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You knew I was going to go there first. It's a soft ball. Though it's technically after pregnancy, it still is making the list. Ladies, this isn't something I understand. Most women I know wanted kids and though their partner also wanted kids, there was no need to bribe or

give a gift to them for enduring pregnancy. The baby is the gift, guys. The baby is the whole reason that we do this. If anything give her a gift after she has been up 2 weeks straight with no sleep and her whole right side is on fire because she is holding the baby all day. Get her the gift of sleep. Give her the gift of doing dishes. It's so easy to buy things for someone (unless they are picky- you know who you are) it's much harder to pull some extra weight at home to help out when both are exhausted. That is the gift that will matter later. Also, save your money dude, you'll need it for a college fund.

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