15 Moms Reveal The Worst Things They've Done

Kids can be the best and worst of us. They know how to push our buttons, and how to drive us into insanity. Who hasn't been tired to the point of thinking or doing things they have regretted. I once had a friend admit to me, she can see how parents get to the breaking point after nights of endless sleep and begin to say things like, "I wish you weren't born." It sounds terrible. Are our children made this adorable, so we as parents can tolerate them in their early years, so we don't become nuts? Well it's time to meet mothers who did things they regretted, and no matter what they did, they just could not go back. Life doesn't have a reset button and for these mother/child relationships a reset button would be a gift from the divine.

I once had a friend that could of used a reset button with her mother. She was in elementary school, and her parents left her there at school. They forgot to pick her up from school. Her frantic mother eventually called for her grandparents to pick her up. Humiliated and forgotten, my friend climbed into her grandparents vehicle. That story has always stayed with me, I felt bad for my friend and knew her and her mother needed that reset button. Although in my friend's case, if that is the worst thing her mother has ever done, then she is doing pretty well as far as childhood bad memories go. These mother/child relationships are haunting, unbelievable, and in some cases unforgivable.

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13 Alexis Botello 

Being a teen mother is no easy task. They face many challenges and obstacles, because they are so young. The tough life ahead and deciding whether or not keeping a baby is the right or wrong decision, is among one of their choices.

For Alexis Botello, keeping her baby was obviously the right decision for her, but was it for the baby? I hardly think so. This sweet little girl, Tylea, was beaten to death by Alexis's boyfriend called Beard, back in 2014. Alexis reported to police that her baby had been missing for two days, this was far from the truth.

In actuality, Botello witnessed her little baby being stomped on, thrown onto a bed, and bruised up multiple times. Botello also revealed that as Beard was stomping on the child, that Tylea had vomited up "green stuff." Botello later confessed to buying gloves and a shovel. She and Beard had buried Tylea under a bridge. Luckily for Tylea, her mother Botello, is behind bars never to give this world another child.

12 Jessie And Andy Meeks

Child abuse is nothing to laugh about, but it is something that should always be reported. Especially in cases like Jessie and Andy Meeks. Meeks both had five children together, the only problem was the strong negligence that occurred in their household. Police officers reported that their home was covered head to toe in dirty laundry, the aroma of urine filled all the rooms, and even the mattresses were covered head to toe in urine, fecal matter and throw up.

When the police found the children, they were wearing ragged clothing, had not eating hardly anything, and looked malnourished. Their five month old was so malnourished, he resembled a new born baby in size. Officers feared that if they had come too late, the poor baby might have died under the poor care of the Meeks parents. Some of the older children reported being beaten by their father, Andy, with a paddle and as punishment were only given dinner, "on a few days." We are all happy to see these children getting rescued, and are happy to know the Meeks parents are behind bars where they belong.

11 Nameless Mother Of Nameless Four Year Old

We have all had a love of animals and pets. In a case that took place in Lancashire, England, the love of pets was nothing to laugh at. For the poor four-year-old boy, whose name was never released for legal issues, living among animals was a daily hell. His mother, twenty-one, suffered from severe depression. This depression caused her to neglect her son, to the point where he lived among twenty uncaged ferrets, two dead birds, and fourteen dogs. These animals urinated and pooped everywhere. The young child was is such bad condition,  he was only able to eat food through a gastric tube. The bacteria from all the feces had made their way into a wound on the child's upper torso. After appearing in court, the mother confessed to negligence and was reported seeking help for her depression. The little boy is doing much better now and is in a healthier living environment.

10 Mother Abuses Seven Children

When you have as many children as there are Seven Dwarves, then things can easily become overwhelming. In a case that took place in Ireland, it was revealed that a mother, 39, of seven children had left her children with strangers, for several days at a time. Among the strangers was a known pedophile. The crazy nameless mother allowed these strangers to assault her children and abuse them in anyway they saw fit. Even the mother herself would assault them from time to time. The mother was soon charged with twenty-nine charges of child cruelty. The children had under gone such emotional and psychological trauma, that the Irish courts were shocked that this case had not been detected sooner. The abuse inflicted on these children lasted for five years between 2006-2011. During this time, the children were separated and living away from each other, and thus became an even more broken family. The children were immediately put into foster care and other loving homes.

9 Hamish

At the age of twelve, young Hamish was sexually abused by his own mother. His mother would ask him to perform various sexual acts on her. Hamish admits that this relationship was confusing to him at the time. Young boys were taught that the only way to be a man is too take charge and to be domineering over a lady. As a young twelve year old, Hamish convinced himself that he was the one, who wanted to perform these horrendous acts upon his mother.

Hamish feared for his family's existence and stayed silent about it. His mother told him to stay quiet, telling him people would not understand their unique relationship. He later realized he had no one to rant to or speak to about this abuse. He had no way of putting it into words, and he feared speaking out would break him family up. Later at the age of fifteen, his mother passed away. In a way her death was relieving for young Hamish, he could finally break free from the abuse. Years later when he got married, he told his wife of his very unfortunate upbringing. This abuse took a hold of their marriage and they eventually divorced. Hamish admits that if he had gone to counselling with his wife over this abuse, that they might still be married now.

8 Katie And Joan

In an article by the Daily Dot, a story of abuse between mother and child is revealed. The Daily Dot has given them false names to protect their identity, this is the story of "Katie and Joan." Katie grew up with what she thought to be a normal mother/daughter relationship. At the age of twenty-four, Katie soon realized that her mother was an undiagnosed psychopath. She recalls her mother being very controlling of her whereabouts and had to know who she was with.

We all know the story of Rapunzel being locked in a tower, well like Rapunzel, Katie recalls her mother locking her in a basement. At the age of six, Katie had many friends over to play, but her Psychopathic mother Joan, had other plans for her. She pulled her into the basement of the house and locked her there. Joan soon told her friends to keep playing and to just ignore Katie altogether. Memories like this one have stayed with Katie over the years. Even in college, she found her mother inescapable. Katie found herself working in multiple jobs, but her mother called each of the places she worked for to try and get her fired. Joan wanted Katie to only depend on her for income, and thus almost destroyed Katie's college employment. Katie was so relieved when she cut off all ties to her mother, to this day has no idea where young Katie is.

7 Jessica Jenson

A mother in North Dakota, was charged with the murder and negligence, of her thirteen year old son. Jenson called 911 and when officers arrived at the scene, what they discovered was appalling. They found a calm mother, holding her dead son in her arms. He had actually been dead for several hours. The officer attempted to resuscitate the child, but noticed right away that he had no pulse.

If that isn't disturbing enough, the weight of this child was shocking. He weighed a total of 21 pounds or 9.5 kilos. That's how much my two year old son weighs! This mother had been neglecting him so much, that he starved to death. An autopsy report, later said that his pituitary gland was imbalance and that he was behind in other aspects of his physical development.

Aiden, the young boy, was later discovered to not have seen a doctor since 2008. With Aiden's death being in early 2014, that is a long time for a young child to miss all those vital doctor's visits. His other medical records indicated a consist record of low weight. Meaning that sooner or later, Aiden was going to die from starvation. It was only a matter of time. Unfortunately, Jessica's abuse took this poor innocent's life.

6 Pete

Child abuse is not normal, and it stays with the victim for the rest of their lives. They either learn to cope with it, overcome it, or seek support in their adult lives. For Pete his childhood was no walk in the park. The problem, his mother. In his sad story, he recalls many episodes involving her chasing him around the house, just so she could get a good kick in. Other times she wanted to strike him. It always began with swearing and would explode into a volcano of terrors. Until he was twelve he viewed this as normal, and eventually his parents divorced. He so wanted to stay with his father, but the courts seemed to always favor otherwise. He always somehow ended back in the house of horrors.

One time when he was the age of eight, his mother pushed him into a bath of boiling hot water. He also recalls his mother shoving objects into his mouth, such as a bar of soap. He had a sister, whom the mother did not lash out on as much. In private the siblings would discuss their abuse, and came to accept it as normal. It wasn't until Pete became older that he began to fight back. Now in his twenties, Pete still feels fear around every corner and has issues trusting new people. Please note that Pete's name has been changed for his protection.

5 Sheborah Thomas

Sheborah Thomas, was just 30 years old, when she murdered two of her three children. It was a normal day in Houston, and Thomas's kids were being picked up from daycare. Their mother began her normal routine of getting her kids a snack after school. She then ran upstairs and ran the bath water. One by one disaster took place. First Sheborah called up her daughter, Kahana age five to the tub.

She forced her screaming daughter under the water until she stopped moving. Then she called Oraylyn her son age seven, into the bathroom and she forced him under as well. Thomas recalled struggling with her son more than her daughter. She then took both lifeless children and wrapped them up in bed sheets. She later hid them in the neighbor's backyard. Later while packing her belonging, she admitted to murdering her two children. The man who was helping her pack did not take her seriously at first, but then ended up getting the police involved. Thomas is now behind bars.

4 Tabitha Anne Bennett

We all know bullying is wrong. No one wants their child to be bullied, but one mother from New Port Richey, Florida may have taken it a little too far. Bennett's thirteen year old daughter, reported to her mother that she was being bullied at school. Annoyed by this Bennett went on Facebook and challenged the bully girl to a fight. The fourteen year old girl agreed to fight her daughter. The next day Bennett took her daughter, and forced her to perform a knife fight. After a few seconds, it was clear Bennett's daughter was not winning this fight. Bennett intervened and hit the fourteen year old bully down and grabbed her by the hair. She then told her daughter to beat the girl up. Outraged Bennett's daughter obeyed her mother's orders. A few witnesses of the fight captured the entire fight on camera and later posted it online. Bennett was later charged with battery, assault and child abuse.

3 Erica Fullbright

Getting burned can be painful. I have burned myself plenty of times in past restaurant jobs, and nothing hurts more than a burn from something from the oven. What about something from an iron? A mother from Kenosha, WI named Erica Fullbright did just that. Fullbright intentionally used a clothing iron on her four year old daughter's leg. After the incident, the daughter recalled her mother laughing in joy at the event. The now burned daughter had to wait two days, before her mother would take her to the hospital. Fullbright threatened her daughter and said she would, "Whoop her," if she confessed to anyone. The poor traumatized daughter, told the doctors she accidentally fell on the iron in her bedroom. The doctors asked her again, and the daughter told them the horrible truth that her mother did it for fun. Fullbright was taken away and was charged with physical child abuse.

2 Sierra Clark

As mothers we want to protect our children from all dangers and keep the the monsters in the closet away. A mother in Syracuse, NY had other plans for her little girls. Sierra Clark, met her husband Ronald at a supposed Christmas party. A few months after this party they got married. Soon Sierra noticed her husband's love of pornography, especially child pornography. To please her husband, Sierra proposed that he let out some of his manhood on her two and four year old daughters.

The worst part about this story, is while the little girls were being raped by Ronald, their mother was holding them down and keeping their mouths shut, so no one would hear them screaming. For the next four months, Sierra allowed her husband to have his way with the girls, as she held them back. During her trial, Clark agreed to testify against her husband, this lessened her sentence to 15 years. If it wasn't for her cooperation, there would not have been a proper testimony, because the little girls were too young to put into words what had happened to them. Despite the abuse and rapes, both girls are in a much better place today.

1 Andrea Yates

Perhaps the most sad and grizzly story on this list, is the story of Andrea Yates and her five children. Rusty Yates did what he did every single day, he went to work and he said good bye to his sweet little family. His eldest was seven and youngest was a beautiful baby girl of six months. As he set off for work, Andrea began to give her children their breakfast. Then one by one she lured them each into the bath tub. She drowned each one of her lovely children. When her eldest son realized what was happening he tried to get away and failed. Andrea drowned him last, with his head next to his baby sister's in the water.

After murdering all of her children, Andrea called her husband on the phone and told him the news. He was in complete shock, along with the rest of the country, that sad summer in 2001. Since her trial Andrea has remained in a mental hospital. At her trial she was declared insane and was not sent to prison. Since the loss of his children, Rusty has managed to move on and remarry. He misses his children and even has another little boy with his new wife. Rusty believes his wife was weak and that demons took over her, and that is why his family is gone now. It is a story that proves that over time, healing can come to anyone.

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