15 Life-Changing Tricks Smart Moms Can't Live Without

Moms feel overwhelmed or constantly behind. With demands of work, family and keeping the house in order it's easy to get overwhelmed. The good news is that mom might just be missing one or two life hacks that could make all the difference. One little trick can make mom feel like she’s in control again.

One little trick could also keep juice from spraying all over the car or the cup holders from becoming disgusting. These life hacks will make mom’s life a little easier and help her to avoid extra messes and disasters.

It can be amazing how just one tip can make mom feel like she has it together again. These tips don’t take a lot of extra time or money to implement (how many moms have an excess of time or money?). These are simple tricks that will make mom’s day run smoothly.

No mom wants to miss these simple tricks that will make life easier. These tricks aren’t just wacky ideas someone made up. These life hacks have been tested and approved by real moms who have felt the pressures of motherhood and figured out how to do it better. Don’t miss these 15 life hacks moms can’t live without.

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15 Dressers In Laundry Room

Via: http://www.beingbrook.com/2012/02/laundry-room-update-ana-white-laundry.html

Does your laundry seem to pile up in laundry baskets or piles around the house? Doing the laundry is a big enough job but putting it away can make it an even bigger job. If you have to run all over the house to put away everyone’s laundry it's going to take so much more time to do for each load of laundry. If there is any space where your washer and dryer are, try putting the dressers in that area. Even if it’s only the kids’ dressers you’ll be saving yourself time. When you’ve folded the clothes you can put them directly into the dresser instead of into a laundry basket. You’ve completely eliminated a step or two by keeping the dressers in the laundry room. When they’re older and will put their own laundry away you can move the dressers back to their rooms if you want.

14 10 Minute Clean Up

Toddlers can actually help you clean - and they want to! Via Today's Parent

A house with kids can get wrecked - fast. But it doesn’t have to stay that way all day long. Choose a couple times during the day when there are natural breaks like before naptime and bedtime. Set a timer for 10 minutes and have the whole family pick up as much as they can in that amount of time. It's fast and everyone is working together.

In 10 minutes you can probably easily clear the living room of toys and other main living areas.

When everything is tidy at least twice a day you can relax during other parts of the day. Plus, doing it before the kids go to sleep means that it will stay that way a while longer and you can enjoy your break time when they’re sleeping.

13 Applesauce Through A Straw

Via: http://capriplus3.com/2012/08/sipping-sauce-through-straw.html

Applesauce is a great snack that is usually pretty healthy (if you double check the ingredients and make sure its not loaded with high fructose corn syrup). But it can take a while before kids can eat it with a spoon without making a colossal mess. If you opt for the cups of applesauce, you can keep it from getting everywhere by leaving it unopened and sticking a straw through the lid. That way the kiddos can suck it out and never actually open the container. The kids will think the straw is a novel idea and love sucking up the sauce with it. Before long, they'll be so in the habit they’ll start putting the straw in themselves. The pouches are another easy, mess free option but usually the cups cost less.

12 Junk Baskets

Via: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/506725395544071444/

Have you ever noticed how many things can be strewn about the house? Collecting them alone can take a lot of time then you still need to put everything away. Having a “junk basket” for each person in the house can help save you tons of time. Don’t worry, junk baskets don’t have to look ugly. They can be nice baskets with a lovely label for each person’s name. Put the baskets in a centrally located place like in the living room or at the bottom of the stairs.

During a quick clean up time, you can pick up all of the junk laying around the living room and deposit it into the right person’s basket.

That person will then be responsible for putting away all of their “junk” that was left around the house.

11 Sharing Socks

Via: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/123919427223194512/

Searching for socks while trying to get kids around in the morning can be a nightmare. Finding a match seems to be nearly impossible on some days. If you have kids of similar ages, you can save yourself some headaches by having them share socks. Sock sizes are usually a range so choose a range that will work for multiple kids. Then you can get neutral colors if needed.

Sharing socks will save time when getting dressed and save time folding and organizing the socks.

For the most part, kids will never even notice that they have the same socks as little brother. Replacing them becomes easier too as a couple new packs will give everyone a new round of socks. Then you can keep the shared socks in one small basket that the kids can reach themselves. You’ll be amazed how fast they can get their socks and shoes on when everything is close by.

10 Sucker Cover

Via: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/384143043191374293/

Some kids chomp down on suckers and have them finished in no time. Other kids, though, slowly suck every last piece of sucker. This can take forever to finish a sucker and they might have to move on before the sucker is finished. Don’t worry about tossing it or wrapping it with this sucker saving life hack.

Plastic easter eggs are a perfect way to save suckers without getting the house sticky.

Most of the eggs have a small hole at the bottom. Open the egg and slip the sucker stick through the hole. Slide it up to the sucker and use the other half to cover the sucker. You’ll be so glad to not find a half eaten sucker stuck to your coffee table or under someone’s bed again.

9 Shoe Stickers

Via: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/469359592385365356/

By about 2 years old little ones start becoming very proud that they can put their own shoes on. It’s a blessing for mom and dad because they don’t have to help with every step of dressing any more. The problem is that kiddos usually have a hard time putting the shoes on the right feet. This is easily remedied with one sticker. Take a larger sticker and cut it in half. Put it in the shoes so that when left and right are lined up correctly the picture will fit together. Kids will enjoy putting this “shoe puzzle” together and the independence they’ll gain when they can figure out the right way to put shoes on by themselves. You can start at any time because the little one will pay attention to the way you line up the picture before putting the shoes on. They’ll be learning the first steps of putting their own shoes on without even knowing it.

8 No Drip Popsicles 

Via: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/561542647272772457/

Kids love popsicles and they’re the perfect treat on a hot summer day. Perfect...that is if you don’t have them dripping all over your house. Keep the drips at bay with a simple cupcake liner trick.

Poke a disposable cupcake liner through the popsicle stick so that the liner will catch any drips from the popsicle.

Now the kids can walk around sucking on their popsicles without making an enormously sticky mess everywhere. You can do the same thing with a silicone liner if you don’t want to be wasteful. The silicone liner can go in the dishwasher when the popsicle is finished and will be ready for the next round of popsicle snacks. Just use a razor or exacto knife to cut a small slit into the liner for the popsicle stick to fit through.

7 Juice Box Handles

Via: http://beachpackagingdesign.com/boxvox/juice-box-flap-9-blogs-reveal-hidden-handles

Juice boxes are so easy and convenient to keep around the house or pack for a picnic. I can’t believe, though, that after so many years they’re still made with the same design that is so easy for kids to turn into a fountain. Even older kids will still sometimes accidentally squeeze their juice box and send sticky juice spraying everywhere. When your kids start drinking from juice boxes, pull the corners off the side of the top of the box. Teach the kids to hold the juice box from these flaps instead of from the middle of the box like they normally would. With the tiny fingers on the flaps you don’t have to worry about juice spraying everywhere. Just call the flaps handles and act like that’s the proper way to drink juice.

6 No More Sticky Cup Holders 

Via: http://www.wheels24.co.za/AutoTrader/are-those-cupcake-liners-5-easy-way-to-keep-your-car-clean-20160811

Vans are great...that is until you climb in the very back seat and actually see what your kids have been doing back there. They can get really gross really quickly. Especially the cup holders. You don’t even want to wonder what could have been sticky in those things and then what got stuck on top of it. An easy way to keep the cup holders clean in a van (or any vehicle for that matter) is to use silicone cupcake liners in them. The liners fit perfectly into the cup holder and when it’s time to clean out the van or clean up a spill just take the liner out and put it in the dishwasher.

Then you don’t have to dig down into unknown goop to clean out the cup holders.

You’ll thank yourself later.

5 PJ Time Load Of Laundry

Via: http://cleanmyspace.com/three-simple-tricks-to-doing-less-laundry/

Say goodbye to laundry day with this life hack. You’ll have to start by getting your piles of laundry done (so just one more laundry day). When all of the laundry is caught up, don’t let it pile up again - ever. Instead, when it’s bedtime, have everyone (mom and dad too) change into PJs and put the dirty clothes straight in the washer. Start the load before heading on to the rest of the bedtime routine. After putting the kids to bed, put the laundry in the dryer. Take a 4 minute break from relaxing to quickly fold the load. Every night all of your laundry will be done and it will only take a few extra minutes. When you compare that to how long it takes to do a mountain of time you’ll realize it makes a huge difference.

4 Glitter Gone With Lint Roller

Via: https://elleoliveco.com/2016/10/glittered-mason-jar-vases/

Glitter makes every project better...that is until your whole house has glitter floating around it for the next 3 months. Before banishing the glitter try this trick. When glitter makes its way off the paper, quickly clean it up using a lint roller.

It will pick up so much more of the glitter than if you try to sweep it up or clean it up with a dish cloth.

Projects in our house used to look like there was a glitter explosion. Now we can quickly clean it up before dad even realizes we were making yet another glitter craft. You can also cut down on the glitter mess by encouraging the kids to add it directly to paint. Then they can paint with it and it will glam up the project without having it loose and floating everywhere.

3 Sandwich Clip

Via: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/292663675777119515/

Kids can have a hard time eating a sandwich. So many times it will just fall apart on them. Even cutting it into smaller pieces can prove too difficult for a toddler to handle. Instead of having every sandwich fall to pieces, use a large chip clip and place it right over the sandwich. The kids can hold on to the chip clip as they eat and their sandwich will stay together. The kids will feel so proud that they can eat a sandwich like mom and dad without having it cut into tiny pieces. This tip is also helpful for eating at restaurants or from the drive through. You won’t have to spend your meal cutting the burger into tiny pieces. Just one clip and the little one is eating on his own.

2 Save Screen Time

Via: https://kiddokorner.com/blog/kidloland-app-review/

Screen time can be a lifesaver for a parent. It can give you a much needed break. Save the screen time for when you need it most. Waiting for an appointment or when the kids are getting hungry and you need to finish supper. Make screen time work to your advantage. Otherwise let them run around and play to get their energy out.

Too much screen time can make kids check out. They might not be as content with it if they’ve watched too much and need to move around.

A little bit of screen time can save you headaches everyday. Saving something special for times of the day that are especially difficult can help. If your little one love a certain game or app, save that for a time in the day when you usually feel pulled in too many directions.

1 Leftovers!

Via: http://www.oldfashionedfamilies.com/the-dreaded-leftovers-tips-for-using-what-you-have/

Leftovers might not have been your favorite as a kid but as a mom it can be a life saver. Babies, toddlers and even preschoolers really don’t eat that much at a meal so you can easily give them a leftover meal with just the little bits that were left from last night’s meal. As a mom, I look at what’s left completely differently than I did before motherhood. A tablespoon of left over veggies will make a serving of veggies for a tot. Now I keep almost all leftovers because they easily become lunch for the next day. Saving time preparing a meal makes me feel like I have a lot less work to do. A few small containers with good lids will make all the difference in preparing meals for little ones.

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