15 Milestones Not Found In A Baby Book

Every mother starts out with a baby book. The plan is to document everything. Not long after the baby is born, the stats that get entered begin to dwindle. There is just no time for it. If you ask me, it's a lot of work! Plus, baby books have become a little bit outdated in their list of milestones.

There are tons of apps now that seem to be replacing the idea of a baby book. They have great ways to use the photos for milestones you have captured and let you easily layer cute text over the top to document it. Then you can share your moments across social media like any proud mom would. In today's digital world, this makes so much more sense.

If you are a mom on social media, you know the things that are shared and compared have grown quite a bit. It used to be all about the weight and length of the baby. Then it progressed to rolling over, sitting up, crawling, eating table food, and walking. By today's standards that's a little boring. Normal, but boring.

Baby books need to take a cue from the modern world and start including things that involve a good story. Things that are captured by photo and video and shared to the world. Things that all moms want to remember later and tell their kids about. Remember when you...

So here is a list of 15 more modern milestones not found in a traditional baby book.

15 First Selfie

We live in a digitally obsessed world. It's only natural to want to capture and remember the baby's first selfie. Cell phones have rapidly replaced cameras for the most part. It seems the only way to get a decent picture of you holding the baby or both parents being in the picture is by taking a selfie. These types of photos are shared all over social media, and really early on. Why not capture the story behind the first one? Invest in a selfie stick and get them trained and ready now for a lifetime of selfie taking. As the baby gets older, you can capture the first selfie they took of themselves. You will likely find thousands of them on your phone after they meet that milestone. I always have tons I need to delete. Kids learn pretty quickly to master the camera on your phone. Probably better than we do.

14 First Time You Get Peed On

You've seen it on TV and in the movies. Kids, mostly boys, peeing all over everything during a diaper change. You think it's funny, but there's no way it will ever happen to me. Let me assure you it will. Don't think for one minute that boys have this one covered. I've been peed on multiple times by both girls and boys. Not because I was careless or too slow, but because they are sneaky little things! First of all, my son peed straight up into the air during my cesarean. The doctors screamed and then had to reassure me nothing was wrong. My husband once got peed on while the baby's diaper was still on. Somehow that diaper had stayed completely dry! Not my husbands shirt and shorts, though. Figure that one out. We sure couldn't! So why not document the first story? Your kid will get a kick out of it later.

13 Forget The Diaper Bag

It is such a challenge getting out the door on time. When you are toting kids with you it makes the process that much more complex. It takes a while to get into a good routine that ensures you have everything you need. The first time you walk out the door and forget to grab the diaper bag is fun! Inevitably the baby will have a huge blow out causing you to try and bum a diaper off another more prepared mom. Makes you feel good. Or there's the time you have the bag but not the wipes. Or maybe you're missing a change of clothes. Regardless, you quickly learn to be resourceful. It makes for a good story. Usually such a good story that you double and triple check that everything is there and then you never forget to grab the diaper bag again. Mark it down for the book!

12 Good #2 Story

What mom doesn't have a good poop story?! I've heard so many of these through the years, but they never get old. Each one is just as funny as the last. Common themes are the baby poops in the bath tub or maybe outside. Every mom has a bad blow out story, and they always happen in public! How about the time they stick their hands down the back of their diaper or remove it entirely and draw on your walls with it. Let's not forget to paint the crib, their clothes, the blanket, their toys, and definitely don't forget their face!! Dealing with a poop storm like that is something you don't forget. It ends up in places you never thought possible. The amount of time it takes for that to happen is minuscule! It's one for the books for sure. A fun little story to bring much embarrassment later.

11 First Head Injury

This one doesn't seem very likely, right?! As a mother it is your job to protect your child. You do everything you can to ensure they are safe, happy, and healthy. Everything you do you try to think ahead and plan for dangers. You are so on your game there is no way anything gets by you. Until it does. The first time you turn your back for even half a second (ONLY HALF A SECOND) the baby decides to roll off the bed, the changing table, or even the couch. How does this happen? The baby barely moves. That sickening thud sound makes your stomach flip. Mom guilt soars to new heights as the baby starts to scream. You feel like the worst mother in the world. You're not! It happens to everyone. Consider it a milestone. Next time you will be even more careful to compensate. Not that it always helps.

10 Baby Makes You Cry

There's no way that sweet bundle of joy can make me cry. Right?! Wrong. Believe it or not, this milestone happens pretty early on. I'm not talking crying tears of joy. That will happen, too. I mean full on, holy crap, I am not cut out for this being a mother thing kind of crying. For me it was our first night home from the hospital. I had no idea what I was doing. He was crying. I had no idea how to make it stop. I was crying. There was no baby manual and I was at a complete loss. It wasn't pretty. Probably one of the more stressful moments of motherhood. When you look back on it much later, you will laugh. So add it to the baby book for a good story! Maybe add a few spots for this one as it probably won't be the last time they make you cry.

9 First Belly Laugh

There is nothing sweeter than the sound of a baby laughing. You can't help but laugh. Videos go viral with this stuff. Early on you think it's all about that baby smile. You work hard to capture them on camera. So adorable! Then out of nowhere something happens that they find absolutely hilarious. They let out this big belly laugh and wind up scaring themselves. Where did that come from?! Suddenly the smile isn't a big deal anymore. Sure it's cute, but you start working hard to get them to laugh again. Nothing compares. For my youngest, her first laugh for her dad was after he had randomly dropped the f-bomb. She found it hysterical and was clearly entertained. You never know what it will be. So write down what made your baby laugh so hysterically for the first time. Chances are it will be a great story to tell later.

8 Cries In Public

As a new mom, I always got nervous when it was time to take the baby out in public. This was heightened when I was alone. My fear was the baby would start crying and I would have no idea what to do. As experience built, this fear went away. I found that early on it wasn't a big deal. It was easy to calm them down and figure out what they wanted. As they got a little older that changed! Every mom has experienced the full blown tantrum in the middle of the store. All eyes on you as they watch it all unfold. You're helpless to control anything. This is usually the first time a stranger looks at you with a disapproving glance. These are the moments that should be documented. Someday when your child asks you to tell them a story about when they were little, these will get a laugh.

7 Do Something You Swore You Wouldn't

Before the baby is born every mom has a list of things they swear they will never do. Products they will never use. Things they will never say. We hold out as long as possible. Looking for any alternatives that will work. Then something happens that completely throws us for a loop. Suddenly it seems the only option we have is the one thing we swore we'd never use. It now stands between you and sanity. What do you do? You look around to see who is watching as you do the exact thing you swore you wouldn't. I promise, whatever it is it isn't that bad. Using a pacifier. Giving a bottle to a breastfed baby. Taking a nap while your baby is safely in their pack & play. Giving them screen time. Everyone caves at some point. No one is going to judge you. If they do, they aren't worth your time.

6 Lose A Kid In The Store

Early on the baby is secured. As they move into toddler age, it's hard to corral them in a cart 100% of the time. They need a little freedom. Letting them walk sometimes provides a little sanity as they stop fighting with you and get happy. It never fails though. At some point, you will lose them. It takes only seconds. They will wander into the next aisle. Maybe they will make it to the next department. Either way, it's terrifying! You turn around and they are gone. You immediately abandon everything and start running around like a crazy person calling their name. They don't listen, which makes it worse. Just as you are ready to call 911 and report a kidnapped child, they show up. Calmly sitting on the floor trying on a pair of boots like nothing happened. Meanwhile, you have just aged 20 years. One for the baby book!

5 First Illness

You work so hard the first year of their life to keep them away from germs. No one wants a sick baby. So you protect them as much as possible. Ask people to stay away when they are sick. Sanitize everything. Unfortunately, you can't protect them from everything. They always end up sick, and the first time is no fun! Even just a minor cold means a sleepless night. The poor thing can't breathe. You're coming at them with a nose squeegie every 5 minutes. They are hacking up a storm. The only way they sleep is upright. It's scary and they just want their mom. You have no idea what to do. It's the first time they are sick so you start diagnosing on WebMD expecting the worst. It is a huge milestone to get through the first illness and have everyone come out healthy on the other side.

4 Sleeps Through The Night

After months and months of sleepless nights and uninterrupted sleep, all you want is for the baby to finally start sleeping through the night. You read all of the books you can get your hands on and try every trick in the book. Though nothing helps. It feels like it may never happen for you. Then one morning you wake up. It's the scariest morning of your life! You immediately realize the sun is up and you didn't get up with the baby even once! How is this possible?! The baby monitor is still on, right? Your mind jumps to the worst possible scenario! It forces you to leap out of bed and run to check on the baby to make sure they are still breathing and safe in their crib. This is likely your first heart attack as a mother. Definitely a milestone and worth keeping track of in the baby book!

3 You Forget To Buckle The Baby In

I am pretty sure this is a milestone every mother meets at some point. Again, I swore it would never happen. How could a mom be so careless, right?! Well it has happened to me several times! The first was picking up my oldest from daycare after work. I carried his carseat in with me. As I chatted away, I plopped him down into his carseat. For whatever reason I didn't buckle him right away. I guess I figured I'd do that once I dropped it into the base. Well, of course I forgot! Luckily we had a 2-minute ride home. As I got out to unload him I realized he had never been buckled! Face palm. Don't judge. It can happen to anyone (and does)! Luckily the times I have done it, we have not been in an accident. Not a milestone I'm proud of, but a mommy milestone nonetheless.

2 They Repeat Something Bad

Little ears hear everything that is said. Even when you think they aren't listening (or understand). Inevitably they will begin to repeat things. It's never when you expect it to happen, and always in front of people you would rather not have heard it. They will drop the f-bomb in the middle of church with lots of people around. Their babysitter will hear all about the last argument you had with your spouse and how you were in the wrong. Then there is the joke that when told incorrectly or without context sounds really bad! The worst is when they share one of your secrets, like "Mommy didn't want to talk to you yesterday when you called so she ignored you."

1 They Don't Need You

This is a bittersweet milestone! It comes when you least expect it. You have been so involved in every aspect of their lives. Then they test their independence and tell you they don't need you to help. It could be getting dressed. Maybe they can go potty by themselves. Or they are going to try and make breakfast by themselves. Regardless, it is a huge moment. Outside you are super proud for the things they are trying to do. Inside your heart is breaking because your little baby is growing up! They don't need you anymore?! At least not for this, but this thing is just the start. It snowballs from here. It's the first time you realize that they aren't a baby anymore. They begin to change right in front of you. Motherhood is an emotional rollercoaster. Capture these moments. Remember them. You will look back and realize it flew by!

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