15 Moms Who Chose Themselves Over Their Babies

Being a mother doesn't automatically mean you are perfect. It doesn't even mean that you become this selfless, nurturing, Mother Earth type of figure. What it means is that you procreated. You were physically capable of bringing another life into this world and so you did.

Becoming a mom is sort of this metamorphic journey on which women either choose to embark or choose to deny. The women we are going to dish on today are the latter. For whatever reason, some women just don't have it within themselves to put anyone first besides themselves.

Most of the time (and I'm guessing this is what happened with you), women have this eye-opening moment when they're pregnant or shortly after they give birth. It's like a great awakening. The things that used to be important start getting bumped down the priority list. These types of women enter a sort of "Mama Bear" mode and put their baby's needs first before their own.

On the other hand, there also exists a type of women who just doesn't have that natural knack of being "Mom." There is no revelation within these women. They continue to live their lives as if nothing ever happened. They have a child in tow as proof that their lives should have changed, but it didn't.

I have some stories from situations where moms should have thought longer and harder about what they were about to do, but instead they didn't think at all.

Here are 15 Moms who chose themselves over there babies. Enjoy!

15 The "Fun In A Jeep While You Sleep" Mom

Dumped Baby Rescued From Being Eaten By Ants In Forest

Women are sexual beings, so I get the need for a sexual encounter. Not that being a mom changes this urge, but it does put some limitations on it. One mom didn't think so, though.

While her young son slept on his mom's bed, she decided to do a little galavanting around the neighborhood. Okay, actually it was just right outside the front door, but still...

Her boyfriend stopped by and instead of coming inside to visit like a decent man, he parked his Jeep outside. The mother went to his Jeep for a little "visit" and while she did her dirty deed, no one else but baby was inside the house.

By the time Mom and boyfriend were finished, baby had actually fallen off of the bed (she hadn't secured him on there) and had filled his diaper. He had bruises from the fall for over a week, so there must have been junk on the floor on which he hurt himself.

14 The "Quick Run To The Liquor Store" Mom


Our next selfish mother was also feeling an urge, but she was thirsty for alcohol rather than hungry for sweet loving. This mom had been sober for longer than what she had liked and felt the need to drink. She'd already had several drinks, but had run out.

Her son, who was less than a year old, had already fallen asleep. She figured that there was no need to wake him up just for a quick run to the liquor store. Instead, she left him in his crib while she drove the car the six or seven blocks to pick-usher booz.

When she got back, there were two cops sitting outside her place. Her son had woken up crying and continued to cry because no one was there to attend to him. The neighbor's called the police who arrived just before the irresponsible mother got home. I'm guessing she had a tough time explaining her absence.

13 The "Abandoned At The Airport" Mom


Another selfish abandonment story is the one where the mom blamed her actions on depression.

A mom and her boyfriend (baby's father) were on a family trip. They'd gone somewhere warmer to relax and get away from their busy lives. It was a great trip and they were headed back home when the mom went a little haywire.

In returning from their trip, the couple went their separate ways to jump right back into a busy work schedule.

She lied to her boyfriend and told him she'd left the baby in childcare while she was going to take care of a few things. What he didn't know was that she'd actually left the baby at the airport that they'd just left.

When the situation was uncovered, all the mom could say was that she actually was a good mom, she deserved her child back, and that she just make a bad judgement call because of depression.

12 The "3x Baby Dumping" Mom


If these stories of abandonment tug at your heartstrings then this one will be the one to tug the hardest. You wouldn't think there was a method to any mom ditching their newborn, but evidently one mom had a game plan.

Over the course of seven years, one ridiculously selfish mom had three babies. Each of the babies had different father's, but they all had the same outcome. She left each child wrapped in either paper towels or towels and left them in random public places.

Their umbilical cords were all still attached, too. All three were found and cared for. Years later, the three kids (now adults) miraculously found each other and were able to tell their story. They've still not been able to locate their mother, but I'm not sure they really want to.

11 The "A Dog Is A Better Mom Than You" Mom


This picture might look gruesome, but it's actually a mother dog gently carrying a newborn to join her litter of puppies. The baby was discovered in a wooded area. His Umbilical cord was still attached and he was still covered in amniotic fluid.

The mother dog cared for the little baby the best she could and kept him warm with her own puppies. The baby was no more than 7 lbs. and his umbilical cord was already infected by the time another human got to him.

He'd been dumped near a highway so hearing the baby cry wasn't a job for anyone but this mother dog. Apparently dogs make better moms than humans sometimes. The human mother was perfectly fine leaving her helpless infant to die alone, but the dog wasn't about to let that happen.

The baby went on to receive medical treatment and found himself in a loving home thanks to this kind canine mama.

10 The "Going Out Anyway" Mom


Much like wanting a strong drink, some women like to go out partying once in a while. If you're Paris Hilton, it's every night but that's for a different post. Usually, this party girl attitude disappears when baby arrives. Sometimes it just doesn't.

While there is nothing wrong with going out and having a good time, there is something wrong with doing it when you have a sick baby like our next mom.

This particular mom had a seven-month old baby who had been under the weather for about a week. He was experiencing upper respiratory issues. She and her girlfriends had been planning a part hard girls night out for several weeks.

Apparently not even a sick baby was going to stop her from having a wild night, because she dumped the baby at the sitters for the night. The next morning, I'm sure she felt like crap learning that her baby sitter ended up in the ER with her baby and no one could get ahold of mommy dearest to tell her.

9 The "Gotta Check On Real Baby Daddy" Mom


Some women get themselves into so much trouble before they have babies that they wind up devoting a lot of attention to getting themselves out of trouble after giving birth. One such mother neglected her newborn to try to cover her own tracks.

This women gave birth to her baby girl alone. She threw a fit at the thought of anyone being there with her in the delivery room. Even though this was her fourth child, (with supposedly the same guy), she wanted to be alone.

Come to find out, she wasn't sure what this baby would look like when she came out, so she wanted to see how many lies she needed to tell. Hours after giving birth, she ditched the hospital and her newborn, to go see this child's biological father.

Thankfully, she came back after only a few hours, but not before the medical staff freaked out a little bit. As it turns out, she was able to lie about this baby's daddy for six years. Her third child had a different father, too. Maury Povich should have been involved in this situation!

8 The "Need My Fix" Mom


As I mentioned early, women have certain longings and desires just like any other human does. Being a mother doesn't necessarily take aware the wanting to have a drink with your friends or the desire for sex. Evidently, it doesn't help too much with curing addictions either.

One mom was so addicted to cocaine that she couldn't handle it anymore. She loaded up her three-month old into the car and went on the hunt. It was 2:00 A.M. in the morning, so you can imagine the types of neighborhoods in which she was searching.

She found what she was looking for and waiting until she got home to indulge. Never was she busted for anything on her little search. This information was disclosed later on when this particular mother admitted this story among others on a public forum.

7 The "Too Drunk To Care" Mom


It seems that I just can't get away from the moms who can't get away from alcohol. Also, I can't get away from dog stories because this one contains both alcohol and dogs.

One particular mother decided to get wasted while still caring for her young baby. Rather than hiring a babysitter or recruiting help, she continued to get more drunk and more drunk AND try to take care of her baby.

Finally, she gave up and handed the baby off to a stranger. It just so happened that this stranger was too drunk to care either. The stranger ditched the baby in an alley where a mother dog had given birth to a little of pups.

Not only did the mother dog keep the baby warm all night long, but she actually nursed him, because at that point he was starving.

6 The "I'm Never Coming Back" Mom


So far I've only dabbled in the drug, alcohol, and sex stories. This selfish mom thing goes a lot deeper than that. I'm talking about A LOT deeper!

Aside from murder and abuse, abandonment is pretty much the end of the line when it comes to being a crappy mom. One particular mom chose this route.

This mom dropped her son off at daycare like she had done for the past 10 months. She had a great job in the city and seemed to be on top of her life. She never came back to get him. She never showed up at her job and just sort of fell off the grid.

Ten years later, she emerged from hiding only to blame her abandoning nature on stress. Her son was raised by his loving aunt and wants nothing to do with his biological mother.

Apparently, she wanted to skip out on the young stages (because they were too stressful) and jump back into the mommy position once she felt it was easier. Nice job lady.

5 The "I Can't Take This Anymore" Mom


This one might offend some people. It depends on how you look at suicide, though, because that is exactly where this post is going. Sadly, it's a very real thing and it's a very real problem in today's society. Some might see it as selfish while others see it as a reprieve for that person.

The bottom line is that when you're a mother, you have an obligation to your children to take care of them. If you can't, you find someone who can.

One particularly stressed mom chose to take her own life because of the pressures she was feeling. I agree that the pressure of being a mom can being incredibly difficult, but this mom didn't even reach out to any of her friends or family. They were ALL completely caught off guard.

In her note, the "reason" was that motherhood stressed her out. Her two kids were in the house with her fending for themselves for several hours before she was discovered.

4 The "Just One More Hit" Mom

Our next mom was a little on the stressed side, as well. She didn't mean to do what she did. It doesn't make it any better, but at least she wasn't looking to escape life altogether.

This mom was indulging in some illegal drugs when she accidentally overdosed. Her kids were all sleeping and there were plenty of people at her house to try to revive her and to care for her kids after the medics pronounced her dead.

Still, why would you put yourself in that much danger just for a little high when you know you have babies to take care of. I mean, they were sleeping a few feet away from her in another room. How can you not feel selfish doing something like this?

This is your life. They are your babies! You have to take it seriously.

3 The "But He Loves Me" Mom


Drug abuse isn't the only way a mother can subject her kids to a negative lifestyle. I'm sure you've heard story after story of mom's having abusive boyfriends taking care of their kids or simply being around their kids.

Well, it's incredibly common. Abuse comes in all forms too. There is physical, financial, emotional, and sexual abuse. Each has its own unique and terrifying scars.

One mother chose to stay with her physically and emotionally abusive boyfriend. He had only ever hit her, which was her reason for thinking that her young daughter was safe. She wasn't his biological child. When he was on babysitting duty and she wouldn't stop crying, worse came to worse and he ended up accidentally taking that baby's life.

2 The "It's Me Or The Baby" Mom


Since we're on the topic of abuse, let's jump right over to a very popular characteristic of abusive partners - jealousy. Yes, jealousy runs rampant in the lineup of abusive red flags.

One biological father actually told his wife that the baby was taking too much of her time and attention. He felt neglected and that wasn't acceptable. He told his wife that she either needed to put the baby up for adoption or that she needed to leave with the baby. He didn't want to be second best in her life and he wasn't going to stand for it.

For whatever reason, she chose to put the baby up for adoption. Her young daughter was adopted and placed in a good home where she still lives to this day. That mom lived with the guilt and regret for the rest of her life. I'm guessing the biological father didn't feel anything because he was a psycho to begin with.

1 The "I'd Rather Me Be Happy Than You Be Healthy" Mom


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a very real thing. Drinking alcohol while pregnant is what causes this. Now, I know you've seen the stories about the celebrities who drank and partied while they were pregnant. We all know it happens.

It's dangerous to any mom and baby, but what about when the doctor specifically tells you to stop drinking because of a specific medical problem with the baby. The doctor actually knew this mother was heavily drinking, he told her to stop, and she chose not to.

Her excuse was that she would rather be happy and deal with the problems later. The doctor reported this mother and she was actually taken into custody for that reason and several other reasons, too. She never got the chance to "deal with the problems later" because she never got to raise her own baby...thankfully!

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