15 Moms Who Got Caught Trying To Fool The Internet

Any mom with a social media page is capable of deception, whether it be a fake pregnancy announcement or a photoshopped image.

Being a mom is hard work and sometimes they do or say things that put them in awkward situations where all they can do is keep their lies and deceptions going. Not all moms mean to fool people or lie about things, it just happens. When their time is spent changing diapers, kissing boo boos, running errands and even fitting in a normal work day, it’s easy to see how a mom can say or do something that is taken the wrong way. Of course, as many moms as there are who make honest online mistakes, there are also those who try to fool people on purpose and even those who do it regularly.

Celebrities are particularly good at fooling everyone online, but any mom with a social media page is capable of deception. They have a lot on the line and sometimes they just don’t have time to be the people they want to be or are expect to be. Others are scrutinized for their looks and have to lie and trick their followers into believing that they really are the people we expect them to be. The bad thing is, we have all fallen for it.

Whether it be a fake pregnancy announcement or a Photoshopped image, at some point in time, a mom has made a full of us. Moms are merciless and if we all weren’t so hard on each other, maybe we wouldn’t feel so pressured to fake it on social media, blogs, forums and websites. Check out these 15 moms who got caught trying to fool the internet.

15Not So Smooth Amber Rose

Being a mom and feeling comfortable in your own skin is easier said than done. Pregnancy and age can do some crazy things to your body and where your skin was once nice and smooth, you might find it is covered in dimples, cellulite or stretch marks. Even someone as famous and beautiful as Amber Rose can’t fight nature, but she can use Photoshop to hide all her flaws before she posts her photos on Instagram. Amber Rose posted the photo on the right, showing off her smooth skin and figure. Unfortunately for her, paparazzi happened to be snapping photos of her that same day and their pictures are a little more realistic. She tried to pull a fast one on us all, but thanks to the paparazzi, we can all rest assured that Amber Rose isn’t as perfect as she pretends. Maybe these photos will help other moms feel better about their own bodies.

14The Power Of Cropping

This classy looking mom was on vacation with her family when she asked one of them to snap a photo of her in front of this beautiful wall. Either she didn’t see it or it happened before she could even realize it, but somehow these monkeys snuck in and did this behind her. I have a feeling her family was more than happy to snap this photo though. Mom thought she was going to be slick and simply crop these naughty monkeys out of her otherwise nice photo. Too bad her family wasn’t going to let her get away with that. They also shared the original. Nice try Mom! Maybe this will teach her to be more aware of her surrounding before she poses for a photo. It will also teach her that her family likes to laugh at her expense. I’d be ashamed to post a photo with something like this going on in the background too.

13Called Out By Her Own Son

Parents and grandparents like to brag about kids online. In fact, that’s the only reason a lot of people even have social media accounts. Kids are pretty funny on their own and definitely say some interesting and messed up things. So, why lie and pretend they said something they didn't? Even if this guy hadn't called his mom out on Twitter for this, would anyone really believe that a toddler said all of this. Maybe the kid doesn’t believe in Santa and is strong in his faith, but it’s pretty doubtful that he is this articulate. To be fair, maybe Grandma was trying to say that he said this in so many words. She just got carried away and made it look like her grandson was a genius. What kind of family issues do these people have that they have to settle and discuss things like this on social media?

12Get It Together Amber

Being a teen mom is tough. The television show Teen Mom brought all the drama and struggles to our attention. It seems like every teen mom on the show has something that is haunting her. For Amber Portwood, it was addiction. After losing custody of her daughter, she vowed to clean up her act and be a better mother. She did well for a while but it seems like she may have fallen back into her old habits. The problem is, Amber was still pretending to be clean and sober on Instagram and Twitter while still using drugs. She refused to a take a drug test and even went as far as to lie to the courts too. She tried to say she was bedridden due to surgery; a surgery that didn’t even happen. It looks like Amber has no problem lying to the Internet or a judge. Shame, shame Amber!

11Yeah Right Mom!

A lot of moms indulge in Pinterest and spend hours pinning things they will probably never make. This mom got tired of hearing her friends tease her about her Pinterest addiction so she posted this photo and claimed to make this elaborate game day treat. It looks like a few of her friends fell for her little scam, but finally someone called her out on her lie. If you are going to post a picture of something and pretend like you made it, it’s a good idea to make sure that photo isn’t easily found with a quick Google search. I hope she is embarrassed and learned her lesson. Posting a photo of something she pinned is still more than most of us have accomplished with the things we find on Pinterest. At least she can always laugh it off and pretend like it’s a joke. It was a nice try though, maybe opt for something more believable next time.

10Mirrors Don't Lie Even When Moms Do

Why are people so obsessed with posting photos of themselves asleep? Who is taking these photos and why? It turns out, some people are just taking them themselves. This mom posted this cropped photo and tried to pretend like her child had snuck in and took the photo with her phone. The actual photo shows that she took it with her own feet. Yes, her feet! How is that possible? Wouldn’t more people be impressed if she just told them she took it with her toes? We all knew this photo was a little sketchy anyways. First off, moms don’t sleep. Second, if a kid walked in on his mom asleep, he wouldn’t take the time to take a photo of her, he would have woken her up immediately. Third, can I just point out again that she took this with her feet? Maybe she just needed to take this photo so she could remember was sleep was like.

9If It Seems To Good To Be True...

Ever wondered how some women seem to bounce back so quickly after pregnancy? It’s like they never gained any weight at all. How is it even possible? We see so many women sharing their photos online and in magazines of their perfect bodies that were obtained so quickly after giving birth. It does more harm than good because it makes women who aren’t in good shape, feel even worse about themselves. It turns out, not all of these moms are telling the truth about their bodies and hardcore post-baby workouts.

This super fit mom claims to have had all of her kids right after another and still has an awesome bod. Too good to be true? A lot of people think so. The mom has fired back at her critics saying she is not lying about her body or her kids, but many people think she may have adopted her children or had them via surrogate. She sure is good at fooling everyone.

8First The Internet, Next The World

If only this mom would use her entrepreneurial instincts for good instead of evil. We all know it’s hard to be a single mom, and sometimes money can be tight. Being pregnant and working can be exhausting, so this mom found a way to get around working and still make some money. She is using her pregnancy to make bank. She is selling positive pregnancy tests and she isn’t a bit ashamed of it.

Now why would anyone want a positive pregnancy test? Who knows, but this lady isn’t above tricking people with life altering news for $25. Wow! Some people have no shame and while this mom doesn’t seem to be bothered by her scam, it’s only a matter of time before things coming crashing down on her.

7Seriously Kim?

Poor Kim takes a lot of criticism for her parenting skills, and pretty much everything else she does. It’s kind of hard not to feel sorry for her. That is, until she posts things like this. This a photo of Kim enjoying an ice cream cone in an airport. She posted the photo on Instagram and claimed that a photographer friend of hers took it when she was only 15. It didn’t take long for people to start calling her bluff on her age. Kim may have developed early, and she has always been a pretty girl, but did she really look like this when she was 15? It’s hard to believe and most people commented that she had to be in her 20s at the very least when the photo was taken. Then again, why would she lie? Well, she does do a lot of questionable things, so I guess the Internet does have good reason to doubt her.

6Caught, Plain And Simple

A lot of moms find themselves overwhelmed with the amount of things they have to do in a day. When it gets to be too much to handle and they don’t want to go out and also don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, they lie. Now most moms are smart enough to avoid a scenario like this, but some moms are just too tired to care. This mom may have gotten away with her lie if she hadn’t also lied to her friend. Which is it Mom? Are you at home lying about going out for drinks on Facebook or are you out having drinks and lying to your friends about being home? Either way, she was caught in a lie and a lot of people are going to think twice about trusting her again. It all could have been avoided if she hadn’t felt the need to post on Facebook.

5Was This Worth It?

Not everyone wants to send private photos online, but why would this mom go to such great lengths to pretend to send one? She doesn’t want to send photos of her own body party, but she doesn’t mind sending one of her child’s bare butt? This one is actually pretty disturbing. Even if she was just doing it as a joke or a trick, it’s still a little strange. She could have just said no, or not posted anything. Why was she so quick to throw her own kid under the bus just to trick the Internet into thinking she has a nice rack. Now this toddler's butt cheeks are posted all over the Internet and a lot of people think they are boobs. This is just wrong on so many levels. What kind of mother would do something like this? How many people actually fell for it? I'm so embarrassed for this kid and the mom!

4Where Are The Tats?

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans definitely isn’t the most trustworthy person. In fact, she has been caught in multiple lies over the years. A lot of them involve her children and boyfriends or husbands. This particular time she tried to fool the Internet with her body. Like most moms, after having a baby, Jenelle wanted to get in shape. She was even promoting weight loss products. When Jenelle posted these photos and pretended they were of her body, people noticed a few things wrong with them. There is no face shown in the photos, but we all know that Jenelle has tattoos on her stomach. So where are they in these photos? Did she have them removed? Photoshop over them? Cover them with makeup? She has never tried to hide them before so I think it’s just safe to say that this isn’t her at all. At least this isn’t the worst thing she has ever done in the public eye.

3You Can't Be Good At Everything

Angelina Jolie is a great actress, but is she just as good at being a mom? A lot of people might think so. She seems to always be photographed having fun with her kids and taking them on all kinds of trips. Are the little vacations genuine or is there a reason she happens to always end up being photographed by paparazzi when she is with her kids? According to some sources, the locations she chooses the visit are the ones where she knows the paparazzi are waiting so they will capture and publish photos of her with her kids. This all seems to have stated after she and Brad split. She didn’t want the kids to have more fun with their dad than with her and she certainly didn’t want people making accusations that Brad was the better parent. So is Angelina an amazing mom or is she fooling us all? I guess only her kids know for sure.

2So Much Drama

Everyone knows who the Octomom is, and most people don’t have a very high opinion of her. When she announced she was expecting eight babies, she also admitted that she was on public assistance. Most people thought it was irresponsible for her to bring more lives into the world when she was already struggling to provide care and necessities for the ones she had. Still, the Octomom was never ashamed of her government assistance and wasn’t shy about talking about it. Turns out, that once she became famous for having so many kids, she also lost her eligibility for welfare. This is something she failed to tell the world and the government. She continued to pretend like she was a broke, single mom until she was charged with Welfare fraud. It’s sad that she felt the need to collect welfare while making money on television. I guess some people really have no shame.

1This One Is Brutal

Brenda Song told the Internet and her boyfriend that she was pregnant and allowed everyone to believe the lie until it was no longer believable. Then, she claimed she had a miscarriage. Everyone felt awful for the young mom and offered their condolences for her loss. It wasn’t until she posted about the incident and tried to deny ever spreading the rumors herself, that her boyfriend called her out on her lies. She wasn’t only lying to her fans, but him as well. Even worse, she not only faked a pregnancy, she also lied about the miscarriage. What an awful thing to do. Who would have thought a Disney star would do something so horrible? At least the truth is out now. I can’t even feel sorry for her. She hurt way too many people with her lies and according to her ex-boyfriend, she has lied about plenty of other things.

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