15Giving The Baby A Bottle Unattended

Parenting is exhausting. The hardest physical labor a person can do is care for a newborn. If you have toddlers running around too, forget about it. Who needs the gym when you barely sit, eat, or bathe? How many times have you been tempted to just plop the baby down

with a bottle and go take a shower, or maybe a coveted bowl of cereal? The temptation is real and understandable but doing so could really be cause for concern. It doesn’t take long for a baby to choke on milk. Any nursing mom or bottle-feeding mom can attest to the fact that when a baby is starving they try to gulp so fast it usually ends in coughing and crying. If the baby is left unattended and begins to cough he/she may not be able to get the bottle out of their mouth in time and could choke. A better plan is to feed the baby, and then place the baby in a swing or in the crib while you shower. A little crying won’t hurt him, but a bottle unattended could.

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