15 Moms Reveal The Moment They Knew He Was Emotionally Done

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, but these unfaithfuls didn’t care. The topic of infidelity is a hard one to both talk and hear about, but these 15 moms opened up about how they found out and what they did about it.

Given that one or both spouses step out in 13 of every marriage, then there is a good chance that it might happen to you – or it may have already!

Whether just flirting at work, hitting up the club, “innocent” texting or of course, sleeping with someone else, the spectrum of being unfaithful is broad, but all-inclusive.

In a perfect world, everyone who is disloyal would get dumped and yet as crazy as some of the stories are, not every single one was given the boot. Some were given a second and even a third chance. Forgiveness is a choice, but forgetting is impossible. Other moms were completely blindsided and totally didn’t expect his admission of unfaithfulness when it finally came. At least those moms found out from him directly, unlike others who had to find out through texts and even letters in the mail!

If you have ever been the victim, be sure to let us know how you found out.

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15 Taking Her For A Pregnant Fool

They rarely admit to any wrongdoing do they? Even when the proof is too much to bear, they will continue to deny, deny, deny. Catherine recounted how he used to sneak out in the middle of the night as if she would never notice: “So many emotions ran through my head. I was pregnant with my son at the time. He would sneak out when I would go to sleep. I would wake up to him gone and stay awake till he got home and ask why he had to do this. Of course he would say he didn't do anything wrong and laugh. I loved him so much I was blind not to see what all he was doing. It was a wasted 11 years of my life other than my kids.”

14 Not The Outcome We Anticipated

On BabyCenter, Sandy shared a story that most moms fear of happening to them: “I started to get a bad feeling. He would come home from work and instead of spending time with us he would take off for a few hrs to meet "friends" to jam. So I snooped maybe I shouldn't have maybe it would be better if I didn't know. I found conversations he had with other girls to meet for sex. Then I found an ad on Craigslist with a picture I recognized from his own computer. You can’t see his face but I know its him."

Unfortunately, she concluded by saying: “We had a long talk in the shower as we held each other. We want to work past this. I know I was a hormonal bitch but [this]?? I'm just so disgusted right now. Just beyond hurt and embarrassed that this happened”.

We're 99% certain that this one won't hesitate to keep his bad habits.

13 Good Thing They Broke Up

And sometimes moms only find out about his unfaithfulness ways after the break-up. Heather revealed her story to us: “Found out bf (baby’s dad) was [being unfaithful] through my whole pregnancy a few days after we broke up due to another reason.”

She continued: “but I am playing the killing with kindness game and It’s really not helping me feel any better.... I want him to hurt and realize what he has done... he is showing NO signs of remorse, sadness or bothered that he has just gotten out of a 8 year relationship and we just a child not too long ago”.

The fact that he had already been unfaithful throughout the entire pregnancy and possibly even way longer than that just shows how she will never hear any remorse from him about it.

12 Forgiven But Not Forgotten

As much as Sharon may have forgiven her husband, she definitely hasn’t forgotten as she didn’t hesitate to share her story: “I know that pain very well and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I have been married for 14 years. 7 years into my marriage I found out my husband had multiple affairs. I did decide to forgive him, and we have been married seven years since then. It is a hard decision.”

It may have been a hard decision, but her story is truly enough to make anyone wonder if she might be deluding herself into thinking that their marriage is fine now, only for him to have become an expert at hiding his escapades. Many wouldn’t hesitate to agree that since he had already been unfaithful multiple times that the likelihood of him resorting to his old ways would be quite high.

11 Time To Change The Locks

Finding out that your partner has been unfaithful is never easy, but Chantal found out in one of the worst ways possible when the other woman messaged her directly. She shared: “Found out my boyfriend of 2 years [stepped out] on me, the girl messaged me and said she didn’t know he had a girlfriend never mind a 10-month-old daughter. He acted like nothing happened, apparently he did it at a party I let him go to last weekend. And she messaged me Thursday. I’m so lost, I was so angry I threw his shit on the lawn.”

Most would definitely agree with her method of coping, but let’s just hope that she didn’t end up taking him back. It’s clear that he had no intention of her finding out. Once unfaithful, always unfaithful and things usually only get worse from then on out.

10 Civic Duty

Reddit user redefine_happy possibly shared one of the worst ways to find out. It wasn’t even through him confessing to the deed. She explained: “I received a letter in the mail from a college I never went to. Weird. Inside, I found the entire texting history between my now ex-husband and his lover. I have determined that the sender was most likely the lover herself or her scorned husband (local police officer). Added bonus: At the time, I was seven months pregnant”.

We’re willing to bet that the letter undoubtedly came from the ex who is a local police officer. Otherwise, how else would they have gotten their hands on the entire texting history? No matter who sent it, it’s still a very good thing that they did as the husband would have never copped to his unfaithfulness.

9 She Didn’t Even Have To Snoop

Trust is a two-way street and as hard as it can be not to check up on your partner’s phone to make sure that they aren’t being unfaithful, sometimes, incriminating messages have a way of coming in at the worst times. Angela shared how she inadvertently found out when their baby was nine months old: “I found out because he got a text from the woman when he fell asleep. I had never snooped in his phone and then I saw a weird text and opened it. All of the messages he had sent her were lies about me. Bad ones! Like things would never dream of doing. I tried for months to forgive him. I just couldn't. We were married for 13 years and I just couldn't get past it.

The good news is that she dumped him and never looked back: “I'm with my amazing boyfriend now. I always say that if you're thinking of [stepping out] just break up with that person. It's worse when they find out you've been lying and hiding things behind their back.”

8 It’s Just A Joke, Honey

The things that some disloyal men think they can get away with is absolutely mind-blowing. Christine revealed: “I found out he was messaging other females.. He told me it was a joke and he would never actually do it. We are expecting another child in July and it just broke me inside to know he betrayed not just me but our family. I went psycho and slapped him as well as punched him in the face a few times. When I asked him how he would feel if I did that to him he said he would think of leaving.”

Asking him what he would do shows that the battle was already lost. We’re willing to bet that they’re still together as she concluded the post saying she wasn’t sure what to do as she does “love this man unconditionally.”

7 Total Blindside

On the bright side, Kelly figured out her living situation very quickly. On the downside, she had to leave her unfaithful husband, sell her house and the worst part is that she totally didn’t see it coming. She confided: “I just found out my husband of 10 years is leaving me for someone else. This is completely out of nowhere for me. No signs, no talks, no fighting, nothing. And I'm 33 weeks pregnant with our first child. So now I am going to live with my parents (yup I feel like such a winner) so I can have support with a newborn until my home sells and I will get my own place for the baby and I.”

She went on to say that she didn’t even want him to be apart of the baby naming process at that point

6 1000% Unfaithful

In a long post, Sammy detailed her confusion as to whether her man, who often games until 4am, was disloyal or not: “I was honestly not expecting to find anything and just give myself peace of mind. But here’s what I found. He was emailing a girl from the game sexual things and sent her a video of himself [stroking it]”.

She went on to say: “But the one that hurts me the most is the dozens of LONG emails to his “wife” in the game. He’s saying I’m taking it out of context and it’s all said in “pretend” because she was his wife. I’m hurt because they say they were crazy about each other and toss around the word love (they don’t say I love you but talk about love).”

Bottom line is that even words and especially pictures and videos exchanged online are certainly considered infidelity as well.

5 You’ve Got Mail

No matter how bad things get in a relationship, straying is never excusable. Kristen shared: “Just found out by someone dropping an [anonymous] letter in my mailbox saying that my partner got his work gf pregnant. Things have been going pretty effed lately but I never thought he would be so stupid to get someone else pregnant. So I confronted him and kicked him out.

In a post prior to that one, she had asked for recommendations on a good counselor, but it doesn’t look like she followed up on that bad idea as she then posted a couple of questions with regards to single parenting and child support. Here’s to hoping that she didn’t take his unfaithful-self back as that’s one love triangle that no one would want to be in.

4 Will He Ever Regain Her Trust?

Why do so many women feel the need to find explanations for their husband’s wrongdoings? Amy shared: “My husband [stepped out] and I didn't find out until I was 6 months pregnant with our third baby. I left him shortly after because I couldn't deal with it like I thought I could. The kids and I moved out. 6 months later, we reconciled and are in marriage counseling (still living apart). Once the trust is broken it's hell trying to make it work, but I believe our family is worth it. I've made him work very hard to regain my trust and even though I'm not there 100% there yet, it's coming along slowly.”

She concluded: “The issues behind the affair are more important that the actual affair, in my opinion. He has to dig deep and find out why he felt he needed the company of someone else.”

On the one hand, it’s commendable for her to have worked hard to keep their family together, but on the other, there is something to be said about how they can’t all be “fixed”.

3 Wait, You What?

Women, especially pregnant women, tend to want to forgive and forget. With a baby on the way, the thought of separation can be too hard to bear, but for Val, the final straw came over a year after the first incident. She recalled: “I was in shock. I was 13 weeks pregnant and a week before my bday when I first found out he was [being unfaithful]. It never got physical so I forgave. 11 months later, baby was almost 6 months and I was confronting him about $85 he lied about and instead he confessed to [stepping out] with a coworker. My thought then was for me and baby to run far away. I saw red!!! Left him stranded on the side of the road (20 miles from home). Took everything and then some to not beat the shit out if him.”

Sounds like good riddance to us!

2 Found Out 12h After Giving Birth

In an interview with the Mirror, Joanne Davis revealed her story about how she found out about her husband’s affair just 12 hours after giving birth to their baby. Turns out that her husband had been unfaithful ever since her fifth month of pregnancy and when the mistress turned up on their doorstep not even a day after Joanne gave birth, her husband dropped down to his knees in front of her and professed his love to her, telling his wife that he doesn’t love her and wants to be with Sarah. “I broke down, sobbing over my newborn son as my world fell apart,” she said.

That has got to be one of the worst stories of disloyalty in the world. It actually gets even worse though as he had already been unfaithful twice in the past, with this one being the third, but she had given him another chance. He even had the audacity to blame his ways on his epilepsy medication.

1 Trouble In Paradise

Via: Google Images

After being together for two years, Kelly was totally blindsided when she found out that her fiancé was unfaithful and got another woman pregnant. She shared: “Held off on telling me "apparently he was afraid to lose me?" until when she was 7 months he told me.”

Feeling guilty about having previously been unfaithful herself on a different boyfriend, she stayed with him and lo and behold, found out she was six weeks pregnant just two weeks later, meaning she would have already been pregnant when she found out.

However, things definitely aren’t all that peachy as she went on to say: “Fast forward 8 years we have 2 boys just bought our first house last summer... not going to lie, every now and then I think about it, and it puts me in a sour mood especially because he wasn't able to just stop talking to her ? that might of been the hardest part. He gave me access to his phone everything. Vowed he'd never lie / [be unfaithful] again.”

Sources: Mirror, BabyCenter, Facebook and Reddit.

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