15 Moms Who Didn't Keep Their Vows

What dad doesn't know won't hurt him, right... That's what these pregnant women think, at least. Some of us were just not meant to be in monogamous relationships. It's a fact of life that many people would be much happier if they just accepted. We cannot make someone believe that monogamy is the best choice for them. We cannot force our viewpoints, ethics, and morals on them. We may not agree with the choices that others are making, but it is their life and their choice.

I'm sure these pregnant cheaters have their reasons for doing it, but ultimately it's not fair to the person who is trusting that their partner is faithful. In this day and age, there are plenty of polyamorous families out there. There are couples who have open marriages, there are lesbian couples with a biological father in the mix, there are married couples who have a boyfriend or girlfriend and there are also married couples who have a monogamous relationship with another married couple. Basically, whatever lifestyle we are looking for these days we can find it. Although it may be hard to explain to our families and communities, it's better than living a lie and being labeled a cheater.

These ladies on Whisper were not quite ready to settle into a monogamous relationship, so they cheated on their partner, baby bump and all.

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15 Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Some guys have a thing for pregnant women. They know they can't get them pregnant and their bodies are magically transforming right before their very eyes. Men are extremely visual, and what's more enticing than the extra curvy body of a healthy pregnant woman. Their baby bumps add tension to these mamas' backs, and so these naughty mamas experiment with different positions because they simply just cannot lay on their backs anymore. Some of these ladies have insatiable bedroom appetites and are most likely putting off pheromones that a bedroom partner could pick up on from a mile away. While the baby daddy is away, these moms can't help but play. It will be one of their last chances for all-out wild fun for a while, so why not?

14 Best Kept Secret

She never told him and she never will. Why would she? That would just be a huge mistake. What's in the past is in the past. She said she "cheated," on him so the affair is over. Now they are a happy family. We all go through crazy phases and maybe this mom just freaked out and needed a different experience. She got what she needed to get her by. It obviously wasn't what she needed for life, because she ended it. Now they are a happy family and if daddy finds out, things most likely won't be as happy. Men don't like picturing their women with other men. He may never be able to get over it and she already has. She has to live with the guilt and let him live with the ignorance.

13 The Suprise Positive

Sounds like this lovely lady may have rethought her choice to cheat had she known that she was pregnant. Having a baby changes the way we look at ourselves and our relationships. Some of us start thinking twice before we act hastily. We know that each and every choice we make from here on out will affect our entire family, not just ourselves. So, while this mama thought she was having a simple affair, she was feeling alright about taking that chance. When she found out that she was stepping out on the father of her child that complicated things. She only found out she was pregnant "after those events took place." She makes it sound like she participated in a triathlon with this guy rather than cheat on her baby daddy.

12 Does It Make It Right?

These two just needed to have one last fling before they settled down together as parents. It's hard to be mad at baby daddy for cheating when mama has done it herself. Let's get real, once the baby is here, life will never be the same. We are no longer care-free mischief makers. No matter where we are, we will always and forever be mothers. If we are single, half of the men out there won't want a thing to do with us mamas, and the other half who are cool with dating moms have to be step-dad material, unless they are just a fling. There is barely enough time for dating and flings when we have children, because while we are not with our children we need to be paying someone else to watch them.

11 Who's The Real Dad?

So, no one really knows who the father is. I guess they will find out after the baby is born. I wonder if the guy she was cheating with would want to be in the child's life if it was his? That would make things complicated. This mama would have to come clean about her affair and hope that her man loved her enough to stay with her if that's what she wants. Maybe she's just waiting to see who the father is and then will choose which guy to stay with based upon that. If her boyfriend isn't the father, he could leave at any time but if his name goes on that birth certificate and the kid isn't his, things are going to get complicated. So many women do this and just keep the truth to themselves in fear of losing someone.

10 No Protection Needed

Why? Why in the world would she make her boyfriend use protection and not the guy she is cheating with? Does it make the cheating that much hotter is the deed is done unsafely Now she is most like pregnant with the other guy's baby. Have fun explaining that one to the faithful man who has been diligently wearing his rubbers while this other unidentified gentleman caller has been riding raw. Let's think before we act ladies. All of our actions have consequences and while some things might seem fun in the moment, they could really cause a lot of pain down the line. If we chose to cheat, we need to use protection for the sake of everyone involved. There's a baby stuck in the middle of all of this drama.

9 The Guilt

She cheated last summer before she was married. No one stood up at the church and objected at their wedding. She is in the clear. She hasn't broken any vows since the cheating happened before the wedding. Her man was treating her poorly, they were going through a tough time, she was pregnant and stressed, and she needed a release. She realizes that she didn't make the best decision for her and she feels guilty about it and that is punishment enough. We are hardest on ourselves. We don't need another person reminding us of how we royally messed up a year ago. Since so much time has passed, I would let it go and move forward. No sense in looking back.

8 Can't Stand The Bump

What is wrong with these guys who don't want to touch their girlfriends while they are pregnant? As long as these women are in the clear medically to get down and dirty then their needs should not be neglected.  They are sacrificing their bodies to bring a child into their family. Their man needs to step up his game in the bedroom and not treat his baby mama like a leper. No wonder she looked elsewhere for affection. Nine months is a long time to go without getting any. Add the recovery time to that and this woman would have had to wait almost a year for her man to touch her. All humans need to be touched, even if it's just in a platonic way. This man failed to provide for his family before the baby was born. I wonder how he did once the baby arrived.

7 No Shame

While we are caught up in these hot, lusty moments, we may not even consider how the feeling of regret may plague us in the future. If we have never truly deceived someone and felt regret deep down within us, it may be challenging to envision what living with this feeling of regret would feel like. Imagine feeling closer than ever to our husbands and sharing a deeply intimate moment. Then having that thought creep into our minds that we have cheated on him in the past. It's a burden that one has to be willing to bare if they can't forgive themselves. The other options would be to come clean, hurt our partner deeply, and deal with the aftermath of the truth.

6 An Eye For An Eye

This mama just needs to leave her baby daddy. She justifies her cheating by saying that her man is unhelpful and treats her badly. So, if her man is so horrible and she has another guy who wants to be with her, what is she doing in this messy situation? Sure, her partner is the father of her child but she does not want him.  She doesn't even feel guilty for the continued affair. She keeps cheating and justifies the cheating instead of feeling regret and trying to change her behavior. It's no one else's fault that she is cheating. She is choosing to stay in this relationship and to have a man on the side. If she doesn't like her situation, she has options.

5 The Man Next Door

Talk about having strange cravings. This mama wasn't going for the pickles and ice cream, she wanted the old, unattractive neighbor. This old guy must have been doing something right, because this pregnant mama kept going back for more. Maybe this guy has a thing for pregnant women and went out of his way to make this mama feel lively so that he could have some temporary fun. Hopefully, things aren't weird when they see each other in passing on a daily basis. This old guy probably smiles and waves at this woman's husband as he's headed off to work each day. That's the thing about hooking up with neighbors, there's no way around seeing them, so there's a lingering awkwardness for all. Let's hope the husband doesn't find out.

4 An Eye For An Eye

Do two wrongs really make things right? If both partners had the urge to go off and be with another person that's one thing, but cheating for revenge's sake is another. Did the pregnant mama really feel any better after she cheated out of spite? It's not like what she did made her forget her husband's actions. It's not going to build up any trust between the two. What good could it have possibly done? Maybe the mom feels like things are fair now but was that one indiscretion really the end? It doesn't sound like anyone feels remorse for their actions or tried to make amends. Maybe this was the start of an open marriage for this couple. It also could have been the catalyst for an upcoming divorce.

3 Broken Vows

It sounds like the only person she was thinking of was herself. Did the pregnancy make her this selfish or has she always been this way? She disregarded her relationship with her baby daddy. She jeopardized the future that their child has with his two parents being a happy couple. She disregarded her relationship with her best friend. She disregarded the relationship that her best friend has with her boyfriend. I wouldn't want her as my best friend. She can't be trusted. This situation involves too many people that are in a close circle of friends. At some point, when tempers flare, the truth will come out and this mama will have to answer to all of these people. Let's hope that she sets a better example for her child in the future.

2 Revenge

This is just totally out of control. He's cheating on her. She's cheating on him. She thinks she's getting revenge. He's most likely out there cheating just as much as she is. This couple needs to reel it back in and talk about their issues instead of trying to solve them by taking comfort in other people's arms. They need to think about their own health and the health of their child. First of all, they need to address their mental health and how their infidelity is affecting them on an emotional level. Secondly, they need to think about all the fluids they are swapping and how diseases can be passed on to our babies. Mama may think she loves it now, but after the baby is born, she will be healing and taking care of her newborn. Does she think these 9 extras will be around or even the baby daddy if he finds out that she's the go-to girl in their hometown?

1 He Can Never Know

This isn't fair to anyone involved. The biological father doesn't get to know his son. The fiancé thinks that the kid is his and will most likely end up spending the rest of his life raising and supporting this child. The fiancé's family thinks that the baby is a relative and technically by blood, he's not. The baby will grow up without the opportunity to get to know his real father and his family. There is a lot of deceit going on. In the end, things could work out well. The mom could take the secret to the grave and they could end up as one big happy family. Let's hope things end up that way. What's important now is that this baby is well cared for and loved.

Source:  Whisper.com

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