15 Moms Who Are In Desperate Need Of Jesus

What does it say about our society that bad moms are a dime a dozen? And no, I’m not talking about that movie with Mila Kunis that gave all of us a license to feel a little less guilty about showing up in our pajamas to the school drop off.

I’m talking about those horrific mothers who seem to constantly be on the news or in our Facebook feeds for doing awful things to their children. Mother’s like these are often worthy of the phrase “they need Jesus.” People who are so far down the rabbit hole of ridiculousness that only the most famous religious figure can save them.

We’ve read about these mothers before. It’s the mothers that have no shame when punishing their kid on a live stream or the celebrity mothers who just don’t know when they’ve gone to far with a crass joke or despite the countless warnings they still haven’t gotten the simple fact that children can not be left in a hot car.

These moms serve as a sobering reminder to all of us that even when we feel like we aren’t hitting the mark or want to feel guilty because we hid in a closet eating our secret stash of Oreos that we actually are doing a pretty remarkable job as mothers.

15 Shanavia Miller - Punishes Her Daughter On Social Media

Mom post humiliating beating of her daughter on Facebook

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched as Shanavia Miller a mother from Savannah, GA live streamed the beating and verbal attack of her 16-year-old daughter Nia on Facebook. The assault started after Nia posted a photo with her boyfriend with the two of them wearing nothing but towels.

Her mother saw this and decided that the best way to teach her daughter a lesson was to live stream her abusive discipline on Nia’s Facebook page. While Nia’s sister films, 4,000 Facebook users watch as Shanavia beats Nia with a piece of plywood and pushes her into the corner of the laundry room. All of this is happening while Shanavia taunts Nia by calling her a THOT and a nasty *ss.

Surprisingly though the Savannah police department decided not to file charges against Shanavia.

14 Kim Zolciak - Inappropriate Jokes About Her Daughter

Kim Zolciak makes disgusting joke at daughters expense

Kim Zolciak is the unapologetic real housewife from Atlanta who is famous for her wig wearing, cigarettes smoking and lavish lifestyle thanks to NFL husband Kroy Biermann. Back in May Kim shocked everyone when she tweeted out an incredibly crude and inappropriate thing about her 20-year-old daughter Brielle.

When Kim heard that John Legend was going to be performing in Atlanta she tweeted to John Legends wife Chrissy Teigen asking “Who Brielle had to blow” in order to meet him. Chrissy quickly responded that no sexual favors were needed and she would score the family tickets.

But if you know Kim you know she isn’t one to just stay quiet when people come after her. After many Twitter users expressed their disgust over her joke she basically told them to get lost.

13 Mom Pretends Her Daughter Is Sick And Disabled

Mom lies to her daughter for years about her illness

As mothers, we all have been guilty a time or two of telling our kids a little lie. Sometimes the little lies we tell our kids are to distract them or get them to stop screaming. But I could never imagine lying to my child about them being sick for years just to satisfy my own desire for attention.

Rose Blancharde didn’t have a mother who thinks like me though. Her mom Dee-Dee lied to Rose, her family, friends, and the public for years making people think that Rose was a sickly and disabled child. The ruse worked for many years lining Dee Dee’s pockets and gaining the family special trips. But in June 2015 the gig was up for Rose and she got revenge by murdering her mother.

12 Susan Malysa Duct Tapes Her Son To A Chair

Mom duct tapes son to chair

Susan Malysa from Boardman, Ohio had been under suspicion from her own relative for awhile for abuse of her 11-year-old. In June Susan had told this relative that she was going to be taking another child to the YMCA to go swimming for the day. When the relative asked if the 11-year-old would be going Susan told them that he was not.

After Susan left for the pool the relative decided to go check on the boy and when she got to the house she found him in a basement duct taped to a chair. The young boy’s arms and legs had been taped to the chair and he had tape across his mouth.

Susan was arrested at the YMCA and booked on felony child endangerment.

11 Farrah Abraham - Gives Her Daughter Weight-Loss Tea

Farrah Abraham gives daughter weight-loss tea

Farrah Abraham was made famous after appearing on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant in 2009 when she was pregnant with her daughter Sophia. Over the course of her time in the spotlight, Farrah has been under fire for some of her less than stellar parenting choices.

Fans accused Farrah of being a bad mother when they found out she dumped Sophia with her parents so that Farrah could go down to Florida to film sex tapes. In November Farrah came under attack yet again when she posted a photo with her 8-year-old daughter, a packet detox tea, and Sophia drinking something. Fans took this to mean that the little girl was detoxing with Mom but Farrah claimed that it was a staged photo and Sophia had milk in her cup.

10 Mom Leaves Toddler In The Car But Takes The Dog Shopping

Farrah Abraham gives daughter weight-loss tea

We know there are a lot of people out there who have great affection for their pets. For some people, their animals are as close to them and as important to them as their own biological children. But for Gardenia Johansson she proved that her dog was more important to her than her own child.

Gardenia went shopping at a Scottsdale Arizona mall. When she pulled up to the valet she asked the valet attendant to keep an eye on her car and the sleeping toddler inside. The valet attendant was confused at first and asked for clarity. Gardenia walking inside the store with her dog in tow explained that she would be quick and not to tell anyone.

After calling his mother for advice, the valet attendant called the police and when Gardenia came out she was arrested and charged.

9 Jeannine Isom - Pulls Teeth Out With Pliers

Mom pulls kids teeth out with pliers

Jeannine Isom from Utah was in a Walmart store with her 7-year-old son and his older brother when she was arrested for removing two of the 7-year-old’s teeth.

Jeannine believed that two of the boy’s teeth were infected and took the little boy into the bathroom and started to remove two of his teeth with a pair of needle nose pliers and hand sanitizer. According to police, this was not the case of a mom trying to help her son secure his tooth fairy money. After the boy was taken to the dentist the dentist confirmed that the teeth were not loose or ready to come out.

Jeannine was not arrested until a family member heard about the situation and called the police.

8 Anmarie Calgaro - Sues Transgender Daughter

Mom sues transgender daughter

Anmarie Calgaro is a Minnesota mom that was suing her transgender daughter. Her 17-year-old daughter claimed that she had been living on her own for 2 years due to her parent’s substance abuse issues.

The teen, who was only ever identified as E.J.K says that when she came out at the age of 13 her parents started to physically and verbally abuse her. When she was 15 she moved in with her grandmother and decided she wanted to become emancipated. With the help of legal aid, she started the emancipation process and the process for gender reassignment.

When E.J.K’s mother found out she filed a lawsuit to have her parental rights reinstated because she felt she was not properly notified of her daughters plan to transition. But in May the judge dismissed the whole case.

7 Michelle Edwards - Let 13-year-old Get Wasted

Mom lets 13-year-old get wasted

We all want to be the cool parents to our kids right? Normal parents might try to stay up on the hip slang or the latest Taylor Swift drama. But this next mom really took being “the cool mom” to an entirely different level.

Michelle Edwards from Allentown Pennsylvania was sentenced to four and a half years in prison after her 13-year-old daughter was hospitalized after she provided her with 17 shots of vodka. Police say that for her daughter’s birthday in January, Michelle bought alcohol for her daughter and a 15-year-old friend.

Police arrived at the Allentown home after they received calls that the daughter was unconscious. When police arrived Michelle and the daughter father freaked out and fled. The authorities say that the daughter had a blood alcohol level that was 4 times the legal limit to drive.

6 Nadya Suleman - A Mom For All The Wrong Reasons

Nadya Suleman regrets her children

It’s been awhile since Nadya Suleman made headlines but that doesn’t mean that Octo-Mom didn’t make a lasting impression on the world for her horribly ill-thought out life decisions.

Nadya Suleman gained infamy back in 2008 after being dubbed the Octo-Mom. Already Mom to 6 children she convinced a very shady fertility doctor to implant 6 embryos which resulted in a pregnancy with EIGHT babies.

The problem with Nadya Suleman was that she was already struggling financially to take care of her 6 children as a single mother and did not head the advice of her parents to not add any more children to her family. She’s been accused of welfare fraud and child neglect. She was even caught on tape talking about how much she hated babies and regretted having her children.

5 Mom Leaves Kids In The Car To Go Party

Mom leaves kids in the car so she can go party

There are some mothers who just don’t seem to get the basic idea that children should not be left unattended, especially in a car. Amanda Hawkins is one of those mothers who clearly just didn’t care about how dangerous that can be.

Amanda from Kerr County Texas was arrested and charged in the death of her two children, one-year-old Brynn and two-year-old Addyson. Amanda wanted to go party with her friends and decided to leave her two babies locked in a car in the Walmart parking lot for over 15 hours, where the temperatures reached over 90 degrees.

When Amanda finally returned the children had passed out and Amanda took them to the hospital and told doctors the children had passed out after smelling flowers at the park.

4 Mom Gives Daughter Heroin For Tummy-Ache

Mom gives daughter heroin for tummy-ache

There is a group of parents who strongly believe in the healing benefits of using medicinal marijuana for children who suffer from things like autism, ADHD, seizures, and anxiety. It’s a controversial practice that some parents strongly recommend. But even the cannabis certified parents would probably frown on the use of heroin for a sick child.

Michelle Kitchen and her mother were both charged child abuse after Michelle suggested to her 16-year-old daughter that she snort heroin to help with an upset stomach. And so she did, and would snort the drug with her mother. She also claimed that her grandmother suggested she sell her Percocet and oxycodone pills.

The judge eventually decided on no jail time for Michelle and instead sentenced her to three years of probation.

3 Mom Laughs As Snake Bites Her Daughter

Mom laughs as snake bites daughter

As a parent, we are constantly looking for those “teachable moments”. We only have our children for a short period of time and it’s important we make sure they are prepared for life. For a Florida mother-who has not been identified, those life lessons include how to interact with wildlife.

Florida Mom lives on 9 acres in Sebring and often has snakes on her property. For her, it’s very important that her children know what to do when they encounter the slithering creature. And to that end that might mean some hands on training. The mom posted a video of her one-year-old baby reaching out to touch a snake and then screaming because the snake bit her. The saddest part is that you hear the mother laughing as the baby is crying.

2 Mom Takes Daughter Out To Vandalize Property

Mom laughs as snake bites daughter

As your children get older you start to worry about them drifting away from you and it becomes important to form strong bonds and connections with your tween and teenage kids. Some moms might set up shopping trips with their daughter. But for Jennifer Terry, she thought outside the box to come up with a unique and illegal activity to bond with her daughter.

Jennifer Terry was arrested and charged vandalism after she drove her daughter and her friends around the town of Ogden Utah to throw eggs at over 15 homes. It’s estimated that they used over 15 dozen eggs for their little bonding excursion.

When Jennifer was eventually caught and arrested she told police she was struggling with a lot of family issues and just simply didn’t care about causing damage.

1 Mom Leaves Special Needs Son In The Woods

Mom leaves special needs son in the woods

Mother’s of special need children are the true MVPs of this ‘hood. They work tirelessly advocating for their children in school, the research new ways to make life easier and better for them. And they do this all sometimes without any support or gratitude.

Debra Wisler a 39-year-old mother from New Jersey is one of those mothers. She is the mother of a special needs 10-year-old boy. Debra was arrested and charged with child endangerment after her son was found wandering alone in the woods.

Strangers happened upon the boy while he walking alone with his luggage. The boy gave the strangers his mothers name and number. Debra told authorities that after she found out he was not eligible for a program at the local military base she decided to abandon him in the woods.

Source: Huffington Post, ABC News, and The Daily Mail

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