the story is not all pretty, the name in and of itself represents a man that had a lot going for him. Maybe your little guy will benefit from such stature.

2 Wilson

Whether you’re a big fan of The Beach Boys, Wilson-Phillips, Heart, or the movie Castaway, the name Wilson certainly has a lot of imagery that goes along with it. Perhaps you’re a big volleyball or tennis nerd? They do have some great sporting equipment as well.

Wilson is a strong name. The Beach Boys (family of Wilson brothers) have weathered many storms and always seem to come out on top. Wilson-Phillips had many hits based largely on the use of their famous fathers’ last name.

In addition, the rock band Heart (the Wilson Sisters), has shown time and time again that they are truly tough as nails, and extremely talented to boot. Figure in the crazy bravery of the tiny little volleyball in the movie Castaway (the ball was a main character in the movie. He was also named Wilson due to his logo), and you have quite a spectacular name to get your little one through life unscathed.

1 Lincoln

Lincoln! Coolness doesn’t get much cooler than naming your little guy Lincoln. Quite possibly one of the most influential presidents ever to grace the USA, Lincoln is sure to give and get the respect that one might anticipate from such a regal name.

Perhaps you or your family are more on the side of car names than presidential names? Well, you’re in luck, because that works too!! There are many strong Lincoln vehicles that speak to status and quality as well. No doubt a strong name, this child will likely be the talk of the town. A true man’s man even as a baby.

Just think about how much fun Halloween will be with your little Lincoln! Gotta love it!! Maybe you can find a hat as big as he is, or better yet, the entire costume could be the baby sleeping soundly inside of a nice tall hat. The fun possibilities are endless!!

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