12 Most Beautiful C-Section Tattoos

Here in coastal California, the land of punk bands, piercings, and body art dating to way back when, it’s certainly not uncommon to see a tattoo.

Though a good amount of college-educated professionals keep them in areas that are under wraps and not exposed at the office or during interviews, ask around, and sleeves are rolled up, waistbands are tugged down, and tops slightly lifted to reveal colorful, black-and-white, artful, lowbrow, old-school, and all other fashions of tats, often with a story behind them and often sported quite proudly.

People love to get tattoos that become part of their story or represent something significant for them in their lives. They pay homage to a song that changed their life, a relative they’d like to see live on through the portrait on their skin, an experience, or an encounter.

Sometimes, they take pain and suffering and turn it into something they find beautiful — something they can be proud of. They celebrate addictions overcome, commemorate obstacles conquered, and generally represent the dawn after the dark, the clarity after the storm.

And sometimes, quite literally, they cover a scar. Both in the U.S. and abroad, women and artists have found ingenious ways to use tattoos to cover C-section scars. Here are 15 rather beautiful examples.

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12 Mermaid Tale


A mermaid with a tale resembling traditional coy fish representations basks in the design of waves, flowers, and bubbles that cover almost the entire abdomen but start low, just above the pubic bone.

Does this mermaid seem to resemble the figure who wears it? Long blonde tresses cascade about the face and shoulders.

The piece is a vivid and colorful standout even on a body already quite heavily inked.

What story is behind this beach babe’s aquatic art piece?

A mermaid might represent the ability to swim gracefully and beautifully through life – or also the ability to lure others in with one’s beauty and magical charms.

Birth… water… life… the ocean… creation… It’s all connected.

This mermaid swims toward the notion of something fun and fanciful, leaving the scars and cares of the past behind.

11 Svelte Belt


Wendy Williams shared on Instagram this image of her striking a stretch of a pose while standing knee-deep in beautifully blue and clear tropical water.

What’s revealed almost discretely is a dark tattoo resembling a low-sitting belt on the hips, placed just above the pubic bone where an incision might be made for a Cesarean section to be performed.

Williams appears cool and confident in her zigzag-striped swim briefs and solid tie-front halter-top bikini.

She clearly knows how to select pieces that fit and flatter her form, both swimwear and tattoos.


So many women have gone with either simplistic and dark or elaborate and colorful tattoos in belt-like patterns, and we love the way that these pieces of art accentuate the female hips and peek prettily out from briefs or bottoms.

10 A Work In Progress


With fresh, pretty makeup and an interesting and growing collection of tattoos, this little lady expresses her personal style with gauged ears, spunky red-highlighted hair, and a symmetrical abdominal tattoo.

In this image, we can’t see the center of the piece of body art, but we do see what appears to be a partially completed design weaving curvily up over the front of the hips and the stomach, pointing toward a pierced bellybutton.

The left part of the design is partially shaded in hues of pink, leaving us to believe there’s still work ahead, both for the artist to carry out and this woman to endure.

But for now, she boasts the design proudly along with various other finished or partially finished pieces on her arms, shoulders, and right thigh.

9 To The Left, To The Left


Seen emerging from the center of the lower abdomen, this flowing piece swirls up toward the left side of the body, wrapping across the hip and very upper thigh and toward the lower back area.

It’s another example of an asymmetrical design, and it can be flaunted in a bikini as seen here or discretely covered with clothing at other times.

Elements of both script with unknown words and a swooping almost oversized paisley design are incorporated, and this large central piece’s colors seem to tie in somewhat to the tattoo on the left forearm as well as the one on the upper right chest near the shoulder.

A creative idea may be to have a piece designed to tie in with existing tattoos, either in theme, style, or color.

8 Colorful And Creative


I would say a crop-top muscle tee is actually an entirely appropriate shirt to complete this look.

Worn stonewashed denim and the simple white top leave the large tattoo on the hip and abdomen to really stand out in the image.

A creative swirl of color features a flower and what may be a feathery design.

If I had to guess, I would say that perhaps this design was maybe even drawn on freehand rather than placed through the use of a stencil, the better to fit and flatter the contours and curves of the hip.

The design that peaks out from its wearers jeans does extend below the waist and toward the pubic area, but it’s not a central and symmetrical piece that is very obviously intended to cover something up, such as a scar or imperfection.

It’s nice to include this as inspiration for those who may wish to have a piece that’s not so obviously doing a cover-up job.

7 Wearing It Proudly

A happy smile adorns this pretty gal’s face. She’s turned her C-section scar into what looks like a lavish piece of permanent jewelry.

We’ve seen this trend time and time again – most often in the form of large bands of ink that appear to resemble lavishly jeweled belts or even often garlands of flowers worn forever about the tattooed woman’s hips.

In this case, the body art appears to almost resemble a delicate tiara or crown. Perhaps its wearer has earned her royal status after going through 40-ish weeks of pregnancy, and a labor, and a C-section!

The bottom portion of the tattoo actually dips below the waistline onto the pubic area – it can easily be either covered up completely while wearing clothing or shown proudly while wearing a bikini or shorter top.

6 Floral Corner

What’s nice to be reminded of when perusing ideas for tattoos to cover scars from C-sections is that they needn’t always be one main central piece that is very obviously intended to cover such a scar.

They might encircle the hips like a belt or even – like this floral piece – start off to one side and meander over to the center quite delicately and discretely. The sky’s the limit – so how will your (ink) garden grow?

And of course though flowers make a classic and pretty motif for feminine tattoos, how about using your imagination?

I’ve always like classic and somewhat cartoony pieces in color, such as hearts, rainbows, or stars, myself!

This particular piece is dark, vibrant, and – from the looks of things – probably very nearly brand-new! The vines and tendrils add a delicate beauty.

5 Onward And Upward

It starts at the bottom of the abdomen and then grows with frills upward over the right side of the abdomen and toward the ribs.

This piece appears to be a temporary Henna tattoo rather than injected ink – but even Henna tattoos can last a long time, and perhaps be a great way to sort of try out the pattern and look of a tattoo before actually getting a “real” one, as in lying down for hours under the needle.

With pretty flowers and vines, this piece is ultra feminine and flattering to the wearer. There is just something about gently curving fines and opening flowers that seem to really complement the smooth curve of a female stomach and hip.

And there are themes of growth, life, and beauty carried through such pieces related to gardens and all things growing.

4 Still Fresh

Kiki, 25, mother of a 5-year-old boy, poses with her new tattoo, at Samurai Tattoo in Shanghai, China, March 15, 2017.

This pretty piece appears to be completely new. The model actually stands in what looks like a dark tattoo parlor – and if you look closely, you might notice that the skin appears to be somewhat inflamed around where the ink has been injected to form the body art’s pattern.

It’s asymmetrical, which always adds some interest.

Two flowers are featured at the center, with leaves reaching prettily out to either side and even a flower bud slowly unfurling down and toward the left.

A few other very small tattoos appear to adorn the wearer’s right hip as well.

This piece, though, sits very low, above the pubic area, in the perfect place to follow the trend in Asia of getting inked to cover up C-section scars.

For some, it’s just the thing!

3 Vivacious Variety

This gorgeous beach beauty sports a wide variety of tattoos all over her toned and tanned body.

It’s the red roses on the abdomen just above the hips points, though, that really catch the eye.

So, so many women seem to opt for this classic symbol of romance and femininity – the rose.

It’s fragrant, dark, beautiful, and quite often includes some thorns. It emerges from something dangerous to become something enticing and wonderful.

The rose on the woman’s right side appears to even bleed over into the existing tattoo on her side – or to partially overlap it. Which piece was completed first is hard to say – or perhaps the outlines on her side are still to be finished in the future. This brings up the fun idea of incorporating the new abdominal tattoo into the theme of existing tats or actually having them connect.

2 Forever And Always

“Forevermore” adorns these lower abs in a frilly cursive script. A huge font was used that makes the word span almost the entire abdomen and leaves very little blank skin left.

This model is clearly serious about her ink!

But in any case, it brings up a potentially inspiring idea for our readers about incorporating text or script into a piece of body art.

When done well, it can complete the look a subject has been going for and state very straightforwardly or with a subtle hint something that is important to her.

I would say take care with placing -- and stencil and place more than once if the first attempt doesn’t look quite right.

Something as bold as letters and words may be hard to correct later with embellishments or shading.

1 Taking Flight

Raul Meireles and his wife are seen sweetly holding hands as they enjoy walking through crystal blue water.

Her skimpy bikini reveals a plethora of body art, perhaps most noticeably in this ensemble a large and swooping feathered tail that curves its way right across the lower abdomen.

It looks like this plumage has been added on to the existing bird figure that flies up the left side of the body toward the ribs.

As she bares almost all in a tiny little triangle top and tie-side low-cut bikini bottoms, she certainly doesn’t show any scars – if she has them.

It’s always a fun idea to tie in the new abdominal tattoo with an existing one, and this can be done a variety of ways. It might be in theme, with additional flowers if those are the main existing motif, for example. Or it might be adding a flare of a tail to an existing bird!

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