15 Moms Who Took It Too Far And Were Arrested For It

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs we will ever have in our lives. From the moment this little person comes into the world we are responsible for their every bodily function, keeping them alive, and we do it at the expense of our own body and sleep. Our whole world changes; never will our routine be the same. Our thoughts constantly are with our children and what we need to do that day to keep everything running smoothly. Heaven forbid we forget to buy milk or breakfast will be a nightmare of epic proportions. After too much of that nonsense we become the mom version of the InstantPot. Pressure builds in our skull, cooks our brains, and then our kids come and try to pry it open to see what's for dinner and we explode in a glorious hot mess. In reality, all we needed was a quick release of pressure and then we can get to the good stuff.

Sometimes moms can take the fun and games a bit too far, and just do not make good decisions. Sometimes they lose it past the semi cute hot mess category and rocket right to completely cray cray territory. This can land them in handcuffs and the back of a squad car.  It isn't always mom's fault; there are times when a person not even involved is having a bad day and mom, once again, becomes the target of someone's bad day. Sometimes it is a broken system that leads to mom's incarceration, no matter how silly the offense. Moms best be on their top notch behavior or the legal system will make them pay the price.

15 Showing The Kids A Good Time

In Springfield, Oregon, 27 year old mom Alana Donohue decided to show the kids how to have a little bit of fun. So she tied a little red wagon to the back of her car, and let her two children and nephew ride in in that wagon as she drove  circles in a roundabout. The two year old was terrified as she went up to 30 miles per hour and the wagon went up on the back two wheels. This mom did pull over and take the little one in the car with her, but the other children, 4 and 8 years old, stayed in the wagon. When witnesses implored her to stop she told them to mind their own business and went on her way.

This mom was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment.  Drugs and alcohol were said to not be a factor, which is shocking. Thankfully, her children were placed with protective services.

14 10-Year Old Gets Tattoo

There are some things that even with parental consent are illegal for a minor. Getting a tattoo is one of them. But when 10 year old Gaquon went to his mom, Chuntera Napier, and asked for a tattoo, she felt she couldn't say no. And frankly, she didn't really want to. Little Gaquon wanted a tattoo in remembrance of his older brother, Malik, who had died in a car accident years prior. Authorities noted that there were many memorials for Malik around the apartment. Mom and other family members had similar looking tattoos as well.

Mom did not cooperate and tell authorities who gave her son the tattoo, not wanting anyone to get in trouble. But authorities believe it was an amateur job. Mom was charged with misdemeanor cruelty and being party to a crime. On why she allowed her son to get the tattoo at such a young age she said, "It made me feel good to know that he wanted his brother on him."

13 Tanning Booth Mom

Patricia Krentcil gained national attention and earned the nickname Tan Mom after this bizarre incident. In an odd turn of events, Patricia's fve year old daughter got a minor sunburn, but due to her mom's excessive tanning use, it was assumed that she made the little girl use the tanning bed as well. Patricia was arrested and pleaded Not Guilty to the connected charges.

This incident may have been cleared up, however Patricia remained in the headlines for quite some time afterwords. At the time of the incident, she admitted she has been tanning on a regular basis for 10 years, but it turned into a full fledged addiction. Her skin resembled a leather couch rather than beautiful and tan. It was apparent she had a quirky personality, which continues to this day. She has cut back on tanning and while still blotchy and uneven, her skin is noticeably lighter.

12 She Didn't Cut Her Grass

Illinois mom Ebony Connor was given a warning that she needed to cut her lawn by the code enforcement officer. Ebony, a single mom of five kids, felt like she had more time to correct the issues, which included garbage removal, as well as removal of non-running vehicles. But a week or so later, law enforcement showed up and arrested her for not following through with the warning. She wasn't fined or ticketed before her arrest.

During arrest and booking, her children were left home alone. The code enforcement officer was outside of her home while she was gone. This mother was obviously quite upset over this situation, didn't know or trust this officer, and did not want to leave her children with him. But they took her to jail without giving her an opportunity to find adequate care for her kids. Ebony Connor had no idea that she would be arrested for not mowing her lawn.

11 Breastfeeding At Wal-Mart

Mary Lambert was shopping in her hometown Walmart with her five month old daughter, Kathy, when she found herself in a situation all mothers have faced. Kathy was hungry. She discretely nursed her daughter in a more secluded section of the store and when her daughter was satisfied and full, they continued shopping. It had only taken a few minutes, and no one even walked down the aisle she was in. But by the time she had left the store, the police were called and on their way. Her receipt and credit card information was traced and later that day she was arrested, and her child was taken into custody by protective services for the night.

A security guard watching the cameras had witnessed Mary nurse her child, and was offended to the point of pressing charges against her. He said, "She was basically getting naked in public. I could almost seen her nipple for a second. It’s disgusting. I called the police because I wanted to have her removed from the store for her behavior." Mary now has a misdemeanor charge of public indecency on her record. The county prosecutor said that there are laws to protect nursing mothers from this happening to them, but in this case, the security guard personally pressed charges. I really hope karma comes to bite him in the rear. No mother should be arrested for feeding her child.

10 Swearing

Never in a million years did mom Danielle Wolf think that her bad day was about to get worse when she and her family went grocery shopping. When her husband was being careless she turned to him and said, "Stop squishing the ****ing bread!" and continued to use that language several times. Fellow shopper, Michelle Smith, overheard and couldn't let it continue. She approached mom and asked her to stop talking to her children that way. When Danielle told her she was talking to her husband, not her children, Michelle Smith called the police.

The language triggered Ms. Smith's past of verbal abuse and she felt the strong need to advocate for those children, because no one had stood up for her. When she learned that Danielle was arrested for the incident, she did reach out to the mom and apologized. Danielle did learn her lesson though and claims she will never use that language around her children, husband or out in public again.

9 Wrong Bible Verse

One evening Rhonda Shoffner's daughter, who was younger than 13, was woken up from a nap and told to call several family members. When no one had answered, the girl had to face her mother's wrath. Rhonda, who had been drunk for three days straight, forced her daughter to her kneesto recite bible verses. When the girl had mistaken a word, her mother began to beat her, slam her head into the wall, bite her, and strangle her while threatening to kill her. Thankfully, the girl was able to get out of the house and call her father, who immediately drove her to the police department.

When the police showed up at her home, Rhonda leaned out a second story window screaming at them to leave, making lewd gestures and making threats. This mother was rightfully charged with aggravated assault against a child, strangulation and terroristic threats. She had a $100,000 bond.

8 Resort Shake Down

Julie Mall and her family were on their dream vacation at the North Carolina island resort of Bald Head. On their way back to their cottage, her 11 year old son asked to drive the golf cart back. It was about the distance of two blocks, it was getting dark and there was almost no one out, so both Julie and her husband let him get behind the steering wheel, with dad sitting right next to him. What could go wrong? Right before they arrived at their cottage, they were pulled over by island law enforcement. Julie was immediately accused of being intoxicated. An accusation denied by Julie, her husband as well as her children and niece, who were all in the golf cart at the time. The officer berated Julie so horribly the children burst into tears, and were escorted home by their cousin. Pretty soon one officer turned into a group of five officers, all confering on the case. Julie asked her husband to get her some bug spray. When he got back, he was shocked.

Julie, his wife of 19 years, was pushed down to the grown with a man at least double her size kneeling on her back while they were handcuffing her, treating her like a rag doll. She was taken into custody and transferred to the mainland. There she was charged with resisting an officer, intoxication and child abuse. The case went to trial but the state's main witness, the arresting officer, did not show up to court. Twice. All charges were dropped.

7 Abandoned At McDonalds

Laura Browder, college student and single mother of two, had gotten an unexpected call for a job interview. Being new to town, and it being a last minute call, she had no time to arrange child care. Knowing the interview was at the mall, she decided to bring her children, two and six years old. She bought them to McDonald's, sat them down, and went to the Starbucks for her interview, which was about 30 feet away from where her children were eating. She got the job, however her joy was cut short when she was immediately arrested for child abandonment. CPS took custody of the children. Thankfully, the case was dropped and Laura regained custody of her children right away.

Moms have to make hard decisions all the time. Especially single moms, who know nobody in their new town. I cannot imagine the heartbreak Laura Browder faced when the decision she made, in an attempt to provide for her babies, caused them to be taken from her. However, she is incredibly lucky her children were safe while being left alone.

6 Innocent Pictures

As parents, we take all sorts of pictures of our kids to remember everything about their childhoods. Almost all of us have cute bathtub pictures, and naked baby butts captured on film forever somewhere. Jacqueline Mercado, an immigrant from Peru, was separated from her fiance Johnny Fernandez as he was finalizing his immigration process. Jacqueline took pictures of their kiddos and brought the film to a local drug store with one hour pick up. When she got there, she didn't receive all of her pictures. Instead she was met with police officers and CPS workers. After a search of the home, they found a picture of her toddler breastfeeding. That was enough to seal the deal. She was arrested, charged with 'sexual performance of a child' and the children were taken into the custody of protective services and put into foster care. Criminal charges were eventually dropped, but child services were still involved.

The pictures this mother took of her children were innocent. But in the eyes of the law, it could have been considered child pornography. This case is an important reminder of our lack of privacy in this day and age.

5 Too Sick For School

We all know kids get sick. Some kids get sick more than others. In this case, Julie Scott Giles' son missed school 12 times due to sickness, which is more than double what is allowable per their district policy. He had a doctor's note for three of those absences. Unfortunately, it didn't matter that this boy was only three absences over policy, an arrest warrant was issued for his mother. She turned herself in with no issues, no bond was needed even. She was placed in leg shackles, which is common arrest policy.

Julie has said her son is sick so often that she cannot bring him to the doctor each time as it is way too pricey. In addition, some of the illnesses the child had were illnesses where a doctor couldn't have done anything. If it is a chronic and long term health issue, his mother would be more than capable of caring for him as needed. More understanding needs to occur in the school districts. More accommodations are needed for kids who get sick more often, or even with long term illnesses. This boy is top of his class, straight A's and B's and even made Student of the Month. That doesn't happen if the boy isn't being raised well. Cut this mom some slack!

4 Cheering At Graduation

When my children walk across that stage and receive their diplomas, I will cheer them on! Earning a diploma of any kind takes hard work, dedication, and studying. And that is just on the part of the kid! The parents put in a lot of hard work to support the child financially, emotionally and physically. That walk across the stage is the final pay off, and it should be a time to celebrate.

When Shannon Cooper cheered for her daughter Iesha at her graduation ceremony, it got her arrested for disorderly conduct. Shannon claims that she didn't cheer for her child any differently than any other family at the graduation. Why she was singled out isn't for certain. Shannon cooperated with police and was released hours later after posting a small bond. Memories of the drama will forever taint what should have been a happy event.

3  Single Mom With A Gun

Shaneen Allen was planning a fun weekend in New Jersey to celebrate the birthday of one of her children. She carefully packed the car with all they'd need, including a .380 handgun she bought just a week prior. Shaneen is a single mom, and has been robbed twice in the past. She isn't taking anymore risks and will carry a firearm to protect herself and her children. In her state of residence, Pennsylvania, it is completely legal to carry. Unfortunately once she crossed into New Jersey, that gun was now illegal. Shaneen was pulled over for a routine traffic stop and was surprised when she was arrested. She had no idea that what she had done was illegal in any fashion.

After serving 40 days in jail, she avoided a mandatory prison sentence by being accepted into an intervention program. A lot of work went in on Allen's behalf, and fortunately that work paid off. She was not a criminal, only trying to protect her children.

2 Taped Toddler To The Wall

Earlier this year, 18 year old mother, Shayla Rudolph, taped her two year old son to a wall with packing tape, taped his mouth and went live on her Facebook account to stream her latest discipline technique. She said, "Parents don't need to whoop the kids. All you gotta do is tape them to the wall." When CPS became involved, she went live again. This time she had her toddler standing in the corner as discipline for the investigation against her, stating he was her son and she could hang him upside down if she wanted to. She said that this time, CPS could come and take him. Thankfully, she was dumb enough to provide all the evidence against herself with those steamed broadcasts. She was arrested on a child abduction charge and CPS took custody of her son for his safety.

I know she is a young mom. But taping your child to the wall, taping his mouth shut, and broadcasting it live for the world to see would really make me question this mother's decision making.

1 Homeschooling Her Kids

Kiarre Harris followed all legal protocol to the letter when she decided to homeschool her children. She kept meticulous records, and was notified when her children were officially unenrolled in public school. A month later, she had CPS at her door claiming to have a court order to remove her children from her care. When they refused to produce the order, she refused to hand over her kids. It was then that Kiarre was arrested for obstruction. Her children were then placed into foster care. Eventually ,the obstruction and educational neglect charges were dropped. Months later, her children were returned to her care and she continues to homeschool her children.

No one knows who made the mistake, or where the breakdown in communication occurred. In the end, the bureaucratic nonsense is what broke up this family. Thankfully, Kiarre Harris is good at the adulting thing and had all her T's crossed and I's dotted. Even so, it took way too long for the courts to right this incredible wrong.

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