15 Moms Who Didn't Wear Maternity Clothes During Pregnancy

As women and especially as moms-to-be, we are willing to do whatever it takes in order to bring a beautiful bundle of joy into the world. Our bodies go through a rigorous transformation over the arduous nine month pregnancy process, and while some women are quick to embrace the thought of their bodies getting bigger in preparation of growing an actual human, others are hesitant to accept the fact that things for them are rapidly changing. Of course, it can be challenging to come to terms with the many adjustments our bodies are making, but being pregnant doesn't automatically mean you have to be uncomfortable or even unfashionable. In fact, some of the coziest clothing ever created is made specifically with pregnant ladies in mind.

After months of still trying to squeeze into your favorite pair of jeans to no avail, there's no better feeling than finally slipping on a pair of maternity pants. They're the perfect piece of clothing for any expectant mother, and they're so versatile you'll want to continue wearing them long after you've had your baby. We can't fathom why anyone wouldn't want to wear something with a stretchy waist band that cradles your growing bump, but for some reason plenty of people are in denial about when it's time to give in and purchase a pair or two of their own. That old trick of attaching a rubber band to the top button of your regular pants can only work for so long! Here are 15 moms who flat-out refused to wear maternity pants during pregnancy.

15 Elsa Pataky – Unzipped & Unapologetic


When you’re pregnant you’ll just about anything to keep comfortable, and when you’re carrying twins the need for relief is definitely doubled. Back when actress Elsa Pataky was pregnant with her set of sons, she was spotted wearing a traditional pair of Daisy Duke inspired denim cutoffs even though she was about ready to pop. While there are plenty of maternity-friendly shorts on the market, Elsa opted to get maximum use out of an old pair that she had long before she had become pregnant for the second time. The wife of Chris Hemsworth was photographed taking a stroll with her toddler daughter and the paparazzi caught a glimpse of her bottoms being totally unbuttoned and unzipped. While this wardrobe choice may have worked for at the time, Elsa doesn’t know what she’s missing out on if she refuses to give maternity pants a try.

14 Lisa D’Amato Gives Maternity Wear The Cold Shoulder

Maternity-wear just isn’t for everyone, and that especially inculdes former America’s Top Model winner Lisa D’Amato. The wild reality star has always been known for her crazy behavior and her inability to conform to typical norms, so it’s no surprise that she would go all-in in her refusal to wear all things maternity. D’Amato proudly showcased her baby bump at a celebrity event, where she showed up wearing a cold-shoulder crop top and a flowy patterned skirt paired with a belt that cradled her belly. The reality star definitely wanted everyone’s full attention to be all about her belly, and we’re sure her efforts paid off. Although she seemed to be anti-maternity pants, we give Lisa credit for being un-phased by what other people think and happily putting her bump out front and center. That said, we can’t help but recommend maternity pants to every pregnant person out there because they are literally life-changing!

13 Bethenny Frankel – Saucy In Sweats


Bethenny Frankel is best known for being an opinionated Real Housewife of New York City who is often the center of controversy. Of course, Bethenny made some waves in the press when she shared a photo on social media of her wearing her young daughter’s pajamas, but that wasn’t the first time she made a poor decision in the name of fashion. When the reality star was pregnant with her first and only child, Bryn, she made a habit of refusing to wear many things that were considered “maternity.” While Bethenny squeezed into her fair share of body-con dresses that looked super chic, she also had a few misses along the way. Frankel posed for cameras in NYC as she showed off her impressive engagement right as well as her baby bump that was playing peek-a-boo out from under her white velour tracksuit. Although sweats aren’t quite maternity pants, Bethenny does look incredibly happy, and that’s all that really matters at the end of the day, isn’t it?

12 Laura Perlongo Is Wild & Free

If you didn’t have any idea who Laura Perlongo was before, she certainly caught your attention at the MTV Video Music Awards when she debuted her large bare baby bump to the entire world. The fiancé of Catfish star Nev Schulman made it crystal clear that she and her beau were expecting her first child and that you shouldn’t expect her to start wearing maternity attire any time soon. Perlongo showed off her goods with a completely unzipped jacket with nothing underneath that left little to the imagination and a pair of loose-fitting black pants. In a separate red carpet event, Perlongo decided to get creative with a traditional pencil skirt by pulling it up above her growing bump for a unique spin on maternity fashion. It doesn’t look like Laura was at all interested in spending money on maternity clothing during her pregnancy, and her refusal to do so definitely made her stand out.

11 Britney Spears – Shorts Are Better Than Pants


Let’s be honest - if there’s anyone who just doesn’t give a hoot about anything pertaining to fashion it’s none other than Britney Spears. While her ability to brush any fear of judgement is rather admirable, we can’t help but feel uncomfortable every time we saw Britney step out in an awkward ensemble during either one of her pregnancies. The famous popstar was photographed out and about while barely squeezing into a pair of pinstriped shorts during her second trimester. We’ll give her credit for boldly keeping them buttoned even though it looks like her baby bump is ready to bust out. Given the crazy nature of some of Britney’s other maternity wardrobe choices, it’s safe to say that she took a stand against maternity attire altogether when she was pregnant. Her ill-fitting clothing looks downright painful for her expanding waistline, and she probably could have benefited from a nice pair of maternity bottoms that are less confining and more relaxed.

10 Katie Price Lets It All Hang Out

British glamour model Katie Price has pretty much based her entire career off of making people’s jaws drop, and just because she was pregnant didn’t mean that she was willing to make many changes to her unique lifestyle. Of course, Katie had made a name for herself as a scantily-clad public figure, and when she was preggo it was almost as if she went above and beyond to command attention from all angles. The mother of five simply refuses to be bound by any sort of rules, and she was particularly rebellious against any kind of maternity clothing. While most pregnant moms-to-be aim for optimal comfort, Price chose to adorn herself in the most flashy, revealing and downright unflattering garments we’ve ever seen. Maternity pants were a major no-no for the star, who seemingly favored colorful crop-tops, ill-fitting pants and pretty much anything that showed off some serious skin. We’re not sure what Price was thinking, but if she ever decides to go for baby number six, someone should probably tell her that maternity pants are a lot more appealing than they sound.

9 Drew Barrymore – Dedicated To Denim


Some people just like to march to the beat of their own drum, and Drew Barrymore has always been one of them. The veteran actress may have become infamous for her outlandish antics over the years, but motherhood seemed to really give her a healthy dose of the domestic life. The mother of two may have been in favor of maternity tops and dresses during her pregnancies, but it seemed like she was unwilling to let go of her favorite pairs of jeans in exchange for some maternity pants. While pregnant with either one of her daughters, Barrymore had been spotted on numerous occasions rocking unbuttoned denim jeans that exposed her expanding belly. We’re glad that Drew is confident and comfortable enough to step out in her trusty pre-pregnancy clothes, but it’s clear to see that it’s time for Drew to ditch the traditional denim and start rocking something more appropriate for pregnancy.

8 Katie Holmes Loves Her Body Suits


It’s crazy to think that back when Katie Holmes was pregnant with her daughter, Suri, in 2006 that some people actually accused her of faking the entire thing because her bump appeared to fluctuate in size and shape. Needless to say, this photo pretty much proves that Katie did in fact carry her own child because she has the bare bump to show for it. While Holmes has always been an exceptionally classy and poised celeb, she was seemingly lacking when it came to her maternity style. The star was pictured donning a rather strange getup that consisted of a half unbuttoned dress shirt with a white tank top underneath and with skinny jeans. While Katie appeared to look content with her wardrobe choice, she probably would have felt a lot better in an incredible pair of pants designed with pregnant bodies in mind. Her pants look like they’re cutting her off in an awkward spot and frankly; they make us cringe a little.

7 Courtney Stodden – All Eyes On The Bump

Courtney Stodden is notorious for wearing barely-there outfits that are super tight and incredibly revealing. When the showy star got news that she was expecting her first child in 2016, she likely made up her mind right away that wasn’t about to wear anything that comes from a maternity store. Sure enough, Courtney wasted no time stepping out in public to show off her growing belly, and her stance on maternity pants became abundantly clear. The controversial star was caught by paparazzi wearing what appears to be a bikini top and a pair of jeans that were fully unzipped to show off her entire midriff…and then some. Stodden was even photographed taking an embarrassing tumble to the ground, making the entire scene really awkward. While fashion may never be Courtney’s forte, a closet full of maternity clothes would have really come in handy for her.

6 Alicia Silverstone – The Bump That Can’t Be Contained


The fact of the matter is simple: as your bump gets bigger, the clothes you had prior to getting pregnant get tighter and tighter. But don’t try telling that to Alicia Silverstone, who was a huge fan of wearing non-maternity tops and pants during the entire duration of her pregnancy. The Clueless actress could be seen on multiple occasions busting out of tight t-shirts and sweatpants that weren’t created for mothers-to-be. Although she does appear to look super comfortable with her belly all out, she could have been just as happy in clothes that actually fit. The star’s big stomach protruded out from under her attire as if it were trying to escape the too-tight confinement of her wardrobe. She may be accustomed to getting dressed to perfection at major Hollywood events, but when it comes to being pregnant, Silverstone throws all of the rules right out the window.

5 Angela Simmons – Woman In Workout-Wear


There are possibly few things cozier than a great pair of yoga pants, but if you’re pregnant and your old ones are feeling a bit snug around the midsection, maternity leggings are an exceptionally gratifying compromise. Perhaps Angela Simmons could have used a couple of pairs during while she was pregnant with her first child in 2016. The reality star and daughter of Rev Run of Run DMC couldn’t seem to get enough of workout attire when she was carrying a bun in the oven, but traditional yoga pants might not have been the best choice for expectant moms. While it’s understandably hard to resist anything that comes from Lululemon, maternity yoga pants are just as soft, stretchy, and breathable without the hassle of being so restrictive on a growing bump. Finally putting on a pair of active maternity bottoms will make you question why you waited so long to try them in the first place!

4 Molly Sims - The Model Behavior


Although there are endless amounts of fashionable maternity-wear on the market these days, some women still completely refuse to wear anything with a belly band or some extra fabric. During her first pregnancy in 2012, Molly Sims was definitely one of those people. The model was seen leaving the hair salon wearing a black and white striped top paired with a floor length skirt that likely wasn’t purchased in the maternity aisle. Molly’s protruding belly made a special appearance as it continuously snuck out from her undersized clothing. The heavily pregnant star didn’t seem to mind one bit that her baby bump was showing, but there could have been a very simple fix for her belly-baring situation – you guessed it: maternity pants. A stylish pair of bottoms that fit properly around a growing bump would have been perfect for Sims to conceal her midsection while being incredibly comfortable and confident at the same time.

3 Kristen Bell – A Whole Lot Of Belly


At some point during a pregnancy, there comes a time where you have to push aside your pride and throw your skin tight pre-pregnancy denim way to the back of your closet. For Kristen Bell, that moment could have come a whole lot sooner. The bubbly actress was spotted baring her burgeoning belly for a friend and it’s safe to say that she was almost ready to pop at any given moment. The mother of two is certainly no stranger to pregnancy, but we have to wonder if she really knows the perks of a good pair of maternity pants after taking a look at her choice in bottoms on that day. We seriously hope that those dark-wash jeans were extra stretchy; otherwise Kristen would have been experiencing a substantial amount of discomfort. After all, they make maternity pants that expand over the belly for a reason.

2 Jemima Kirke – No Pants? No Problem!

Pregnant or not, after a long day at work one of the first things you probably do when you get home is take off your pants and finally relax. For Girls star Jemima Kirke, wearing pants all together became a thing of the past once her baby bump started getting bigger, and honestly, we don’t blame her one bit! Throughout her pregnancy, the actress stripped down to her skivvies for a series of photos that are a refreshingly accurate portrayal of how pregnant women really feel during those crazy nine months. Kirke skipped out on the pressure to fit into her old pants and she even bypassed the thought of maternity pants completely, opting to lounge around in her knickers. Creating life is exhausting and oftentimes taxing on our bodies, so Jemima’s refusal to wear maternity pants (or any pants at all, for that matter) is like a breath of fresh air.

1 Heather Morris – Rolled Up Renegade


When you aren’t willing to invest in a pair of maternity pants just yet and your belly keeps getting bigger, the only logical thing to do is to get creative when it comes to finding alternative solutions. For Glee star and Dancing With The Stars alum Heather Morris, adapting to change during her first pregnancy was something that came natural. In the early stages of her pregnancy just after announcing that she and her beau were expecting, Heather was pictured with her tiny bump on full display while taking her dog for a walk. The actress may not have been ready for maternity bottoms, so she simply rolled up a pair of over-sized sweatpants and made them fit snugly around her waist. Of course, this seems like an exceptionally comfortable idea (at least for a little while) but it’s safe to assume that Heather was totally boycotting maternity-wear at that moment.

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