12 Times Kylie Jenner's Parenting Got Her In Serious Trouble

The public, in general, loves the idea of indulging in both - giving the cheapest advice and telling the harshest gossip without thinking too much. Media has been abuzz with the youngest Kardashian lately. Her early pregnancy, delivery, then the newborn, her style of parenting and what not?

For first time moms, the pristine life with the newborn would be always fresh and challenging. It is altogether a different experience, a new chapter in one’s life which is not written until then. Celebrity or not doesn’t make a difference in this. As the time passes by, everyone learns from their own experience. No one is perfect and people have their own ways in doing everything. While some are super moms, others are just normal moms. No big deal. We are not here to judge anyone. We all commit mistakes and in fact, it is from mistakes we learn valuable lessons in our life.

Coming back to Kylie Jenner, the youngest Kardashian had been receiving her share of social media attention in almost everything. 20-year-old Kylie gave birth to Stormi Webster on Feb 1, 2018, and became a parent with Travis Scott, the rapper. When it came to the pregnancy and delivery, things took a different turn. Here are fifteen mistakes by Kylie Jenner that could be a lesson to her and other moms in the future. The list is not to judge Kylie Jenner, it is just to ponder over the fact that however well-meaning the action was, these mistakes can result in problems for the little one involved.

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12 Kylie's Long Nails Can Harm Stormi, Says Her Fans

Mother’s long nails are generally considered as one of the big no-nos. The reason is that newborns have a very tender body and there are high chances that they might get scratches or wounds while moms change diapers or give them a wash.

The marieclaire.com reported that "following the first full photo of Stormi Webster being posted on Instagram, Kylie Jenner has been receiving backlash over something completely unexpected—the length of her fingernails In the mother-daughter photo, Jenner has visibly long, manicured nails, and [...] the internet has decided that this is unacceptable for a new mom. Basically, because her fingernails are soooo long, a number of critics have decided that Jenner can't possibly change diapers."

Kylie's Twitter and Instagram accounts were all abuzz with messages from her critics and supporters. One person tweeted - “the length of Kylie Jenner's nails tells me all I need to know about her parenting/lack thereof." "You know Kylie is not bathing or changing that child's diapers by the length of her nails," another person wrote. But there were supporters too, saying it is perfectly okay to have long nails and it all depends on the efficiency a mother has in taking care of her child without harming the baby.

11 When She Left The Newborn At Home

When does a mom start bonding over her child? Doesn’t it start on the first look itself? Though mom has all the love and concern for the baby from the moment she knows she is carrying, the true bonding commences after the birth of the baby. In fact, babies bond over their moms once they are born. These are the normal beliefs of moms all over the world.

This might be the major reason which stirred up emotions among Kylie’s social media followers. Kylie took a well deserved ‘me time’ with Travis Scott just four weeks after Stormi was born, according to metro.co.uk. Both were seen with their pals on a boat snuggling and hugging together. They did not back themselves out from some public display of affection and had a happy time onboard the boat “The Groot”.

Kylie also managed to sneak away from her house to attend friend Heather Sanders’ baby shower just two weeks after her delivery, according to Bustle.com. Kylie had avoided the public eye for a long gap of nine months during her pregnancy. But leaving the weeks old baby at home was not received well, even by her fans.

10 Kylie's Car Is Her Main Squeeze, Not Stormi

According to the capitalxtra.com "Kylie Jenner has been blasted by fans after referring to her new LaFerarri as her "main girl" over her daughter, Stormi. The reality TV star took to Instagram to post an image of the luxury sports car, which was gifted to her by boyfriend Travis Scott as 'push present' following the birth of their baby. However, her choice of the caption - which read "Picking up my main girl" - angered some followers who criticised her for giving this title to the car over her newborn."

A $1.4 million Ferrari LaFerrari is something not everyone gets a ‘push present’. A push present is something gifted to moms after the delivery by fathers. This is what Travis gifted his love Kylie on the arrival of their daughter ‘Stormi’. As per highsnobiety.com, the limited edition car (only 500 all over the world), was sold out fast and it can achieve a speed of 60mph from zero within three seconds.

An overjoyed Kylie posted the snaps with her daughter in the car captioning ‘picking up my main girl’ on Instagram and Snapchat.

This resulted in another row of angry followers. People were furious over her comment urging her to get back home to attend her baby. Someone even reminded her that she is a mama now and has to focus on her baby. After seeing the responses she had to change the caption of her snaps to ‘new b*tch’.

9 When She Dyed Her Hair Right After The Birth

Kylie dyed her hair blonde not long after the baby was born. If you ask, what is there in a hair color, yes, there is nothing in a hair color. Then why is there so much hype on Kylie’s new makeover? There is a small problem... The time she chose to color her hair! Unfortunately, it was not long after she had given birth to Stormi. That made the public frenzy.

We all know to what extent Kardashians are obsessed with social media. After a long silence of almost 9 months from social media, Kylie came back with a bang! Instagram posts, tweets, snapchats and much more to her account!

Yahoo Lifestyle accounts that she has received a good amount of tweets from people when she posted the snap of her new hairdo captioned “I think I was meant to be blonde” on Instagram.

Someone commented on it saying “It’s good to see that she’s focusing on motherhood instead of being a complete narcissist who’s obsessing over what her body and hair look like.”

One commenter said that she found herself lucky even to find time for a shower when she had a newborn at home. Poor Kylie - Is too much self-care leading to less time for baby care?

8 Posting Stormi Online Ignited Paternity Rumors

Seriously? Skin color is also an issue? When it is the social media princess and her daughter, there is no less hate thrown their way by the public. Once she commenced posting pics of her newborn Stormi, then started facing so many controversies and comments surrounding her baby’s white skin color.

As per elitedaily.com, the comments are flying from everywhere to put down the family. In one of the Instagram pics of Stormi, she is seen wearing a pink cute dress with her face not focused and clutched onto the thumb finger of mama Kylie. Such an endearing snap, but some of the comments twisted it and took away all the beauty in it. While some accusing she is not a mixed race (Kylie is white and Travis is black, so the kid should be mixed race, no?) others have gone to the extent of saying Travis is not Stormi’s father. How mean!

Some still wondering why Kylie Jenner called her baby Stormi Webster where her father is Travis Scott? But for that we have answer. Travis Scott is the rapper’s stage name whereas his original name is Jacques Webster. Kylie needs to be wary of how she handles the issue, especially as little Stormi grows up to hear these allegations herself.

7 A Questionable Way To Bounce Back

People love their bodies. If you are a celebrity, then that love is much more intense. You will have the craving to be on the top of the list grabbing all attention, don’t you? After all, the celebrity status and followers that you can retain is momentary. As you grow in age, definitely there is a difference. But when you are too young and crisp and can have all the attention drawn to you, will you ever take a chance to lose it? You will definitely go to the extreme ends to win back your status. We suppose the new mom Kylie is right now going through such a phase.

As per the reports from celebrityinside.org, Kylie had gained a 50-pound birth weight over her pregnancy and has shed almost 35 pounds within three weeks post her delivery of baby Stormi on Fb 01, 2018. We are surprised to hear this as how this is humanly possible in such a short span? Now this leaves us wondering where she is heading to. It is also reported that she is having less than 1000 calories a day. What nourishment the poor baby is getting if her lip kit mamma is concentrating too much on getting back to shape.

The 'Babycenter.com' advises that at least for the first six months babies depend mainly on breastfeeding. So it is quite clear that breastfeed should contain the balanced formula for the enrichment and health enhancement of the newborn. If they breastfeed to be healthy enough, mothers need to have enough supplements. We hope Kylie knows this and takes care of her baby well!

6 Taking Exercise To The Extreme

On a daily routine, how much time can a person devote to rigorous exercises? One to two hours? But if it is just days after your delivery, then how much time you can ideally invest? Even the top-notch celebrity moms gear up their post-baby weight shedding only months after, but Kylie is much ahead!

Kylie is on a mission to lose the added 50 pounds and to set a record in shedding the most post-baby weight. The hollywoodlife.com reports that Kylie is working out with a team of trainers and eating clean, swapped carbs for raw vegetables, organic fish and chicken, and drinking detox tea and wearing her waist trainer. She is also into a lot of weights, cardio, running, squats and push-up. Kylie is even restricting others around her from eating junk food to avoid temptation.

However, it seems, Kylie has gone overboard with her strict measure in the journey of post-baby weight loss. Restricting calories and working out three hours a day, five times a week with a personal trainer just days after delivery! Difficult to believe, but we have to, since her one month post-baby flat belly snaps are already out.

We wonder how she gets time to take care of her baby after this rigorous routine! Kylie your goal is fine, but please don’t give out the message that flat post-baby belly is the most important thing in a new mother’s life than her own baby!

5 Buying High-End Baby Products

Though Kylie is so young, the way she organizes everything for her child is amazing. According to Romper.com, Kylie Jenner is way ahead than her peers in everything. She had shared the snaps of the first look of her daughter’s nursery.

E News reported that "In a new Snapchat, the new mom gave fans an inside look into Stormi's nursery that is fit for a princess. The photo shows a giant pink heart filled with various types of butterflies scattered throughout the wall decor. A matching pink rug is also visible alongside a toy mouse that appears to be filled with candy. "I love her room," Kylie's Snapchat read before it flashed away after 10 seconds."

Stormi's nursery has racks of cute little outfits and shoes. The huge collection of outfits and shoes are complemented by 100 percent organic and sustainable products.

Jenner has prepped up the nursery with a $3500 hand finished bancroft changing table and a $400 organic mattress in her crib as per the Romper reports.

The nursery also has a bunch of wooden teethers coated with beeswax and flaxseed oil. The nursery is painted with chemical free paint and they have ensured that anything wooden in the nursery are strictly from sustainable suppliers (never taking a chance). The nursery adorned with butterflies generates the feeling of a miniature mall or child clothing store altogether. The expense of this nursery may hurt the wallet of a common man, but it is Kylie Jenner.

Time.com revealed that her net worth is around $50 million. This is just a drop of water in her bucket. The 20-year-old young mother is indeed very much and beyond in welcoming her firstborn.

4 Trying To Be A Mom And Career Woman

The makeup mogul had received her share of backlash when she tried to sell off some cheap makeup products for $300 as per thehollywoodgossip.com. When questions were asked about the hyped price of her cosmetic products, she answered it by saying that there are other products also in the same range. She forgot the fact that they were the products who had been staying in the market garnering customer’s love and trust for many years.

Post delivery Kylie broke her long absence from social media by posting videos and snaps one after another showcasing her motherhood and absolutely post-baby flat tummy leaving us doubtful whether did she really have a baby or not. She gives credit to some waist training products, though! Reports surf about her physical training and well charted out diet as well.

Whether she works out, gets tired, not getting enough time and energy to spend for the newborn- all these are her personal choices. As per allure.com reports, Kylie’s waist training videos have already been raising eyebrows of many! She is not only into extreme workouts but also into advertising of ‘snapback’ products. But promoting products for unreasonable beauty standards is something questionable. It's important to learn how to balance baby and career after all Kylie has a business to run.

3 Hiring A Nurses Can Harm The Maternal Bond

We all love babies and life feels complete with their arrival. There is an old saying, it goes like this - “Others’ children are angels, while own kids are devils”. Many parents can relate to this. But for a new young mom who has an only weeks old single child to take care, will the statement stand? New moms need help and advice since it is their first experience. We agree, but Kylie never wanted any strangers around her baby.

According to cosmopolitan.com, Kylie earlier had announced a very bold statement that she wanted only her family especially her mom and sisters around her child.

Her mother Kris Jenner was the nurse during her primary days post delivery. But now she has hired a nurse to assist her. It's not as if she has so many children to look after, it is likely that she is ‘overwhelmed’ by her new status of ‘motherhood’.

According to the Daily Mail, "Kylie Jenner has hired a baby nurse to help with newborn daughter Stormi while continuing to rely on momager Kris Jenner for assistance. The 20-year-old reality star prior to her baby's birth reportedly was anxious about hiring outside help. 'At first, she only wants [Kris] and her sisters to help with the baby. She is worried about new people around the baby,' a source told People late last month."

2 The Post-Baby Anxiety

When someone close to you faces a tough situation in life, it is quite normal that you too get paranoid about many similar things. Knowingly or unknowingly we attract negative vibes to ourselves. It seems Kylie also is going through such a phase.

Khloe Kardashian was cheated by her beau Tristan Thompson and is no more a secret. The news was received with such a shock and according to the reports from hollywoodlife.com, Kylie is suffering from major anxiety on hearing this news. Celebrity or not, life is challenging for everyone. When you are under the public scrutiny 24/7, it is more complex. Even your slightest mood swing will be the next sensational news. Though Kylie is feeling hurt for her sister, she also goes through another anguish of her own. Her biggest fear is getting cheated on by Travis Scott, the hollywoodlife.com reveals.

As per healthtalk.org, “Breastfeeding is so wound up in your emotions and your psyche. If somebody puts a question mark of doubt in your mind it is going to have a negative effect even if you think it won't.” So we just hope the over anxiety and unwanted unwelcome fears may not have any bad influence on baby Stormi Webster.

1 The Public Exposure

Too much public exposure and the resulting negative vibes from people can affect the baby’s growth emotionally and mentally. Kylie Jenner is seen wearing a crop top and a  underwear in a recent photo she shared with public post her delivery of baby Stormi. The photo has already made it to the top of the chart attracting comments from everywhere. The thisisinsider.com reports say that Kylie showcasing her flat post-baby belly captioned ‘one month’ in which she is seen as if she has not even delivered.

The comments were literally dragging her through the mud before her daughter. People were quick on commenting her parental falls such as not spending time with her daughter, into extreme workouts, dieting with restricted calories, leaving the baby behind for parties onboard a yacht and to attend baby shower of her friend. It did not last there. People also shamed her on spending lavishly for the expensive baby nursery, for promoting her beauty products and for advertising waist training products. What not money can buy is the thought for many. After receiving all these backlashes, we wonder how the new mother would be feeling?

This kind of social responses can affect people negatively. Too much public exposure and the resulting negative vibes from people can affect the baby’s growth emotionally and mentally. As per momjunction.com, the role of social and emotional development is very important in a child’s life. It acts as the basic foundation of his/her life when they grow up. This foundation is what helps a child to handle his or her personal feelings, develops empathy, respect other’s thoughts, and make a positive interaction with others.

We hope and pray may Kylie and Stormi together has a wonderful journey ahead away from all negative vibes!

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