15 Moms With The Most Unexpected Birth Stories You Won't Believe

The internet is rife with stories of moms with the most unexpected birth stories. Pregnancy is a wonderful thing, but childbirth has always been unpredictable and fickle, and for the stories shared below -- unexpected. Each birth is a miracle in itself, but others just take the cake in the extraordinary way they screamed their way into the world. Pregnant women and their babies keep surprising us with stories that get weirder and wackier, but nonetheless memorable, as time goes on. We have mothers giving birth in all forms of transportation while some go through it on a street. Curbside baby! There are birthing mothers who are strongly affected by nature around them and also some in the prime years of 40s and 50s. The oldest being 70! Twins, triplets, quadruplets and more.

In anticipation, parents try their best to be prepared when their bundles of joy are welcomed to the world. But that’s just it -- nothing prepares you for the actual childbirth and as the saying goes, “Everything goes wrong, before something goes right.” All those who have experienced childbirth know that when THE time has arrived, all a mom can do is surrender to the process and let fate take care of her.

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14 17-Year-Old Kickboxer Gets Kicked In The Gut, Gives Birth A Day After

via: oddee.com

A day before giving birth, 17-year old kickboxer Pamela Vugts was in a kickboxing bout. A day after, she delivered a bouncing baby girl via caesarian section. Pamela lived with her parents and none of them realized that she was was pregnant. Being muscular and on the heavy side, they weren’t worried when she gained a couple of pounds and her belly started to look bloated.

Pamela woke up bleeding the day after the bout and soon after was rushed to a nearby hospital. Pamela assumed she was having complications due to getting hit in the gut and stomach area multiple times during the fight. Much to everyone’s surprise, doctors told her that she was 7-months pregnant and needed an emergency C-section. With a new baby to take care of, Pamela has sworn off kickboxing for the time being. We agree, maybe it’s best to lay off the gut kicks for now.

13 Big Surprise For Half-Marathoner

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Mom Trish Staine was training for the Garry Bjorklund half-marathon in June 2013. She expected back and body pains from her workouts and exercises, but nothing prepared her for the excruciating back and hip pains she felt. After a morning shower, the Duluth, Minnesota mom couldn’t bear the pain so they rushed to the emergency room and soon after, she gave birth to a healthy 6.6 pound baby girl.

Elite marathoners, due to intense physical workouts, sometimes miss their monthly periods and have irregular menstrual cycles. Trish knew she wasn’t the most svelte of runners, so she chalked up her weight gain to increased water intake and muscle mass. She didn’t feel any fetal movement, nor morning sickness either. Added to that, her husband recently got a vasectomy. The universe works in mysterious ways and wonderful things happen to the most unprepared parents like Trish and her husband. Baby girl Mira (short for Miracle) was the best surprise for them. Really, Trish.. no morning sickness? How lucky are you?

12 Not The Immaculate Conception

via: dailymail.co.uk

An El Salvador nun was rushed from her convent to a nearby hospital after a fainting spell and severe stomach cramps. Doctors at the San Camillo de Lellis, a small hospital near Rome, confirmed that Roxana Rodriguez was fully dilated and about to give birth. The 31-year old new mother was undergoing an apprenticeship at the Little Disciples of Jesus convent and was under a vow of chastity, poverty and obedience. Fellow nuns at her order were not happy about her breaking her vows and said her demeanor was a disgrace to the nunnery.

Francis, the healthy 9-pound baby boy was named after Francis, the 266th and current Pope of the Catholic Church. Sister Roxana believes he is her gift from God and promises to take care and raise him amidst the scandal. The convent’s Mother Superior suspects the nun had relations with a former flame when she went home to El Salvador to renew her passport. As of writing, both mother and son are healthy and doing well.

11 Expectant Mom Of Triplets Gets Surprise Of Her Life

After discovering late in her 13th week that she was pregnant with triplets, Kimberly Fugate made sure she stayed healthy and prepared for the delivery of her triplets. Conceived through successful IVF procedure, hers was a rare set of triplets. At 28 weeks and a few days shy of her 42nd birthday, she went into labor. As doctors delivered baby after baby, the couple received the shock of their life.

Soon after the three identical babies were out, there appeared another set of feet. A fourth baby. Consumed in awe and surprise, Kimberly and her husband welcomed four identical baby girls - Kenleigh Rosa, Kristen Sue, Kayleigh Pearl, and Kelsey Roxanne, the apples of their parent’s eyes and the four miracles sent to them. A year later, in between tears, confessed that their home life is a mixture of lack of sleep, lots of feet, but lots of love. Kimberly says she feels like the luckiest person in the world.

10 Cab Driver Kicks Out Mom In Labor

via: parenting.com

Cabs and childbirth are like peas in a pod. Heroic stories of strangers helping out a mother deliver her baby in the backseat have filled many newspapers for a long time. Ana Belis Fernandez’ story though, is the exact opposite. She was kicked out of a taxi on a busy Honduras street and left in labor on a grassy roadside. So what did a rock star pregnant Ana do? She delivered her baby all by herself.

Milagro (Spanish for miracle) Fernandez came out with just a few pushes and was coughing and screaming as any healthy baby should. Ana recalls people were walking around her and could hear them talking, but no one actually came forward to help. Luckily, a police car came on a routine drive-by and rescued her from her sidewalk perch. That cab driver should have his license revoked and those passersby penalized for not assisting a pregnant woman. Que horror!

9 Curbside Birth

via: wordpress.com

Mariejunia Ally, a 33-year old pregnant mom of twins from Long Island, New York, was standing curbside at a bus stop. She was her way to work when she felt stomach spasms. At 7-months pregnant the scared mom knew it was too early for her to give birth. The unexpected spasms turned out to be early labor pains and unbeknownst to her, it was just a few minutes after the pain started that she would give birth to her twins.

Sitting by the roadside, Mariejunia bravely delivered the first baby herself. Soon after, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and three police officers arrived and successfully helped her deliver her second twin in the ambulance. Twins Justin and Jayden, 2 months premature, stayed a month at the hospital but were eventually released to their brave and happy mom. Congratulations on the twin boys!

8 Surprise Birth At A French Ski Resort

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Karine, a 45-year-old French woman gave birth at the Val Thorens ski resort in the Alps. She was on holiday with her husband, brother and sister-in-law. Never in her wildest dreams could she imagine being pregnant, let alone giving birth after being on birth control for over 12 years. An early morning bathroom break ended in a birthing on the bathroom floor, thanks to her sister-in-law who was a trained prenatal nurse.

The mid-aged mother narrated she was on the ski slopes the day before and didn’t feel sick or tired. She also felt no symptoms and doctors and medical studies can attest that peri-menopausal pregnancy is usually high risk with the mother experiencing longer labor pains. Giving birth after just 15 minutes of labor was a happy surprise to everyone, especially Karine. Quick wits and a calm demeanor allowed for a smooth and stress-free, albeit unexpected birth. In a perfect world, all moms should have just 15-minute labor pains. Salut Karine!

7 Boyfriend Sleeps Through Girlfriend's Bathroom Birth

via: express.co.uk

Nadia Watson was jolted out of bed by severe stomach pain. Suspecting it was period cramps she then went to the bathroom and eventually collapsed on the floor from labor pains. Having no clue what was happening to her and too overwhelmed by pain, the young 22-year old screamed for help while delivering her baby all by herself. All while her partner, Lewis was asleep in their nearby bedroom.

All the screaming alerted neighbors who quickly called the police. Help in the form of police officers, EMTs and well-meaning neighbors arrived soon after the exhausted Nadia delivered Poppy, her daughter. Lewis, woke up dazed and confused to a roomful of people, a baby and a tired (but still furious) Nadia. He will need a lifetime to make up for sleeping through the birth and to appease his angry girlfriend. Won’t be an easy ride for sure. He really must sleep like a rock.

6 Unexpected Delivery On An Amtrak train

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At 5:43 PM, a northbound Amtrak train from New York City to Washington DC made an unscheduled stop. The local Aberdeen police were notified of a woman in unexpected labor onboard. It is rare occurrence that trains make unauthorized stops, but this was an exception. Upon boarding the train, police officers and paramedics found Sheera Lowe in pain. An emergency delivery was done and soon after, a healthy Trinity Christina Stokes made her entrance into the world at 6 PM.

Mother Sheera expressed gratitude to passengers who gave her encouragement and even picked the baby’s middle name after one of them. Both mother and child were immediately taken to University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Medical Center for further medical procedures. Surprise births in unusual places often bring together people involved. One police officer was so touched by the incident that he paid Sheena and Trinity a visit at the hospital and wished them well.

5 A Mom At Last

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At 70-years old, Rajo Devi Lohan was the oldest woman to give birth. She made headlines around the world in 2008 when she became the oldest first-time mother. After entering a fertility program at a local in-vitro clinic, Ravi soon got pregnant from a fertilized donor egg with the sperm of Ballo, her husband. Raveen, a daughter was born healthy, but Ravi almost didn’t make it due to complications in childbirth. Raveen was born via C-section.

Years later, Rajo quips that daughter Raveen has made her a stronger woman. Looking forward to living a longer life, she and husband devote their time in taking care of all her daughter’s needs. She even jokingly mentioned she wanted another IVF child. Rajo, who lives in a close-knit family and community is not at all worried about leaving her child when she passes. Rajo and Raveen are true testaments that miracles do happen.

4 It Wasn’t The Stomach Flu

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Waking up to sharp stomach cramps and slight back pain in the wee hours of the morning, Gaynor Rzepka of Glamorgan, Wales, had zero knowledge of being pregnant. Conceiving a baby was the last thing on her mind. As she walked to the bathroom of her parents’ home, her first thought was maybe she was having a bad case of stomach flu or it was the chili she had for dinner the night before. Little did she know she was about to give birth to a 39-week old, full-term, healthy baby girl.

Little baby Olly James was born in the early morning of February 16th and weighed 6.5 pounds, with all her tiny hands and feet all accounted for. Gaynor, shocked and excited at the thought of being a new mother, claimed she never missed her periods and didn’t feel the slightest fetal movements in her belly. Five months into her pregnancy, she even ran the Cardiff Half Marathon and was putting in 10-hour shifts at the supermarket where she was working. Thinking back, the only indication of cravings was wanting to eat Mars bars the whole day.

3 Baby Born In A Tree

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To avoid flooding and rapidly moving waters, a very pregnant Carolina Chirindza and some family members climbed up a large tree. This was in the year 2000 when Mozambique experienced one of the most violent floodings in history. While clinging to the tree and after 4 days of waiting to be rescued, the young mother went into labor and gave birth to her baby Rositha. A long sarong held by her mother-in-law was used to catch the baby from falling into the crocodile-infested waters.

A journalist witnessed Carolina and baby Rositha being rescued and later wrote about her story. A few months after, mother and daughter traveled to Washington and lobbied the US Congress for increased assistance to the communities affected by that deadly flooding. This triggered various humanitarian aid organizations to look closely at Mozambique and aid them in times of crisis such as flooding and typhoons. The strong mahogany tree that kept Carolina safe has since been adopted by the government and a plaque has been placed in honor of her birth.

2 Super Sister Saves the Day

via: nydailynews.com

Jazmine McEnaney is the bravest 8-year old sister in Tampa Florida. She called 911 when her mom, Krystle Garcia was in labor while they were at home alone. While waiting for the paramedics to arrive she helped deliver her baby brother with the help of the 911 operator. Directions for dry towels and making sure the baby’s head was elevated was followed to the tee. She carefully followed the step-by-step coaching and was calm and collected the entire time.The same can’t be said for Krystle, who was in a panic and freaking out. The paramedics arrived and finished the birth as the obedient little girl breathed a sigh of relief. Baby Joseph James Snyder was given a clean bill of health and the three went on to the hospital happily clinging to one another. We can all learn from Jazmine and how calmly she handled herself during the stressful birth procedure. If she’s conducting a class, count me in.

1 Hurricane Harvey Miracle Baby

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 A Valentine Gift

Husband Manuel and their 2-year old son were hoping for another baby boy, but they got a lot more than that. Anyone thinking “Be careful what you wish for.”? At first, doctors said they were having twins but soon after were informed they were having two sets of identical twins. The Woman’s Hospital of Texas, where Tress gave birth, confirmed the double twins where each shared a placenta – one placenta for each twin. If that’s not a miracle, I don’t know what is. Manuel should have bought a lottery ticket. But maybe that was pushing it too far.

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