15 Moms Who Spilled The Truth On Whisper App

Every once and awhile we hear the cheeky comments from moms at brunch about motherhood. From complaints about the color of a baby's number two or even the first bad word said at the family's holiday dinner. Regardless of being a mother or not, women know how to turn a potentially negative situation that might push a few buttons, to something fun and humorous. Which is why many moms across the globe are extremely happy about the Whisper App.

It's an app that allows people to vent and tell their true feelings to the world around them without knowing who they are! So instead of trying to fit a brunch into an already jam packed mommy schedule, you can now pop onto the app for ten minutes and get your worries and woes out of your system.

Ranging from major doses of reality and making us all think twice about our choices, to being brought back with hopeful confessions from mothers around the world, these submissions all hit home! You’ll probably find yourself nodding along with every entry on this list! Just remember that regardless of how tough it is to be a mother in this world, nothing can stop moms from being the hero in their child’s life, that’s what makes it all worth it.

Strap in and get ready to read the best and most honest mom confessions from the whisper app, they won’t disappoint! We all might just learn something as well.

15 So Many Nerves

When things constantly happen over and over, such as kids not listening, in most cases parents and anyone within earshot become annoyed. It’s a tough situation to deal with as a parent, knowing when things cross the line and having to keep your cool as an ‘example’. There’s no shame in admitting when things get on your nerves, even if it happens to be something your kid did that day. The wonderful thing about children is knowing that despite those few negatives, they’re still learning!

Kids go through all sorts of weird and annoying phases and develop habits that we might not completely favor, but at least all the moms out there can be reassured by the fact that all moms feel like this from time to time. Just because moms get annoyed sometimes at the ridiculous things their kids do, doesn’t mean they’re a bad person whatsoever! We’re all just trying our best!

14 Bye Social Life

One of the biggest sacrifices mothers face in the world of parenting is leaving behind the life they use to live everyday. Having to take care of another life can turn anyone’s world upside down as quick as you could say mommy! There are some amazing ways to combat this way of feeling from taking over a mother’s life. Sitting down to really think about what you want in the long haul, whether that be going back to school, work, or just having some alone time can really help get the mind in the right place to be able to move forward.

Signing up for one or two classes to start with or finding work online while you manage the “mom” work you already have is a great alternative and still is just as fulfilling. Taking these simple steps forward can really offer you some perspective and ideas to make sure you really want to head in the direction of taking more work on!

13 Fights Always Make You Think

Waking up to hearing your two kids fighting is never as nice as a warm cup of coffee, but it’s life. It’s normal for kids to have disagreements, but there are a few ways out there that can give your young ones a new perspective on their sibling and life in general.

Sitting down with the kids and having a good talk with them is a wonderful way to open up the means of communication. Showing kids that their mom is open to hearing their side of the story in a way that makes them feel respected (even if they don’t understand that concept yet), will make them open up and let out pent up emotions. This idea of parenting with an open mind has been shown to really decrease feuds between siblings, as well as fighting between parents and children. Soon enough everyone will be getting along, of course things can never be ‘perfect’, but it’ll be one step closer.

12 Way More Than Nostalgia

Like mentioned before, many moms out there today really long for their old life back, at least some aspects of it and in turn find themselves living in the past. When individuals live in the past constantly, going way past the line of simple nostalgia, it will become a hazard that needs to be addressed. It can bring on depression and excessive stress! If moms keep letting these emotions of want for their old way of living, it will constantly interrupt daily routine as well as stifling opportunities that could arise in the future. It’s been known that regardless of the specific situation, looking forward can do wonders for the emotional stability of a person. Looking forward to planning goals, long or short term can do a world of good for a mom that feels stuck in a pit she can’t get herself out of. Talk your goals over with trusted friends or your spouse, that way they’ll be put out into the world and there will be more obligation to see them through. With focus on a growing baby and beautiful goals, a mom will have plenty to look forward to that will bring excitement back into her life.

11 Not Fair

Double standards are an awful reality many women face, especially mothers. Being judged simply because a mom happens to be a bit younger and on her own really just speaks volumes about the people who have those nasty thoughts of judgement. People today in the world around us that have nothing better to do than have an opinion on someone else's life, a stranger's life, need to spend some time reevaluating their own.

Those who are quick to judge have their own issues in their life they need to work on and in most cases when people are battling insecurity they project their own problems on people to make themselves seem stronger. It’s a vicious cycle, but knowing that we as mothers wouldn’t pass harsh judgement on someone we don’t know is more than enough reassurance that the right path is the one below our feet. Negativity is a toxic trait that mothers just don’t have time for and the little ones shouldn’t be surrounded by!

10 Too Expensive

A dose of reality comes from this Whisper App submission, a sad truth many mothers face. Not being able to afford something that should really be guaranteed is hard to swallow. Being in the position and not exactly knowing what to do, what’s right and wrong to do can be confusing. Luckily there are many places that can offer parents that need a little extra help, the help they deserve. Places like Walmart that will give donations to those in need, as well as food banks in the local area that usually have parenting supplies such as toys, diapers, and clothing. Parenthood is a rude awakening in many ways, mothers learn so much about themselves and also the trial and error everyone goes through with parenting. Remembering that it’s okay to not have everything together and that as a mother you can and will do anything for your baby to succeed will keep you strong through the struggle ahead.

9 True

Having that ‘talk’ with kids can be a daunting task. Full of questions that will make any mom uncomfortable and have the overwhelming urge to google an explanation. In most cases the curiosity that exudes from children will have already taught them quite a bit more than a mom might think, often cases a child already knows most things but are either too scared to admit it because it’s seen as shameful and taboo.

In reality, it’s good to be able to talk to your children with openness that doesn’t seem like they're getting in trouble for something they don’t even fully understand. Although this Whisper App confession is a bit more on the humorous side, it’s so crucial to form a relationship with a child that lets them find their own understanding and opinion of the world, while also feeling safe talking with their mom and role model. Maintaining this relationship will really boost the confidence in a growing child!

8 Best Job Ever!

Many moms across the nation claim that being a mom is the best job in the world. Being able to bring new life into the world and help that life grow into an individual with so much potential and talent is a beautiful thing. Arguably the best part of life as a whole. Being a mother with a youngin’ on the way allows exploration of a new childhood, giving moms a chance to be a kid again with their tot. Just seeing how a child’s eyes light up when they figure something out for the first time or try what will become their favorite food for the first time. All of these small and simple pleasures of motherhood are so much bigger than what a bystander might think. Seeing a child grow up so fast and how many changes they experience can bring out so many emotions in a mother, seeing something a mother created, blossom into their own creation as time moves on can only mean that moms have the best job ever!

7 A Masterpiece

Being a carefree mom that’s hip and cool is generally the goal for moms out there today, but it isn’t usually a reality 24/7! But there are some of those very precious moments all mom experience when adult obligations go out the window and every fiber of their being is focused on goofing around with their kid. Giving moms the opportunity to really embrace themselves and have fun with their little one are what the weekends should be for always!

Maybe skip the drawing on moms stomach and follow some of these examples this coming weekend: Going to the park and playing with imaginary friends, mommy and baby will have sorts of fun and who cares who sees! Another fun activity to do would to come up with a Saturday morning tradition like many had in the past, whether that be pancakes and cartoons or a Saturday meal at the kids favorite restaurant. Letting loose as a mom doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s the best memories ever!

6 Teen Moms Are Moms Too

Probably one of the most important aspects to keep a tight grasp on is the fact moms should be proud of what they’ve done and what they will continue to do. Nowadays, there is a huge rise in younger mothers that have to face the judgmental stares from onlookers whenever they leave their house. It’s not fair to place those toxic ideas into a person’s mind! People shouldn’t be able to just strip the title of ‘mother’ away from a woman just because they’re younger. Younger doesn’t automatically mean inexperienced! In life we’re all learning everyday, there are things people that are younger than us know that we don’t and vice versa. We’re all on a journey, constantly changing and evolving to figure out what we want to do with our lives. Teen moms are moms too and no one can take that away, especially other people who aren’t parents themselves!

5 It Sucks

Learning how to have fun without money to fund those experiences forces individuals to be a bit more creative. It’s even harder when you put a kid in the mix, so let’s brainstorm together! With the technology age upon us all, it’s probably safe to say the library doesn’t come to mind, but it’s an amazing and free place to visit that is generally catered to kids.

Most public libraries have enormous and colorful fun children’s sections, a great selection of materials, and even free events such as kids concerts! As a child, this was one place many of my friends and I would be so excited for, who cared about money, because an experience as fun as a library trip is something that will always be remembered into adulthood. Not to mention it’s educational! Packing snacks early in the morning with mom and picking a fun outfit to wear for a day of reading is a great way to start off a memory that will last a lifetime.

4 Welcome To Hell

Not literally, but close. Many have found that sometimes certain situations you face as a parent, such as the first pasta sauce incident, mothers want to question what their life has become. While motherhood improves an abundance of aspects in life, it also puts moms in hard situations that they haven’t had to deal with before! A few easy ways that teach kids basic manners and can be applied in more than one area of life can begin by teaching polite words early, being a role model every day, and correcting mistakes with a positive attitude. These easy examples can really shape the future of a child, they’ll learn the importance of being nice and polite at an early age so it just comes naturally! In the next few years you’ll notice that with a positive attitude anything can change and kids will learn what’s right and wrong! It won’t always be bad even if it seems like it’s headed in that direction, with enough willpower and perseverance a mother can transform her child in a positive way!

3 Break The Cycle

Creating a new life for oneself is a turning point in many individual’s lives. From when a person comes to age generally at 18, to when they have their first home, and the day of their child’s birth, this process is what we call life, and it can be a roller-coaster of emotion. Everyone learns what they want in life and a large part of that is learning from their parents. People shape themselves either to be like their parents if they had a positive impact or decided to do everything differently because of things not going as planned as a kid. Breaking away from the parenting cycle you saw your parents stay true to while a kid isn’t as hard as a it seems. You just have to stay true to yourself and do what you think is best for you and your child. Setting healthy examples in your daily life from food, fun, and community, you’ll find your child will naturally pick up those same habits!

2 No Help!

The number one annoying thing dealing with as a mother isn’t even the rowdy children, it’s usually the spouse that’s not helping! Many people seem to forget that being a mom is a hard job, it’s not as simple as it seems and it takes up a person’s lifetime. One thing that eases the stress that comes with all the joy is the help from a life partner. When there is a lack of communication like there is in this Whisper App confession, there’s an inner issue that needs to be addressed and it’s best to do so straightforward instead of skirting around the issue. Some tips a mother can apply in her life when trying to re-energize the connection between her husband can include: a cliche date night every once in awhile, cooking meals together, and even planning when to have sex so everyone is on the same page!

1 Waiting Might Be Best

A very touchy and sensitive subject that’s never easy to discuss. Moms chalk it up to being complicated, but some out there in the world discover being a mom after the fact of having a baby, just isn’t what they wanted. Mothers come in all shapes and sizes, ideas and personalities, if a mother ever feels regret because of the life she use to have, it’s a promise that parenthood will grow on you. Being a parent is the biggest test of growing up as a mother, it’s one of the last major steps in adulthood that make a woman completely grow up and step up to the plate, while embracing new ideas and life. Sometimes waiting is best for some women out there and other times moms wish they would have waited, but either way dwelling on the past won’t fix the situation at hand. It’s best to just try and do the best a mom can, be open to learning, and enjoy the happiness that comes with the stressful moments!

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