15 Moms Who Didn't Bond With The Newborn

Every parent will agree that raising a baby is a hard job. Moms tend to provide the most care for newborns, and that means they have to put up with a lot. Unless a woman has been pooped on, puked on, had her hair or earring pulled out, or listened to a baby cry for hours, she really can’t call herself a mom. All of this is just par for the course and most moms accept it and even take pride in it. Still, there are some moms out there who hate motherhood. They either pictured it differently or just weren’t cut out for the job.

A mother’s job and her instincts are to love her baby, so is it really possible that a mother could hate her child?

These mothers are all dealing with some serious newborn problems. Instead of counting their blessings and being happy that they have healthy children, they are complaining about them. They are tired of diapers, bottles, and late nights. They are throwing in the towel on motherhood. In fact, they are even claiming to hate their babies. A lot of people say things they don’t mean when they are mad or upset. Let’s all just hope that is the case with these moms who confessed that they actually hate their newborns. Who could look at their helpless newborn baby and feel hatred? There’s definitely something wrong with these mamas!

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15Everyone Loves Sleep

Being a parent means going without sleep. This sounds bad, but it feels even worse. Moms are already tired from delivering their baby and doing all the extras that come along with parenting, like making bottles, washing onesies and bibs, and changing diapers. They have to do all of that stuff on very little sleep. Not many babies sleep through the night as newborns, and getting up every few hours to trudge through the house like a zombie, fixing a bottle in the middle of the night, or flipping down the nursing bra on demand, can be pretty exhausting. Is there any wonder why new moms are so grouchy and tired looking? This mom has gone so long without sleep that it is affecting her relationship with her child. She doesn’t even feel a bond with her anymore. This mom needs a nap and some therapy so she can bond with that baby.

14It Goes By Fast

Nobody said parenting was easy. In fact, most parents will tell you that it’s a thankless job. Children don’t understand how hard their parents work to care for and provide for them. Newborn babies can’t exactly jump up and express their appreciation. Sure, it would be nice to get a smile or a cute little coo, but maybe this baby just isn’t that expressive yet. Soon she will be talking and walking and getting into everything and this mom will be too busy chasing after her to worry about whether or not she is being appreciated. That newborn stage my not be too exciting, but it goes by awful fast. This mom needs to learn to practice what he preaches and appreciate the time she has with her baby before she grows up too fast. That newborn phase may be slightly annoying now, but one day she will miss it.

13What Did You Think Motherhood Would Be?

It sounds like this mom needs a break. A lot of moms have to care for their newborns on their own. Their partners may work or not be in the picture, and they may not have friends or family members who can step in and help. This can get overwhelming and lead to resentment and depression. Parenting is exhausting and babies are very demanding, especially as newborns. Maybe this mom can look into getting a nanny or a babysitter so she can at least get out of the house and do something besides mother her child. Some moms can't handle the stress of parenting better than others. Maybe if this mom got some time away she would feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle parenthood again. The longer she goes without help, the angrier she will become. Hopefully, she doesn’t take it out on her infant.

12Toss That Kid A Bottle

Breastfeeding moms have a lot to deal with. Even before their boobs hurt, they have to get their baby to latch, nurse the right way, and nurse for long enough. This can be challenging when you are trying to recover from delivery, go without sleep, and attempt something you have never done before. Breastfeeding moms literally have to use their own bodies to keep their children alive. It’s stressful and exhausting and the last thing a mom with sore boobs wants to do at three in the morning is hook a baby up to her boobs so it can suck the life out of her. Still, that’s what moms do and most of them do it without complaint. This mom just needs to relax and take things slow. If her boobs are sore, maybe she could consider pumping or even formula feeding. Breastfeeding is great, but now if it makes you hate your baby.

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