15 Most Awkward Whisper Confessions From Moms

Being a mom can be lonely. Plus, it’s quite a lot of responsibility to raise and feed a baby or child and generally care for another human life.

The pressure is great, the time to get everything done each day is short, and many would argue that if someone has the title of “mom,” she has the most important job in the world.

Well everyone has their secrets – and for some reason those secrets are pretty much the funniest thing we’ve ever heard when they’re confessed by none other than… moms.

Some of these women are having a hard time getting out of the house and finding mom friends to talk to. On the Whisper app, it seems they’ve found a place to let it all out.

Some have guilt about not being the best parent they feel (or know) that they could. Others own up to messing with their spouses – and sometimes even having their kids aid them in this devious pursuit on a regular, or even daily, basis.

Some of these women are living lies, while others seem to simply be getting a kick out of some secret situation or charade.

From feeding their kids crap to intentionally humiliating their own children, here are 15 of the most awkward Whisper confessions from moms.

15 Mining For Trouble


Now, I’ve never played this game, but I know it’s super popular with a certain set of kids. I know they sometimes gather together for events and meet up at theaters and that for them, it’s kind of a big deal.

And I do know what an RPG (roll-playing game) is. A player inhabits the world of the game through a character. They may need to collect certain items to gain strength or “lives,” there is likely some form of currency to be earned or collected and then spent for supplies, weapons, and gear.

People who are into this stuff often put quite a bit of time and effort into building their characters up into successful players in the game.

And what does this mom awkwardly confess? She goes into the game and ruins her own kids’ characters.

14 Playing Pretend


There’s an element of silliness to many of these, but here we have some sadness. This woman is so fearful of being judged for being a single parent that she pretends there is someone else in the picture, a partner whom it is implied will be helping her along the journey of raising a child.

How does she fake this? She picked herself up a pretend engagement ring. In wearing this, she feels like she is presenting a more acceptable façade, one that’s not as likely to be harshly or negatively judged.

Here’s the thing, though. If she’s wearing that ring, won’t it also act as a symbol to any potential partners that she’s “taken.” An engagement ring, after all, isn’t usually considered an invitation for others to show that they’re interested.

13 Hungry For What?


The logistics of this one are a bit baffling, perhaps. Couldn’t she just ask her husband to make her lunch for the next day? If she’s too busy to do it herself, or even simply does not want to do it, can’t she say as much?

It seems clear that for whatever reason, she’s not comfortable going there – which is kind of bizarre. It’s just lunch!

Beyond this, why not send the kids off with their homemade lunches and use the money you would otherwise give them to purchase lunches to buy a lunch for yourself?

Sadly, our best guess is that maybe this is a situation involving poverty. Thankfully, many schools do offer somewhat nutritious and affordable lunches so that all children have the opportunity to eat at least one or two balanced meals a day.

So really, it could be that this lady is making a more practical decision than it seems on the surface.

12 Detachment Parenting


Nature has a beautiful way of ensuring that most parents, when everything goes right, would put the health and happiness and well-being of their kids before pretty much anything else. We form a special bond with our children. They rely on us completely at first and then progressively less (but still very much so) to teach them how to navigate this world, how to survive and thrive. And eating healthily and maintaining a healthy physique is an absolutely huge part of surviving and thriving, to be sure.

But is this mom stressing about making sure her children don’t have any serious health problems, that they eat healthy diets, and that they get adequate exercise? Nah.

She says, in so many words, that she quite frankly doesn’t give a damn. Yikes.

11 Shame, Shame


What exactly is going on in your relationship with your son that gives you this desire to humiliate him – whenever you go to the store?

What might kind of bother someone about this confession, too, is that the mother seems to be attempting to emasculate her own child. What the F happened in her past that gave her this drive to do this – and to her own offspring?

Now, I know I might be getting overly analytical and serious with this. We know families are there to care for and protect each other but also there to – sometimes, at least – give each other some good-natured teasing.

We’re wondering if this son sees it that way though. Does he have a laugh and dish it back with his own teasing and jokes – or does he cower in humiliation?

10 Playing At Gay


I suppose she might be proud that her son is clever enough to think up this little lie in order to get what he wants. But I’m a parent to two, and I can’t ever exactly get excited about the idea of my own children lying to me – even if I understand it’s a part of their normal social development.

This kid claimed to be homosexual in order to fool mother dearest into letting him have girls in his room. This seems to be quite an elaborate scheme.

We imagine this kid is perhaps in junior high or high school, and he saw an easy way out of his mom’s rules and went for it.

And how, exactly, did his mom discover his little charade, we wonder.

It’s kind of genius, because many moms are going to try to be understanding and supportive (you’d hope) upon hearing their kid identifies as gay.

9 That’s Healthy


Ah, passive aggression. Rather than expressing feelings of anger toward the person who we feel has caused them, we find some other way to act negatively toward them.

In this case, a mom is using her little girl, still just a toddler, to act out toward her husband (and the little girl’s dad) with physical violence. Nice parenting.

It’s good to teach your children to use physical violence against others, especially those close to them, right? Um, wrong.

The mother-daughter team even has a code word! Whenever the mom wishes a karate chop upon her hubs, she just gives the top-secret command.

How long, exactly, has this been going on? If it’s been any very long amount of time, we’re kind of wondering why ole pops hasn’t wised up. Like, hmm, I wonder why my daughter always assaults me when my wife is pissed off…

8 Choosing Sleep Over Children


So many moms profess that their kids are the best thing that ever happened to them. Many (realistic) mothers acknowledge that parenthood is very challenging and requires great self-sacrifice, yet also can be incredibly fulfilling and important to them.

This one seems ready to trade it all in for a few extra winks.

Let’s see, on one hand you’ve got your own children, who came from your own body and you should have a biological drive to protect and love, and then on the other hand you have a couple extra hours of shut-eye.

I mean, I know what it’s like to be mom tired, as, I’m sure, do many of you dear readers out there in Internet land. I’ve got dark circles around my eyes, they feel dry and heavy, and it’s been something like three weeks, I’d guess, since I felt “rested” in the morning. But it’s worth it, right?

7 Lacking Mobility


It’s awkward and funny at the same time that it’s kind of sad. It’s just that the way this woman phrases things, the facts of her situation, and heck, even her grammar don’t exactly bode well for her being able to fulfill her professional dreams.

This confession does not contain the writing of a college graduate, in our opinion. Becoming a therapist requires not only a bachelor’s degree but also a master’s degree, at the least.

Hey, maybe she’ll be able to find the time and the money and real-world knowledge to piece it all together. Never say never. Where there’s a will there’s a way, and all that jazz.

Is it kind of funny that the central fact she chooses to present about herself (besides the fact that she’s a stay-at-home mom) is that she doesn’t know how to drive? Maybe she’s feeling sort of trapped…

6 X-Rated Parenting

Let’s get this straight. She says she’s a typical stay-at-home mom. This conjures up images of packing lunches, doing laundry, and trips to the park. This woman even claims, at first, that she is somewhat dull.

But behind this façade of normalcy and parenthood is another life – one she is ashamed of. (If she wasn’t ashamed, why would she hide it from people, after all?)

Apparently, this mother does stay at home, but in this instance, calling herself a stay-at-home mom doesn’t mean that she doesn’t work.

And the work she does isn’t exactly considered honorable or something to be proud of by many people in polite society.

How are you simultaneously a mother and someone who works in porn? Just… what?

How do you reconcile caregiver, nurturer, and role model with…. that?

5 Mary Jane Mom


Marijuana, in case you don’t know, is a drug that can quite drastically impair an individual’s ability to carry out basic tasks. It can slow reaction times, make someone lethargic and detached, and have various health consequences.

Is it safe to constantly have this drug in your home – around your children? There’s a key point this woman seems to be completely overlooking.

It seems that she figures as long as her family’s most basic needs are met, well then she’s doing just fine and she can do whatever it is that she wants to do.

Is she using this drug legally? Or is she breaking the law and risking the repercussions of that for both herself and her children?

Now maybe she’s been given the okay to use, and maybe she has a medical reason. But does it sound like this is the case to you, or that it’s more for recreation?

4 Special Delivery

We hear, in this very list, of moms smoking weed every day while simultaneously raising children, but this one is just over the top. This woman confesses to using her own kids as a delivery service.


Childhood labor is one problem with this. And we’re guessing they’re not even compensated for the ILLEGAL work that they are being forced to perform.

Is this mom trying to convince herself that no one will ever find out she’s a mom and using her own kids in this way?

Sadly, it seems getting involved in illegal activities such as selling drugs is so often an act of desperation. If only people could see that a straighter (and more legal) course was available – one that would probably provide a more promising future for their kids.

3 Messing With Other Moms


Okay, so the parent who asked this mom which kid was hers was in all likelihood just trying to be friendly. It sounds like this was a fairly normal way of trying to start up a conversation with another parent. (Other common openers include asking about your baby or child’s age, which preschool or school they go to, and maybe if he or she has any brothers or sisters.)

Many a mom would answer politely and with a smile before entering into polite conversation about the kids, the park, the weather, and motherhood in general.

But not this gal.

She decides right off the bat to mess with the parent who posed the simple and harmless question.

While this mom seems quite amused with herself and thinks she’s just having some fun, what’s the real reason for using abrasive humor in place of authentic communication?

2 Mom In A Half-Shell


The best (or maybe worst?) part of this is that punctuation at the very end. It’s a question mark.

It’s not a firm statement that she loves her little family, but rather a trailing off uncertainty about whether or not the awkwardness she feels is even balanced in any way, shape, or form by the fulfillment of having a family of her own.

This gal’s confession is the only one in this list to actually include a mom calling herself awkward. And she does it in sort of an awkward way, you might say, by comparing herself to a little turtle.

But I guess what she might mean is that she tends to stay in her protective shell.

And there’s some truth, for sure, to it being hard to make friends sometimes as a mom. Many people get their chance to meet others and attend events and strike up conversations at their place of work, and if you’re not working or even working from home – and you’re a busy mom – it can be tough.

1 Balling Over Bacon


Let’s end on a hilarious note. This mom is currently pregnant. And one of the sometimes awkward things that can happen while a gal’s pregnant is that she can find herself really rather emotional at various points. Hormones abound, and a huge life change is in the process of occurring. It’s all very emotional!

Some gals (ahem) find themselves weeping at a touchy-feely movie they would otherwise laugh at – or even refuse to watch.

Some pregnant people find that they’re quick to become angry or annoyed at certain points.

And why did this poor lass suddenly get so emotional? Her husband ate her bacon. AND SHE DOESN’T EVEN EAT MEAT.

Ah, but to her, maybe that bacon represented something more, such as the chance for nourishment for herself and her unborn child – and did he even care about them at all???

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