15 Life Rules For New Moms That Will Stop Them From Wasting Time

We all pretty much struggle with a little thing called procrastination. There are things that we just don’t enjoy doing, but we know they need to get done and a lot of us try to find excuses or reasons to put them off.

Procrastination becomes really bad though when you don’t even realize that you’re doing it. How often have you sat down to work on something but then spent 15 minutes scrolling through Instagram or watching Youtube videos? Nowadays, it is so easy to waste time without even realizing that we are doing it.

When it comes to being a first-time mom, time is so precious. Most new moms are running on very little sleep and have a list of a million things to do. And yet, they find themselves wasting so much time in their day when they could be doing something more productive.

Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks that will help new moms take on the world and use every minute of that spare time that they have. You might be thinking that new moms don’t have any spare time, but that’s where you’re wrong. Almost every new mom will relate to these 15 hacks that will stop them from wasting time.

15 Stop The Information Overload

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We consume so much information on a daily basis, but when we really sit back and think about it, a lot of this information is not necessary or essential to our lives. According to Mother.ly, we don’t need all the information that we seek every day.

As a new mom, it’s extremely important to learn to be critical of what sources you put your trust in.

This will allow you to reduce the chaos in your brain and focus on what is truly important and necessary. Sometimes it just feels like there are a million things going on and a million people trying to get your attention all at the same time.

While you may not be able to cut out all the noise, turning the news off during dinner, or not checking your social media accounts as much will really help you de-stress. Having a new baby at home is overwhelming enough and there are a lot of things that new moms still need to learn. However, don’t feel bad if you need to isolate yourself off from society for a little bit. Oftentimes, people who don’t watch the news or television, in general, seem to get judged. There is something to be said about being educated and informed on our current events. But, new mommies totally get a pass. So, don’t stress about it if you just want to keep the information out for a little while.

14 Don’t Just Stare At Your Baby

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Okay, so you are absolutely exhausted, you have spit-up on your shirt, there are five loads of laundry waiting to be done, and you have just wasted 10 minutes staring at your baby in their crib. Of course, watching your newborn sleep can be such a magical experience.

Those naps are a precious commodity and before you know it, the baby monitor will be going off and you won’t have any free time anymore.

According to Aboutamom.com, it is nearly impossible to put your baby down to sleep and not sneak in a few more kisses and some extra moments of peace.

While there is no doubt that watching your precious little angel drift away to dreamland is magical, it is so important for moms to stay in touch with reality and focus on what she truly wants to accomplish in this window of time. If there are not any pressing things on the schedule, you may be able to relax for a few minutes and watch your baby sleep. But, it’s important to check in with yourself and make sure you won’t be upset later when other priorities never got done. Again, new moms are still learning the swing of things so it’s not uncommon to miscalculate how fast a few minutes can go by.

13 One Picture Is Enough

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We all understand that we live in a society that values carefully manicured pictures on social media. And, while all moms want the pictures they post to the world to appear beautiful and cute, there are only so many different angles you have to work with. A lot of new moms end up wasting so much precious time trying to get the perfect picture of their newborn to post on social media or to put in the front page of the baby book that they are working on.

More experienced moms understand that there might only be a split second opportunity to capture a photo before their baby moves or crawls away. If new moms could master the art of snapping one picture quickly and then calling it a day, she could buy herself so much time.

According to Scarymom.com, many moms get this overwhelming feeling that they have to take a ton of pictures and they need to capture everything. Instead of having one good picture, new moms end up with over 50 photos on their phone that they will eventually have to go through. Picture taking is a wonderful and exciting aspect of parenthood, but don’t let that be the thing that wastes all of your time. Take one photo, and then live in the moment and focus on being productive with the time that you have.

12 No More Facebook Stalking

new mom facebook stalking

Facebook stalking might be one of your favorite past times, and while you were pregnant it may have been one of the few things you were still able to do from your bed. But, Facebook is a guaranteed time sucker and almost all new moms fall into this trap. As a new mom, most women are so excited to start posting pictures of their new little pride and joy.

They just can’t wait to scroll through their feed and see what everyone is saying about their baby. This is a task that is better reserved for true downtime. Facebook stalking when you know there are a million other things to be doing is just sucking precious time out of your day.

According to Psychologytoday.com,

Facebook has become a true procrastination method. Many moms explain that the amount of time they set aside to spend on Facebook was far surpassed simply because they got sucked in and time got away from them.

In order to truly prevent this from happening to you as a new mom, try your best to stay productive and focus on accomplishing the day’s tasks. Avoiding Facebook during the day and saving it for the time that you truly have to spare is an essential new mom hack.

11 Pinterest Is A Trap

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Just like Facebook, Pinterest is a trap that can be hard to come out of. I remember when I was studying for finals in college, I decided to download the Pinterest app the day before my final. I literally wasted three hours pinning out my future home and vacation ideas for the next three years. As a new mom, it can be even worse since you are desperate for cute baby ideas and future birthday party inspirations. While Pinterest really can be a mother’s best friend, it’s best for new moms to avoid this in the early stages of parenthood. You will set your baby down for a nap, and then find yourself planning their next three years out through your Pinterest boards.

For the creative minds, it’s a place of fun and excitement, but for a tired, stressed, and busy new mom, you simply don’t have the time to live in the future right now. There is too much to be done in the present. According to Denver.cbslocal.com, Pinterest was referred to as a “time-consuming, occasionally mind-numbing” obsession.

However, there are tons of ways that Pinterest can be a good and positive thing in your life. It’s simply about choosing the right time to indulge. During your baby’s nap is simply not the right time because that is your window of opportunity to get your other items on the to-do list done. Pinterest may be fun, but it definitely doesn’t relax your brain. It makes you think. And since most new moms are already tired and don’t want to use any brain power, wasting time on Pinterest in those early stages of parenthood is a lose-lose situation.

10 Take A Power Nap

take a power nap

Now, when I say power nap, I mean power nap. Often times, moms decide that their baby’s nap time is also the perfect opportunity for them to catch up on some much-needed sleep themselves. Often times they have this idea in their head of waking up with their baby and being completely rejuvenated. Unfortunately, most moms don’t utilize nap time correctly. They waste a lot of time doing little things before officially crawling into bed or lying down on the couch. Before they can even get through a sleep cycle, the cries from the baby monitor wake them up and they are more tired than before.

According to Amotherfarfromhome.com, surviving the newborn phase as a tired mom can be a real struggle. The best ways to nap when your baby naps are to simply forget your to-do list. If you have decided earlier in the day that you need a nap today, then prioritize that. The second you put your baby down, go put yourself down as well. This is the real power nap because when you wake up you will be able to get more done since you actually got some of the rest that you needed. Don’t waste time trying to get a few chores done before napping because you won’t truly get the rest that you need.

9 Exercise With Your Baby

exercise with your baby

Okay, so you have given birth, the baby is home from the hospital, and your pre-baby jeans still don’t fit? Don’t worry! Moms are not expected to get their body back right away. After all, she is busy taking care of a growing human without much rest herself. Once new moms settle into their life and routine with a baby, it is normal to start wanting to get back to working out, or start working out for those moms who never found it necessary before.

For a lot of women, finding time to leave your new baby to go to the gym or do a workout is just too hard. You either don’t want to leave your newborn, you don’t have anyone to watch them, or you are simply too tired and exhausted to work out while the baby is napping.

It can be easy to simply put off working out because it doesn’t seem in the cards for you. However, according to Fitpregnancy.com, there are quick and effective workouts that moms can do at home and with her baby. By keeping your baby front and center during your workout, you are actually bonding with them while you are toning your body. As a new mom, it’s always important to get approval from your doctor before doing any exercise, just to make sure that physical activity is safe for your body.

8 Don’t Waste Time Planning

moms who try to plan

As a new mom, things are always going to be shifting around with a new baby. So, instead of wasting time organizing every hour of your day, just jot down a few main things you want to get done and move along. So often, moms spend up to an hour with a pen and paper trying to make a scheduled plan for her entire day. While morning coffee at 7:30 and the trip to the grocery store at 10 am may sound like the ideal plan, with a young baby around, plans are very likely to change constantly. There is a good chance you might not even make it to the store until 3 p.m.

So, instead of wasting time writing out a set schedule, just write enough to remind yourself what you want to accomplish for the day. In reality, the order of things really doesn’t matter as long as they get done, you should consider it a success. According to Themomonthemove.com, there is an effective way to stay organized without wasting time planning a hectic schedule.

While organization is a must, most moms don’t have three hours to kill while they color code every item on the to-do list.

If you really need to make a plan, just remember to do it quickly and don’t waste precious time worrying about the little details.

7 Start The Laundry

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Pretty much all moms complain about doing laundry. And, while for some people it might not seem like a big deal, laundry can pile up fast for a new mom. Besides her normal loads, she is now washing baby clothes and spit rags every five minutes. The thing about laundry is that it’s not just a one part process. You have to start the load and then move it over to the dryer about an hour later. Sometimes by the end of the day, moms can be so tired that they really want to just put off that chore until the next day. However, if she simply starts the load of laundry, she will be more inclined to finish it.

Starting chores or projects can feel overwhelming and exhausting. But, once something is already started, it is not as hard to keep it going. Instead of looking at laundry as a huge chore and putting it off until later, simply start one step of the process.

According to Liveabout.com, it’s important to remove stains from your baby’s clothes before even starting to wash them. Then you can move on to every other aspect of laundry. Whether you are moving clothes from the washer to the dryer, folding them, putting them away, or starting a fresh load, making a dent in this process will save time in the long run and prevent procrastination.

6 Prep For Dinner

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Dinner can feel like a huge hassle now that you have a new baby around. What was once a fun and relaxing night time activity has turned into stress and chaos. Trying to cook a big meal with a newborn attached to you can be a daunting thought for any new mom. However, sometimes a home cooked meal is so desperately needed in the midst of motherhood. An efficient way around this dilemma is simply to prep for the dinners that you want to cook. According to Mamanatural.com, some experts believe that women are nutritionally depleted for around a year after giving birth.

This is because the baby takes everything it needs from the mother while it grows, and then after the baby is born, breastfeeding also requires a lot of the mom’s nutrients. Because of this, eating healthy meals is so incredibly important for new moms to do. In order to save time, find a few meals that don’t seem to labor-intensive, and prep them in the morning or the night before for dinner the next day.

Whether it’s simply chopping vegetables for a stew or making the sauce and cooking the noodles for a spaghetti dinner, try prepping earlier in the day while the baby is sleeping or in their swing. By doing this, you utilize your higher energy levels earlier in the day and save time with dinner at night.

5 Make A Grocery List

Going grocery shopping may have been a fun outing before you had a baby, but now as a new mom, it is a scary place filled with germs and strangers. Often times, moms try to avoid taking their baby out in public in the early months simply because it’s safer and easier to stay home.

When new moms do get a chance to run to the grocery store, it is so important to bring a list!

Some new moms hate the idea of spending a moment away from their precious little baby, but a lot of moms also relish in this baby free time at the store. Some moms find themselves browsing the familiar aisles and embracing each moment of peace.

While this may be nice, it also wastes a lot of valuable time. For the new moms who are trying to be as efficient as possible and get in and out, a grocery list is absolutely necessary. According to Food.unl.edu, making a grocery list not only saves time but it also makes you eat healthier. Instead of browsing the aisles and throwing whatever looks good into the kart, you stick to the plan and know exactly what you need from each area of the store.

4 Make Your Bathroom Trips Quick

mom pooping toilet

Just a fair warning, this one might be a little too much information for some of you. However, according to Sheknows.com, it can be incredibly difficult to get any alone time at all once you have kids. And, this lack of time alone does not go away when you are on the toilet. Many moms often complain that they can’t even get peace when they are doing their business. So, as a new mom who is still adjusting to a baby constantly needing her attention, it can be so easy to relish every second of quiet time on the toilet. However, this is the easiest way to waste time throughout your day.

I know it may seem like an okay time to pull out your phone and check your social media accounts. After all, moms want to stay connected to the world too, right? Unfortunately, this is the easiest way to let time slip away from us. Before you know it, you’ve been sitting on the toilet for 20 minutes just wasting time. While this may feel relaxing, if we are in the business of saving time, it’s important to remember to get in and get out when it comes to your bathroom trips as a new mom.

3 Don’t Overanalyze Your Baby

don't overanalyze your baby

Constantly researching and reading books about your newborn baby will only drive you crazy. There are so many ways to question if your baby is “normal” or if there are things you should be concerned about. A lot of these things are just opinions or things that make new moms worry unnecessarily. Things like how long a baby should sleep or whether their poop is normal or not will just make you go crazy and waste time. It is so important not to overanalyze your baby. Learn what is important and what is necessary to watch out for, but try to ignore all the other information.

According to Westvalley.citymoms.com, being an over analyzing mom is a constant struggle because you are worrying and researching every little thing. The important thing to remember is simply to plan and prepare. There is no point wasting time questioning if your baby is hitting the right milestones or developing at the same rate as everyone else. Every baby is slightly different and if your doctor is not concerned about anything, you shouldn’t be either. Spend your time enjoying your baby instead of stressing about analyzing them. In the end, all that time you spent thinking will just be a waste.

2 Do Things The Night Before

Sometimes starting household chores can be overwhelming but once they are started, you are more motivated to finish them. Load the dishwasher and run it at night. The next morning you will be more inclined to empty it than you would be to start washing the dishes from the day before. The same goes for picking up the clutter or stripping bed sheets to prepare for the laundry. Before you go to bed at night, try to do just a few things on your list that you know you won’t want to do in the morning.

Even if you don’t finish these tasks, simply getting them started will create a better morning mentality for yourself.

According to Today.com, mornings are very rough for working moms especially. It can be hard enough to get yourself ready in the morning, but when you add a baby to the mix it becomes way more difficult. It is advised to do as much as possible the night before in order to save yourself time in the morning. Whether this is laying out clothes, making sure diaper bags are packed, or simply getting some of the household chores done, doing things the night before allows you to focus your attention on what really matters in the morning.

1 Your Baby’s Outfit Is Not That Important

babys outfit not important

After nine months of shopping and a massive baby shower, it is safe to say that new moms have more clothes for their baby than they do for themselves. It might seem totally necessary to put your newborn in a cute outfit every single day simply because that’s what people bought them for.

Your baby only stays little for so long and it might seem important to get the most use out of those adorable little newborn onesies. The thing is, your baby’s outfits really don’t matter that much in the first few months.

Unless you are going somewhere important or significant, those newborn outfits will most likely end up with poop stains and spit up residue all over them.

If dressing your baby up and making them look cute is something important to you, that is totally fine. However, don’t waste 30 minutes trying to decide which color socks go best with that shirt. According to Liveabout.com, there are a lot of clothing products for babies that are totally unnecessary. When it comes to socks and mittens, they are so small they almost always get lost, and other outfits just get in the way of the car seat and make your life more difficult. Since we are focused on saving time, remember to keep it simple in the beginning and don’t overthink your baby’s outfit.

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