15 Memes That Perfectly Explain Pregnancy Expectations VS Reality

If we are being honest, no amount of research, pregnancy books, or stories can prepare us for pregnancy. It is a beautiful experience, but it is also a time where a lot of women are uncomfortable, gassy, and exhausted. Pregnancy also varies so incredibly much from mom to mom. Most women who have multiple pregnancies even say that at least one was completely different from the rest.

Pregnancy is unpredictable. It's probably our body's way of preparing us for the unpredictable baby we're about to take responsibility of for the next 18 plus years. Pregnancy is also incredible. There is nothing like it. That first time we actually feel our baby move around inside of us or hear his/her heartbeat is a breathtaking moment that we will never forget.

We also won't forget the time we peed the bed at 25 years old because the baby kicked us just right or tinkled in the movie theater from laughing too hard. It's okay, admit it, nearly every mom has been there herself. If there's a mom out there who has never had a urine related incident during pregnancy please raise a hand so the rest of us can silently judge.

Just kidding!

Luckily for us, the internet is here with memes that all of us  mommies can relate to. these memes are doing their best to keep it real and tell the truth about what it's really like to carry a child around for 9 months. So join us as we go over the best pregnancy memes the internet has shared.

15 Have A Baby, Feel Pretty

Pregnancy is supposed to be a time where we feel beautiful. We are growing a person, creating life, what could be more beautiful about that? There is pregnancy glow. Our hair is incredible. Seriously, pregnancy hair is amazing. It's long, shiny, and voluptuous.

But there is a whole lot about pregnancy that is downright ugly. First of all, gas. The baby really doesn't leave us with a whole lot of belly room especially by week 40 so most of us are quite gassy at least the third trimester.

Plus, what is sexy about puking? It's really difficult to feel attractive when we stink of vomit and can't seem to even keep wheat toast down. Often times even the smell of our husband's cologne will make us want to run for the lady's room or the nearest barf bag.

Another issue we may have is we feel large. Pregnancy is a time when we absolutely have to gain weight. For some women, that can be the cause of some serious self consciousness. While we know it is necessary to help grow a healthy baby, we may also struggle with our self image and feeling attractive when none of our clothes fit.

14 What Expecting Women Actually Do

There are a whole lot of misconceptions about what we should do while we're pregnant. Maybe it's due to how things have changed over the years. Just like those stories about how grandpa walked to school uphill both ways in a snow storm, it seems pregnant women did just about everything from cleaning house to hardcore weight lifting.

While pregnancy definitely isn't always a sentence for bedrest, it certainly can come with its limits. Pregnancy varies so much so what one woman can do, another may not be able to do. We shouldn't make assumptions that someone is being careless or over cautious.

It seems that everyone has different ideas about how we spend our forty weeks of pregnancy. Our husbands dread the hormones because they basically figure they're about to get a nagging, emotional basket case for the next 9 to 10 months.

Society thinks all pregnant women do is puke and pee. Okay, well they aren't wrong. We do spend a good deal of our pregnancy in the ladies' room for at least one of these reasons. It's a decent part of pregnancy.

13 Where's The Glowing?

Everyone talks about this pregnancy glow. Some of us might have experienced. Some of us believe pregnancy glow is about as real as a unicorn. Seriously, the only pregnancy glow we know is the sweat we got while sleeping, barfing, or in the third trimester walking up the stairs and getting out of bed in the morning.

There is this theory that pregnant women glow. People notice it sometimes before we even know we're pregnant. Now, this glow usually has something to do with the change of hormones in our bodies. Our skin can often glow because of increased oil just as our hair becomes shinier.

The glow is something that often happens in the first and possibly second trimester. By the third trimester, it is usually just sweat. Seriously, it's hard work lugging around a basketball sized baby in our belly constantly and continuously for 40 long, whole weeks.

12 We're Always Nauseous

There seems to be this idea that when we are pregnant we simply eat all the time, whatever we want. While that is true to some extent, we also experience food aversions about as much if not more than we do food cravings.

Most women spend the first 12 or so weeks of pregnancy enduring "morning" sickness meaning that we basically want to barf every single day, all of the time. We spend a good portion of our day just not trying to vomit.

We hate our favorite foods. Even the smell of a usual comfort food is nauseating. Things like toast and saltines are supposed to help they say. But there are some mornings where a greasy cheeseburger is the only thing that will make it better.

Some will suggest combating morning sickness by starting the day right away with a really simple snack. We can keep pretzels, crackers, or saltines by the bed and eat a few before we even get out of bed. That will also help with the dizziness that some women experience as a result of not getting enough nutrients from not being able to eat.

11 Anytime Now, Baby

Pregnancy is beautiful. We get to grow a person. We get to share our bodies with another human being. However after 40 weeks of back pain, morning sickness, heartburn, and countless other pregnancy symptoms, WE JUST WANT OUR BODIES BACK. We are ready to start the next chapter of motherhood, preferably one where we don't have to use the ladies' room every 15 minutes. That would be really nice.

It's the third trimester. We can no longer see our feet. We haven't had wine or sushi in months. We are restricted to maximum one cup of caffeine daily. We are exhausted. Our back is killing us. None of our clothes fit us. We've been wearing leggings or sweatpants for quite some time. We don't sleep because of baby hiccups, back pain, and countless trips to the bathroom. It's been long forty weeks.

10 Pregnancy Is Harder Than They Said

One thing non-pregnant people seem to believe and envy is the concept that we are eating for two when we're pregnant. It's one of the first thing people think of when they find out we are pregnant, and probably also why everyone feels the need to constantly feed us when we are pregnant.

Society seems to associate pregnancy with just the end, labor and delivery. Probably because that's a huge part of what is played out in TV shows and movies. A screaming woman with her legs in the air and someone yelling "PUSH" or teaching her how to breathe. They don't account for the nine or ten months we spend actually pregnant. Some will touch base on the morning sickness or the hormonal monsters we are, but they leave out so much.

Pregnancy is exhausting. Seriously, we should be resting but we can't. We are growing a human, and that takes a whole lot of energy.

9 Jump His Bones Or Punch Him

Hormones are a funny, crazy thing. While some women don't have any interest in intimacy because we are sharing our bodies with another human, others have never wanted it more. Hormones are wild that way. Our husbands will hopefully become adjusted to the hormones and love us all the same.

Some of them catch on and adapt. They learn when to talk and when to let it go. We are so thankful for those men, and they are so thankful for all of the punches they have avoided as well!

Pregnancy will make us crazy. The second trimester is the time when we usually feel the sexiest and desire our husbands. It may also be the time we punch him in the throat for bringing home the wrong kind of ice cream. This is the perfect example of being hot or cold. There's really not a whole lot of in between during pregnancy.

8 That Was Hard Work

By the third trimester, everything is exercise. We do cardio all day by washing dishes, getting out of bed, or walking down the hall. The baby has taken up a whole lot of space and by this time our lungs are really feeling the pressure. The stairs feel like running a mile some days, and that's okay.

As most of us were told during our pregnancies, we are not to sleep on our backs during pregnancy. We also really can't sleep on our stomachs because there is a baby bump. It is recommended that we sleep on our left side if possible. But sometimes that just isn't all that comfortable. Some of us just have always slept on the right side and will continue to do so during pregnancy. This is something we can talk to our doctors about if necessary.

But anyways, sometimes we just need to reposition. It's not exactly easy when we have a sleeping husband and a growing belly. We can't even just roll over. It takes multiple attempts. We shimmy this way, shift a little that way, and wiggle around until we go for the big roll. It's no wonder we're out of breath by the time we're comfortable again and need to use the bathroom.

7 So Many Questions, Make Them Stop

Pregnancy and babies attract strangers' attention, questions for everyone, and a whole lot of touching either our bellies or our babies. It's like once we announce or start showing we are suddenly a public attraction. Once the baby arrives, we will receive an avalanche of unwanted parenting advice.

Sometimes we even experience it during pregnancy as well. "You should be eating this." "You shouldn't lift that." "Back when I was pregnant." *Insert eye roll here.*

Two questions that everyone likes to ask are if we know what we're having and when the baby will be here. They also like to ask for our name ideas as well. While it is usually done with good intentions, these are things we may just want to keep private. Not everyone wants a packed waiting room while we're in labor, or everyone knowing our business.

In addition, there are only so many times we can answer the same question before we just want to snap. It's understandable we get fed up with people constantly bugging us for every detail of our pregnancy.

6 The Baby Wants What The Baby Wants

We are responsible for our growing baby's health and nutrition. We want to eat healthy, get some exercise, and give the baby the best. We have good intentions, but our baby also has a mind of his/her own. Baby might not realize how important it is to eat fruits and vegetables. Chances are that baby doesn't care if we give him/her the right amount of protein or too many fats and carbs.

Everyone is always telling us that we are what we eat. Therefore it is always suggested we have complete control over what baby eats, their health, and so on. But how can we eat oranges and spinach when the texture or smell makes us want to barf? It's just not possible.

The baby does have some say. He or she will make us sick or create food aversions where we simply are disgusted and sick about foods we want to or normally eat.

5 A Tired, Weak Superhero

It is said that pregnancy and childbirth are such empowering and beautiful experiences. That's completely 100% true. Our bodies are growing our babies, what could be more wonderful? It's hard to feel strong and superior during pregnancy sometimes when we are utterly exhausted. Some days we get tired simply getting out of bed and making breakfast.

While we might feel as if we are on top of the world being pregnant, we may also feel incredibly limited. There are a whole lot of things we can't do during pregnancy. We can't lift more than 25 pounds usually. We get tired easily. We can't even eat sushi.

People today treat pregnant women as if we're incredibly fragile. While that is true to some extent, we are still people. We can carry a laundry basket, reach for something higher up, and walk through the grocery store. Our bodies were made for this, and we simply need to know our own limits.

There are plenty of women who exercise regularly throughout their pregnancy which is perfectly acceptable as long as we're smart about it.

4 Shouldn't We Be Sleeping?

Pregnancy is a time where we need our rest. That is what everyone is always telling us. It's really not as easy as everybody thinks. Maybe it is our body's way of preparing us for life with a newborn because we definitely won't get a whole lot of sleep when baby arrives. Maybe it is just the fact that we are sharing our body with a baby who thinks our bladder is a soccer ball and has their days and nights mixed up with ours.

We could probably try and rest all day and still not get enough sleep. Some of the time we are worried and mentally preparing ourselves for baby's arrival. We probably spend countless nights staring at the ceiling imaging our nursery, going into labor, and the first week home with baby.

It is also difficult to get a good night's sleep when we are making 2-5 trips to the bathroom a night. First of all, we have to get out of bed and go to the bathroom. Then we have difficulty falling back asleep. We have to get comfortable again meaning we have to find that perfect position that is just right and snuggle into our blankets. It's hard to be comfortable when we're nine months pregnant.

3 Leggings Are Pants

Pregnant or not, leggings are pants. Pregnancy is a time marked with "cute" maternity clothes or sweatpants and sweatshirts that are two sizes too big. While we can find a cute pair or two of maternity jeans, no one wants to wear jeans all of the time. Plus, there are some days we just want to be comfortable.

Pregnancy is a time where we can utilize leggings like never before. They become an instrumental part of our daily wardrobe because they're comfortable, they fit, and they're fashionable.

Even maternity jeans can feel restricting and uncomfortable. Leggings will nearly always fit our baby bump and pregnant butt just right. It's incredible how amazing they are. Leggings were made for pregnant women to be fashionable and comfortable.

We can wear maternity dresses a few times, the same as jeans. But people will be surprised to see us out of leggings. Yes, we do actually own jeans. No, we don't wear them.

2 To The Ladies' Room

Pregnancy is when we realize our nightlife looks NOTHING like it used to. It isn't filled with wine, dancing, and guys. Instead we are often asleep before 10 PM after a late snack and a movie. Being pregnant is exhausting and hard work. Welcome to parenthood!

We need our rest more than ever, but that certainly does not mean we get it. Our baby's love to use our bladder as a soccer ball or punching bag. It seems to be their toy of choice. We sleep in increments during pregnancy because we are constantly getting up to pee. It can honestly be really annoying.

We just settle down in bed, get comfortable, and have our blankets and pillows just how we like them when we have to get up and pee. It happens basically all night long, just like this. Then once we get back to bed we just cannot fall asleep. It's quite the predicament and obnoxious cycle.

1 Baby Bumps Forever

Pregnancy lasts about forty weeks, give or take depending on when we go into labor. That's less than a year. It's roughly ten months. But why do those forty weeks seem to take longer than ever before?

It could be the "morning" sickness which can last either the first trimester or on and off for the entire pregnancy. It might be the heartburn or the back aches. It might be the sleeplessness or countless trips to the ladies' room. It might be the limitations on our diet and activity. We get fed up with swollen feet and none of our clothes fitting. We are exhausted and haven't seen our feet in weeks!

It could also be that we are crazy excited for our baby's arrival. While it is true that sometimes we just get annoyed with being pregnant, it is also like being a kid right before Christmas. We are waiting for such an amazing gift.

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