15 Most Hilarious Things Pregnant Women Have Done To Stay Cool In Summer

It is currently the middle of summer. That means a great many things. It means that kids are out of school and going to camp. It means that people will be hitting the beach and the pool. However, perhaps more than anything, the summer means that it is going to be hot.

In some cases it may even be incredibly hot. Naturally, that means that people are going to be hot during the summer, and that means all people. There is somewhat of a special class of people, however, when it comes to feeling the summer heat. That class of people are pregnant women.

They may very well suffer the most in the heat of the summer. As a result they are probably very willing to do just about anything to beat the heat of the summer. So of the ways pregnant women choose to cool off are pretty conventional and straightforward. Then there are other ways.

The other ways are less conventional to say the least. In fact, some cooling off methods are downright funny and even hilarious to one degree or another. That being said, here are 15 hilarious ways pregnant women have stayed cool during the summer

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15 Getting Into Kiddie Pools

What better way is there to cool off than getting in a pool? During the summer some people might find a pool to be rather irreplaceable. The only problem is that not everyone has a pool. So what is a hot pregnant woman suppose to do with no pool? She just has to get a little creative, that's all.

She goes out and gets a pool obviously, but not always an actual pool. Those are costly and take time to put in. That is why some pregnant women simply get in a kiddie pool anyone can buy at a store. What is funny about this is that a kiddie pool is for, well, kids, and not fully grown women that are pregnant. Nevertheless, a hot pregnant woman has got to do what she's got to do.

14 Drinking "Mocktails"

One thing to do that is a great way to cool off is to drink a nice refreshing cocktail. The only problem is that when a woman is pregnant she is not actually supposed to have any alcohol because it is not good for the baby. So it may seem that a pregnant woman cannot enjoy a cocktail. However, that is not entirely true.

A pregnant woman could always enjoy a "mocktail". As the name suggests, it is not really a cocktail in the sense that it does not have any alcohol in it. Mocktails are not just a good way to stay cool. A mocktail is also a good way for a pregnant woman to stay hydrated during the summer, which is something that she should be trying to do anyway.

13 Wearing Men's Boxer Shorts

Sometimes when a person gets really hot they may feel like ripping all their clothes off. A pregnant woman has probably felt that way at some point. Naturally a pregnant woman cannot just walk around naked all the time. What a pregnant woman can do is wear clothing that is not so hot, and that goes for undergarments as well.

It may sound funny, but some women swear by men's boxer shorts. They claim that boxer shorts are nice and cool. At the very least, boxers are not very restricting. Also it seems that women wearing boxer shorts are something of a trend now a days so pregnant women wearing them will actually be quite stylish as well as cool.

12 Exercising In The water

Just because a woman is pregnant does not mean she wants to abandon everything in her daily life. For a lot of women that means working out. However, working out is a good way to work up a sweat, and a pregnant woman will probably be hot enough as it is. So what is a pregnant woman to do?

Some experts suggest that a woman work out in the water. That means that a pregnant woman can do aerobics or what not in a swimming pool. That way a woman get her workout done without overheating. It has already been mentioned that a pool in and of itself is a great place to cool off from the heat of the day.

11 Using Fragrances To Cool Off

Some ways pregnant women use to cool off are more conventional and less obvious than others. A good example of one outside the box is that some pregnant women use fragrances to cool off. Strange as it may seem some fragrances are actually very good to cool off with. It is largely essential oils that we know for their cooling properties.

The idea is to add a few drops of those essential oils to water, and then splash a little bit on the face and body. So basically, it is just adding an essential oil to a spray bottle to cool a pregnant woman off even more. It is not too bad of an idea. Also a pregnant woman probably needs as much help as possible when she is really hot.

10 Banishing Hubby From The Bed

If a woman is pregnant that means she almost certainly has a partner in her life. That partner is probably a husband or somebody that lives with the pregnant woman. They also probably sleep in the same bed. The thing is that when two people sleep beside each other it can get kind of hot, and not in any sexy way, but literally hot.

People generate body heat and sleeping next to someone you pick up on it. It is for that reason that some pregnant women insist on not actually sleeping next to their husband. That typically means the husband is moved out of the bed. A pregnant woman will probably be more comfortable in a bed by herself along with being cooler anyway meaning there are two advantages.

9 Putting A Bowl Of Ice In Front Of A Fan

It has been said that necessity is the mother of all inventions. That may very well be true when a woman is pregnant and really hot. For example, some women have been know to put a bowl full of ice in front of a personal fan to help cool off. At first that might sound a little bit crazy.

However, the idea is actually a pretty clever one. By doing this women have created an ice cold mist that blows on them. It has already been mentioned that there are spray bottles with fans on them that essentially achieve the same effect. It is a pretty good way to cool off. Also, it is something that is real easy to do, which is nice.

8 Constantly Going To The Movies

If a pregnant woman finds her house just a little too hot she will probably want to get out of it for a while. She will want to go someplace cool. A good place to go is to the movies. A movie theater is often a pretty cool place to visit to the point where a person might have to actually wear a jacket in it.

Of course, not every mom-to-be can afford to go to the movies all the time. If that isn't the case then she can do the next best thing. She can just crank up the AC and have a movie marathon at home. It might even help to watch movies set in cold locations.

7 Wrapping Cold Wet Flannel On Her Feet

If a pregnant woman is really hot it may be a certain part of her body that is particularly hot. For some women it may be their feet that are hot. In that case a pregnant woman needs to do something to cool her feet. Some women like to get something, like flannel, make it cold and wet and wrap it around their feet.

They typically do this at night. Not only does it keep a woman's feet cold it, also helps to cool off their whole body. The only problem is that some women feel the need to get the cloth wet and cold again. However, that is probably a small price to pay for being cooled off instead of being hot and utterly miserable.

6 Constantly Eating Frozen Treats

Sometimes when a woman is overheating, cooling off becomes the most important thing. It may even become more important that any nutritional concerns she has. It is for that reason that she may feel the need to eat frozen treats, and a lot of them. That means eating things like popsicles, slushies, ice cream, and all the summer favorites.

If anyone was to ask little kids they will probably tell you that eating that stuff is a great way to cool off. The thing is that are probably right. Frozen threats will certainly make a person feel cooler, if only briefly. Plus, they are just a fun thing to eat, and are bound to make anyone feel better about being hot.

5 Wiping Off With Wet Wipes

A pregnant woman that is hot and miserable will do just about anything to get cool. Of course, sometimes a woman is out and about and does not have access to anything that can help cool her off, no matter how much she wishes she did. In that case, a woman has got to do what a woman has got to do. That means using whatever is at hand to cool down.

There are times when that might be wet wipes. Yes, wet wipes. It sounds crazy, but some women say that it works. It does kind of make sense since a wet wipe is essentially just a wet cloth. It is bound to cool a person down to some degree despite being rather unconventional. Besides when a pregnant woman is hot she is willing to try just about anything.

4 Spraying Herself With A Water Bottle

When it comes to keeping cool sometimes the best thing is simply some cool water. Of course, sometimes a pregnant woman do not just want some cool water to drink. Sometimes they want cool water actually on them. Yes, they are just that hot!

Granted dumping cold water on oneself is often not a good idea nor a very practical one. So pregnant women do the next best thing. They spray themselves with cold water from a spray bottle. This may seem a bit silly, but it is actually a bit of a niche market. Some spray bottles actually come with a little fan women can cool themselves with as well, because two cooling method are far better than one.

3 Taking Showers All The Time

The thing is that a pregnant woman may not just be hot when she is outside. A pregnant woman may also be hot while she is in doors as well. In fact, she may actually be hot in her very own house. If that is the case she could always just crank up the AC.

However, sometimes even that is not enough. In those cases a pregnant woman may consider taking a shower. She may actually feel the need to take more than one shower. Obviously these showers would have to be cold or at least cool. A good cool shower is always a good way to beat the heat especially if a pregnant woman is overheating in her own house. It is important to point out that some experts feel a pregnant woman should not take a cold bath.

2 Putting A Wet Washcloth In The Freezer

When a pregnant woman gets hot she may also get a little desperate. She will do just about anything to get cool. On that note, what's cooler than a freezer? That is what some pregnant turn to the household appliance for help with the heat.

It is quite simple really, a pregnant woman will get a washcloth and wet it. She will then put the washcloth in the freezer to freeze it obviously. Once it is ready to go, experts say a pregnant woman should use it as a compress for her forehead. Of course, a pregnant woman can place the washcloth wherever she wants to. Who is anyone to tell her any differently? A pregnant woman gets to do what she wants.

1 Eating Smaller, More Frequent Meals

A pregnant woman is bound to gain some weight. Of course, many pregnant women do not want to gain an overwhelming amount of weight. That is why they tend to watch what they eat to some degree anyway. As it turns out watching what they eat is a good way to stay cool as well.

It may sound a bit odd, but experts say it works. If a woman eats lighter meals and more frequent meals it will help her keep her metabolism steady. That means a woman's metabolism will not have to work as hard which generates more body heat. That means if a pregnant woman eats a whole lot her body heat will increase and she will be hotter which, is something that she does not want to happen.

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