15 Mistakes Moms Make In The Third Trimester

Pregnancy can be complex at times, especially for first-time moms. There are so many things in this world that are not pregnancy safe that soon-to-be moms have to worry about and try to avoid. In our ever-changing world, it is so easy to make mistakes when it seems like certain things that were acceptable yesterday, are no longer accepted today. It’s almost as if you blink and everything you have ever known has changed in a single second.

When a mom is in her third trimester, she is counting down the days until her baby arrives. At times moms may make a few mistakes during this time that they aren’t even aware of, which may have an impact on their unborn baby. Moms are constantly having to adjust to the changes their bodies continuously go through during the entire pregnancy while the unborn baby is developing and growing inside of them. The further along they are, the more adjusting they’ll have to do.

No one is perfect, and we don’t expect moms to know or even remember all of the things that can potentially make her pregnancy a little more complicated than it has to be. There are certain things soon-to-be moms can change or do that would make the rest of their pregnancy a lot safer for both mom and baby. Here is a list of 15 mistakes moms make in their third trimester.

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15 Choosing A C-section Because It’s Easier

Some women seem to think that since natural childbirth is unbelievably painful, that they can get out of it by opting to have a cesarean section. In theory, it may seem like the best way to get out, but some women don’t tend to think about what happens after the C-section- the recovery period. Natural birth has the advantage of less downtime for mom after delivery so that she can be able to take care of her new baby.

When mom’s get a cesarean, they have to wait for the wound to heal, it is much more painful in the long run, they are unable to care for their baby without assistance, there is that lifelong scar, and moms run a higher risk of getting an infection. In a sense, C-sections are like instant gratification, while natural births are more rewarding in the end.

14 Sleeping On Your Back

Women who are in their third trimester are encouraged not to sleep on their backs. This is because during pregnancy the uterus is much heavier, and it can cause a restriction of blood flow to the uterus and to your unborn baby. The blood flow is what brings oxygen to the little one, and as we all know oxygen is a vital part of surviving.

It is recommended that expectant mom’s sleep on their left side since the uterus tilts to the right during pregnancy. This is said to allow optimal blood flow to the uterus and baby and to reduce the risk of oxygen deprivation. To help mom sleep a bit more comfortably, she could try to put a pillow or body pillow in between her knees to help keep her spine aligned a little better.

13 Overheating The Bump

As relaxing as it may sound for an achy mom-to-be to get into a nice and hot sauna, jacuzzi, or hot tub think again. Those luxuries happen to be off-limits to women who are in their third trimester to help keep mom from overheating her unborn baby which could turn fatal for him or her. That is because it changes the internal body temperature. It’s a big no-no because you don’t want to cook the little one.

There are other ways for expectant moms to relax, like taking a tepid bath in your own home to avoid harming the baby in any way. Water is not the only thing that is relaxing. Things like herbal teas (that have been pregnancy approved), deep breathing, yoga, and meditation are all other things a mom-to-be can try in order to unwind and de-stress from her long day.

12 Trying To Hold Your Bladder

Pregnancy can sometimes make you feel like your life revolves around knowing where the nearest bathroom is wherever you go. Frequent trips aren't just annoying; it can disrupt your life. The further along you are, the more you will have to go. Sometimes women who are expecting get tired of having to go all the time, so they will try to hold it in only to find out it makes a mess.

Attempting to do this can cause leakage whether you want it to or not. Plus, holding it in can actually cause urinary tract infections (UTI’s) which are no fun for anyone. They can be extremely painful, and make you feel like you have to go way more than you already do. So, be kind to your bladder and make as many pit stops as you need. It will allow you to stay feeling comfortable and it is healthier for you and your baby.

11 You CAN Get Pregnant While Pregnant

A lot of moms do not realize this mistake they sometimes make until it’s too late; if a woman is in her third trimester, and she does the deed without using any protection such as rubbers, she runs the risk of getting pregnant again, while already pregnant. It is little known and is deemed as a rare phenomenon. Some women, when they are in the later stages of their pregnancy, can sometimes release an egg and never even know it.

When this usually happens, no one realizes it until mom is giving birth to baby number one. At the most, baby number two would only be two to three months along. If mom is having a natural birth, both babies get pushed out causing number two to be a loss. However, if mom is having a C-section, there is a chance that baby number two may make it, even though the chances are slim.

10 Saying No To The Flu Shot

Women who are pregnant are more susceptible to getting a cold of the flu. That is because their immune systems are a bit weaker in order to keep their own body from trying to see their baby as a foreign object and destroying it. If a woman becomes pregnant around flu season, it is always recommended that she gets an influenza vaccination. It will help keep her and unborn baby safe and healthy.

This vaccine has not been shown to cause any harm to a developing baby no matter what trimester the mom is in. If by chance, you do develop the flu you need to make sure you contact your doctor right away as you notice any of the typical flu symptoms so that your doctor can treat you and get you on antiviral medications as soon as possible.

9 Not Eating Enough

It is very important for a woman who is pregnant to make sure that she is eating enough. Women who are in their second and third trimester should be eating at least an additional 300 calories per day, or anywhere between 1800-2000 calories or so. It will vary based on how much the mom-to-be weighed prior to the pregnancy. Some women cannot tolerate their pregnancy body and will try to minimize what they eat. This is not healthy for mom or the baby.

If mom is starving, the baby is starving. That is something that expectant moms need to keep in mind. Pregnancy is temporary, so any mom has the opportunity to get back down to what they were before the pregnancy. Eating healthy and well-balanced meals can help keep you from putting on too many extra pounds.

8 Bed Rest Isn't Always Best

Any woman who has ever been pregnant knows how tiring it can be, especially as you progress further along. Growing a tiny human being inside of you is exhausting. But unless your doctor tells you that bed rest is a must to help protect you and the unborn baby, lounging in bed all day is not good for anyone. It can put mom at risk for things like developing blood clots, packing on additional unwanted pounds, it can slow down the baby’s growth, and other things that can potentially be harmful.

Just laying around can make mom feel stiff and sore, and it can also make back pain feel so much worse since it is not being stretched out. There is nothing wrong with taking breaks now and then, as long as you don’t make it an all-day thing. It’s good to get up and get your circulation flowing.

7 Eating Too Many Calories

When moms are expecting, sometimes it can be hard for them to get away from the preconceived notion that they are eating for two. While technically that is true, the unborn baby does not need as many extra calories per day as you would think. Pregnant women who are in their third trimester really only need to eat an additional 300 calories or so. That makes up for the growing baby and provides the nutrition that it needs to thrive.

Some people assume that during pregnancy, women need to eat twice the amount of calories. That would do way more harm than good because it will cause mom to pack on the pounds. If that happens, it can lead to some dangerous complications, and then it could also lead to mom having to deliver an abnormally large baby which will most likely result in her needing a C-section.

6 Pretending Google Is A Doctor

We live in the age of technology. The answers to any question we may have can be found by the click of a mouse, especially for us millennials, we Google anything and everything. We will look up things that are pointless just because we can. Unfortunately, that also means we try to become our own doctors and self-diagnose. Most of us these days are completely guilty of that.

If you are pregnant and have any questions about anything health related to you or your unborn baby, call your OBGYN first. Don’t even pick the phone up to call your mom or your grandma, just call your doctor. They have all the right answers, and if it is something they are unsure about, they will find someone who has the right answers. That is what they are paid the big bucks for.

5 Seatbelts Shouldn't Be An Option

This one falls under the old wives' tales that seatbelts are no good for expectant moms. That is a major myth that seems to get passed around. Not wearing a seatbelt can turn out to be fatal for mom and/or her unborn baby. Soon-to-be moms should not even consider taking that risk. When you are pregnant, it is even more of a reason to be cautious with everything that you do.

A lot of people who are against wearing seatbelts claim that it is unsafe because you could get trapped inside of your vehicle. However, not wearing one can launch you from the car instead. They save way more lives than they take. If you find that it is really bothering you, try to adjust it to a new position where it may be comfortable for even just a little while. You can always reposition it again when you need too. So, always take the time to buckle up.

4 Not Resting Enough

It is important for everyone to get enough sleep, but pregnant women's bodies are working harder because they are trying to support two lives at once. A soon-to-be mom should get anywhere between seven and eight hours of good sound sleep a night. I know that is not logical for most women, especially since trying to sleep in the third trimester can be hard enough in itself.

Between the belly in your way, the aches and pain, and the baby kicking like crazy the moment you finally try to shut your eyes, even an hour of solid sleep may feel impossible. Sleep allows your body to rest and rejuvenate itself. Also, not getting enough shut-eye really plays on a person’s mood and pregnant women are moody, to begin with, so add that in with no sleep and nobody is going to be happy. That causes mom extra stress, which ends up causing the baby stress as well. It’s like a snowball effect.

3 Your Body Needs To Move

Leaving out exercise can go hand in hand with being in bed too much. Some women tend to think of themselves as being super fragile while they are pregnant. There are also women who think they can’t clean, cook, work, or do literally anything else that may be physical, or that is considered an expectation of an everyday average adult.

Moms need to know that they are going to be okay if they go for a walk a few times a week as part of an exercise plan while pregnant. Even doing pregnancy yoga would be great. Exercise will help keep mom from packing on the pounds and keep her baby from becoming too large. Working out will also release endorphins which naturally make mom feel happy and less stressed, and those hormones will make its way to the baby as well. When mom feels good, her baby feels good.

2 Always Be Comfortable With Yourself

In today’s society, women who are nine months pregnant and in labor will still walk around in stilettos. Honestly, what’s the point? I am not saying all pregnant women should walk around in sweatpants and a t-shirt the entire time they are pregnant. But moms who dress pregnancy appropriate, and are more comfortable tend to be happier and less stressed, which will also make the baby happier since he/she feels similar emotions to what it’s mother is feeling.

Being more comfortable will also help moms sore back along with all of other aches and pains that come along with being pregnant and close to your due date. Sometimes it will take a mom until her second pregnancy to learn that being comfortable is more important than designer dresses and heels. A majority of us are not getting stalked by paparazzi, so we don’t have to look our absolute best every time we leave the house.

1 Cancel The Vacation

Traveling during the final trimester of pregnancy is not recommended because there are added health risks that many soon-to-be moms are not aware of. It is not just traveling by plane that they are referring to either; it is also long car trips where you will not be able to get up and move and stretch so easily. Besides just being uncomfortable, staying in the same position too long can increase a pregnant woman’s chances of developing blood clots, infections, or other complications that could put mom and baby in danger.

Doctor’s usually allow pregnant women to travel on a plane until they are around 32 to 34 weeks. Afterwards, the mom should not even consider it. If you are planning on taking a long car ride, you should stop every hour or two so that you are able to get out and stretch which will help with blood flow and circulation.

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