15Hiding Behind A Mask

The anonymity of the donor has been a fairly common practice in IVF. However, some countries are stepping up their game when it comes to tracking information for later use. This includes both identifying and non-identifying information being preserved. Rules around how it is kept, how and when it can

be released, and even who can request it. Portugal has a public national database of donors. In Hong Kong, sperm donation is allowed both anonymous and non-anonymous. However, egg donation must be non-anonymous.

In the UK, offspring are allowed to request non-identifying information at the age of 16 and identifying information at the age of 18. In Spain, non-identifying information will only be released if the offspring is sick with a serious illness. In the US it is the patients that get to specify their wishes. Those are followed as often as possible. The degree of anonymity varies greatly by country!

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