15 Made-Up Names Parents Gave Their Kids

Naming a child can be a difficult task for many parents. Choosing the perfect name is very important, and many like to give a name that has some meaning to it. Whether personal or just the actual definition of the name. There are so many fabulous names, so it is no wonder the decision can be a difficult one. Being that a child will carry this name for their life, it makes one wonder what goes through some parents heads... what could they be thinking when they decide to name their child Chlamydia or Leukemia?

Some people are just that stupid, that they would name their child after a disease, or money, or after their favorite pet.

Some people shouldn't have kids because if they can't even take naming them seriously, how are they going to raise functioning adults? People who are able to contribute to society?

And on the off chance they don't raise a complete screw-up, their kid is left with a name that will probably humiliate them and haunt them forever. Unless of course, the child decides to change their name. Which is a big ordeal in and that of itself, right? Then they would have to wait until they are legal adults.

15 Qazyawq (Quest)

One person wrote to a website saying he went to school with a kid named Qazywaq. Which was pronounced Quest? Which is also horrible. He called for parents to stop naming their children something stupid. And I concur. Parents really need to quit with the names that are so different, or spelled so bizarre it's not even an actual word/name. And what about when the kid wants a key chain with their name on it, they will NEVER be able to find one, unless that have it custom made.

I think it is just cruel to name one's child something so stupid. Also, the kids are probably going to have to deal with being picked on forever, because their parents named them something so incredibly stupid. No offense, Qazywaq.

14 Cliche

You know what's cliche? Naming your child Cliche. Wait no it is not, it is just plain dumb! I mean, come on people! This is an incredible time we live in, and there are people naming their children cliche? It is not a name! It is an overused expression or stereotype. Not a cute baby name! For the love of children, stop looking in the dictionary for baby names. Try a BABY NAME book, or look back into the ancestry of your family. There are always beautiful and not so well known names to be used from past generations.

Cliche is not a name. And now some poor child has to go around and fill out paperwork and use this name. Hopefully, the middle name wasn't bad and she could go by that.

13 Daiijaiyia (Day-ja)

Daiijaiyia, upon first glance this looks like a jumble of letters. Upon second glance one would realize that it is, in fact, a jumble of letters. Apparently, some people decided throwing together some of their favorite consonants and vowels would make the perfect baby name. It is pronounced Day-Ja. The letters for the pronunciation are all in the name, so that's something. If you want to name your child Day-Ja, why not spell it like it sounds?

I understand the want some people have to be different or to have their children stand out. But giving them a name that is not a name is simply ludicrous. It is sad to think about how many kids are out there with stupid names.

12 Moshunik

I mean, come on now. What kind of name is Moshunik? How did they even think of this? It sounds like a hybrid animal. Like a weasel, moose, and skunk combined. Later to be known as the elusive moshunik. Right? At least that's what I think when I hear the word Moshunik... excuse me, name.

I'm coming to the conclusion that many of the people who have named their children these oh so crazy names are high. There can be no other excuse. It has to be drugs. Why else would a person want to name their kid a jumble of letters that don't even sound remotely like what they call the kid? Or a name that sounds like a few wild animals procreated? I simply don't understand.

11 R'Cowna

Someone tweeted their nephew goes to school with a girl named R'Cowna. To pronounce it "correctly" say the first two letter together, then "owna". I am not sure how or why someone would choose this odd name for their child, and I can't even with this one.

Some parents do not understand that kids are mean, and they will use anything to make fun of another child? So why make it so easy on them by naming their kids these outlandish names? The parents should have to go around being called by a humiliating name for a while and see how they like it!

If my parents named me a not name, or made up name, I would call them something really irritating and embarrassing. But that is just me.

10 Holy Ghost

There a lot of people who take their religion incredibly seriously. To the point, it is almost too extreme. Now, I personally am a Christian, but I am not so devout that I would name my child (or grandchild as is the case here) Holy Ghost.

A woman tweeted her coworker is named Holy Ghost, and that her devout Grandmother named her so.

Obviously, her Grandma loves The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost, and thought that one of these would make a stellar name for her grandbaby.

While Biblical names are lovely and some have maintained popularity for years, Holy Ghost is just a little too extra.

That poor woman; people probably think she is kidding them when she gives her name. I can only imagine the ridicule she endured...

9 Billion

Who loves money? I sure do enjoy it, I don't know if I love it per say. Whoever named their child Billion must really love money.

If a name has any kind of power over how the child will do in life, this one should do well. Financially anyway. How disappointing to be named Billion and be financially mediocre?

It is setting the kid up to be disappointed if he puts any stock (ahem) in his name. It is also just a really stupid name that makes one ask "Wtf, why would someone name their child Billion".

I could see someone naming their cat Billion. A big fluffy cat, that they serve lobster and treat it absolutely ridiculous. I can't envision a human child named Billion. Unless he is a wannabe rapper and names himself.

8 Hashtag

Hashtags AKA pound signs have never been so popular as they are now. What with all of the social media outlets, hashtag signs are everywhere. Even the major news stations and government stuff have the hashtag sign. It is really...something.

One couple really loves their social media emblem. So much so they named their child, you guessed it, Hashtag.

I don't know where to begin with this name. I am seriously in disbelief over this, and I am assuming it is a millennial that came up with it. It simply has millennial written all over it #millennial.

The poor child is going to grow up with a name of something we once used to lay tic tac toe on. One day, Grandma Hashtag will have to explain to her grandkids why her name is Hashtag.

7 Hellzel

According to internet legend the name Hellzel came to be like this. The mom loves the name Hazel. That dad loves the Hell's Angels. So the two came up with the name Hellzel, because marriage is nothing if not compromise. And that they did when coming up with the gem.

It sounds like something Charles Manson would name his kid. Not be mean, but that's totally what I i think of when hearing this name— Charles Manson. Which is not what I would want people to think of when hearing my child's name. So, because the parents are really good at compromising, their sweet little girl will forever be known as Hellzel. I suppose there are worse names out there. Most of them made this list! LOL...crying... it's just a sad kind of funny.

6 Phelony

Felony is not something a person wants to be. It is generally related to something bad and criminal. Who would want to be called that? And no parent in their right mind would want their child to be a felon. So it seems odd to hear of a parent naming their child Phelony, changing the spelling does not change how it is pronounced. So people hear it, and they are still going to think "felony".

The mother thought it is a beautiful name, and obviously didn't know any better. As judgemental as this sounds, when I hear of these stupid, stupid names, I can't help but assume that the parents are ignorant.

Plain and simple. What other reason could there be for a person to name their child something so stupid?

5 Chairish

Cherish, though it sounds more like a pet name than child's name, is relatively known as a human name. Now, its homophone, Chairish, is not well known, or even known at all. It is the creation of someone who couldn't think of a name and quickly glanced across the room. Deciding upon the chair she saw and how her child resembled it. Since that fateful glance the baby will forever be known as Chairish.

This is simply a horrible name. Hopefully, the kid will make it through the bullying that is sure to ensue. How does a parent explain that to a kid? Mommy couldn't come up with a normal, decent name for you Chairish. That's why your name is Chairish... I hope her middle name isn't recliner or loveseat.

4 K-VIII-lyn (Katelyn)

K-VIII-lyn looks like some Roman Numerals and letters that got combined to become the title of "B" Horror movie. In all actuality, it is just the horrible name some idiot people named their child. It is pronounced Kaitlyn. Poor little K-VII-lyn, people will forever mistake her for royalty, what with all of the numbers in her name. No, wait, they sure won't mistaken her for royalty. They will simply make fun of her, for her whole school life.

In an attempt to stand out, or live vicariously through their offspring, these people are simply cursing their kids. Giving them bizarre and misspelled names do not make them cool, it makes them sound like a bunch of idiots. More so the kids will not only live with the embarrassment of their name but that of their parents.

3 Yr'Hyness

Yr' Hyness. Yes, this is real. It is not a joke. Naming their child Your Highness would have been bad enough, but these people had to hyphenate and misspell it. This kid is definitely going to get ripped on in school. All kinds of names will be thrown at this kid, but none as awful as what her parents named her. They could have called her this as a nickname, at home, when they weren't around others.

But no, they had to name her something ridiculous to make her stand out. And unfortunately standing out is not always a good thing. Especially when it is for a stupid name your parents gave you. Poor Yr'Hyness, I just hope she understands she isn't actually royalty, merely a descendant of two idiots.

2 Opium

Another person tweeted that their nephew once went to school with a little boy named Opium. Like the drug! And to help the students learn their letters by using classmates names; there is a class of students that now know "O" is for opium. *Insert Face palm* Huh, are there worse names out there? Yes, Opium is not the worst. But it is still bad. Why name your child after a drug? In what world is that OK? Opium, as we know, is what is used to make some opioids.

It is definitely not suitable as a name for a kid. His parents should be ashamed. And goodness knows as he gets older people are going to make fun of him for having a drug-related name.

1 Chla-mydia

Let's talk about Chlamydia. Most of us remember learning about STD's in health class, and the dangers of them. We learned that we definitely would never want to get one! Apparently, they should have also been teaching that Chlamydia, sometimes spelt with a dash, is not a good name for a child.

I can just picture some young women, who probably skipped health class on that day when they taught about STD's in class. She went to go shopping with her friends and later see her boyfriend. Only to later on in life hear someone speaking of Chlamydia. Due to her missing class that day, she though it was a beautiful name (not a disgusting STD) and just had to name her daughter that. The lesson here is, don't cut class kids.

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