15 Moms Who Instantly Regretted Posting That Selfie

"Let’s take a selfie!” can be a dangerous, dangerous phrase to utter. The fact is, once a pic is posted, even if it’s later taken down, there's no guarantee that it won't be out there for the world to see...forever. That's a long damn time.

People should always use their best judgement before posing for photos, and when posting them online. We should also add that it's a good idea to check out what's going on in the background of a shameless selfie before sharing it with anyone. Potential employers, dating prospects and even future mother-in-laws have access to everything and anything a person has ever shared on the internet, for better or worse.

Moms need to be more careful about the things they share online than anyone else. Not only do they have the responsibility of being a good example to the little ones who look up to them, when mamas post something inappropriate online, they may be putting their children in danger of being terribly, horribly embarrassed. Not cool.

Moms should remember that, someday soon, their children will be old enough to scour the web all on their own. Before posting a questionable selfie, it may be a good idea for moms to ask themselves if the pic is something that would cause their child to hide their face in shame in the very near future.

The following 15 moms most likely felt a surge of regret after posting the selfies below. We hope they’ve learned their lessons, and will think before they post the next time around.

15 Rude Rider

The car selfie is a classic shot. The lighting is usually great. Most of the time, the pose feels effortless, and the vehicular poser comes out looking like a selfie boss. Unless, of course, an angry kid is in the background putting a damper on an otherwise epic pic.

The unhappy child in the background of this selfie is giving the camera the one-finger salute, a position of the fingers that can communicate a myriad of different angry thoughts or feelings, some of them quite inappropriate. It’s not really the kind of gesture you want someone so young and impressionable to be doing with ease like she’s been practicing it since she was a newborn. The girl is still in a car seat, after all.

Usually, when a youngster exhibits inappropriate behaviors beyond their years, they’ve learned them from somewhere. More often than not, it’s from their parents. The mom above may have realized a little too late that her daughter’s less-than-ladylike hand positioning was marring the background of her beautiful selfie.

14 Giving Baby A Lap Dance

The shot above is quite concerning for more than one reason. Not only is the poor baby in the pic getting a much closer view of his supposed mother’s bum than he ever wished for, the girl in the photo seems to be so concerned with looking sexy that she’s completely oblivious to the fact that she’s about to smoosh her baby.

The young mother above may look back at this shot with remorse at a later date. There is a time and a place to strike a come-hither pose for the camera. Bringing sexy back in your baby’s poor, innocent face probably isn’t the best time to do it.

Should moms feel free to have sensual sides? Of course! Should they use their babies to practice their lap dance-giving skills? We’re going to go with...NO! While plush, leopard print chairs are wonderful places for little ones to lounge on as they relax and take in their surroundings, it's completely uncool to restrict a baby’s ability to learn about the world around him by sticking your bum all up in his mug.

13  Thirsty Thursday

The mother above is so busy attempting to get the perfect selfie, she can't be bothered to get her toddler a drink of water in an actual cup. Instead, the poor little one has had to result to hefting herself up onto the bathroom counter and drinking from the faucet in order to quench her thirst.

Bathroom counters are pretty high up for young children. We have a few questions. First, how did she get up there? Did she have to leap from the toilet and pray she didn't crash to the linoleum below? Did her mom put her up there and instruct her to drink from the sink, or was the selfie-taking mama so absorbed with positioning her little black dress in a way that accentuated her cleavage that she didn't even realize her little darling needed a drink until after this sad selfie was posted?

We'll never know. All we do know is no one should ever be forced to consume water from anywhere in a bathroom. Moms with children who need to drink to stay alive, which is all of you, before you take your next selfie, be sure to get your kid a damn cup.

12 Slippery Slope

Hey there, Mom! Your bangs and your blue booty shorts may be on point, but that doesn't change the fact that your little one seems to need some assistance behind you. He's either entering or exiting a bathtub: a place known for being slippery...and hard. If your child falls and bonks his head, you only have yourself to blame.

Whatever the kid in the above shot is up to, one thing is certain: he could use a little help. Sure, the mom pictured above may be having, like, the best hair day, and it may be the only day out of the entire month she isn't bloated, but we don't care. Your child's life should come second to your selfies.

Are we being overly dramatic here? Maybe. Is the child behind his selfie-snapping mama going to die if she doesn't help him? Most likely not. It's the principal of the thing. Moms are responsible for keeping their children safe. No parenting book has ever stated, or will ever state, that the main thing a mother should be concerned with is capturing her duck face in the perfect light.

11 Just Chillin' On The Changing Table

So, you just finished refreshing your baby's diaper in a public place. She's just chillin' on the cold, hard plastic changing table provided in nearly every lady's room in Western civilization. What's a good next step? Working on your selfie game while your baby goes into a stupor of boredom or annoyance or both in the background? Sure, that's one option.

Here's another one: pick your baby up off of her uncomfortable resting place and go about your day. When she's safely tucked into bed for the night, you're free to take selfies all freaking night if you want to.

We can't help but feel major sympathy for the baby above. She is so over her mom's need to take the perfect selfie. We can almost determine from the look on the above baby's face that this isn't the first time she's been in this maddening situation. It may, however, be the first time her mom forgot to make sure that her bored-as-hell baby was out of the frame before she snapped a selfie.

10 Your Kid Could Care Less About Your Abs Of Steel

Instagram is majorly oversaturated with ab selfies just like the one above. We are so proud of moms who have put in the work to look like walking, talking washboards. The dedication it takes to rock a six pack is no joke. However, once a mother has achieved the abs of her dreams, she may want to wait until her child is otherwise occupied before capturing a shot of her rockin' bod.

The little boy in the shot above is so bored we can feel his blase demeanor oozing out of the pic. It looks like he's resorted to looking through his mom's makeup bag for something, anything to do other than staring at his mom stare at herself in the mirror.

Another reason he may have chosen to rifle through his mom's toiletries? He feels awkward to be hanging out next to his dear mother as she pulls her shirt up and her pants down to ensure the world gets a gander at her entire amazing stomach. He may have lived inside of it once, but sometimes, once a person upgrades to a larger home, reminiscing about the days when quarters were a bit tighter is nothing but depressing. Give this poor kid a break and let him go play with Legos or something.

9 Bathroom Beauty

Nice. Another sexy selfie coming to you from a dirty, smelly public restroom. Not feeling it yet? Did you notice the baby in the background? Still not getting a sensual vibe from the photo above? That's probably because posing provocatively loses a little bit of it's edge when it's obvious to everyone viewing the photo afterwards that the mom in question is working on her modeling skills when her main priority should be her baby.

Some may argue that, in the photo above, it's highly likely that the baby in the stroller is asleep, and his mom should be free to do whatever she damn well pleases while he snoozes. This may be true, but we still can't condone a mother wearing a barely-there bikini top with pants dipping well below her hip bones in a public place.

What would we say to the woman above if we ever got the chance to give her some well-meaning advice? Pull your pants up, put a shirt on, put your phone away and take care of your baby, already!

8 If You Love Taking Selfies, Raise Your Bum! 

No. Just no. Stop. Please. Someone make it stop. What is happening in the photo above? Lifting your bottom in the air whilst dressed in nothing but lacy black underwear while a child is present is just plain crossing the line.

Taking a photo of yourself doing so while a child is present is simply disturbing AF. Please, someone take this lady's selfie-snapping privileges away. She's not using her camera phone responsibly and her toddler is the one suffering the consequences. Stop the madness!

Why would a mom ever think it would be okay to pose this way with a child present, or, even worse, when a child is in the photo with her?! We hope this mom has since realized the errors of her ways and has learned that any selfies involving her child should contain pants (especially for her), toddler friendly poses and a complete lack of sultry smirks.

7 Baby's Traumatized In The Back 

Looks like a little person commandeered a sexy selfie photo shoot in the above shot. It's possible that the supposed mother and her gal pal above not are aware a baby is lurking in the background of their provocative posing sesh. More likely? They just don't care. These moms could plead the fifth if someone ever accused them of scarring an innocent child for life with their selfie poses.

On second thought, if choosing to be all sorts of exposed in a selfie, it’s probably a good idea to look behind you before allowing the camera to capture anything. These ladies should know better.

It's pretty hard to believe they don't know a toddler is in their shot. Basically, they've chosen to ignore the little person in the room as they pose inappropriately, and they don't think pulling up their shirts and snapping shots of their cleavage in front of a very young child is any big deal. Face palm.

6 Teaching By Example

Is there anything more endearing than the look a child gives his mother as he studies her beauty and attempts to emulate her every move? Usually. When is a child gazing at his mother not so cute? When she's acting like the mom in the shot above.

It's been firmly established that kids are little sponges. They soak up every little thing their mothers do, and love nothing more than to imitate what they observe. It's not cool when children are exposed to behaviors they'd be better off not being aware of, at least until Kindergarten.

We're also wondering what the thought process is behind flipping the camera off in a selfie. Is the mama above throwing shade on herself? Her social media followers? Her son? It begs the question: does she know what the above gesture implies? We can't help but assume that she doesn't. If she did, she probably wouldn't be posing for selfies in this manner, whoever it is she's intending to give the bird to.

5 What Baby? 

We can't deny that the mom in the above selfie is looking fly. Her baby, on the other hand, is looking, well, slightly uncomfortable. It seems that the selfie-taker has become so engrossed with getting the absolute perfect angle that she's allowed her baby to slip her mind, and to begin to slip out of her arms just a bit.

Many new mothers love nothing more than sharing their bundles of joy with the world after they arrive. It's normal to be brimming with pride and bursting with excitement to share photos of a newborn with friends and family on social media. Additionally, motherhood can be a lonely gig sometimes. Connecting with others through sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook can really help new moms feel more connected with the world around them.

Just a friendly reminder for new moms who can't wait to post that first selfie after giving birth: don't allow yourself to become so engrossed with your own beautiful face that you forget you have a baby in your arms.

4 High Roller And A Baby In A Stroller

Posing on the couch for a steamy selfie? Might wanna get the baby in the stroller out of the back of the shot first. Why? Well...it doesn’t really scream “good parent” when a photo makes it look like you care more about your selfie game than your child.

It’s not that parents shouldn’t take time for themselves, it’s just that, when posting photos on social media, it’s probably not the best idea to portray yourself as a person who’s baby is an afterthought to twerking on the couch in a cocktail dress.

According to research recently conducted by Pew Research center, “The selfie has become a modern obsession.” The study determined that “55 percent of Generation Y, otherwise known as millennials, have posted a selfie, and 81 percent have a Facebook profile.” The use of social media to document everyday life is only getting more popular with time. It’s important for parents to remember that what they post is often difficult, if not impossible, to take down at a later date.

3 The Instagram Mom 

The mom above is snapping a selfie of herself and her supposed daughter. The young girl is in nothing but skimpy underwear and a thin tank top. Let's just say a mom encouraging her daughter to back that ass up to the camera is exhibiting less-than-normal behavior. Maybe she's totally oblivious, and thinks she's helping her daughter out with a school project or something.

Whatever is going on in the shot above, it's clear that the selfie-taker has no qualms about snapping pics of her child in not enough clothing. Sure, she may be building a bond with her child by helping her get some good angles of her bootay, but she's also sending a not-so-great message to her daughter that snapping photos in your skivvies is a good way to get attention.

Next time she wants to spend some quality time with her girl, we'd like to suggest she springs for frozen yogurt or a matinee movie and leaves her days taking steamy selfies with her daughter far, far in the past.

2 Pants On The Ground 

“Mom, what 'r' ya doin’?” This is a common question that many young whippersnappers ask on a daily, or even hourly, basis. It’s a lot easier to answer this question if you’re feeding the dog or making cookies for your BFF. If you’re pantless, facing the bathroom mirror in a provocative way, and snapping a pic of the whole thing, you've got a lot of explaining to do. 

Kids are more observant than we give them credit for, and learn a lot of what they know from observing. The little boy in the photo above, looking to his mother to teach him appropriate behavior, may be learning the wrong things...just saying.

We should also mention that he’s now forever in a pic with his mom as she lets it all hang out. When this lad grows up and heads off to middle or high school, if it ever becomes common knowledge that this photo exists, his life will most likely become a living hell. Put your phone down and put your pants on. Please!

1 Hi, Mom! 

The photo above has been edited due to its graphic nature. Suffice it to say, the mom in the shot above is leaving very little to the imagination. She's also teaching her young boy that it's healthy and normal for women to use their bodies to get attention on social media. Not the best message to send to a young child.

While we aren't saying moms shouldn't take selfies, we are saying they should be careful about what they post, and what they expose their children to. According to Pamela Rutledge, a media psychologist and director of the Media Psychology Research Center in Newport Beach, California, people should get used to the selfie culture. The most recent crop of parents are the first to post pics of themselves in all kinds of poses day and night.

Rutledge has stated of the selfie trend, “It’s not going away, so it doesn’t do us much good to say it’s negative. We are now creating a generation that has a voice and expects that voice to be heard.” Just remember: a picture is worth a thousand words, and moms especially should be careful what they are communicating to their children through the selfies they share.

Sources: Health.USNews.com

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