15 Lies All Doctors Tell Their Pregnant Patients During Labor

As patients, we like to believe in the idea that our doctors are honest and upfront with us. After all, they expect us to be honest with them. Usually, when we are at a doctor’s appointment, and they give us some information or tell us something regarding our health, we don’t question them too much; when maybe we should be. Doctors are humans, and humans sometimes lie to protect someone or themselves, or to make things sound better or worse than they really are. I cannot think of one person that has never told a lie, even if it’s a tiny little white lie. So, given all that, why wouldn’t we expect our doctor to tell us some sort of fib now and then.

When women find out they are pregnant, especially for the very first time, they have tons of questions for their doctor about what to expect, what’s normal and what’s not, and at least a thousand other things that run through a mom-to-be’s head. They expect that their doctor will tell them exactly what is going on, and they expect to be told the truth. However, we don’t always get the truth during times when the truth should be really important.

Doctors are only human like everyone else, things that could be their fault could be covered up or a bold lie to save themselves. A woman does not want to be in the middle of pushing her baby out and giving birth and find out that something their doctor has told them is a complete and utter lie. They need the truth in the delivery room it’s important for mom and baby to know. One of their lives could end up depending on it. Here are 15 examples of Doctor’s lying in the delivery room.

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15 "The Baby Is Too Big For A Natural Birth"

A doctor may tell moms things that they honestly don’t know whether or not it’s true themselves. At times, a doctor could tell mom her baby is too big when they are not sure. The baby may not be getting into position right, which can lead the doctor to say the baby’s too large. Mom, if you ever hear a doctor say that; prepare for a cesarean section, or better known as a C-section. When the baby is too large, it cannot pass through the birth canal. Have the doctor do an ultrasound to make sure, the healing time from a C-section can be difficult. Mom’s if this happens to be the case make sure they say it with some kind of proof, it may make the difference in the end.

14 "We Need To Induce"

A woman could be getting along well in her pregnancy and then all of a sudden at a checkup, the doctor does his exam and then states, out of nowhere, that mom is going to need to be induced. Generally when a doctor says this there is a good reason behind it such as the baby is in danger, or that mom has gone well past her due date without the little guy/girl making their grand entrance. When a doctor tells a mom this, she should probably ask why in great detail. She shouldn’t allow the doctor to make a vague statement. For some doctors, the induction story could be a flat-out lie. He could be a busy doctor and want to move someone up on his schedule instead of allowing things to happen naturally.

13 "Epidurals Have No Effect On The Baby"

As a mom-to-be, if you decide to get an epidural and the doctor tells you that there is no way it could affect the baby at all- the doctor is lying. When a woman is pregnant, she learns that whatever she puts into her body, she is also putting into the baby’s body. That can range from foods to medicines, which means when mom gets an epidural, so does her baby. The baby can become sluggish inside the womb afterward, and occasionally a doctor will have to use a forceps to get the baby out the rest of the way. After the little one is born, he/she will be very sleepy, like they are sedated; because they are. It could also affect if mom chooses to breastfeed. The baby may not want to latch on right away. But don’t worry, within time the effects of the epidural will wear off, and he/she will be looking around with curiosity.

12 "One More Push"

This is a lie most women who are in the middle of giving birth do not expect. Sometimes a doctor may tell mom that she is just one push away from her baby entering the world when in reality she is ten or fifteen minutes away. This may be the doctor's odd way of encouraging mom not to give up when she feels like she’s had about enough already. The doctor could say, “One more push, you’re almost there, don’t stop now!” and that sometimes gives mom that second wind to continue pushing. The doctor may even say that phrase several times. This is one of the more innocent lies on this list. Mom’s if you hear this the doctor may only be trying to keep you calm, with your eyes on the prize.

11 "The Baby’s Heart Rate Is Dropping"

If a baby’s heart rate drops, that is a sign that the baby is in some kind of distress and needs to be taken out immediately. This again will lead to needing a C-section. However, just because the doctor says it’s dropping does not necessarily mean that it is. A doctor may tell this massive lie to speed mom up. Or he could even tell her this because he has somehow become psychic and predicts the drop in heart rate. Mom should ask questions and see if a c-section is her only option. Get the opinion of the nurses they may have some insight as well. This is a scary one for most moms to hear; they're worried about the baby at this point. Doctors shouldn’t make it worse by forcing mom to deal with the C-section recovery time.

10 "C-Section Is Not A Painful Procedure"

When it comes to delivering a baby, there is not one thing that isn’t really painful. I hate to say this mom, but no matter what you do you are looking at some form of pain. It is variant based on mom's pain tolerance, so it is hard to say how painful something is going to be. There are only two main procedures during labor and delivery; getting an epidural and having a C-section. If the doctor tells you that it is not really painful, then they have never been through it themselves. Or the doctor may be just trying to ease mom's mind. I cannot think of many doctors who have outright said, “This is really going to hurt.” With a C-section, mom is getting numbed with an anesthetic and cut open. So, technically mom will not feel pain during that part. However, after the anesthetic wears off all bets are off. Your abdomen was just ripped out. You will be in pain. For an epidural, you are getting a needle injected into your back. It will sting a bit, but it is only temporary. Some women think the epidural is very painful, while others say it was a piece of cake.

9 "The Epidural Is Foolproof"

Mom’s, if a doctor ever goes to you and says that epidurals are foolproof and that they work every time, that it is a blatant lie. A lot can go wrong with an epidural in general they work, but in some case, they can make the lower half of moms body to go numb. Other cases may show that the epidural didn’t help in general. If you’re a soon to be mom try to research this one. Know the pros and cons of that important decision before you listen to a doctor that tells you an IV fluid that could have repercussions is foolproof in any way. Before having any kind of procedure done it is best to know what you may be getting yourself into. The reason the doctor may lie about it working is to put mom’s mind at ease. Mom’s need to be safe with this one.

8 "You'll Be Back On Your Feet In No Time"

This may be an outright lie if mom just had a C-section. A lot of doctors use this lie, and it is not just in the delivery room. When moms have this procedure done, layers of muscle or being cut open. That is not something that is immediately going to heal. It takes time, and mom has to be careful with what she does and take it easy. Some moms even have difficulty holding their little one after a C-section. Mom shouldn’t accept this lie, either way, a V-birth or a C-section mom is going to either be exhausted or in sheer pain. Whichever it comes down to moms need rest and/or pain relievers to recover, this is not an instant thing either way. In the end, it will still be worth it when mom gets to hold her beautiful baby in her arms for the first time. However, still do not fall for this line.

7 "You Need To Have A C-Section"

This is a lie that can really be devastating if a decision is made by a doctor that could have been avoided. Such as the doctor lying and telling the mom that she needs a C-section for any reason when there is no legitimate need for one. It is a procedure that has a lengthy healing process and could have way more complications than a natural V birth. A doctor may try to rush a mom-to-be into getting a C-section if her labor is progressing too slow and he has a golf game he’s already late to. Mom, if you feel like something's not right and that you believe you do not need a C-section, ask a nurse or ask for a second opinion. You always have the right to a second opinion. When mom is in labor everything is happening so fast that it may leave her head spinning. But is she gets a moment, she needs to speak up for herself because no one else will.

6 "I’ve Dealt With This A Thousand Times Before"

Doctors are known for using this line quite frequently, “I’ve dealt with this a thousand times before.” Doctors will say that whether they have done something five times or 25 times. They want their patients to feel reassured that everything is under control and the doctor has 100 percent confidence that they know what they are doing. It’s all about looking professional, competent, and has lots of experience. If a mom gets a doctor that uses this line, she can ask him for some kind of verification. If he hands mom a print out with Google written on top, run for the hills. Even as everyday average people, we have probably used that phrase at least once in our lives and most likely while we were either being interviewed for a new job or just starting a new job.

5 "Medications Have No Side Effects"

A doctor may outright lie to you when they are about to administer some kind of medication to you. Every medication has some kind of side effect, even if it is very minor or not even noticeable. This really goes for epidurals. If a doctor says there aren’t any side effects for them, just laugh at the doctor and say, “Yeah, that’s a joke!” because that is literally what it is- a joke. Epidurals numb the lady parts for you, and some of the side effects can include numbing the whole lower half of your body, nausea and vomiting, bladder incontinence, and the list could go on. The side effects of any kind of sedative can put you and baby at risk. This is very damaging for the medical community in general. Everything you are given at a hospital can come with a side effect of some kind.

4 "I Know What’s Best For The Baby"

A lot of the time doctors always assume that they know the right thing to do every time on his first try. Some doctors are so full of themselves that they stop listening to reason. There are instances where nurses or sometimes even the patients actually know what the right thing for the baby would be, but the doctor may just disregard what everyone else is saying because they are the ones with the medical school degree. I had worked with doctors who had such big egos that swore they knew the right things to do when in all actuality the nurses were the ones who were right. Doctors will make hasty decisions so that they could get done with things faster. Moms need to know that they have a say in what happens with their child and that sometimes asking for a second opinion may be beneficial.

3 "You Don’t Need A Second Opinion"

If a doctor ever tells you that you don’t need a second opinion, get a second opinion right away. Most doctors will tell you that no matter what is going on, that you are able to get an opinion elsewhere to verify everything that they have said. No one in this world knows everything and has the right answers all the time. Sometimes one person will catch what another person missed. That is just how it works with almost everything in life. Never, ever listen to that line, because that is all that it is- a line. We are only human and cannot catch everything. Mom’s don’t settle for the first opinion anyway, you’re looking out for two people now. Safety of both of you should be your main concern. If a doctor ever says this to you, they must be covering up something that they don’t want anyone else to know.

2 "Things Are Progressing Well"

Labor and delivery can be a very long and tiring process for the soon-to-be mom. It does not matter if it’s your first, second, or fifth child; it can still feel like it will never end. At times, if things are not progressing at the expected rate for moms labor, the doctor may still tell her that things are going according to plan. This is because the doctor does not want to make mom panic any more than she needs to. She is most likely already a bundle of nerves. The doctor may also be holding out hope that things will work itself out before he finally admits that it’s not progressing the way it should be. Sooner or later mom will know the truth whether the doctor tells her or she figures it out for herself when she notices that after five hours nothing has happened.

1 "The Baby Is Fine"

This is a very bad lie that some doctors tell during delivery that could potentially lead down many different paths. Sometimes a doctor will tell a soon-to-be mom that everything is fine with the baby to keep her calm, and to help reduce stress when something is starting to go wrong with the baby. This is a bad lie in general. Usually, mom can tell by an escalating stress level of the delivery room. The doctor could lie to mom but would have a very hard time keeping it from other staff in general. The first person to know a problem is a nurse that keeps track of baby’s vital statistics. And the tension from there would just build, doctors are not all knowing, most nurses can tell you that.

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