14Talk Like A Sailor


Whether you're on the extreme blankety-blank train or just rolling along gracefully spouting "drat" and "fudge," we all meet in the middle at some point.

Expletives. How we all love to hate and hate to love them.

Yep, there comes a moment in the life of every mom when ugly escapes her perfect, sweet motherly lips.

Unsurprisingly, this epic fail probably comes at a time when you reaaaaaaaally don't need it to. Like during moments when you're

trying to impress people. Here's how it works - the baby is screaming, the toddler just hid his poo in the piggy bank, the dog keeps getting in your way, and someone turned up the heat on the toaster so the bread is now smoking. And, out "it" slips. Then, you go to a social gathering where your lovely children repeat it. Ugh...

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