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Girls Night Out

Being away from your baby for extended periods of time while establishing your breastfeeding relationship, especially in the first couple of months, can have a negative effect on your milk supply.

Not without your trusty pump, that is. Sure, you can still enjoy a girl's night out, but most women agree that it's simply not worth the trouble and the time. There's some controversy over whether or not you can enjoy a couple of beers and still breastfeed afterward, with some

even claiming that the yeast found in beer can actually give your milk supply a little boost. However, most lactation consultants and doctors agree that it's probably best to avoid it as often as possible.

The problem with going out doesn't just stop at enjoying a drink or two.

Being close to your baby and cuddling increases your oxytocin production, often called the "cuddle chemical". Your body is producing oxytocin on overdrive during pregnancy, birth, and while breastfeeding, and it's a key part of milk production. Basically, the more time you spend having skin to skin contact with your little one, the better your milk supply should be.

If you miss a feeding or two while you're out and about, it can lower your milk supply. If you're really itching to have some alone time, make sure you take your pump. It won't be the same, but you can still keep your milk production up. The more breastmilk is removed, the more your body will produce.

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