15The No Diaper Way


Elimination communication is learning to understand the natural signals your baby is sending you. Many parents around the world start doing this as soon as a baby is born.

The average age of a child to be potty trained in the United States is three years. For over half the babies around the rest of the world, it's 12 months. Yep, apparently the rest of the world believes in bare bums and we Americans like to cover them up.

The trend I'm talking about it elimination communication. So, what is it really? Super duper early potty training? Not exactly.

Firm believers in this method explain that human babies are not born stupid. They are born ignorant to the ways of the world, but they know when they feel a pee or poo coming on. They are just as capable of "going" in other places as much as a baby bird is. If you didn't know, baby birds are taught by their birdie mama to poo outside the nest.

So, if a mama and a baby bird can learn to communicate about that topic then why can't humans? That's the basis of this trend. To start learning how to communicate with your own baby simply takes some bare-bummed time and to develop signals for each other.

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