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The love moms have for their children is unconditional and nothing can even come close to comparing. So it is only natural that moms love, and sometimes get obsessed with, taking pictures of their children and almost every little thing that they do. If their little one is sleeping, eating, smiling, learning how to do things for the first time, or even if they just look too adorable and mom wants to freeze that moment in time, they are almost always guaranteed be snapping some photos.

Years ago, moms had to run and get their 35mm film cameras and hope that their child was still doing that absolutely adorable thing they wanted to capture by the time they returned. These days, all you need is your cell phone which is always attached to us anyway. Capturing those precious moments is easier than ever and then we, of course, want to share those picture with the world so we’ll post them up on our social media sites.

However, not everything should be posted. There are always those people out there who are ready to publicly shame moms and sometimes they are within good reason because the mom may have taken a very questionable picture, while other times they are a little unwarranted. For some moms, they may regret posting that picture immediately.

Here are 15 moms who instantly regretted posting their baby’s pic online.

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14 How Not To Hold A Baby

This woman got shamed big time for the way she was taking a selfie and holding her baby. She is holding her newborn with one hand like it’s a football - she just has her grip on this poor baby’s shoulders. This mom is more interested in getting the selfie she wants rather than making sure her child’s head and neck are properly supported. What is more important, the phone or the baby? You would think the baby, but that does not look like it is the case here. I am sure that while she was at the hospital they told her about the importance of holding a newborn correctly. She either did not pay attention or just blatantly ignored everything that she was taught. Hopefully, after all the shaming she received due to this selfie, she learned the correct way to hold her little one.

13 Derick Dillard Posts His Son Doing A Bad Gesture

Derick Dillard posted this picture of he and Jill Duggar’s son, Israel, making a hand gesture with his thumb and pointer finger resembling a weapon in July 2016. As for the caption, Derick posted, “Pistols firing! Only 45 days til OSU cowboy football starts! Go Pokes.” Derick didn’t seem to think anything was wrong when he posted this, but he got a lot of backlash over it. People say it to be insensitive to increased gun violence that was going on around that same time. It really is not as bad as some people made it out to be. He’s a typical guy who was excited about football season starting soon. I am sure he did not intend to be insensitive in any way. Sometimes things just come out wrong, or people take what we do the wrong way. It happens to all of us.

12 Fun In The Sun Gone Wrong

Jill Lyons is a mom who intentionally posed her daughter, Sadie, in this photo for it to look cute and like she was just relaxing by the pool, to post to the Ellen Degeneres show. She was even hoping to make people laugh. While some people did find it completely adorable, the mom shaming started out pretty hard for this mom. Of course, there were people worrying about safety issues and were concerned about her not having a life jacket on, which is easy enough to understand. Then, they shamed her and her child for her daughters looks and saying that she was too big for her size. While Jill did get lots of hate, she also found lots of supporters and people who are against mom shaming that was firing back at the haters.

11 Monkey See, Monkey Do

The mom that took this picture received of a lot of online shaming thrown her way. This little girl obviously gets breastfed or has a younger sibling who gets breastfed, since that is what she is trying to do to her doll. Children learn by watching others. This is a relatively harmless picture, and I am sure the mom meant no harm by it, but maybe she shouldn’t have exactly posted this one online. However, the little girl still has her chest covered so it’s not that bad. Her mom most likely thought that it was very adorable and wanted to share it with her friends and family. The only thing is, once a picture makes its way onto social media there is no end to who actually has access to this picture. There are some very bad people out there that may take something like this and see it as more than just an adorable little girl.

10 Jessica Simpson Gets Slammed For Her Bikini Baby

Jessica Simpson got shamed horribly when she posted this picture of her daughter Maxwell when she was 4-months-old back in September 2012. A lot of people criticized her and said it was too suggestive for a baby. Claude Knights who was the director of the British child welfare agency called Kidscape told UK’s Daily Mail, “It is very disturbing to see a young baby presented to the world wearing a bikini.” Personally, I don’t see a problem with this because she was a little girl. If you go to the beach or a pool, you see tons of very young children wearing bikinis. At least she is completely covered up and nothing is exposed. The criticism was exaggerated, but Jessica definitely regretted posting this photo. Not enough to never do it again, however, because she posted another picture of her daughter in a bikini last June. Needless to say, the shaming started all over again.

9 Chontal Duncan Posts This Selfie (And The Internet Has A Meltdown)

Chontel Duncan was shamed beyond belief almost instantaneously after she posted these picture of her and her newborn online - for obvious reasons. Both pictures show Chontel holding her newborn while taking a selfie in a mirror. The image on the left could be used as an example on definitely how not to hold a baby. The poor thing has its head bobbed back since newborns are not able to hold their head up on their own. New babies really need their heads and necks supported at all times when they are being held to avoid and prevent things like the little one getting whiplash or tearing their weak neck muscles. The picture on the right is definitely not as bad, and at least his/her head is not bobbing around. Selfies are definitely not as important as the safety of a child.

8 It's All In The Eyes

The only problem I can see someone having with this picture would be because the dad posted this picture of his daughter looking slightly possessed for her Christening. Since this dad got yelled at, I am pretty sure he regretted posting this picture. No one likes to get yelled at. This dad probably just posted this picture to try to be funny but it backfired on him. It looks like this little girl is sound asleep, well hopefully asleep, otherwise it would be hard to explain the whites of her eyes showing that much. In an odd way, if he was trying to go with the whole “my daughter got Christened, now she is possessed” thing, it may actually look that way.

7 Tyra Banks Says She Regrets Posting This Picture

Tyra Banks finally posted a picture of her baby boy, York Banks-Asla, last summer. However, if she could have had it her way fully his face would have remained a mystery even longer. She was able to hide her son away from the paparazzi and the rest of the world for 18 very long months. She didn’t want her little boys face on social media, or anywhere else at that. But she had been at the beach with her son and when they were leaving she noticed the paparazzi, and although she tried to cover her son with a blanket, she thought they were still able to get the winning shot. She did not want to have the paparazzi make money off of her child’s picture she did what she thought she had to do and posted a picture first. By the next day, she really regretted posting the picture because there were no pictures anywhere from the previous day. She needlessly posted the picture in the end.

6 Audrey Roloff Gets Slammed For Her Baby's Outfit

Audrey Roloff got incredibly shamed over this adorable photo of her daughter, but not for anything that could potentially harm her child. It was all over what chose to dress her daughter in. What should it really matter what color leggings her child is in? That was one of the reasons she got shamed. I find this utterly ridiculous because her baby is not dressed in anything bad or inappropriate. It is her daughter who she could dress any way she chooses. Plenty of her followers backed her up though and showed lots of support against the ones who were shaming her. People were commenting on petty things like why she couldn’t put her daughter in a nice colorful frilly dress or something. That is their own personal opinion and should have kept that to themselves. People always seem to need something to complain about.

5 Babies Don't Belong Upside Down

I am sure this mom regretted posting this picture of her holding her baby upside down while trying to take a selfie shortly after it went online. This mom had gotten a lot of mom-shaming for this stunt she pulled. It is never a good idea to hold a baby this way. This is probably one of the worst ways on this list. Even worse yet, imagine that this baby would have accidentally fallen out of his/her mom's arms while in this position - she/he would have most likely landed on their head. Not to mention, I am sure the fact that holding a baby upside down could potentially have some repercussions. One woman said her child vomited after being upside down and another mom said her baby had trouble breathing.

4 Tori Roloff Gets Shamed For Safety Issues

Tori Roloff is from the TV show Little People Big World and when she was taking these pictures of her adorable little boy, she saw nothing wrong with them. For some, they don’t see anything wrong either but for others, these images threw up some major red flags. Tori was terribly shamed for improper crib safety for her little guy. While she may regret posting these pictures, it may have been for the best because she learned a valuable lesson, hopefully. While the crib may look cute and all made up, it poses some serious risks for this baby such as the potential to accidentally suffocate or cover up his airways which can be fatal. It is suggested that there be nothing else in a baby’s crib except to the baby. This will help greatly decrease a baby’s risk of developing SIDS. That even includes no blankets, bumpers, or even stuffed animals. It is always best to be safe than sorry when it comes to a child's life.

3 The Shaming Starts Too Young

The mom who captured this picture of her beautiful daughter was probably just trying to show off how adorable her little girl is. However, others decided to add on their own - not so nice - opinions and started shaming this baby along with her mom. Not every baby is going to be the exact same size, and so what if she is a little bigger? There is no reason for people to talk negatively about how someone looks. Regardless of what those people may say or how they justify what they are saying, it is still bullying. No mother wants to hear people talk bad about their child. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this picture. But because of how people reacted, this mom most likely regrets ever posting it online in the first place.

2 Kim Kardashian Was Accused Of Waxing Her Baby's Unibrow

Kim Kardashian-West was accused of waxing off baby North’s unibrow back in December 2013 when she was only 6-months-old. It started when Kim posted the picture of baby North that is above and on the right-hand side. Some of her fans started to look at older pictures of her baby and came to the conclusion that North once had a unibrow which they claimed to be very noticeable on the picture of the left-hand side, and that it was evidently gone now. Kim laughed it off like she should and denied that she had her baby’s eyebrows waxed. Depending on which pictures her fans were looking at, it could have been the lighting or the way that she was facing the camera that made it looks like she had one long brow instead of two.

1 The Makeup Artist

Why would any mother paint so much makeup on their newborn baby’s face to make them look like they should grow up to become a woman of the night? This is horrible. I am not sure if this mom was trying to be funny, or if she found this amusing but it really isn’t. What would this mom have done had her baby been allergic to something that was in the makeup? She probably never even thought about that. With newborns, you never know, and their skin is extra sensitive so it is best to not put anything on their skin that does not need to be there. This mom should have saved it for when her daughter gets old enough to appreciate some makeup. This mom got shamed really bad for doing this and probably regrets ever posting it online.

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