15 Mom-Daughter Fashion Fails

It’s Friday night and you’re going out with your daughter. Do you choose the black dress that shows off your (stretch marked) midriff or do you go for the more sensible outfit that says “mom” but also “super cool”? You chose the super cool mom one right??

Unfortunately, many of these moms thought they’d dress to impress in all the wrong ways, and some of their daughters aren’t off the hook either. The mom is mostly to blame because she should know better, but some of these girls are old enough to say something, yet they’re seen partying it up with a mom who should be toning it down. Other daughters are too young to notice that mom has made some pretty bad decisions in the fashion department for both of them. We have to hope that they aren’t scarred for life because of it.

While we’re all for dressing in what makes you feel good, you have to stop and question your fashion choices when it makes others feel SO bad. Like, “please can I unsee that” bad.

But hey, at least their choices give us all a little laugh and some joy, even if it might be super embarrassing for their kids. And family. And friends. And general community.

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15 The Mom And Baby Snuggie

Here we have the Peekaru, a Snuggie style garment for mom and baby. This kid is putting on a brave face but I think it’s safe to say that this is an extremely embarrassing way to go for a nice Autumn walk as mom and daughter. It looks like this lady has an alien working its way out of her chest. But I guess it would be the perfect ensemble for a woman who wants to continue looking and feeling pregnant... because every mom feels so glamorous when they have another human attached to the front of them.

I honestly can’t think of a reason to wear this when you could just as easily put your baby girl in a jacket with a hat and mittens. Instead of a creepy baby cocoon.

14 Oh Katie Price.... No Words

Katie Price is infamous online, and in the tabloids, for the *interesting* pictures she posts of her kids online. From sharing a peck on the lips with her son to making inappropriate comments on Twitter, Katie is always finding a way to piss off the internet with her social media accounts. But there was no bigger fail than this one above. Yes, that's Katie and her daughter... dressed up in what, drag? Not only are the costumes outrageous but you can see her daughter's eyeliner from a mile away. What was she thinking posting this online? It's no wonder her followers were quick to call her out, claiming she was exposing her daughter to strangers online. This wouldn't be the first time for Katie does this so we're assuming she really doesn't GAF.

13 The Pageant Queen And Her Little Princess

You may have seen them on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, and if you have, this mom and daughter pair have you all kinds of embarrassed. They tell it like it is, they don’t hold back on anything most people would deem inappropriate, and they occasionally dress like each other. Mama June and Honey Boo Boo have made their money off of being embarrassing and crude, and honestly, it’s kind of entertaining.

Here, Mama June is dressed like her pageant participating little girl, and it’s not flattering for either of them. Not that they would really care anyway. Which is probably why any of us keep going back and watching the show, because there is something hilarious about people embarrassing themselves for our entertainment.

12 The Plastic Barbies In Velour Tracksuits

This mom and daughter duo look fine enough in their clothing, but it’s what’s underneath that’s a fashion fail. They’ve gone matchy matchy with their surgeries, both saying that they are addicted to plastic surgery and obsessed with looking like glamour model Katie Price. They have spent tens of thousands of dollars to enhance their looks and have plans to continue with the surgeries.

You’d think mom would speak out against her daughter wanting to change her looks so much, but instead, this mom of 4 joined in and has caught the plastic surgery bug too. She says she’s proud of her daughter for being the kind of girl who wants to have enhancements, and she’s proud of her for working hard to pay for it all… with her job as a night worker. I’m gonna just go ahead and be embarrassed on their behalf.

11 Did They Go Paintballing?

I know, I know. It’s Gwyneth Paltrow. She can do no wrong. She’s a super mom and writer, and we love everything she does and says (plus she always looks so fresh!). I also know that these outfits are Prada, so I shouldn’t be talking bad about them.

But guys. They look like they’re about to paint a house, or maybe they already painted one. It’s totally cute that mom and daughter want to match even when they’re all grown up, but I hate everything about these outfits. Don’t pretend you think they’re cute just because it’s Gwyneth. You know it’s a bad look. But we love you, Gwyn, so go ahead and match your mom. Just don’t be hurt when we giggle a little at you.

10 When Mom's Your Prom Date

There are several things going on in this picture. First we have the daughters who we have to assume are trying to match without being too matchy. They both are wearing a light pink dress, one with cut outs and one we can only be described as a bra. Then mom has placed herself proudly between her girls in a little black number that unfortunately leaves very little to the imagination. To top it all off, each lady has a slit in their dress that goes right up to places we don’t want to think about. Inappropriate? Yes. Would I look twice and giggle to myself over this? Absolutely. Maybe they’re not embarrassed by their fashion choices, but we’ll be embarrassed for them because someone has to blush at these outfits.

9 Farrah Abraham Back At It Again

This wouldn't be a complete list without the one and only Farrah Abraham. There are a lot of questionable outfits the Teen Mom star has dressed her daughter in, so you can imagine how difficult is was choosing only one. Farrah posted this picture of her daughter Sophia, who was only 7 years old by the way, wearing a coconut bra, a hula skirt, and some colorful accessories on a family vacation in Hawaii. The picture obviously caused controversy on line, and it's hard to see why. While it's hard for little Sophia not to look cute, did her mom really need to dress her up in a bra? Is there not anything else she could have chosen that didn't have the stomach showing? Good morals you're setting there missy.

8 Mom And Her Mini Me

Dressing yourself and your daughter in matching outfits was all the rage years ago. You’ve probably noticed that it’s starting to make a comeback now. I like to think that the outfits today are much cuter, but in reality, we’ll probably look back on them in 30 years and have the same reaction we’re having right now with this photo.

But there’s more than just a matching outfit going on here. They also have the matching glasses. And the matching hair. AND the matching facial expressions. In essence, this child is a mini me of her mom. And with the way mom dresses, it’s pretty embarrassing. But it’s more embarrassing to be stuck in someone else’s style. Hopefully this poor girl got to start picking out her own clothes soon after this.

7 Like Mother, Like Daughter

I think it’s great when a mom is proud of the work she does and is a positive role model of a strong confident woman to her daughter. I don’t think it’s great when mom dresses her daughter in a bikini like the infamous Coco Austen. Listen, women can wear what they want, and feel confident in their bodies, but there's no need to play matchy-matchy with your baby and then post it online for all strangers to oogle at. The internet also agrees with us, as Coco has been constantly shamed for posting pictures of her baby, all glammed up, on her social media accounts.

6 The Walmart Look

So, you need to go out for a quick Walmart run at your local center: what item of clothing do you grab first? If you said a bra, then you’re already miles ahead of these ladies. There’s nothing wrong with being comfortable, but when comfort means letting “the girls” hang down to your belly button- well that’s where I think we should draw the line. I’m sure it was a nice, hot Summer’s day and these two just wanted to keep cool. I mean, that extra bra layer can keep in a lot of body heat. But when you’re a big chested woman, you know your limitations. You know that letting them hang low is asking to be photographed and put on People Of Walmart. I think a bra could have saved some embarrassment here.

5 The Dancing Duo

Let’s just start off by saying how proud you would be if your little girl decided to follow in your footsteps and take up the hobby or career that you yourself are so passionate about. And she’s even happy to pose in photos with you!

HOWEVER, I’m not even one hundred percent sure what’s happening in this picture. Are they on the same dance team? Is the mom a professional or is she just wearing her outfit from high school? IS THIS EVEN A DANCE COSTUME? I’m not sure. Maybe they twirl batons. Whatever they do, it involves pretty bad outfits with way too many sequins. And weird poses.

At least the mom didn’t completely match her daughter. She’s wearing sensible black low heels to complete her killer jumpsuit.

4 The Apple Doesn't Fall Far

As I’ve said before, mom and daughter matching outfits are coming back into style in a serious way. I mean, it’s totally adorable to think of your little girl in black skinny jeans, a white tee and white chucks. But this is not that kind of outfit. This is mom trying to stay sexy (and good for her), but bringing her baby girl along for the ride (not so good for her.)

Maybe she’s hoping to look like the older sister rather than the mom? Maybe she thinks dressing her 2 year old as a 22 year old is totally reasonable? Maybe she just REALLY likes lace up sandals? Look, I don’t know the answer here, but I do know that dressing a toddler as an adult can be risky and has potential to bring on a lot of problems. I’d say stick with the jeans and tennis shoes just to be safe.

3 So... Who's The Mom?

This one might be more of an embarrassment for the daughters, because truth is, no matter how many times I look at this photo, I can NOT tell who the mom is. She’s there, but she looks exactly the same age as her daughters. I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say the girl in the middle, only because she’s the most covered up.

But mom should be a little embarrassed too, because even though she looks amazing and should be super proud of herself, she’s also partying with her daughters. Which is kind of weird. Mom, do you have your own friends or do you just chill with your girls and their friends? Because I’d want my mom to hang with her people and let me hang with mine.

2 Turning Up The Heat

This is so many kinds of wrong. Of course it’s sweet and lovely when a daughter wants to dress up like her mother, but it’s creepy and inappropriate when mom wants to be a symbol and is ok with her daughter doing the same. Just a reminder, her daughter is 10 years old. She looks much older than that here, because playing dress up and having a photo shoot with mom is all about turning on the heat, rather than allowing a sweet young girl to be innocent and adorable for as long as possible. This is a major fail on the mom’s part because she actually encourages her daughter to be this way and says that she’s proud of her for trying to be sexy. Not a good look at all, lady.

1 It's Not A Family Vacation Unless You're Matching

I’m embarrassed for this entire family. Do you know anyone who goes to the beach in matching swimsuits for the whole family? No? That’s because it’s super WEIRD.

Is it a safety measure to make sure you don't lose anyone while you’re on vacation? Are you worried that your children look so much like every other kid on the beach that you need to all be wearing the same thing to make sure you don’t take another kid home on accident? I really don’t know. I’m sure there's a good reason to do this to your family, but I can't come up with one right now.

Let’s hope that they don't continue this tradition when the kids are older, because a teenager dressed like mom at the beach is NOT a thing.

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