15 Moms Who Believe Their Kids Were Destroyed By Vaccines

Vaccines are one of the most controversial topics in the realm of parenthood. More than $3.6 billion has been awarded to victims and their families. Every mom wants what is best for her kids, but sometimes what is considered “routine” or required does more harm than good. Whether it is due to a rare reaction or undiagnosed medical condition, such as immune deficiency, sometimes the results of vaccinations are devastating and even tragic.

It must be clearly and loudly stated that I am not a medical expert and don’t advise any parent either way on what is best for their kids. That being said, there are many stories where parents believe adverse reactions happened, and they deserve to be discussed and shared. While no conclusive evidence can be drawn, it’s worth talking about these stories. Doing research and making informed decisions is one of the most important and undervalued aspects of being a parent, and you should never be afraid to look deeper into such things.

I won’t overwhelm you with medical jargon and obscure statistics; I will simply let the voices of the impacted kids and their family members be heard, possibly for the first time. I won’t tell you vaccines do or do not cause autism, or make you feel bad for your decisions, but simply talk to you…from one concerned and inquisitive mom to another. Read on to learn about 15 Parents Who Believe Their Kids Were Seriously Injured Or Killed By Vaccines.

15 Dead Ten Hours After Shots

Baby Anabelle was perfectly healthy and happy, according to her mom. She never had any health issues and she was the daughter every mommy wanted. Tragically, she suddenly passed away just 10 hours after getting her 1 year shots. She went to sleep and never woke up, with vomit coming up when CPR was done. The coroner called the death "very suspicious" for the fact that it was so suddenly after the vaccines.

Her mom calls the cause of death a lazy catch - all that prevents health officials from having to look into vaccines and the fact that they sometimes kill or maim children. Anabelle's death was described as "sudden unexplained death in childhood," basically SIDS for kids over 12 mos. Her mom now passionately tries to warn others of the very real risks she believes vaccines hold. At the time her story was published, she was still waiting for a settlement in vaccine court.

14 Gardasil's “Guinea Pig”

Jessie Faye Ericson was an “all-American teenager” on the path to becoming a New York State Trooper. At just 17, she collapsed dead in her bathroom. Her doctor had advised her to get the 3 Gardasil shots. The shots claimed to prevent cervical cancer caused by HPV.

After the second shot, Jessie complained of strange pains in the back of her head, joint pain and fatigue. She didn’t think too much of it and got the last shot 5 months later. 40 hours after getting the final shot, she died instantly in her bathroom, before even hitting the ground. The medical examiner found no cause of death and said it was likely cardiac arrhythmia, which is extremely rare in young people. Her mother, Lisa Ericzon, now makes it her life’s work to warn parents about the shots, citing 7 other similar deaths (of seemingly healthy young women) believed to be linked to Gardasil.

13 Healthcare Worker’s Sudden Death

26 year old Katherine McQuestion received the flu vaccine as part of a mandatory program for healthcare workers. Katherine was a radiology technician and newlywed living in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. Her death was determined due to flu complications.

Her mother described her as “healthy, beautiful, and smart.” A health official interviewed by WISN stated that this is “rare”, and that everyone should get their flu shot.” She apparently failed to mention that the CDC has stated that this year’s flu shot is mostly ineffective against the current influenza strains.

According to Dr. Mark Geier, an extremely respected medical expert, “The flu shot causes Guillain-Barré Syndrome, and the flu shot isn’t very effective in preventing the flu. The CDC doesn’t follow the law for vaccines in requiring long-term safety testing for the influenza vaccine like they do with other vaccines, as it’s impossible to test a vaccine that changes every year. So the flu vaccine is basically an experimental vaccine that they want to give out to 300 million people every year.”

12 Sudden Liver Failure

Sebastian Morley’s grandma tells the horrific story of losing her grandson. Sebastian got 5 vaccines at age 7 mos., at his checkup. Two days later, he began vomiting and became jaundiced. He was admitted to the hospital, and it was discovered that his liver was swelling but the swelling had stopped, so he was discharged. The family was told the doctors would contact them, and when they did, they stated they assumed he had hepatitis C. His mother rushed him back to the hospital.

Once readmitted, Sebastian’s organs began shutting down. He became unresponsive and his brain swelled outside of his soft spot. After more than a month, his doctors pushed to turn off life support. He died in his mom and dad’s arms, at just 8.5 months old. The hospital denied the vaccines had anything to do with his death, but found no other plausible cause of the liver failure.

His pediatrician agreed with this theory and filed an adverse reaction report. His mom concludes, “The reason we also think the hep B vaccine played a big part in this is because I can’t be vaccinated, because my immune system mimics the disease when vaccinated to prevent it. I think Sebastian may have gotten this trait from me. His immune system saw hepatitis [in the vaccine] and killed his liver.”

11 Quick And Sudden Decline

This is a story I have heard from several different people, nearly identical each time. Baby Michael was a normal and thriving child when he went to his 12 month doctor’s appointment. He walked and spoke well, with no functional or behavioral problems. His mom states that after getting his checkup and vaccinations, he spiked a high fever, refused to eat or drink, and was hospitalized. After relaying the timeline of what happened, the staff became offensive and attacked his mother for mentioning the vaccines, claiming there was no connection to his problems.

After his hospitalization, he was very different. His mom says that he started banging his head on everything, slurring his words, and not walking well. Despite being told this was normal behavior, she knew this was not the boy she knew. She then discovered dozens of other eerily similar stories, where the parents all said a big decline happened after vaccines.

10 Unthinkable Heartache

Baby Nickson was born prematurely due to extreme stress his mother Lindsey endured. Nickson’s daddy died from a tragic fall down the stairs after a house fire forced the family to move into a rental property. Born 8 weeks premature, he weighed only 4 lbs. 9 oz. The hospital and his pediatrician treated him like a full-term baby, insisting his mom stick to the vaccine schedule without taking his gestational age into account.

Lindsey says his pediatrician was located “out in the sticks” and threatened to call CPS on her if she attempted to delay or refuse his 4 month vaccinations. Though Nickson had a leg tremor and low-grade fever for 2 months (which she verbally stated she believed was a vaccine reaction), they insisted on the shots.

Less than 12 hours later, Nickson stopped breathing and passed away. Instead of looking into what his mother wholeheartedly believed was the cause of death, she was investigated and kept away from her baby until he was embalmed for what would be his very last photos. The feature image shows some of these photos.

9 A Most Tragic Loss

Baby Reid was only 2 months old when he suddenly died. This happened just over a week after receiving 8 different vaccines, a “normal” thing for kids to get these days. His mom Cristy states her baby was “healthy and strong” right from birth, but had come down with an infection with some residual wheezing. His pediatrician claimed he was fine to get vaccines, though the inserts used to warn patients shouldn’t be vaccinated while sick. This insert was removed in recent years.

Reid died suddenly, asleep on his father’s chest. He coughed up bloody mucus, showing no obstruction of the airways and no suffocation. His family remembers clearly that he slept for an extremely long time after the shots, screaming and refusing to eat. Reid’s 3 siblings never had those symptoms after their vaccines. The pediatrician refused to file a vaccine incident form, though his family is completely certain the tragedy was due to those 8 shots while sick.

8 Losing A Friend

A friend of mine, Javeria Khan, is a fellow SCID mom. SCID stands for Severe Combined Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It’s a genetic deficiency that causes a child to be born without a complete or functional immune system. In Australia, where Javeria lives, SCID is not screened at birth.

Javeria’s first son, Zakariya, died at 15 months old because he was not diagnosed and received his one year vaccinations, which, in her words, “were essentially fatal in his condition.” Live vaccines given to someone with no immune system attack the body the same way as the virus or diseases itself because there are no antibodies to mount a response. People with compromised immunity are not supposed to receive live vaccines and because many countries do not test for such deficiencies, the potential for disaster is quite real and absolutely devastating.

7 Damages Paid For Swine Flu Shot

The UK govt. admits the swine flu shot (H1N1) has caused narcolepsy in hundreds, and Josh Hadfield is one such child. This 10 year old from Frome in Somerset won £120,000 after his family battled the UK govt. and argued that his vaccine caused debilitating narcolepsy. The govt. initially said he wasn’t “severely disabled” enough, but his mother Caroline fought tooth and nail for him.

The Pandemrix shot is reported to have damaged him and many other people, and some of the victims have been awarded money from the Vaccine Damage Payments Scheme as compensation. Little Josh can no longer get through a normal school day without needing to stop and sleep, and has gained a ton of weight from the meds he will need to be on for the rest of his life. His quality of life has greatly decreased and he is not the only one in this position.

6 Dreams Shattered Young

Kaitlyn Wright died in January of 2016, from what her mom says was a seizure, which led to a heart attack. She claims Gardasil is the culprit, and that “until receiving the Gardasil vaccine, she never had any issues.” She says her daughter’s pediatrician “pressured” her to give her the vaccine and that she “didn’t know any better.” She was a promising athlete with no cares in the world.

According to Kaitlyn’s mom Angela, prior to her death and after getting the vaccine, she suffered immense pain, tachycardia, seizures, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, and had to be on TPN because she could not eat. In regards to losing her daughter, she says, “My community is grieving, I have lost my heart and my best friend.”

5 Baby Matthew's Last Days

Crystal Powers wrote about losing her baby Matthew. She adamantly believes that the 8 vaccines he received at age 5.5 months (the 4 month vaccines given late) caused the loss of her son. The day after the shots, Matthew was very fussy but his family didn’t think too much of it, because his 3 siblings were the same way. He wasn’t running a fever so they decided to give him another day before calling the doctor.

Matthew didn’t get another day, however. His father found him gone the next morning, and it was determined he died the previous night. He died less than 2 days after his shots. Bloody mucus was discovered around his mouth and nose. Months went by and the promised autopsy report never came. His family believes he was cremated early without permission to hide the true cause of death. It was also discovered that he was given 2 shots he was too young to receive, and that the administering nurse was fired shortly after for inexperience and error.

4 Trapped In An Eighty-Year-Old’s Body

Anthea Beattie’s daughter, Zara, was a happy, healthy and driven athlete “before receiving the Gardasil shot.” Shortly after that, her mother says she collapsed during gym class and then her health began to rapidly decline. She is now wheelchair bound and suffers from heart palpitations, severe body pain, migraines, and exhaustion. She is one of thousands of girls who claim to have had the same reaction to the controversial vaccine.

Zara says that she “would rather be dead” than living the way she is living. She spends all of her days at home and is too exhausted and unwell to do anything she once loved. The only place she goes is to the doctor. She says the pain feels like someone is “hitting me on the back with a hammer.” When asked about her future, she says she can’t even think about the next five minutes, let alone years.

3 Ending Life Early

Chandler Webb was a healthy 19 year old who went for a routine physical that seemed to lead to pure disaster. He was talked into a flu vaccine and a TB test and within 24 hours, he was feeling sick, then fell into a coma. He stayed in that coma for 28 days, until life support was removed and he passed away.

His mom, Lori, told the local Utah newspaper, the Salt Lake Tribune, that swelling of the brain caused by a vaccine reaction is what lead to Chandler’s coma and inevitable death. The Utah Dept. of Health even states on their website that encephalopothy is a possible reaction to vaccination, though they denied it in every public statement regarding this case. The majority of cases awarded damages for vaccine injury involved brain inflammation following receipt of DPT/DTaP, influenza, MMR or hepatitis B vaccinations.

2 Too Close To Home

For another story that hits way too close to home, my midwife Celeste’s grandsons both have very similar stories to that of baby Michael. Normal and healthy as babies, Zachary and James’ grandmother says that, “James got his vaccines late at age 2 and immediately began banging his head on doors (for the first time) and was diagnosed with autism at age 3. Zachary also got shots at age 2 and became non-communicative immediately after. He has not spoken since, and had a high fever for an extended period of time (which can cause brain swelling/damage called encephalopathy). Both boys wear diapers still, at ages 11 and 13, and are in special education schools.

These are not kids who showed any signs of autism before vaccines, according to the family. They were talking and developmentally appropriate. Their younger sister had no vaccines and has no issues. You can draw your own conclusions.

1 Perfectly Healthy Until…

According to Gabriel’s mom, he was perfectly healthy from birth. Hitting all milestones early, he was potty-trained and talking before age 1, and even his pediatrician said he was extremely advanced for his age. According to his mom, “our whole world changed the day we took him for his 12 month well-baby checkup.”

Gabriel’s mom says “immediately following the shots, the injection site became red and inflamed. He became cranky, feverish, and began screaming in pain, non-stop.” This went on for days, with the pediatrician’s office claimed nothing was wrong and “not to worry.”

After no improvement, his mom took him to the doctor who confirmed he was “having a severe reaction to the MMR vaccine.” He said the screaming was “most likely due to brain swelling linked to the vaccine.” He filed an adverse reaction report. It took 2 years after that for Gabriel to be officially diagnosed with “severe autism.” This once-normal child is now 9 and will never be able to take care of himself, let alone speak more than a few words.

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