15 Most Haunting Things Kids Have Said

As many parents and babysitters know, kids can say the funniest things. They seem to have no filter when an idea pops into their heads, no matter how inappropriate at the time. There have been plenty of times where kids have been quoted on the internet for saying something funny in a serious situation. These funny moments entertain us adults on a daily basis and give us quite the tickle of laughter. It is one of the joys of life watching a child think out their thoughts.

However, what about the children who are quoted saying something creepy in the oddest of situations? When a child sees something we do not, or perhaps, thinks outside the box on a freaky level, it's a bit alarming. We aren’t so tickled then, but rather terrified. What makes it even creepier is the serious attitude and strange facts in which kids tell us these spine tingling stories. They believe what they are telling us and don’t understand what is so strange about it. Listed below are 15 stories in which children freaked out their family or friends and left them leaving the lights on at night all through the house.

15 Ask About Cutting It Off

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Kids are curious creatures and are always asking random questions. They may ask these questions out of the blue or while discussing a certain topic. It all depends on what sparks the kid’s imagination or morbid curiosity.

When this child became curious about body parts and death, his wheels began to churn. The curious kid had no choice but to turn to his father for an answer. “Can you cut someone’s tongue off without killing them?” I can only imagine this father’s surprise to the question and his deep intake of breath before trying to calmly give his child an answer to this odd question. A question like this will take anyone off guard, but to hear it come from a child gives it a higher chill factor. Why would a child be wondering such a thing? We may never know. Something else we may never know is the father’s response to his son’s bizarre question.

14 A Mask For A Face

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Children like to dress up and pretend to be their favorite characters. Along with those costumes come masks to better look like your hero. It gives a more realistic feel for the child. But what if your favorite character is your Papi? Well, according to this kid, you peel his face off and make a mask.

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On a normal day, just like they had done on several occasions before, a child and his Papi were playing on the floor. While the Papi is tickling his grandchild and making nom-nom sounds, the kid pleads for him to stop while still laughing. Papi eventually becomes tired and sits up to rest. The child then sits up and says, “I’ll never eat your face, Papi. I’ll cut it off and wear it as a mask.” Whoa, talk about a crazy scene from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This kid has not only freaked out his Papi but the rest of the world as well. Could this be our next Leatherface?

13 Speaking Another Language In Her Sleep

It is not uncommon for kids to talk in their sleep, or adults for that matter. They can say some of the funniest things or replay their whole day and carry on conversations with themselves. It can be quite entertaining. Sometimes, though, sleep talking can go to extremes in some rare cases.

This mom recounts when her daughter was five years old and started talking in her sleep. The strange part, she wasn’t talking in her native language. Instead, she was speaking in Spanish, a language the family had never studied before. The odd part was when the girl was awake, she couldn’t understand Spanish. While a bit creepy, it’s also very unique. One has to question, how did the girl know Spanish in her sleep? Was there someone speaking for her? Was she remembering a past life? Whatever the reason, it’s fascinating and a bit hair raising.

12 "I'm Not Holding A Knife Behind Me"

There are moments while we are sleeping when an odd feeling sets our senses off and jolts us awake. Sometimes it’s nothing, but sometimes it is something we would have never imagined. In this next story, this parent wakes up to their scariest nightmares.

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This parent was woken from a sound sleep by a strange feeling alerting their body. When the parent’s eyes adjusted from sleep, they found their child standing over the bed and looking down at them with a huge grin on their face. When the parent asked the child what he was doing, the child replied, “Nothing,” while still smiling. The parent grew weary and looked behind the child’s back to discover the largest carving knife they owned. Perhaps the child was sleep walking and wanting a piece of meat, hopefully not of the human variety. Maybe the child was trying to scare the parent intentionally. Either way, a trip to a doctor would have been in order the next day.

11 "My Package Is Bigger Than Yours"

We do our best to keep our children innocent. However, as parents, we try to make the line clear between boys and girls and their different body parts at a young age. To this father’s surprise, his daughter didn’t seem to get the same memo as all the other kids in the house. Either that, or he’s got his hands full with a one smart mouth cookie.

This father was grilling hamburgers for his family and his kid’s friends. To his surprise, his 7-year-old daughter had eaten two whole hamburgers. Jokingly, he said, “Wow, you ate two hamburgers.” His daughter was quick to correct her father saying, “No, it means my penis is going to be bigger than yours.” Cue the laughter now. While it may be a bit creepy for a seven-year-old to be thinking such a thing, I’m sure this father was stunned beyond words at his daughter’s fast response.

10 "Let's Bury Him"

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There’s an unspoken agreement between siblings from the moments they are born. They will love one another, but also promise to argue and disagree with every little thing they see fit. It’s something parents face on a daily basis, the arguing and screaming. However, these new parents never expected what happened on the day their son was born.

Their elder daughter was excited. She wanted to see her new baby brother. But when dad sat down with her brother cradled in his arms, the little girl lost her smile. She peered down at her baby brother with a serious expression. After studying him for a while, she looked up at her dad and said, “Daddy, it’s a monster. We should bury it.” I’m guessing there wasn’t much love between this brother and sister duo. Perhaps, that will grow over time. One thing is for certain, if I was this girl’s dad, I would be keeping a sharp eye on her.

9 Nailing The Cat To A Cross

Kids like to get crafty. They like coming up with their own ideas and making them their own. The messier the better. This next kids craftiness came out when she and her father discovered some still born kittens.

This father was trying to do his daughter a favor. After the father and daughter discovered some stillborn cats, the daughter wanted to create wooden crosses for each one. The father, wanting to comfort his daughter, agreed to make the crosses. While he was making them, his daughter gave him a confused looks. “Aren’t those too small?” she had asked. The dad didn’t understand and began questioning her about it. This was her answer, “Aren’t we going to nail the cats to them?” To say her dad was appalled is an understatement. This girl could have the best of intentions, but thinking of nailing a kitten to a cross and displaying it in the yard is a bit creepy. I’m sure her dad thought the same thing.

8 Bloody Waves Rushing Over Her

It’s not uncommon to see a kid zoned out and deep in thought. As parents, we become curious to know what our kids are so deep in thought about. It can be interesting to see them work through their thoughts and get to see a side of them that’s growing. But sometimes, it’s best not to know, as this next mom can attest.

While they were sitting around as a family, this aunt recalls watching her niece scare her mother. The child was sitting quietly on the couch, thinking. Curious, the mom asked the little girl what she was thinking about. The girl replies, “I’m imagining the waves of blood rushing over me.” Cue the chill factor. Children think strange things, it’s true. This goes beyond strange and opens the door wide open on creepy. This leaves to question, what made the child think of blood rushing over her head. What are they letting this kid watch?

7 "You're MY Girlfriend Now"

Kids holding hands and pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend can be cute. It can create many memories for the parents and the children. But not all these cute moments stay innocent and sweet. As this one parent recalls, she was stunned after hearing what this little boy had to say about their daughter.

The mother was talking with her son and jokingly asked, “What’s the best way to get a girlfriend?” She was expecting a cute reply, I’m sure. However, her son startled her when he said, “Tell her to be my girlfriend or she’ll never see her parents again.” Hopefully, this mother informed her son blackmail is no way to win a girl’s heart. Flowers and candy, maybe, but not threatening her with her family. As a society, though, the lingering question is how this kid came up with such an answer. To say it is creepy is an understatement.

6 Putting Mom In A Glass Jar

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A mother and child bond is quite strong. A mother loves her child unconditionally, as does the child. The mother is there to protect the child, love them, and nurture them. This is one of the best loving bonds of life. This child in this next story lets his mother know how much she means to him, even if it’s a little creepy.

While sitting with her child one day, cuddling, a son looks up at his mother and smiles. Little does she know what he is about to confess. “Mommy, when you die I will put you in a glass box on my dining room table. Don’t worry, I will make sure my wife knows how to dust you so you won’t get dirty.” While thoughtful, I’m sure both the mother and wife would rather the son remember his mom in another way. One that doesn’t involve his mother being the main centerpiece at a family dinner.

5 Peeling Mom’s Skin Off

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We’ve already established kids think the strangest of things. Their little minds are growing and expanding while discovering the vast world we live in. Small injuries are a part of that discovery. We’ve also established how a mother’s love is a tight bond with her child. This next kid, like the kid before, wants to express her love for her mother, although a bit on the cryptic side.

This mother, who had gotten sunburned, had been shedding dead skin due to her injury. As she was peeling, her daughter watched day after day as her mother shed the injured skin. One early morning, the mother wakes with a startle and finds her daughter inches from her face. The daughter looks her in the eyes and whispers, “I want to peel your skin off.” The tired mother was a little frightened until she remembered her sunburn and what would have tempted her daughter to say such a thing.

4 Constantly Repeating This Word

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Parents do their best to censor their children, and what they say. We do our best to raise our children to be polite and know what is appropriate and what is not. There are circumstances when this is not a possibility, namely, when you are not standing right over your child. In this next story, a waitress is shocked by what a child says to her after his mother goes to the bathroom.

The waitress was making her rounds when she noticed the little 4-year-old stabbing away at her sandwich with a plastic fork. As the waitress got closer, she could hear the little girl saying, “Die, die, die, die.” Intrigued and a little startled, the waitress walked over to the little girl to ask what she was doing. The girl replied, “I like to kill things, but mom says I shouldn’t. I picked the ham because it can’t scream.” It looks like this little girl needs to be supervised twenty-four-seven.

3 "I Promise I Won't Ever Chew Your Bones"

This next kid takes a ribbon for creepiest things said to a person. Parents and even complete strangers have heard children proclaim some pretty freaky things. But when it involves body parts and the promise not to chew on them, the strange factor goes up by a few notches. And that is exactly what this next kid does.

While cuddling with his mother, this cute 3-year-old smiles up at her. I’m sure she’s waiting for him to say something cute or loving to her. In some ways, what he says could be considered loving but in a very strange way. The young boy looks his mother in the eyes and says, “I promise I won’t ever chew on your bones. I promise.” While a nice gesture, I’m certain it was not the endearment the mother was expecting. If this kid doesn’t have a dog who frequently chews on doggy bones, these parents may want to sit this kid down and have a long chat.

2 "This Is The Wrong Head"

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Admit it, there have been times when you’ve had your fair share of good thoughts and bad thoughts. Many refer to them as the angel and demon on their shoulders. It would be easier to us if these two would work together instead of playing a game of tug of war. It can be mind boggling when trying to make a decision, especially if you know better than to do what your bad side is encouraging you to do.

This kid must have been battling something similar. There are a lot of ideas that come to mind that would make a kid struggle with right or wrong. Kids are often caught taking something that is not there’s or saying something mean because they got mad. This little guy must have had enough with the struggle. He declared to his dad, “I want to cut my bad head off.” While I can understand the frustration, I’m not sure this tactic is going to help this little guy out.

1 "Should The Baby Go In The Fire?"

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It can be a magical moment when a sibling meets their new brother or sister for the first time. As explained before, there’s a bond of love and an understanding of a future full of arguing. But some kids do not have this love for their sibling upon first sight. This last story is another account of the sibling war that starts from day one.

A mother brought in her new bundle of joy, a little baby boy. Sitting in a chair is her other pride and joy, her 3-year-old daughter. The mother gently hands the daughter the baby and smiles proudly down at them. The moment slips when the little girl looks up at the mother and says, “So, I shouldn’t throw him into the fire?” I’m sure the mother was firm when she explained to her daughter she could not throw her baby brother into a fire, at least, I hope she was.

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