15 Medical Signs Mom Is Having A Boy

When we are expecting a baby, the first thing that strangers want to know is if it is a girl or a boy. There are so many old wives’ tales used to try to magically identify the sex of the baby, that I thought I should uncover some of them for us here. Not everyone wants to wait until ultrasound day, or even the day of birth to find out the baby’s gender. Unfortunately, none of these methods are foolproof, but they certainly are entertaining.

Face breaking out? Craving salty foods? These may be indications that the mama-to-be is expecting a boy. Carrying low? Less throwing up? Perhaps mom is a little more masculine looking than she had been before all of her baby hormones started raging.

I do believe that people mean well, or perhaps they are just entertaining themselves by placing bets on the upcoming birth; but either way, guessing the sex of a baby is a long time tradition that is not going away anytime soon.

It’s not only strangers that like to get in the game either. Moms, grandmas, and even husbands like to put in guesses as well. It’s suddenly as if nobody has ever seen a big belly before. In any case, it is kind of cute to see everyone fussing over the mama-to-be and baby. Who knows, maybe one of them will actually guess correctly! Read on to see if any of these signs may point them in the right direction.

15 A Faster Heart Rate

If during your prenatal visits, you notice that your baby’s heart rate never remains under 140, you may indeed be having a little boy. For whatever reason, some baby boys seem to have faster heart rates than their girl counterparts. Why do you suppose?

Maybe because the baby boys are bouncing around like little loonies when you get to the doctor’s office? They hear the monitoring machines and think they are going to get to play with power tools? Not likely, but funny just the same.

I suppose it’s possible that little baby girls are just more relaxed at the doctor’s office because they know Mom has got everything under control. Or maybe it’s all just a huge bunch of BS, and the baby’s heart rate has absolutely nothing to do with it being a boy or a girl. You just never know, I guess. One more piece to the ever changing puzzle of gender guessing.

14 The Right Side Is Bigger

Okay, can we talk boobs? Pregnancy and childbirth do all kinds of weird things to our girls. They hurt, they grow, and they are just kind of uncomfortable during this stage of our lives. As if this wasn’t joyous enough, apparently the girls may decide to be uneven as well! What??

That’s right, ladies! If your right breast is bigger than your left, some schools of thought say that that may be indicative of having a boy. Why might this be? I have no idea. Breasts are tender while potential milk supplies are being created and shifted around, so my only thought is that perhaps they grow at different speeds when having a boy?

Again, this is most likely due to the crazy boy hormones mixing with our girl parts. Those boys don’t have a clue about us girls right from the beginning. Pretty funny.

13 A Taste For Salty Foods

Many women are salt cravers by nature, but for the rest of us…WE WANT SWEETS! So when that first massive craving for pretzels, Doritos, and maybe even beef jerky hits, we are kind of caught off guard.

When I was preggers with my boy, I was totally craving all of my husband’s favorite snack foods! So bizarre! I didn’t want cookies, I wanted chips! If you knew me personally, you would understand how this was certainly not my normal behavior. My nature is all about the sugar.

Beef jerky? Seriously? For whatever reason, I could not eat meat when I was expecting my boy, so my guess is that the beef jerky filled some kind of void in the meat department. Anyway, enough about me. My point is, if you are craving the salty snacks more than normal, there is a good chance you will be having a boy!

12 What Color Do You See?

This one seems the most odd to me. Seriously? Urine color? If my pee started looking all funny, I think I would be concerned with more than just the potential gender of my baby. They say that if your urine is “cloudy white” (eeewww) you are having a girl, and if it is darker, you are having a boy. What the heck is wrong with these people? If I had cloudy white pee I would be running to the freakin doctor! And dark pee? From my knowledge, pee is only dark when you are not drinking enough water.

In any case, to each their own. If you really want to know if you are having a boy or a girl, you’re going to have to wait for your ultrasound. But if you are into playing the guessing game, you may want to leave this little nugget out of the mix.

11 Always In Need Of A Haircut

If your hair is growing faster than it ever has in your life, you may be having a baby boy. Obviously men have more hair in more places than women, so it’s entirely possible that this is a male hormone thing. If you seem to be getting your hair cut more often, yet still find it to be too long all the time, there is a very good chance that you are having a boy.

There are benefits to this, I suppose. If you want to try out some new looks before baby comes, now is the time. Once your little bundle arrives, you may very well be sporting the mama ponytail and/or bun for the next few years. Showering will soon become less frequent as well. So mamas, soak it up while you can. Enjoy your beautiful long hair before a certain little someone is constantly trying to pull it out of your head.

10 Feet Feeling Cold?

Are your feet feeling cold ALL the time? Can you just not warm them up to save your life? If your feet are feeling like you just stepped out of the Arctic, you may just be having a boy. When I was carrying my son, I would often use my husband’s nice warm belly or back to warm my icy feet. He was not a big fan!

Seriously though, if you find that socks, blankets and slippers are not enough to warm your freezing little pups, try tucking them under your significant other's clothing. They may not enjoy it, but it will certainly feel really nice on your feet and give you a good giggle.

If that doesn’t work, maybe a nice cozy fire with some hot chocolate. Or perhaps your family pet will be kind enough to lie down on your feet for a bit. Whatever works!

9 A Low Belly

We’ve all heard of mamas carrying high or low, right? I remember not understanding this concept very well until I was carrying a baby myself. High? Low? Huh?

Well it turns out that many moms-to-be fully believe in this theory. Carrying the baby high up in the torso is more likely to mean you are having a girl, while baby sticking to the lower pelvic region may be more indicative that you are indeed carrying a boy.

Why is this? Nobody is really quite sure. It seems that this theory is just based on word of mouth. Apparently it’s all a numbers game. Mamas with low bellies just seem to have more boys. Not much science to it, but it is almost considered common knowledge (even though it’s obviously not always true).

How about your own experience? Have you wagered a guess on someone else’s belly based entirely on the position of the baby? Were you right?

8 Pimples Start Showing Up

When we are preggers, our hormones tend to go a bit nuts. Obviously, our bodies are used to fluctuating female hormones, but when you add the craziness that’s coming out of your little boy in the oven, things can get a bit stranger.

Acne is never fun. As teens, some of us fought off the occasional pimple, while others had to deal with much more difficult skin. At that time, it was okay to use any skin products that you could get your hands on. But what about when you are with child? Chemicals are not exactly mom’s best friend.

When I was expecting my son, I had acne like I had never had in my life! I had it on my chin, my back, and even one or two pimples on my arms. It was insane! Docs just said to use soap and water, but those suckers were stubborn I tell ya! As soon as he was born however, it all went away quite quickly.

7 Less Time Over The Toilet

If you have had a baby, or if you are expecting one in the near future, you definitely know that “morning sickness” is quite the misleading term. Morning? Really? Um…last time I checked this little pregger perk can pop up at any time of the day or night.

For many, however, this queasy awful feeling does not rear its awful head very often. Many moms have reported less throwing up when expecting a boy. Hmmm. Interesting. For me, I was nauseous a lot, but didn’t actually throw up very often when pregnant with my boy. With my girl, however, I would puke with very little warning. Like, just out of nowhere.

In any case, it’s certainly not a concrete clue, but if you are blissfully sailing through without blowing chunks regularly, you very well may be having a boy. All that salty food may contribute too, I suppose. Nobody wants to throw up a big old bag of Doritos. Gross!

6 Dry Hands And Feet

Dry and cracking skin on your hands and feet is another lovely indicator that you may indeed be having a boy. For some reason, many boy mamas suffer from skin issues that require a lot more moisturizing than normal. Once again, this could also be a sign that you need to drink more water, so pay attention.

Natural moisturizers like vitamin e, coconut oil and coco butter are probably the best choices for these types of pregnancy issues. You don't want to use harsh perfumes or chemicals that will further irritate the skin.

Also, in the winter months, make sure that you wear protective clothing to shield yourself from harsh winter winds. The cold weather adds additional dryness to your skin that you could certainly do without. Perhaps you could try some sort of homeopathic bath moisturizers as well. Not only does it feel good, but it can help calm your nerves. Just make sure somebody is home to help you stand up when you finish.

5 Masculine Features

Okay, so maybe Steven Tyler is a bit of an exaggeration, but there is something about a woman’s face when she is carrying a boy. Not always, of course, but often enough that those that take a super close look at the mama-to-be would likely guess the baby’s gender correctly.

Perhaps it’s the extra sleepiness, or the extra salty snacks? The little things that we do that make us a little more nuts than normal? Carrying a boy is hard work, so maybe it’s just the fact that our bodies are working on overtime while trying to grow the baby.

Whatever the reason, if you see yourself in the mirror and you don’t like what you see at first glance, be kind. You are working very hard on this new life inside of you, and a little stress on your face is more than normal.

4 Packing More Pounds

Obviously weight gain is a normal part of any healthy pregnancy. However, if you find that you are gaining more rapidly in the tummy area (more than the number of weeks along in your pregnancy suggests you should), you may indeed be having a boy.

It’s just how it is. We are often hungrier when carrying a boy. It’s not that we want to stuff our faces full of everything delicious and fattening, it is genuine hunger! Who are we to deprive our precious little babies of the nutrition they so desperately need? Boys tend to have bigger appetites than girls, and this can even show up when they are in utero.

So what do you do? This mama says just eat! We need to listen to our bodies when we are expecting. That’s just how it is. There’s plenty of time for cautious calorie counting once the baby is safely in our arms. For now, just try to go with the flow.

3 Less Energy, More Napping

I always think it’s ironic that we moms think we are so sleepy during our pregnancies…while baby is still INSIDE! Honestly, we will have no idea what tired is until our little bundles of joy are keeping us awake for days on end. Anyway, we can get to that later. Napping is a HUGE sign that you’re having a boy. Women that end up having girls report that they had a lot more energy than their boy-carrying counterparts.

If you can’t seem to keep your eyes open when sitting down on the couch, or feel like nodding off while on the phone with your own mom, you may just be growing a boy. Something about the energy that is required to keep a boy growing healthy and strong inside of a woman is just exhausting. The whole boy thing is just foreign to our female systems.

2 The Hunger Is Never Satisfied

Attention mamas of the world! This is an urgent message. HUNGER is often a huge issue when you are having a boy. For many, it seems as if you can never feel satisfied. Whether it’s when you first wake up, or when you are lying in bed at the end of a busy day, for those of us that have carried boys, our appetites were a force to be reckoned with.

With my son, I would literally be woken up by my stomach growling at 2:00am. I actually had to sleep with a row of crackers next to my bed so I could just roll over and go back to sleep. It was hunger unlike anything I had ever experienced before or since.

Baby boys are hungry little buggers, and they will likely keep Mom well fed throughout her pregnancy - particularly in the last two trimesters.

1 Crabby Mood

Seriously, there is nothing quite like the level of crabby you reach when you are carrying your little bundle of joy. Feelings that you didn’t even know you had about annoying little life happenings pop up when you least expect them to. Whether it’s a comment at the grocery store, or your husband that loves you dearly, Mama can get seriously pissed off rather quickly when she’s carrying a boy.

Of course, hormones are raging when you are having a girl too. But once again, something about the boy hormones mixing with the mom's girl hormones can make for a seriously biologically confused mama.

Fortunately, you are able to get plenty of food and rest when the world starts getting on your nerves. My suggestion? Take full advantage of this time to calm down, eat and sleep. You’re gonna need your energy and patience back again very soon!

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