15 Moms Who Had Hilarious Tanning Fails

When has having a bronzed glow ever not looked good? Each year, countless people flock to the beach or tanning salon to work on their tan. While a little bit of a sun kissed look can appear glowing, it’s easy to take it too far with your tan. All of the moms who made this list definitely went overboard with the tans. From cringe-worthy tan lines, leathery looking skin, and burns that turned mom into a tomato, being too baked definitely doesn’t look good.

But the real concern is how bad the tan might be for you. Sitting too long in direct UV rays can cause a lot of damage to your body, especially if you’re doing it over and over again (like we suspect a lot of these moms are guilty of). There are a lot of risks associated with tanning, as SkinCancer.org explains, “No matter what you may hear at tanning salons, the cumulative damage caused by UV radiation can lead to premature skin aging (wrinkles, lax skin, brown spots, and more), as well as skin cancer. In fact, people who first use a tanning bed before age 35 increase their risk for melanoma by 75 percent.”

We totally understand the desire to look like a sun goddess, but remember to always do it safely! Don’t overdo it in the tanning bed and be generous with your sunscreen lotion, both on you and your kids. Tans will never be worth it if they put the health of your skin at risk. Tan wisely!

15 When Mom Doesn't Even Look Related To Baby

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This woman is so bronzed that she doesn’t even look related to her baby! 18-year old Alicia Bettsworth said that she was housebound for a week after the disaster left her looking “like she’d bathed in chocolate spread.” The teen mom explains that she put on three layers of St Moriz ultra dark fake tan all over her body, but then fell asleep before she remembered to take it off! By the time she woke up, the damage was already done.

Alicia was so unrecognizable that she says her 14-week old daughter Dolly didn’t realize it was her and burst out into tears. “When I woke up the next day and saw what colour I was I thought ‘what the hell have I done?’” she explained. “Once I got over the shock I started laughing and thought it was hilarious. I looked like I’d bathed in Nutella.” She added, “It’s such a “me” thing to do – I didn’t mean to fall asleep. I jumped in the shower and tried getting it off using body scrub but it wouldn’t budge.” At least she agrees that this isn’t the best look!

14 Is It Really Better To Be Baked And Bronzed?

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Here’s another mom who looks like she slathered herself in chocolate sauce rather than baked in the sun! Patricia Krentcil has a serious problem with over-tanning, but she alerted the concern of the authorities who believed she might be forcing her habit on her daughter Anna.

Anna’s teacher became concerned when the elementary schooler showed up to school with severe burns on her arms, which looked like they could have come from a tanning bed. The school nurse then called the police, which launched a Child Protective Services investigation. Under New Jersey law, no one under the age of 14 can use a tanning bed.

Patricia was eventually charged with child endangerment, though she pleaded not guilty. Instead, she claimed that her daughter got burnt while swimming outside on a hot day. Do you think this tanorexic mom’s explanation makes sense?

13 Even The Kid Knows This Doesn't Look Good!

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The look on this kid’s face says it all! This woman should have thought twice before wearing a two piece swimsuit to the beach. Based on the look of her skin, she could use all the protection from the sun she can get, so a shirt would have been a better option for this sun-filled day.

This mom probably has visited the tanning salon one too many times to end up with this leathery skin. Her skin looks wrinkly and worn down, but not in an ‘old age’ sort of way. The deep brown colour of her skin looks more like Nutella or chocolate rather than a bronzed glow. All in all, her skin doesn’t look healthy or good.

If you’ve become a tanaholic like this mom, then the beach is the last place you should be spending your time. We suggest this mom avoids the sun until she’s given her skin a bit of a break!

12 When The Whole Family Shouldn't Get In On The Fun!

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This family must have been on some sort of tropical vacation when this cringe-worthy shot was taken. Dad and the two boys look normal (aside from their tourist-y t-shirts). But mom on the other hand definitely got a bit of sun.

We doubt this bronzed look is something that can be achieved just from sun bathing. Our guess is that mom wanted to look a bit tanned before jetting off to her tropical destination, so she probably made one too may trips to the tanning salon before their trip.

Unfortunately, instead of looking sun kissed, this mom looks like she’s in serious need of some aloe vera. This tan doesn’t look cute and it certainly can’t be good for her skin. At least she didn’t make the tanning salon a family affair… or everyone in this photo could have gone on their trip looking like an Oompa Loompa.

11 The Baby Who Just Wanted A Snack!

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You have to be careful after getting a fake tan to make sure the product doesn’t transfer onto anything while its setting into your skin. Clearly this mom didn’t get the memo because she couldn’t wait to breastfeed her baby, even though the results were disastrous. Since her tan wasn’t completely dry, this baby now has a tanned face and he sure doesn’t look impressed!

As hilarious as this might be, this can be a serious health concern if moms who spray tan don’t take the right precautions. After the incident occurred, this mom took to social media to share her experience so she can help other moms not make the same mistake. “Yesterday I had a spray tan, a few hours later I breastfed my little boy,” she wrote. “Cue a 5 o’clock shadow and a very guilty mummy.” All moms, consider yourselves warned!

10 That Time Mom Fell Asleep In The Sun

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Being a mom is a lot of hard work! There are countless sleepless nights, early mornings, and jam-packed afternoons. That means mom tries to get some shut eye wherever she can.

But unfortunately this mom decided to take a nap in the wrong place and at the wrong time. When she woke up, she was probably horrified to see how burnt her legs had gotten from- and the hilarious tan lines her bowl and spoon left.

This tan is both hilarious and embarrassing, but this mom should be concerned with how red she got. This could be considered a serious sunburn, which is a reminder why proper skin protection is so crucial. Hopefully mom learned her lesson and doesn’t take any more naps outside without sunscreen.

9 Please Don't Forget Sunscreen!

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We’re happy to see that this mom was applying sunscreen to herself before baking! It’s clear that she’s spent way too much time in a tanning bed as evidenced by her basically orange and leathery skin. She probably can’t afford any more damage to her already overly baked skin.

However, some people would say its still a bad idea for this mom to be hanging around in the sun given just how bad her tanning obsession is. She’s probably already caused many years worth of damage thanks to her bronzing obsession, so sunscreen and shades might do little to offer her protection.

We would at least suggest this woman wear a bit more clothing to protect her skin than a bikini. She literally took her top off to apply sunscreen, which we’re guessing means she was going to sunbathe topless. While we have no problem with that (you do you), there is a problem if you’ve caused a lifetime’s worth of damage to your skin already.

8 So Only Mom Went On A Tropical Vacay?

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Who doesn’t like a good tropical vacation in the dead of winter? This mom totally looks like she spent a lot of time on the beach thanks to her orange tan. Our first guess would be that this family spent Christmas on vacation, except for the fact that neither dad nor the two kids look as bronzed as mom. In fact, the rest of the family looks pretty pale for supposedly spending time in a tropical location.

Our second guess is that mom took a trip to the tanning salon before they got their family Christmas photos taken. She must have not listened to directions properly because she clearly spent way too much time in the tanning booth. Instead of looking like she just came from Hawaii, it looks like she had an allergic reaction to shellfish. Less it more when it comes to tanning!

7 Mom Definitely Needs New Leggings!

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Workout leggings are a mom’s favorite uniform! But this mom didn’t look at the temperature when she stepped out in these trendy cut-out leggings. While they totally looked cute on, what wasn’t cute were the hilarious tan lines waiting for mom when she got undressed. Her tan makes it appear like she has some sort of spotted disease on her legs, which we doubt is the look she wanted to rock!

Let this be a lesson in always looking at the weather forecast before going outside. You don’t want to be left with cringe-worthy tan lines that will last for weeks- especially if its bikini season! When in doubt, choose clothes that cover up more skin to avoid a bad sun burn like this!

6 That Time Grandma Got A Tan

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It’s not just young women who love tanning beds- people of all ages can get in on the baking! In this photo, it’s clear that someone must have given Grandma a gift card to try her hand at tanning. But she definitely took it too far based on the burnt orange shade of her skin.

This woman’s miserable face makes us think she knows she’s not looking her best at the moment. Her skin looks completely unreal and totally unhealthy while posing next to these ladies with their untanned skin. Less is definitely more when it comes to trying a tanning bed for the first time.

Our real question is whether Grandma went back to the tanning salon or not. Her skin probably needs a long break, so hopefully she took some time off from the full-body baking.

5 Things Got A Little Bit Teary

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What in the world happened here? We’re not sure if this woman is more upset about her ruined tan or whatever made her cry in the first place.

One of the number one rules after getting a spray tan is: don’t get your skin wet! That means no spontaneous diving into pools, running through sprinklers, and especially no crying. But clearly something caused this mom to get emotional because her tan is completely ruined thanks to her tear stains.

Maybe her kiddos were giving her a hard time or she was having a fight with her partner. Either way, you can’t go too far with a tear-streaked face like this- well, other than the tanning salon to get this disaster fixed. Fingers crossed this woman was on her way directly to a tanning bed to put this mess behind her.

4 We're As Upset As This Baby Is!

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Here’s another baby who just wanted a snack, but mom definitely forgot that her tan was still transferable. The active ingredient in fake tans is DHA, but professionals say it’s probably okay if an infant ingests it, though it’s of course recommended. So while mom may have not caused her baby life-long harm with this spray tan fail, it’s still not something to repeat in the future.

“DHA has been approved as safe for external use,” cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Samantha Bunting says to Made For Mums. "It hasn’t been approved for inhalation (which can happen when spray tanning) or application directly on the eyes and mouth.” Further testing is required to know the full risks and consequences of spray tans on infants. What’s clear is that taking the proper safety precautions to safeguard your child from it if you tan is crucial.

3 She Just Didn't Know When To Stop

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This woman looks more like a cartoon character (or a joke) than an actual person. Her bleach blonde hair looks ridiculous against her orange, leathery skin. Her Juicy Couture hoodie combined with her bad tan and platinum hair makes her look like a bad version of Paris Hilton from 2004. This mom is in need of a serious makeover, starting with her overly bronzed skin.

Seriously, we don’t want to think about how much time and money this woman spends on her looks- and it’s not even doing her any favors. Between the hair salon and tanning bed, she’s probably spending a good majority of her life on her beauty routine, though it’s a fail in most people’s eyes. What do you think: did this girl take her look a bit too overboard?

2 When Both Parents Forgot Sunscreen

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Someone get these two some sun sunscreen! It’s completely irresponsible to spend time in the sun without lathering up, especially if you’re in charge of protecting kiddos from the sun, too. These parents obviously forgot the suntan lotion at home since they look more fried than Texas chicken wings.

Their displeased faces make it seem like those tans actually hurt. We’d be putting on Aloe Vera rather than taking a selfie! We’re curious to know how much time they spent outside  to get these bright red burns.

We’re not sure what’s better: looking like an Oompa Loompa or a tomato? While neither option is good for your skin, we’re not sure what we’d prefer. The main lesson to take away from this is to ALWAYS apply sunscreen or this could be your end result.

1 Should've Worn A Different Swimsuit!

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We’re curious to know what swimsuit this woman wore to get such an intricate tan line! This woman flaunted her cringe-worthy tan while out at the club. But if we were her, we would have chosen a different top that actually covers up the ridiculous tan because it’s that bad.

If you look closely, it also appears that she has tan lines on her finger and wrist from a ring and a bracelet, adding even more hilariousness to this fail of a tan. In this situation, it’s probably better to remain pale than to try and bronze things up with this weird pattern.

If you’re going to tan, make sure you aren’t wearing anything that could give you weird tan lines. Or else, you could end up looking like this girl. And this is not a cute look to rock to the club (or anywhere, for the matter)!

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