15 Moms Who Didn't Know They Were Pregnant (Until They Were Pushing)

Some women go 9 months without knowing there's a bun in the oven. According to ABC News, pregnancies that go unnoticed until the woman is in labor happen in about one out of 2500 pregnancies.

Now this can be a good thing, or a bad thing. Good, because while a woman is growing that precious little baby inside her, she gets to enjoy the experience instead of being miserable for almost nine months straight. Bad though, because some women never know they are pregnant until the very end and thus skip all the prenatal care they need while they are pregnant.

Anyone who reads this is probably thinking, how could somebody go nine months without knowing they are pregnant? Sounds impossible right? It happens though.

These women don’t get morning sickness, they barely have any weight gain, maybe five to ten pounds, if that, and some never even feel the baby move, if they do they think it is just gas. There are even some women who continue to get monthly periods the entire time they are pregnant. They were oblivious up until the labor kicked in and then they knew something was wrong. Crazy right?

Here are 15 women who went their entire pregnancy without knowing, until labor kicked in and they had to start pushing.

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15 "I Thought I Had The Flu"

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This story is about a woman named Jennifer West. According to the article I found on abcnews.go.com called, “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant,” by Thea Trachtenberg and Jonann Brady, Jennifer was on the birth control pill when she conceived her son back in 2005. She went her entire pregnancy without a single clue that she was growing a little human inside of her.

"That was honestly the furthest thing from our minds at that point," said Jennifer's husband, Dan West.

It wasn’t until they were on vacation up in Wisconsin at their remote cabin, that she started to feel weird. She described how she was feeling by saying, “I really wasn't feeling well," she said. "I just thought, 'I have the flu or something.”

The feelings got worse though. She started feeling so much pain that she knew it was something a lot worse than a flu bug. Her mind started going a mile a minute and she started thinking that she would die in this cabin if they didn’t get help soon. That is when her husband, Dan West, rushed her off to the emergency room. Once there, the nurses knew right away what the cause of her pain was really and performed an ultrasound to make sure. Jennifer and Dan were in disbelief over the whole situation.

Jennifer was in labor and two hours after arriving at the hospital, she gave birth to her son Robert Heyward West.

14 "Maybe It's A Pinched Nerve"

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In an article on christianpost.com called, “Trisha Staine: Runner Unaware of Pregnancy Gives Birth,” by Emma Koonse, we learn of a woman named Trisha Staine who gave birth during a two-hour practice marathon. Trisha was already a mom to kids she gave birth to, foster mom of two she adopted, and stepmom of three children her husband had in a previous marriage. She knew what signs to look out for when pregnant, and her body had given off any of them. She didn’t know pregnancy was even possible what with her husband having a vasectomy years ago, and a monthly cycle coming every month throughout her entire pregnancy.

So, when the pain started while practicing for her marathon coming up, pregnancy was not even close to what she thought it could be. Her first thought was maybe it was just a pinched nerve, a kidney stone, or a burst appendix. Little did she know that after her family called for an ambulance and they made it to the hospital, that a nurse would find a fetal heartbeat during an examination.

Trisha, her husband, and her family, were all in disbelief.

Within a few hours after arriving at the hospital on Monday, Trisha Staine gave birth to a healthy baby girl and added to her already large family. They went on to name the little girl Mira, short for Miracle, who was actually born five weeks early. Her husband is still in shock over the whole experience and everyone loves to tease him about it.

13 The Bowl Baby

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Gaynor Rzepka was 25 when she gave birth unexpectedly. She was at her parent’s house at the time when she awoke with severe pains in her stomach. She had no idea that she was pregnant, she just thought she had to go to the bathroom.

Boy was she wrong though. During an interview with Daily Mail, Gaynor goes on to say,

“I just pushed, and he arrived. I caught him before he went into the toilet. I was really shocked.”

Olly James weighted 6lbs 5ozs and was perfectly healthy. Gaynor and her parents were in shock over the whole situation, according to the article on metro.co.uk called, “Woman Who Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant, Gives Birth on The Toilet,” by Kerry McQueeney.

Gaynor said after the experience, that she had no idea she was pregnant. She had just gotten off work at a local grocery store, where she worked a ten-hour shift. She had no symptoms of labor or pregnancy at all while working. She even recalls that when she was five months pregnant she ran a Cardiff Half Marathon. She still had monthly periods throughout the whole thing, and only experienced a little weight gain. Most of her weight started after Christmas, but she just thought she had a Christmas belly. The only symptom she could think of throughout her pregnancy, was her craving for mars bars, which she usually hates.

12 The Pregnant Nun

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Roxana Rodriguez, was a 33-year-old woman, who took vows only a few months back to be a Nun at the Little Disciples of Jesus nunnery. She arrived sometime during the summer time in Rieti, after leaving her home country of El Salvador.

Her mother superior, local church chiefs, and everyone around her, including herself, were all shocked when they learned that she was pregnant. She had no idea according to the article on dailymail.co.uk called, "First Picture of Nun Who Had Baby When She Didn't Know She Was Pregnant (and Named it Francis, After The Pope)," by Nick Pisa for MailOnline, and thought her labor pains were just stomach cramps. It wasn’t until her fellow nuns had her rushed off to the hospital after they found her collapsed on the floor, did she learn the truth.

At the hospital she learned that her stomach cramps were actually labor pains and she soon gave birth to a health 9lb baby boy, who she went on to name Francis, after the current Pope. She was quoted saying,

“He is a gift from God. I am little worried about all the publicity, not only in Italy but in El Salvador and all over the world. Everyone is talking about this and I don't think I will be able to return to my home country, let alone Rieti.”

Father Benedetto Falcetti, a priest a nearby St. Michael’s Church, was over joyed with the news and believes that Roxanna became pregnant after a trip back to her home to renew her passport. She has yet to say who the father is, but they suspect that it is an old flame she used to see in her younger days.

Unfortunely for Roxana, not everyone is happy with the situation though. Her superiors and fellow nuns at the convent feel that she disobeyed her vows and say that she is no longer welcome there. She feels more like a mother now though then a nun and couldn’t be happier with her new baby boy.

11 The McDonalds Baby

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In 2014, Grace Murano, author of the article on oddee.com called, “9 Amazing Stories of Women Who Gave Birth Without Knowing They Were Pregnant,” went on to write a story about a 16-year-old girl who gave birth at her job.

Her name was Danielle Miller and at the time of her miracle, she was working the nightshift at a McDonalds in Vancouver, Washington. She had no idea that her night, and the night of her fellow employee, Jaynae Herrera, were about to get a whole lot more interesting.

For Danielle, it was a normal and slow night at her local McDonalds job, that is until she started to feel ill all a sudden. Once the pains started in her stomach, she took off into the bathroom. When Jaynae went into the bathroom to check on her, she found Danielle in the bathroom stall, hunched in pain and shaking. She was in shock when she realized that Danielle was actually giving birth in the toilet.

She was quick to call 911. Little did she know that she was going to be the one to help deliver Danielle’s baby. With the assistance of a dispatcher, Jaynae was able to help Danielle deliver her baby boy Austin, who came out weighing 6lbs.

10 "He Slept Through The Whole Thing"

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This one has to be one of the craziest birth stories yet. Nadia Watson, a 22-year-old from Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, had no idea she was pregnant, until she gave birth to her daughter on the bathroom floor, according to a the article on dailymail.co.uk called, "I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant Until I Gave Birth on the Bathroom Floor," by Deni Korkova. What makes it crazy is that her boyfriend slept through the whole thing. Her screams were so loud that her neighbors heard and called the police, but yet her boyfriend didn’t hear a thing until after the birth and the police was there with an ambulance.

Nadia was having a normal night when she suddenly was woken up by severe cramping, that she thought was just her period. It wasn’t until she collapsed to the bathroom floor in pain, that she realized something was wrong. She was screaming in pain for more than an hour before she finally gave birth to her 7lb, 11 oz baby girl, Poppy. Due to her screams, her neighbors rushed to call emergency services, where in minutes police cars and ambulances arrived to assess the situation. She was quoted saying later that,

“Lewis just slept through the whole thing, but I did manage to wake the neighbors though. I was screaming so loudly, and they called 999. By the time Lewis had woken up two police cars arrived with three paramedics.”

Nadia had no idea she was pregnant the entire time. She remained a size ten throughout the entire thing, only gained a few pounds, and both her and Lewis had no plans of having children anytime soon. Nadia is sad that she has no idea what time her daughter was born, but other than that, both her and Lewis are happy.

9 "I’m Too Old To Get Pregnant"

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In an article on time.com called, “Woman Finds Out She’s Pregnant an Hour Before Giving Birth,” author Alexandra Sifferlin reports on how a 47-year-old woman named Judy Brown, gave birth to her daughter at Beverly Hospital in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Beverly was in her late 40s and when she went to the hospital with severe abdominal pains, being pregnant was the last thing on her mind for her and her husband of 22 years. They were both in shock when they arrived at the hospital only to find out from health providers that she was in labor and about to give birth.

Brown told ABC News, “It was a little bit scary getting into the hospital thinking something was really bad was going on. To understand and take in that was I pregnant and was about to go into labor … it was very overwhelming.”

An hour after arriving at the hospital, Judy Brown gave birth to a healthy 8lb baby girl, which her and her husband named Carolyn Rose.

During an interview with ABC News, Dr. Kimberly Gecsi, an obstetrician and gynecologist at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland said that it is possible for women to not realize they are pregnant until close to giving birth. “People don’t know sometimes or they’re in denial about it and denial can be pretty strong,” she said.

If a woman in her 40s is still having her menstrual cycle, even if it is irregular, then there still is a possibility to get pregnant, says the Office of Women’s Health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. ABC reported that Judy was going through changes the months prior to her delivery, but she didn’t even consider that possibility that she may be pregnant.

8 The Baby Born Over The Pacific

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In an article by Tamara Baluja from cbc.ca called, “Ada Guan, B.C. Woman Who Gave Birth on Plane, Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant,” we learned of a woman who gave birth on a place somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.

Ada Guan and her boyfriend Wesley Branch, were traveling by plane back to their home country after a vacation in Canada. She, nor her boyfriend, had any idea she was pregnant at the time. Luckily there were three doctors on board the plane that were able to help her deliver their baby girl Chloe.

After the birth, Wesley’s mom Sandra was said to ask Ada if she felt anything during her nine months of pregnancy.

"I said to her, 'Did you not feel anything inside?' and she said 'No, every once in a while I felt gas or rumblings in there' but never thinking it was a baby in there," says Sandra.

Air Canada says a woman with a normal pregnancy and no history of premature labor can travel up to and including her 36th week. Air policies are only set to avoid health complications during birth or issues with nationality.

Depending on where Chloe was born along the planes route, she could be eligible for an American citizenship if she was born above Hawaii, in addition to a Canadian citizenship.

7 "As A Female, There Were No Sign"

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In January 2015, CNN Wire wrote an article on ktla.com called, “Woman Gives Birth an Hour After Finding Out She is Pregnant.” That woman’s name is Katie Kropa and she was oblivious to the fact that she was pregnant up until 51 minutes before delivery.

“I found out at 10:15 and I had her at 11:06,” Kropas told CNN affiliate WBZ.

She awoke at her home on a Tuesday morning with lower back pain so server that she was rushed to the hospital in Weymouth, Massachusetts. When she arrived at the hospital, she was told that she was pregnant, in labor and had a full-term baby about to come out. An hour later she delivered her 10 lb. 2 oz daughter, Ellie.

Her mom Karen Kropas agreed when her daughter said that she had not one pregnancy symptom by telling WBZ, “I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t get my head around it, and I live with her. As a female, there were no signs.”

The only sign she had was some weight gain, but she put that off to the be just some Christmas-season weight. With no time to prepare for her miracle baby, Katie believes that the next few weeks will be a challenge, but she says it is worth it and she loves her new daughter.

6 "She Pretty Much Fell Out"

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Amanda Burger, mother of an already 11-year-old son, was from Cedar Falls, Iowa, was unaware she was pregnant when she went into labor with her baby girl reports Elizabeth Landau in the article on cnn.com called, “They Didn’t Know They Were Pregnant.” Amanda and her husband were not using any types of birth control, due to the attitude that if it happened, it happened. Through her pregnancy she had no signs but for a small period where she felt off and decided to take a test. All three pregnancy tests she took wound up coming up negative, so she figured it was just a bug. She had no nausea, slept on her stomach, had regular monthly periods and did not feel the baby kicking at all. The only sign she did have was a 15-20-pound weight gain, but it wasn’t enough to make her think she was pregnant since she still was able to go to the pool in a bikini.

The morning she woke up to server cramping is the morning she went to the hospital where she soon found out she was 36 weeks pregnant. She arrived at the hospital with severe cramping that made doctors want to do a CT scan of her appendix, but due to standard procedure, they had to give her a pregnancy test first. They were all shocked to learn that she was in labor. Unfortunely the hospital she was at was not a birthing hospital and they wound up having to have a different hospital send staff over to help deliver the baby.

"They had to break my water and then she pretty much just fell out," Burger said.

Their daughter McKinlee, who was born on September 22, 2010, wound up sharing the same birthday as her mother’s uncle and grandfather Mckinley, whom she was names after.

Amanda and her husband’s older son started calling friends and family right away to tell them the news. "He was calling everyone and telling them 'My mom's having a baby!'" she said. "And they're like 'No, quit playing jokes!'"

5 The Miracle Baby

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Elizabeth Landau from CNN, who did Amanda Burger’s story, was also the one to report on Amanda Prentice’s story in the same article for cnn.com called, “They Didn’t Know They Were Pregnant.” Amanda and her husband had no children prior to their miracle baby, and that is exactly what she was too. They had been trying for years with no luck of conceiving a child.

Her entire pregnancy she had signs here and there, but never thought anything of them. When her period stopped, she thought nothing of it. She had always had irregular cycles, and figured stress was making her late. Her ten-pound weight gain she attributed to all the soda she was drinking, and she only had gotten sick once and just figured it was the barbecue she had eaten earlier and if the baby moved, she figured it was gas.

In April her husband returned from a hunting trip to find Amanda on the floor, unresponsive, and blood on the floor from biting her tongue during a seizure she had. He immediately jumped into action and took her to the closest hospital in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, where doctors determined that Amanda was seven to eight months pregnant. From there she was sent by helicopter to a bigger hospital in Nashville.

The seizure, entire trip to both hospitals and even the C-section Amanda had to have was all a mystery to her. She didn't remember any of it. The only thing she knows is that she woke up two days later in a hospital bed and found out that she had delivered a healthy baby girl.

"It made me so happy, but I was scared too, because I didn't know how far along I was, I didn't know if she was ok," Prentice said.

Prentice spent five days in the intensive care unit, while her daughter, Aleanna Makenleigh Rose, spent five days in the neonatal intensive care unit. She has always been skeptical about women who give birth without knowing they are pregnant, but now she has a whole new look on the situation.

4 Not Once, But Twice

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According to an article on dailymail.co.uk called, “This Cannot Be Happening Again," written by Erica Tempesta, Tawanda, whose story aired on the TLC show I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant, was just a typical girl living in Chicago. She was on birth control, attended college and had a boyfriend. It was on a night out at the club with friends that would change her life forever. She wound up leaving the club in excruciating pain that night. Desperate to get home, she flagged down a taxi cab nearby.

“I was so grateful that the taxi cab stopped for me,' Tawanda says. 'I think he could see the hurt that was on my face.”

As the taxi driver helped her to the car, she felt a wet patch and thought that she had peed herself. As she entered the cab she started to feel a immense pressure down below which prompted her to start ripping her pants off. That is when she felt something coming out. As the taxi driver pulled up to her house and ran to get her boyfriend, she wound up giving birth to a healthy baby boy in the backseat of the cab.

Fast forward 13 years and Tawanda is now married to her then boyfriend Andrew and they have four more kids together. She is now at a friend’s barbecue and is shocked to find that yet again she is going into labor unexpectedly.

“I just thought this cannot be happening again,” she tells the cameras while filming for the show, “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant.” “This cannot be happening again.”

This time Tawanda had help with her delivery. Her friend Lamesha was there to help deliver her second surprise baby, another boy who arrived only 15 minutes after the labor pains started. “I just could not believe that I was doing this again,” Tawanda says of her reaction. “Somebody is going to have to get another job because we got six kids now.”

3 "I Gave Birth To A Baby On Birth Control"

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Like Tawanda, Crystal was also on the hit TLC show I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant and in the same article for dailymail.co.uk called, “This Cannot Be Happening Again," which was written by Erica Tempesta. She aired on the same episode as Tawanda and had two surprise babies. Unlike Tawanda who had hers 13 years apart, Crystal had hers back to back though.

“I was obviously really shocked that I could just give birth to a baby on birth control,” said Crystal during an interview, who insists that she was taking steps to prevent both pregnancies. “How does it happen once, let alone twice? This is so crazy.”

Crystal, who is a fitness enthusiast, thought that the intense pain she felt with her first child was just a case of kidney stones. It wasn’t until she took a trip to the hospital that she found out that they were labor pains and she was about to deliver a baby.

Then while still recovering from the shock of having a surprise baby, one year later she finds herself yet again in the same situation. This time she gave birth in the bathroom of her house with the help of her boyfriend and her aunt. She insists that she showed no signs what so ever of being pregnant with neither pregnancy and was on birth control for both of them.

2 "I Never Had Cravings. I Never Got Sick"

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In an article for usmagazine.com called, “Iowa Mom: I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant Until Three Hours Before I Gave Birth,” by Rachel Paula Abrahamson and Gabrielle Bernardini, we learn about a woman named Stephanie Hughes who was pregnant and didn’t know it.

Stephanie use to watch the show I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, which is on TLC, all the time and always thought to herself how that would never happen to her.

Little did she know that it would though.

It was a Friday in August when Stephanie was rushed to the hospital due to severe cramping and bleeding. She thought she was just having a bad period, she tells US Weekly. Then, just three hours later, she gives birth via C-section to a 6 lb. 13 oz baby girl that she later names Ames Unity Hughes.

“I never had any cravings. I never got sick. I was still wearing my regular clothes,” the 36-year-old tells Us. “I had no signs of pregnancy.”

Stephanie was not a new mom though, she had experience when it came to children. Stephanie and her husband of 12 years, Christian Hughes already had one son together, Carmelo, who was 11. Stephanie was also step-mom to her husband's two older kids from a previous marriage, Derek Hughes, who was 29 at the time, and 33-year-old Leslie Hughes, who you might know from Sean Lowe’s season 17 of The Bachelor.

1 The Couch Baby

According the article on the thetalko.com, called "14 Woman Who Didn't Know They Were Pregnant Until They Gave Birth," by Courtney Hardwick, a 911 dispatcher was in shock to learn that her nephew, Anthony Kuhns, was the caller on the other end one night. Anthony called to 911 that night because his fiancé, Dakota, had just given birth on the couch to a baby boy. No one, including Dakota, knew she was pregnant though. They were all in shock over the news.

Anthony's aunt had one response when he told her she just gave birth, "Dakota's not pregnant."

Well, it turned out she was, and no one knew. Up until the birth of Dakota and fiancé Anthony’s son, the only signs that Dakota had been having that tipped her off were stomach pains and feeling overly tired. When she started feeling tired and the pains started, she grew a suspicious that she might be pregnant, so she took two tests. Each test she took wound up being negative, so the thought of being pregnant left her head and she figured it might just be a bug or something. You could see why the birth of her son, Able James, at just 29 weeks would be a bit of shock.

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