15 Most Hated Kids Of All Time

When the world sees children do heinous things, immediately, their parents are thrown under the microscope of judgment. Sometimes, the parents are normal, everyday, boring parents. Sometimes the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. However, either way, we, as spectators, feel we need some type of justification for children turning out evil. That can't happen to our children, can it?!

It's one of my biggest fears, that no matter what I do, my children will do something completely despicable. Every time my kids say something creepy, I instantly think of the shell-shocked faces of parents of school shooters who never saw it coming. Did they really never see it coming? Are they just hiding the fact that their kids tortured their family pets or tried to suffocate a sibling at some point? Tell me there is a red flag...

However, believe it or not, not everyone sees this horrible behavior coming. It's bad enough to attempt to comprehend how adults can be evil, but children? How can we sleep at night knowing there are kids out there, walking this earth who can maim, kill or bully so bad the children they taunt never recover?

So, if you're looking for a lovey-dovey article about the miracle of children, this is not the article. This one is full of 15 stories of children who are so disgustingly twisted their crimes will keep you up at night, or at the very least haunt the dark corners of your nightmares for years to come.

15 Girl Convinces Boy To Kill Himself

Girl convinces boy to kill himself.

They were the texts heard round the world. They were sent from a teenage girl who snakily convinced her boyfriend to commit suicide -- some say, her motive was to get attention from the "cool" girls at school.

Initially, when then-17 year old Michelle Carter met her boyfriend, Conrad Roy III, the pair discussed suicide while texting and Carter encourage Roy to get help. However, two weeks before Roy killed himself via carbon monoxide poisoning, those helpful texts turned into encouragement to commit suicide.

Two weeks before his suicide, Roy told Carter he wanted to kill himself, her reply was more than encouraging.

"If this is the only way you think you're gonna be happy, heaven will welcome you with open arms," Carter wrote.

The texts didn't just end there, Carter continued to needle Roy to kill himself -- even going as far as teaching him how to do it.

"If you emit 3200 ppm of it for five to ten mins you will die within a half hour," she wrote. "You just need to do it."

It gets grosser, though. While attempting to suffocate himself in his truck with carbon monoxide, Roy had second thoughts and left the vehicle. Carter wasn't having it.

"Get back in," Carter wrote.

Carter was sentenced to a measly 15 months in jail for her persuasive texting since the court decided Roy would still be alive to this day if it wasn't for her daily brainwashing texts.

14 Kids Butcher Grandma To Get Pizza Money

Boys murder great grandma with a hatchet.

These two 13 year old Wisconsin boys with Justin Bieber haircuts slayed one of the boy's great grandmothers with a hammer and hatchet in order to get change to order a pizza.

Antonio D. Barbeau and Nathan J. Paape butchered Barbeau’s great-grandmother, 78-year-old Barbara J. Olson to death and then casually enjoyed a pizza together.

"I don't understand how anyone much less 13-year-olds can be so unfeeling about someone to after they kill her, go to have a pizza," District Attorney Joe DeCecco said.

The two boys snuck into Olson's home through an unlocked door and hit her in the head with the blunt head of a hammer. The initial blow did not kill Olson, who fell to her knees begging the boys to stop, then Paape hit her two more times in the head with a hammer and her grandson took the sharp end of a hatchet to her skull.

The pair made off with some loose change and some of Olson's jewelry.

13 Skinhead Teens Horrifically Murder Their Family

Freeman brothers are some of the most hated kids of all time.

They were merely teenagers, but associated themselves with the neo-Nazi movement. Their hatred ran deep and didn't spare a soul -- even their unexpecting parents whom were bloodily murdered by their sons in their home 20 years ago.

Bryan and David Freeman and their cousin Nelson "Ben" Birdwell III were white supremacist skinheads who's hatred climaxed in 1995 when 17-year old Bryan grabbed his mother while she came down the stairs of their home, stuffed shorts in her mouth and stabbed her repeatedly.

The atrocities didn't end there. 16 year old David and 18 year old Birdwell then went upstairs and bludgeoned David's sleeping father with a baseball bat and exercise bar. Birdwell then continued on to the Freeman's 11 year old brother, Erik's, room and attacked him with a pick axe.

The three boys were sentenced to life in prison, however, a Supreme Court ruling reevaluating life sentences for teen murderers may shorten their time in prison.

12 Football Stars Brag About Taking Advantage Of Teen Girl

Teen rapists among the most hated kids of all time.

Two Ohio football heroes not only raped an unconscious 16-year old girl, they also traded pictures of their gruesome crime like baseball cards.

17 year old Trent Mays who was the quarterback of the football team and wide receiver, 16 year old Ma'lik Richmond, used their fingers to penetrate the girl who was so drunk she couldn't have consented to any type of sexual contact.

The boys took pictures and videos of their victim, naked, passed out and covered in semen and sent them around their high school in an attempt to brag about their conquest.

There were dozens of phones confiscated during the boys' trials and many text messages read aloud during their hearings. One of which refers to Mays bragging about fingering the girl who felt "like a dead body."

Mays was sentenced to at least two years in the juvenile system. Richmond was sentenced to one year in the juvenile system.

11 Boys Kidnap And Murder Toddler In Cold Blood

10 year old murderers among the most hated kids of all time.

It was 1993 and 1o year olds during that time should be playing in arcades or riding their bikes -- but Jon Venables and Robert Thompson had much more malicious plans. The two went to a shopping mall, abducted a toddler and horrifically murdered him.

The two English boys abducted two year old James Bulger while shopping, took him to a railroad track where they continuously beat him -- mostly using an iron bar to beat the child.

When the two were done with their hideous task, they left little James to die. His body was found two days later, sliced in half by oncoming trains. It was one of the most disturbing crimes to rampage their England hometown.

"I've dealt with many murders but I've never seen the extent of the injuries that were inflicted on someone incapable of defending himself," said Albert Kirby who was then head of the Police Serious Crime Squad. "You couldn't think the person responsible for this was a child."

Even more shocking is the boys were both released in 2001 when they turned 18 and now live under new identities.

10 10 Year Old Girl Slays TWO Toddlers

10 year old girl most hated kid of all time after killing two toddlers.

We constantly hear about boys being the aggressor, frequently their faces are associated with school shootings and any other vicious childhood attacks. But in 1968, one 10 year old girl stepped out of that stereotype when she brutally slayed two toddlers on two separate occasions.

Her name was Mary Flora Bell and, just before her 11th birthday, she lured 4 year old Martin Brown into the woods and strangled him. She left him in the woods, but returned several days later to carve an "M" in his chest.

Little Mary wasn't caught after that murder, so she took her friend Norma into the woods along with 3 year old Brian Howe and the two strangled that little boy to death too.

Thankfully, the pre-teen murderess was caught after her second cold-blooded killing and spent 12 years behind bars. She was then released under a new identity.

9 The Ghastly School Shooters Who Started It All

Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris are some of the most hated children of all time.

When you hear the names Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, try not to get an icy shiver down your spine. For older Millennials, they were the first evil teens (Klebold 17 and Harris 18) to make school a terrifying place. The school shooters who started a trend that has killed hundreds since their crime in 1999.

It was April 20, 1999 and Klebold and Harris walked into Columbine High School and opened fire. The massacre left 12 students and one teacher dead. The two then killed themselves as a final "screw you" to authority.

The world watched in horror as children ran bloody into their parents arms while the school was under attack. While that seems a horrific sight, a dozen kids and parents didn't have the luxury of reunion.

What made these boys even more terrifying was the fact that their parents were completely blindsided by the murders.

“I had raised a murderer without knowing it,” Dylan Klebold's mother, Susan wrote in her memoir.

8 Boy Stomps Six-Year Old To Death While Babysitting

Boy one of the most hated children in American after stomping six-year old to death.

A 13-year old boy's mother was babysitting a little girl when the mother decided to leave to two alone and watch TV. Big mistake, since after Mom left, the teen stomped the little girl to death and became the youngest American citizen to be sentence to life in prison without parole.

The year was 1999 and Lionel Tate attacked six-year old Tiffany Eunick for 45 minutes until the little girl stopped breathing. When he was discovered by his mother, the boy tried to cover the murder up by saying it was a wrestling accident.

However, two days after Tiffany's death, the autopsy showed what happened to the little girl was no accident. She suffered a crushed skull, broken ribs, more than 30 internal bruises and her liver was shredded and pushed through her rib cage.

Lionel was charged with life in prison for first-degree murder. However, the ruling was overturned when the appeals court discovered Lionel wasn't given a mental assessment. The boy was released after three years in prison.

7 11 Year Old Becomes World's Youngest Serial Killer

11 Year Old Becomes World's Youngest Serial Killer

You can blame inappropriate television and music as the culprit for childhood murderers, but what about the 11 year old serial killer from the 1800's? Media couldn't have been to blame when the boy lured children into the woods where he slaughtered them.

His name was Jesse Pomeroy and at 11 years old the boy brought younger boys into the woods where he stripped them naked, tied them up, tortured them with knives and beatings -- eventually killing them.

His family moved all around Massachusetts, but the boy kept on killing. Finally, he was caught and sentenced merely to reform school.

At age 14, he was sent to live with his mother in Boston where he murdered a 10 year old girl and a four-year old boy who was found nearly decapitated.

Pomeroy was then sentenced to death, but that sentence was overturned and changed to life in prison quickly afterwards.

6 Teenage "Thrill Killer" Murders 9 Year Old Neighbor

Teen girl among most hated kids of all time after killing 9 year old neighbor.

A 15 year old girl from Missouri took to her journal after murdering her 9 year old neighbor in cold blood, describing the horrific slaying as "ahmazing" and "pretty enjoyable."

Alyssa Bustamante and her younger sister lured Elizabeth Olten into the woods to "play" in 2009. She then strangled her, slit her throat, stabbed her and, finally, burried her body in a grave she had pre-dug days beforehand.

The teen's attorneys blamed her prescription to Prozac for her violent tendencies, stating she had cut herself and attempted suicide proceeding her blood-thirsty murder.

Bustamante told police "she wanted to know what it felt like" to kill someone. The teen even boasted on her YouTube channel that her hobbies include "killing people."

Bustamante was sentenced to at least 35 years behind bars for the slaying.

5 Girl Plans Murders Most Of Her Family After Being Grounded

Girl plans murder of family after being grounded.

While most teenage girls would act out by dying their hair or piercing their eyebrow after being grounded -- one 16 year old took it upon herself to plan the murder of the majority of her family after being told she couldn't see her boyfriend any longer.

Erin Caffey, a former church pianist, was 16 years old when she killer her mother and brothers and nearly murdered her father.

She was aided by her 18 year old boyfriend, Charlie Wilkinson, and his 20 year old friend, Charles Waid, whom she persuaded to help her after being told she couldn't see her boyfriend again.

Caffey sat in the car with her friend while Wilkinson and Waid went into her family's home, and shot and stabbed the family with a samurai sword.

Caffey's mother and 13 and 8 year old brothers were killed. Her father was shot several times, but managed to drag himself to safety before the clan of killers burned the house down.

Caffey and the men are now serving at least 40 years in prison for the trio of murders.

4 Two Teen Girls Cyberbully Girl Until She Jumps To Her Death

Teen girls accused of bullying 12 year old until she kills herself.

Two girls, ages 12 and 14, are the reason a 12 year old girl jumped to her death after the pair of bullies relentlessly taunted her both online and in real life.

12 year old Katelyn Roman and 14 year old Guadalupe Shaw were labeled as the chief tormentors of 12 year old Rebecca Sedwick who jumped from a concrete silo tower due to the endless torture of the other girls.

For the seven months leading up to her suicide, Shaw and Roman teased Sedwick by calling her names like "ho" and "ugly" in school. This, paired with Sedwick already suffering from depression was a lethal combination.

Shaw even went on to date Sedwick's ex-boyfriend and wrote on Sedwick's Facebook page that "no one likes you" and other students remember the girls telling Sedwick to "go kill yourself."

Shaw even had a post on her Facebook page after Sedwick's death stating: "Yes ... I bullied REBECCA and she killed her self but IDGAF," the ending short for "I don't give a f***."

Her parents claim she was sleeping when the post was made and someone hacked her account.

3 Young Teens Open Fire On Schoolmates

Boys open fire on school and kill five students.

Most mass shooters simply kill as many as they can and then kill themselves, going out in a deranged blaze of glory. However, for 11 and 13 year old boys from Minnesota, not only did they live, they are now out of incarceration.

Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden shot up their school in 1998 -- killing five people. It was then the second-deadliest school shooting in history.

Johnson was described by his teachers as very polite, while Golden was labeled as "sneaky."

The pair took guns from Golden's grandparents, pulled the fire alarm at school and then opened fire on students as they attempted to flee the building.

The pair of killers were not tried as adults, therefore, they were released from incarceration when they each turned 21 years old.

2 Boy Hides Dead Body Inside His Bed

Teen hides murdered girl in his bed.

A mother was wondering why her teenage son's waterbed was leaking. Upon further investigation, she discovered the rotting corpse of their 8 year old neighbor girl.

14 year old Joshua Phillips had stripped 8 year old Maddie Clifton nearly naked and beaten her with a baseball bat and stuffed her under his waterbed in his bedroom. When she didn't die from that, he drug her outside and stabbed her in the neck and chest. He then put her back under his bed and watched porn.

Phillips slept on that bed for a week while the entire area searched for little Maddie. Prosecutors say he was fueled by a love for Maddie's older sister and devil worship books as well as photographs stolen from the Clifton home were found in his bedroom. He also had air fresheners and Febreze to cover up the stench of the rotting body.

He was convicted of first-degree murder in 1999.

1 12 Year Old And "Werewolf" Boyfriend Kill Her Family

12 year old girl and werewolf boyfriend kill her family.

10 years ago, a 12 year old Canadian girl slit her little brother's throat while her boyfriend stabbed her parents to death in blood-soaked massacre.

Jasmine Richardson and her 23-year old boyfriend, Jeremy Steinke, who identified himself as "300 year old werewolf" were the only two behind the brutal slaying -- orchestrated and encouraged by 12 year old Richardson.

Jasmine's mother was stabbed 12 times by Steinke, her father a whopping 24 times. Her little brother was the one that Jasmine requested to kill herself, stabbing him five times, including a giant slash across the throat.

Allegedly, the two had chosen to go on a killing spree so they could run away together after meeting and falling in love at a punk rock concert.

Richardson served 10 years in prison and is now out and living free.

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