15 Moms Reveal The Biggest Mistake They Ever Made

Moms do their best to do what is best for their kids! Okay, there are some moms who are truly not good moms, however, that is the exception and not the rule. However, you can agree as a mom that you do everything you can to do for your kids and all you can do is strive for excellence since perfection is just not an option because it doesn't exist.

That also means that even though you do what is best for your kids, you will make some big blunders and feel absolutely horrible for it after. For instance, when my daughter was 8 months old, I had heated up her baby carrots and fed it too soon to her after taking it out of the microwave. I did not give it enough time to cool down and she cried when I gave it to her. I felt so bad!

There were times when she fell down the stairs when she was a toddler, and I felt bad about that. But fortunately, she is a typical teenager, and is now almost 16 and has no memory of any of that. She only knows about those incidents because I told her, and she laughed about it. Thank goodness for that because I was worried at the time that there would have been some serious lasting effects on her.

I hope now that you know this and you have made mistakes like this too with your kids, you feel somewhat better. Now I will talk about 15 other moms who talked about the biggest mistakes they ever made!

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15 Confusing A Bottle Of V8 With Brew

V8 or beer

One lady who participated in the discussion on Today.com talked about her big time mom fail. It is a funny one but also quite serious. She said:

I grabbed what I thought was a V8 Fusion out of the fridge and put it in my son's lunch bag. It turned out to be a Shock Top BEER... I thought he was getting his veggies — not so much.

Yikes! What we have no idea about is whether the boy ended up drinking the beer or not. But if he did, the consequences would have been quite dire. Mom may have ended up getting a call from a child protection worker! However, if the boy hated the taste of it after taking the first sip, hopefully, he did not drink anymore. You just have to wonder if mom was caught, what kind of explaining did she have to do? It would have been quite a doozy!

14 Cutting Her Own Kid's Hair

Image result for home haircut

As moms, we are having to look for ways to save money, and we are constantly looking for coupons and even freebies. Because who doesn't like freebies? And you can save a lot of money by taking advantage of some great freebie sites out there. There are many around, all you have to do is ask Dr. Google about it.

However, there are some things you have to spend money on no matter how frugal you want to be. For instance, if your forte is not hairstyling and haircutting, then don't attempt to do it yourself. One mom from the discussion on this topic on Today.com did and said:

I decided to try and save some money but cutting my son's hair. This was that 'uh-oh' moment when I realized I got a little too carried away with the clippers. Let's just say there aren't too many 'after' photos for several months.

Yikes, poor kid! I hope now that this mom will spend a bit on haircuts for her son in the future.

13 Not Baby Proofing The Home

Image result for electric shock gif

One thing that all parents of little kids that are quite mobile do is childproof their homes by placing gates at stairways and covering electric sockets by using those plugs. Because kids are going to become curious and stick their fingers in those sockets and the end result will end up disastrous.

Even though parents already know this, it is easy to miss one or two while covering the others. And one mom confessed on Reddit that she discovered that there was a wooden stick that was sticking out of a socket! She had no idea how it ended up there in the first place.

However, the fact that this socket was accessible to her kid shows that she forgot to cover this one. Luckily, the child would not have gotten a shock from wood. But if the child was sticking something else in there, it would have ended very badly. She did not even see her child do this, and chances are she has taken excellent precautions since that incident.

12 A Swat Is Not Acceptable To This Mom

The debate on whether spanking is a good idea or not is a huge one. Some parents would never in a million years spank their kids. However, other parents would do it in a heartbeat and don't see it as abuse. A quick swat on the butt is not the same as a harsh beating, and these parents feel that sometimes a spank here and there is necessary to get the message across.

One mom on Reddit made a confession about a big mistake she made and that mistake was that she spanked her child and now regrets it. Even though this happened a while ago, she says to this day she regrets it because she never wanted to resort to any physical forms of discipline, and only uses timeouts as punishments instead of spanking. She also pointed out that her child is not at all scarred by her mistake, and is, for the most part, a happy kid.

11 The Baby Almost Took A Dive

baby took dive

Whenever we become excited we may end up unintentionally become neglectful. Remember, we are human, things happen. One mom on Today.com was talking about the worst mistake that she made. She was obviously very excited to be pregnant with her second baby, which meant that her daughter was going to become a big sister. So this is what she said:

I was taking a picture of our daughter to announce she would be a big sister when she decided to dive off the bed. Luckily, her dad did catch her before she hit the ground.

Well, sometimes we just get carried away because we are just too excited otherwise. However, this mom had no idea that her daughter was going to dive off the bed, so she really did not intend to do anything wrong by taking that picture which she assumed would be taken and done with in seconds. But babies make hasty moves in seconds too! It's a good thing that dad was there to save the day.

10 Little Boy Discovers His Love For Mascara

boy loves mascara

Sometimes we just cannot think of every little thing that our kids could potentially get into. This mom from Today.com was preoccupied with transitioning her son from a crib to a toddler bed and she was horrified that she did not make her makeup inaccessible to this boy. She talks about that right here:

Everyone in the house was excited for our almost-3-year-old to get a 'big boy bed.' He had been climbing in and out of his crib for a few weeks and we just knew it was time. He was so proud and so happy. Our first try at nap time didn't go quite as planned. The boys' room has a connecting bathroom (which we all use). I was watching to see if he would try to sneak out of his bed/room, through the main door. He out-smarted me! He was out of his bed/room and in the bathroom where I didn't think to look. Well, let's just say he found a new love for mascara...

Like I said, sometimes you can't think of everything- especially if you are focused on something huge like making this major transition.

9 What A Sticky Situation

crappy situation

When you are dealing with dirty diapers, sometimes you accidentally end up disposing of them in places where they should not go and you find out the hard way because the stench lets you know. When my kids were babies, we had a diaper genie, and it was a good place to throw the diapers because of it being that designated dirty diaper garbage. But I can't say it really took the stench away.

However, there may be moments when after a diaper change you could forget to throw the diaper out and leave it on the changing table. One mom of twins that was cited on Healthyway.com told her horror diaper-fail story:

When [my twins] moved to a big girl bed, I had changed one of their poopy diapers and accidentally left the diaper in their room. I had a friend over for some girl time and walked upstairs to check on something when I was overwhelmed with a poop smell. A BAD poop smell. I opened the door and poop was EVERYWHERE. On them, their rug, their comforter, the dresser.

Oh my, if that is not embarrassing then I don't know what is!

8 Silence Is Not Always Golden

silence not golden

You know there is a meme going around in the mom communities saying that if your child is silent for a long time, then that means trouble. This mom who talked about her biggest blunder on Today.com can relate to that meme very well. She did not check in on her toddler that was starting to break her naps and said the following:

My daughter was 2.5 years old and just starting to drop her nap. I had put her upstairs to sleep, and it was silent... I probably should have popped my head in to confirm it was truly a sleeping child. Instead, my daughter was quiet and focused as she colored with crayons and smeared Desitin (diaper rash cream) all over her walls and body!

Yikes, that must have been a scary thing to see at first, and what a job to clean up. That again confirms that a quiet child is quiet for a reason that you will not like!

7 Forgetting To Bring A Change Of Clothes

major oops

Whenever you go out with your little ones, you always make sure that you bring a change of clothes because you never know what kind of spills can happen on the clothes that your kids are wearing. There was an instance that one mom of 9 spoke about on Healthyway.com and said that she took her kids to Burger King for a treat.

While she was feeding the baby in the high chair, her toddler picked up her king-sized sweet tea and spilled it everywhere. As she attempted to clean up the area with some napkins, the toddler puked. She then said the following:

I ran him to the bathroom, bathed him in the sink, and then had to put him in a diaper and one of the baby’s onesies because I didn’t carry a change of clothes for him! He looked so funny in that tiny onesie stretched across his torso like a catsuit!

That is what potentially can happen if you forget to take a change of clothes along with little ones! How embarrassing for this mom.

6 Kids WILL Eat The Dog Food

dog food

If you have pets and toddlers, you do what you can to make sure that the little ones don't eat the dog or cat food. Even though you would have taught your toddler not to touch dog food and your toddler understands that kind of limit, your little one will still likely develop an adventurous urge to try something new, even though they were told not to touch it at all costs.

Well, one mom of twins chimed in during the discussion about the biggest mistakes they made with their kids on Today.com and said this:

When the twins were 2 years old, we had one week where they ate our dog's food, the babysitter's cat's food, and then I turned my back to get my camera out at a farm birthday party and they were both crunching down on goat food! That was just one week.

Perhaps her twins really enjoyed the pet food and kept going for more whenever mom wasn't looking. That's tough on mom for sure.

5 A Poorly Prepared Shopper

items on baby

Whenever many people go shopping, at times they may end up buying more stuff than they intend to before heading out the door to start the spree. Therefore, some people may only use a basket instead of a buggy at the shopping center, and find out the hard way that they should have used a buggy instead.

This particular mom was feeling guilt-ridden and talked about her experience on Today.com, speaking about being poorly prepared for her shopping experience while taking her son along and said:

I didn't plan this shopping trip very well! I either should have gotten rid of some things or gone another time when my husband was available to watch the baby. But I ran out of room and started stacking things on top of him!

That is definitely a mom blunder but my feeling is that she is not the only one who may have done something like that. It is one of those things that she probably will look back on and laugh since her baby is obviously fine.

4 Mom Scared Her Little Girl

scared girl

Moms are human and are incredibly forgetful because of the fact that there is so much going on in their lives that causes them to forget about certain things- no matter how important they are. One mom was chiming into the discussion about the worst mistakes that moms have made on Today.com, and talked about how her 2-year old daughter always had a habit of following her to the bathroom. We all likely can relate to that one.

However, she said that after she gave birth to her second child, she had forgotten how much bleeding there is after giving birth. One night, her daughter followed her to the bathroom only to see that there was plenty of blood from mom which freaked the little girl out. Mom feels bad that she allowed her toddler to follow her to the bathroom while she was bleeding like that, and is guilt-ridden for giving her little girl a good scare. One day her daughter will grow up and not be scared anymore because bleeding comes with being a girl anyway!

3 Right On The Baby's Head

walk of shame

Some mistakes that were mentioned above are downright funny that these moms would probably laugh about at a later time. However, some moms may feel quite guilty about making some more serious mistakes even if their kids were unscathed.

Just like that time when I accidentally fed my daughter hot baby food without allowing enough time to cool down, yeah well almost 16 years later she obviously has no memory of it and isn't at the least bothered by it but I still feel bad!

Well, this mom who talked about her worst mistake on Today.com said she accidentally dropped her baby! If that isn't bad enough, she was walking down the hallway to the pediatrician's office and shouting out:

I dropped my baby and I think someone should check him out.

She announced that to not only the front office but to the adjacent waiting room where everyone can hear! Ouch. That's a double whammy for mom.

2 Missing The Big Day

forgetful mom

I know that it is easy to get dates confused. I mean sometimes you don't know whether it is Wednesday or Thursday for instance. And I have always said that the week between Christmas and New Years feels limbo-like where you don't know what day is what. The same applies for that week in August before school begins!

One mom obviously felt the same way, by not knowing what day is which. A mom that was guilt-ridden confessed on Today.com that she was all prepared to go to the kindergarten orientation for her child and even marked the date on her calendar. As soon as she entered the parking lot, she was amazed at how empty it was but was also confused. Then she became more worried as soon as time had elapsed and did not see any other cars coming in.

Then she said the following:

I pulled out the orientation 'Save the Date' card. Right away, I saw it. The card read: 'Sail into Kindergarten' and 'Save the Date — Tuesday, August 26, 2014. Only, it was Thursday, August 28, 2014!


1 A Missed Appointment From The Tooth Fairy

tooth fairy

The one thing that moms never want to do is forget to leave their kids who lose their first few teeth a gift from the Tooth Fairy.

However, one guilty mom confessed on Today.com that her little boy was almost jipped out of a gift from the Tooth Fairy when he lost his tooth. In fact, he cried about not getting a gift. And the mom tried to come up with excuses such as knowing that he had woken up and it was too late, or not knowing that he had lost his tooth, or failing to turn on the light- and so on.

However, since this mom knew that she had the dollar bill which was his gift on her nightstand, she grabbed it while he was not looking and she kept it in the palm of her hand. That is until she found the opportunity to pretend to find it between the headboard and the mattress. Then she said that he must have accidentally knocked it down during the night because it was there - while she knows for a fact that it wasn't - and she saved her butt by saying so!

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