15 Mom Fashion Fails

Fashion trends may come and go but people dressing badly will always remain. Just check out Walmart. On any given day a person can go in there and see a wide variety of fashion fails. Some funny, some sad and some that just, well words can't even explain. Many moms try to keep in touch with fashion trends, what's current for what season, and how to dress accordingly. Just because some of the fashion trends are popular, does not make them right.

A mother and her toddler wearing the same outfit is such a cute idea. But the mother and child dressing provocatively are just wrong. Then there are the moms that love their old fashion trends from years back, and while some styles are simply classic and never go away, there are just as many that are not. Some of the old clothes and fashions need to stay tucked away in the back of their closet.

There are many times when I am out and about I wonder to myself, do people not own mirrors? From underwear showing through pants, mismatched patterns, or wearing a skirt as a top, I have seen people wearing some crazy stuff. Especially mom's.

15 Wearing Baby Clothes Is Not The Best Idea

Bethany Frankel gained popularity and notoriety from the show Real House Wives Of New York City. Along with her brand "Skinny Girl", which makes a variety of healthy drinks and foods. Bethany took a lot of heat over the photo of her wearing her daughter's pajamas. Bryn was then 4, and Bethany was in the middle of a custody battle with Bryn's father. The judge ruling over the divorce and custody battle was not amused by the photo and chastised Frankel for wearing her daughter's pajamas, though Bethany's lawyer said it was merely a joke.

Bethany was also scrutinized by the public for being way too thin. A 40 something-year-old woman should not show off that she can fit into a four-year-olds jammies. This mom definitely made a huge fashion fail.

14 Hoochie Mamas

Mother's and their daughters dressing in matching outfits are too cute — usually. Sometimes fashion faux paux's occur and they leave us scratching our heads and wondering "why". Why would a mom want to dress like a hoochie and dress her little girl like one too? The mother and daughter in the picture are simply too cute. However, those shorts are mighty short, for the mom and her toddler. Perhaps I am just a prude, but I think that dressing in shorts that look more like the bottoms to a swimsuit is a big fashion no-no.And even more of a no-no is dressing a little girl like that. I understand the mom wanting to look sexy and such, but she has to remember she is setting an example for her daughter.

13 Baby Got Back?

I simply do not understand why people don't want to cover up. Wearing clothes that fit properly and don't let every roll or nook and cranny hangout is a good thing! When I go to the store (I try to go only once a week because it is sooo peopley out there) and I see things such as this, it reminds me of why I don't like going out. People have no sense.

It is simply not hard to put clothes on that fit and cover. That's it, they should fit and cover up the appropriate places. And wearing shoes that are way too big indicates they are more than likely the husbands, and the woman was too lazy to change them. We aren't in high school anymore folks, the time to dress like an adult is now.

12 Even The Baby Is Shocked

I don't even know where to begin with this one. There's too many fashion fails here so I shall just dive on in. First off look the shirt is too short and the pants much too tight. They make her look pregnant, which she very well may be, but if not, she certainly doesn't want people thinking she is. Then we have the poofy hat, which looks like a combo of a bakers hat and a beret, multiple piercings, and some giant hoop earrings. Girl, no. This is not a fashion win. Even the baby has a "wtf" look on her face. The outfit would be alright for say, staying at home. But as for a going out in public outfit? Well, that is a big NO. This was a big fashion fail.

11 Patterns On Patterns On Patterns

If this picture indicates anything it is these two things: 1. They love patterns. 2. The love their pet rooster. I like patterns, and I love my rooster as well. I wouldn't put my rooster in a family photo though. And as much as I enjoy patterns, I do not like them all combined so when I look at them I feel like I am on some kind of weird psychedelic trip. I just don't even know what is going on. I have so many questions. One being, why? Why and what could make them think this was a good idea? I would assume it is some sort of joke... But my gut tells me it is not. The rooster evens blends so well with the patterns. Don't do any of this.

10 Tube Tops Should Be For Teens Only

I am all for women to dress how they want, regardless of age. I am also for people dressing in a manner that suits them. And by suits them I mean clothes that fit, clothes that one doesn't have to worry about one of their girls popping out. Y'all get what I'm saying? So in this picture, we have a mom and her child strolling through the grocery store.

Looks innocent enough, except wait for it....bam! The mom is wearing a tube top or a skirt as a top. Either way, the result is not good. Her girls have definitely seen better days, and for this reason, there are these things called bras. They really help. The world will look upon one with the saggiest of chests and will never know just how saggy those things really are.

9 No... Just No

Here we have another smoking while, pregnant woman. And she is holding a cup, which I assume has a beer or purple drank in it. She is strutting down the street wearing a sports bra and shorts that probably fit her many moons ago. As an added touch of class, the pockets are hanging down below the shorts, due to the shorts being so dang short, and they are not buttoned nor are they zipped.

There is a small boy behind her, probably her son, who is looking down in shame, I assume. He asks God above "Why, why can't my mom have clothes that fit and quit smoking so my unborn sibling doesn't come out sick?" Unfortunately, God does not even know. So prayers for this kid and his unborn sibling.

8 Even Celebs Have Fashion Fails

Jennifer Garner is a very well known celebrity. She is a mother to three children and the ex-wife of Ben Affleck. She is a positive role model for a Hollywood star and has been in some top notch movies and shows. But even she is not safe from a mommy fashion fail.

I know some people think having their bra show through their shirt is cute or fashionable, but alas, it is not. From the looks of it, I don't think she knows her bra is showing through. She doesn't strike me as a lady who is more conservative. Next, we can see some silk, vertically striped pants she is wearing. They look very much like pajama pants. See, celebs are just like us. Except when they dress like crap, they get put in magazines.

7 Go Hard... Or Go Home

When I became a mom I changed some things. I dressed more appropriately than I did when before, I toned down my potty mouth (or have tried to) amongst other things. I am all for funny clothes and inappropriate jokes, but not so much around my child. So, despite my affinity for foul language and lewd jokes, I am a mom and I know there's a time and a place for such things. The woman in the picture seems to enjoy funny shirts sayings and lewd humor. Upon first glance, her clothes don't look bad. Then the words on the back of her shirt made me do a double take, "what did I just read?" I thought to myself.I'm sure she got some chuckles out of it, I just hope her kid can't read it.

6 They Tried And Failed

This picture could have been so adorable. Instead, it landed a mom fashion fail article. First of all the dress patterns don't match, but the colors do. The mom's dress is just ugly, not the print, but the big giant bow on the collar and the weird fluffy, pirate-looking sleeves. The girls dress is cute, and she is simply adorable, but her shoes look way too big.

The mom is trying to hard to have a vintage photo shoot with those glasses and giant flower, bow thing. The patterns clash and it simply ruined the whole picture. Sometimes less is more. In this photo, they should have skipped the oversized glasses, the ruffles, bows, and fluff, and kept it simple. Coordinating outfits would have been cute. Keeping it simple is not a bad thing.

5 Someone Get This Lady A Shirt

Attention shoppers, on aisle 1 we have a lady that needs a shirt, apparently, hers is broken. Why do people have such a hard time finding clothes that are not see through? I understand see through clothes if your 20 and going to a rave or something, but for activities such as grocery shopping, it just seems inappropriate. And what is it with people and skin-tight, purple leggings? Even the leggings are see-through, as the tag is showing through.

What is also so bad is her child has to see his mom dressed like this. Perhaps in high school, a class should be taught teaching young women how to dress in a variety of situations. Maybe then we wouldn't have to write articles like this and have websites like "people of Walmart".

4 Only Scarlett O'Hara Gets To Dress In Curtains

Kim Kardashian. She makes me cringe. I am not a fan of her or her Kardashian clan. They are typically a very fashionable family though. Kim stands out a lot, remember the time she tried to dress like Shamu? Shamu definitely wore it better. I am not sure if she dresses her herself, or she has someone to pick her clothes for her. If she has a personal dresser, they must have jokes. This outfit is terrible. She looks like she ripped some curtains down and made a dress. The only person who can get away with that is Scarlett O'Hara from Gone With The Wind. And Kim Kardashian is not even remotely close to being like Scarlett. What's even worse and sad is Kim thinks she looks good. Bless her heart.

3 She 'Gets Around'

Most people try to keep their undergarments from showing. Just because we all wear underwear does not mean everyone else wants to see what we are wearing under our clothes.Sometimes it happens though. And sometimes a gem like this appears. The mom in the picture (whom I am assuming is overtired or does not own a mirror) is wearing a pair of skin-tight purple leggings. They are so tight she probably had to cut them off.

I'm talking every indention and line on her lower body can be seen, including what her undies say. "I get around". Now, whether or not it's true, we may never know. However, going around town with her extremely tight leggings and panties showing through makes it seem plausible that she does indeed, get around.

2  So Much Fail In One Picture

There is a lot going on with this picture that is wrong. So let's just jump on in. First of all, we all know smoking is bad, and it is really bad for an unborn fetus. DO NOT SMOKE WHILE PREGNANT!! Mmmmkay? Now that we have that out of the way, bowl cuts are out, velour jogging suits are out and if they are worn, don't wear them with brown mule shoes. The shirt is too short and nobody needs to see her big pregnant belly, with a baby inside of which she is poisoning by smoking. This picture just screams class...wait, no, no it does not. It screams somebody help this poor woman. She is fixing to become a mother. She needs to learn how to dress, and that smoking is bad.

1 FYI... A Tree Skirt Is Not A Shawl

I don't know how many times I have to tell people this, but Christmas tree skirts are not clothes. Oh wait, I've NEVER had to tell anyone that. And why haven't I had to tell people that? Well, most or some people, at least, have common sense. This woman in the picture looks like one of those hoity-toity women who think they are all that and a bag of organically made from bean chips. Yet, despite the snobbiness which oozes from her pores, she is wearing a Christmas tree skirt as a shawl.

Is she trying to make a statement? Was she just cold and thought "hey this will do?".The world may never know. Frankly, she looks like a nut. Besides, she is shopping at Target, she should be able to afford something better than a tree skirt.

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