15 Things Moms Need To Know Before Putting The Baby To Sleep

Mom will try almost anything before putting their little one to bed, but mom needs to think about some things before she puts the baby to bed. Some moms will try pretty much anything to put their little one to sleep, but some of those habits or things have been passed down from generation to generation for many years. It is really important that mom tries from early on, to get things done right the first time so nothing can hurt the baby, even later on in life.

So few are the moments when mom gets the little one down to sleep, and she treasures them, but did mom remember to think twice before she put the little one down? Even though she is tired, it has become the new normal in her life. The baby only needs a few things their first couple of months, so getting them down is an important thing. But mom still needs to keep in mind the months after that to make sure her baby is still protected, and safe at all times.

Yes, mom will have made some mistakes with the baby’s sleeping schedule, but so have a lot of other mom’s out there. But listed below are some things to help the mom’s so that they will be well informed on what not to do and what to check for, so her little bundle of joy will be in the best hands ever! Then everyone in the household will be able to love and treasure the moments when the little one is napping.

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15 Leaving A Bottle In The Crib

As the baby gets older and he or she can hold on to the bottle, or even with the bottle being propped on a blanket, is a big no-no. It has been done in different families for many years. But now, after a little learning about all the risks and things that can happen, this is something that new moms should not be doing anymore. Hopefully, doctors and parenting classes will teach new mom’s this lesson that could help their child, and maybe even save a life. Although it is a quick fix for getting the baby to go to sleep, holding onto the bottle is always safer.

It can also become a problem to wean the child off the bottle when it’s time to drink from the cup. There is also a chance the baby and choke on the bottle, which no parent wants to experience. It can also increase the chance for ear infections and also tooth decay becomes a higher risk if the baby falls asleep with milk in his or her mouth.

14 Feeding The Baby To Sleep

In the beginning, we feed the baby and then put the child to sleep, but as the child gets older we really need to stop doing this. The problem with this is that the child will think that in order to go to sleep they need to either have one of the girls, or the bottle. It has even be proven that breast milk when produced in the evening works as a sedative.

However, the longer we do this, the more the child will feel like it needs to be fed to go to sleep. This can turn into a big problem as the baby continues to age. The child will not be able to fall asleep without being fed first. That’s why all those moms out there nursing the older babies or even toddlers, need to do this because their child knows no other way to fall asleep. So mom’s stop doing this before the child gets too old!

13 Keeping The House Too Quiet

Mom, it isn’t a good idea ever to keep things too quiet in the house. The baby from the very beginning needs to hear the noises that go on every day in the house so that the little one can get used to the noise and can sleep through them. I know everyone used to say, keep the house quiet so the baby can sleep. This is a big no-no nowadays.

Mom, if the baby isn’t hearing the vacuum going, or the other children running around and talking in the very beginning, the child will never get used to it, and stay awake and crying all the time. Now, I don’t know any parents who really want a crying baby all the time. That isn’t good for the baby or the mama. So, make those everyday noises, so that the child learns to sleep through them.

12 Choosing The Tummy Over The Back

Mom should not put the baby to sleep on their tummy, ever. This can put them at a great risk for SIDS. The risk for SIDS is at its highest for the first four months of the child's life. The baby shouldn’t lay on its tummy for the first year of its life. After that, the child can move great by themselves, and they will also turn their bodies by themselves in their sleep.

After the baby’s first-year mom really doesn’t have to worry about SIDS. Mainly because the child can move their body all by themselves, to whatever way they like to sleep. The child can even sleep on his or her belly if they like too. Please, just remember to wait till after the first year, then they can sleep however they please.

11 Adding Cereal To The Bottle

Baby drinking from bottle

Giving the baby rice cereal in their bottle is a bad idea all the way around, however mom’s look at it. If the parent is going to give the baby rice cereal, they should put it in a bowl and feed it to them, at dinner time. That way the cereal isn’t plugging up the little one, leaving them to suffer from constipation and making it painful to go to the bathroom. Studies have shown that it doesn't actually work, so there is no point in putting it in the bottle for bedtime.

So, mom’s, please stop putting the rice cereal in the baby’s bottle to make them sleep better, it doesn’t work. So please don’t make the child suffer, while they are trying to sleep at night. Moms can even search this, and find it out for themselves.

10 Should The Baby Soothe Itself?

As a parent, the worst thing to hear is one's child crying. Parents feel like it is a heart-wrenching thing to hear, but sometimes it is better to not go running in right away. Do the parents feel like that is the right thing to do? While some parents feel like it is a cruel thing to do to a child, there are some parents who that think that letting the baby cry it out is a good (and right) thing to do.

The parents and some doctors feel that it teaches the child to self-soothe themselves back to sleep. It’s called controlled crying, and no it isn’t a form of neglect. It’s just a way of helping the baby to cope without constant handing. It has also shown that it doesn’t raise the stress levels of the child.

9 Rocking The Baby To Sleep

Okay, mom’s, it is fine to rock the baby to relax the child just before bed, but just make sure that the parent isn’t rocking the baby to sleep. Mainly because if the baby grows to depend on the rocking to fall asleep, then mommy can expect to rock the baby whenever the child wakes up during the night, they will want the same treatment to fall back to sleep.

Did the parents also know the motion can also affect the quality of the baby sleep? If the child is always sleeping in the motion of cars and strollers, then the baby probably doesn’t get into the deep more restorative sleep due to the stimulation of motion. It is kind of like the sleep we get on the airplane, not very restful, is it?

8 Allowing Naps Outside Of The Crib

Mom, getting the baby to sleep is a great triumph in itself, no matter where or when it is sometimes. But the experts tell us putting the baby in the crib is the best option, and that way the baby will learn to associate the crib with sleep, bedtime, and also nap time, and with only that place in particular. It is possible to make a nap and bedtime sleep schedule for the baby and parents should stick to it.

But mom’s, if one plans ahead and sticks to the schedule, one can still get all of the running around, housework, and anything else that needs to get done finished. Now, there will be days when things come up, and we can’t stick to the plan, or the baby sleeps in the car seat once in a while. Things do happen, and life isn’t perfect. But when that day is over, go back to the sleeping schedule in the crib, it will be alright.

7 Putting The Baby To Sleep With Blankets

The risk of SIDS is highest during the first four months of the child's life. Having a blanket or even bumper pads in the crib can really cause the baby to lose his or her life. For the ones that don’t know what SIDS is, it stands for sudden infant death syndrome. Hopefully, no one will ever have that happen to them.

That is why it is important not to put blankets, bumper pads, or even a stuffed animal into a child's crib while they are that young. It can even happen to an older baby if they get wrapped up in the blanket, a stuffed animal or anything else. Mom should dress the baby in a sleeper or baby pj’s to keep them warm while they sleep.

6 What Is The Baby Doing Before Bedtime?

Alright, just like us adults when we get overstimulated before bedtime, we are too wired to go to sleep. Well, guess what? This happens with the baby too. If we wind them up by over stimulating them before bed, then they will not want to sleep either. About an hour or two before bed, put away the stimulating games, or the tablet or whatever it is that the child's parent uses, and give the baby a relaxing bath.

Then maybe the parents can help the child to wind down with lullabies and gentle nursery books. Mom can also rock the baby part way to sleep with a gentle song. Just get the baby relaxed before it is bedtime. When it’s time to put the baby in the crib for bed, a darkened room is best. Parents don’t need to worry about nightmares; the baby is too young to develop fears about the dark and monster yet.

5 Putting Distractions In The Crib

It always seems like a good idea to put up those musical spinning toys that played a nursery song, some of them even had lights on them. For generations, parents have always thought that it helped the child to fall off to sleep at night. However, as it turns out, now the rotating toys and sounds and the lights can be counterproductive, they actually distract the child and keep them awake

If mommy would like her little one to go to sleep, get rid of all those cute things in the crib. So that the room is dark, so the baby knows it’s time to sleep. If the child is old enough, mommy can put on of those toys on the crib that the child can play with when it wakes up, maybe even give mommy a little extra sleep time in the morning.

4 Skipping Out On Routine

Every baby is unique with the different sleep needs when they are still young. But once they are past six months old, consistency is the most important thing in their bedtime routine that is set in place. It is a recipe for disaster if the parents are having a different bedtime set up and putting the baby to bed when the child wants to go to sleep.

It is also putting the child to bed when the parents want them to go to bed, or when it is convenient for mom, which isn’t right either. A rigid bedtime routine, with a few simple and relaxing steps, is best for the child. If the parents do the same thing every night, the child will be happy and so will the parents. Plus, it will ensure that the child will take longer naps and sleep better throughout the night.

3 Making Eye Contact

If mom is making eye contact with the baby before putting them down, or when they wake up, in the middle of the night it is a bad idea. The baby is very easily stimulated, and by making eye contact with them, she can engage their attention and signal that it is play time. Mom will unintentionally make the baby think that it is play time by gazing into their eyes.

The more interaction that takes place between the baby and mom during the night, the more motivation the baby has to wake up. The best thing mom can do is go to the baby at night and don’t make eye contact or talk to excitedly to the baby. Mommy should just soothe the baby back to sleep with a gentle touch and her calming voice while mom’s eyes on the baby's belly.

2 Not Enforcing A Curfew

Mom should think twice before letting the little one stay up too late. While it is ok for younger babies to sleep when they want to, with the older children this simply cannot be the case. If putting the baby to bed late is something that mom has been doing, and the little one is six months or older, mom is going to need to stop that right away.

The late bedtimes for the little one can really become a real problem and can lead to insufficient sleep, which in turn, leads to an overtired baby who is irritable and puts up a fight when they need to go to bed. Children are not able to function properly when they are overtired. Also, not getting enough sleep can have terrible consequences on the child’s performance and their mood.

1 Listening To Outdated Advice

All the times have changed, and maybe some of the advice that we get from our family and friends about how they used to do things back in the day are not the proper methods that are used today. With the changing time, the way we take care of our children has changed too. But that’s to be expected; with time, everything changes.

Older generations really didn’t know of the dangers that we are aware of today. Our grandparents have told some of us stories of parents rubbing alcohol on the baby’s gums when they were teething. It was to ease the pain from the teeth cutting in. There are plenty of parents that even still use this method today. However, the alcohol can have a damaging effect on the tiny, frail organs of the baby.

That is not the other thing that has changed either. The way we bathe, feed, and, do almost anything for our baby has changed as well. So, parents, when the older generations try to tell one about the method’s they used, always research it to make sure that it is safe.

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