15 Most Impressive Pregnant Women To Ever Exist

Pregnancy is a common experience among women. We all go through some similar experiences such as morning sickness, food cravings, hormonal surges (and rages), as well as weight gain, just to name a few. Even with all the similarities in our pregnancies, there are so many different pregnancy stories out there, because all pregnancies seem to be just a little bit different. Some are easier than others, and some are downright life threatening, but bringing new life into this world is a relatively normal occurrence that many women can relate to.

Most of our pregnancy stories aren’t going to break the Internet, because they are common enough that others have had similar experiences. And yet, there are some women who seem to take pregnancy and childbirth to a whole ‘nother level—a level that the rest of us mere mortals have trouble wrapping our minds around.

Some of these women have a way of making pregnancy seem extra special; some make pregnancy seem like a walk in the park (or perhaps a waddle in the park); some women don’t let pregnancy stop them from doing the things they love that would be difficult for the rest of us when we aren’t pregnant; and some women just get dealt a crazy hand when they attempt to repopulate the earth.

Whatever the reason for the following 15 pregnant women being on this list, you can be assured it’s because their pregnancies are difficult to believe, and some of them are downright crazy!

15Yoga Mom

Let’s face it, most of us aren’t bendy enough to do yoga when we aren’t pregnant, let alone when we feel like we are as big as a hot air balloon. Toe touches are a bit tough for me to swing, but I can juuuust reach. But toe touches when I was pregnant? Mind blowing.

Some yoga women turn into yoga moms when they find out the happy news that they are expecting, but for Lizzy Tomber, yoga alone was not enough. She has apparently long been a fan of combining acrobatics with yoga, or acroyoga, and she wasn’t about to stop just because of a teensy thing like pregnancy. She and her husband share some pretty stunning photos of some amazing acrobatic yoga poses on their instagram page. Does this women take pregnancy to another level? Yeah, like flying through the air, balancing on her husband’s feet kind of level.


It's a tough job caring for one or two children in this world, let alone eight at one time. Feeding them, keeping them alive, meeting all their needs, raising them into decent human beings. I struggle to get everything done with two children, and sometimes I still wonder: Am I doing enough? Will they turn out okay?

Well, love her or hate her, Octomom has definitely taken pregnancy to an extreme level, in my mind an impossible level, and I don't want to play. We all may judge her—let’s just agree on this one—for her selfishness, but we can’t help but be a bit curious. I can't even imagine how she gets from one day to the next, and I can only speculate on whether those children are thriving in that sort of environment, but my guess is...probably not. Still, she is a legend in carrying multiples, and they are all still alive, so there’s that.

13This Mother Who Was Pregnant 69 Times

If the number of children Octomom brought forth on this earth impressed us, we are boggled by the world record holder of the most children popped out of one hoo-ha—69. 69 would be the most appropriate number in this situation. I’m not entirely sure that this story is even legit, but both Snopes and the Guinness Book of World Records have recorded this situation as most likely true. There are apparently several documented sourced of the woman named Valentina Vassilyeva, who was the first wife of a Russian peasant, who was gifted with an extremely fertile uterus. The reason this many births were possible, is because this Russian woman gave birth to many sets of multiples. There were 6 sets of twins, 7 sets of triplets, and 4 sets of quadruplets. Even stranger still, documentation shows that all most all of these children survived infancy. That’s an awful lot of mouths to feed for a peasant.

12This Pregnant Man

Men can't have babies, right? Right?! Well, this man named Thomas Beatie has had three of them! Okay, there is a catch...he is a transgender male. Still, it's pretty impressive that this dad decided to carry the children when his wife was having trouble conceiving. Thomas had already done ‘upper surgery’ to alter his appearance to that of a man, but he had kept his female reproductive organs and was able to carry all the children safely. Sadly, after having three kids together, the couple has gone through a somewhat nasty divorce. He has found someone new, and wants to have more children. This time, he wants his new wife to carry them, but he has not yet had a hysterectomy, though he did have 'lower surgery' to further alter his appearance to that of a man. You have to hand it to this guy! This dad will do anything for his kiddos, including carrying them to full term.

11The Smallest Pregnant Woman In The World

The smallest woman to ever become pregnant is Stacey Herald, who is just 2 feet and 4 inches tall. Stacey has a condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which is a condition that results in brittle bones, underdeveloped lungs, and an inability to grow. Stacey has always wanted a family though, and soon after she married her husband, Will, they decided to try to have kids. Doctors and family members begged her not to risk her life to have children, but she ignored them all. She also defied odds, giving birth to her first daughter. She didn't stop there, however, becoming pregnant with a second daughter only a year after having the first. She also had a son soon after. Both the oldest child and the youngest inherited Stacey’s disorder. She considers all of her children to be miracles, and though the pregnancies are extremely difficult on her body, she wouldn't have it any other way.

10This Woman Who Got Pregnant, While Already Pregnant

Julia Grovenburg had something happen to her that was so rare, she is 1 out of only 11 women known to have reported the phenomenon. She got pregnant, while she was already pregnant. Apparently, she and her husband were trying soooo hard to conceive (get that picture in your mind, folks), that there must have been lots of sperm kicking around in there. Two eggs were released at different times, and implanted at different times; so one baby is actually about two weeks older than the other. So technically speaking, the babies are not twins, even though they were born on the same day. When doctors looked at the ultrasound picture, they could see that one baby was considerably larger and more developed than the other, demonstrating that mom was already pregnant with that baby, when she became pregnant with the second. It was a stressful pregnancy because doctors weren’t sure what would happen, but everything worked out in the end, and both babies were born just fine.

9This Marathon Running Mommy

Some of us are pretty good about working out, and making time to get exercise. I know that during both of my pregnancies, I was good about getting out and getting that heart pumping. Still, this marathon running mama puts the rest of us to shame. I haven't run a marathon while my uterus is empty, let alone 34 weeks preggers. Amy Kiel is a lifetime marathon runner, so she does have some experience with this sort of thing. Still, it is a jaw-dropper to see a woman at the very end of her pregnancy running the Boston Marathon. I'm obviously not the only person who thinks this is an impressive feat. Amy is one of those women who don't let their pregnancy stop them from continuing to do things that they love. While she admitted that she ran a bit slower than usual, and that running was certainly more difficult, she shows us that nothing is impossible if you don't give in to excuses.

8This Cancer Mom Who Gave Her Life So Her Baby Could Live

The Big C is one of the most dreaded words in the world. We all fear it, but we certainly hope to at least have some treatment options for a chance at survival. Well, Cara Walters Combs was only 23 weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with stage IV melanoma, and treatment was needed right away. But Cara couldn't do that to her unborn child. She decided to wait several weeks, until the baby was 28 weeks, so that the baby would have a fighting chance at survival. After the baby was born, Cara was too weak from the cancer and labor to begin treatment. She died before ever getting the cancer treatment she needed to survive. Luckily, she was able to meet her baby before she passed away. The family was, of course, devastated. But they appreciate the great sacrifice she made for her daughter, who was named Shay.

7The Youngest Mother Ever

According to Snopes, "Lina Medina, a Peruvian girl from the Andean village of Ticrapo" was the youngest recorded mother in history. She apparently began menstruating at 8 months of age, and had fully developed breasts. At first, the mother believed her daughter had some sort of abdominal tumor, and when she took her to the doctor, they discovered that the child was indeed pregnant. "The girl gave birth via C-section to a 6 pound baby boy when she was 5 years 7 months and 21 days old." Sadly, the authorities were not able to determine who fathered the baby, although the father was jailed for a short time on suspicion on incest. No one was ever charged with the crime, and the little boy was raised by the family, as though he was actually Lina's brother. She treated him as a little brother, and he didn't learn until he was 10 years old that Lina was not his sister, but his mother.

6The Most Fashionable Pregnant Woman

We realize that fashion is not life or death, and some people may not care much about it at all, but some people believe that fashion is important for self-confidence and happiness. When you look and feel good, you suddenly become happier and are more likely to enjoy your day. Fashion is a big part of that. But what do you do when you've always been a fashionista and you suddenly have a swollen baby belly throwing off the shape of your body, and thus all of your outfit plans? Well, if you are anything like celebrity stylist Angela Fink, you roll with it. When Angela was a mom-to-be, she didn't let her pregnant belly get in the way of being the fashionable woman that she was. She embraced it, and showed the world that pregnancy can look good on you, if you choose to embrace it, not hide it. Most fashionable pregnant woman ever? We think so!

5Weightlifter Mom

Mom Sophie Guidolin got a lot of heat from the Internet Police when she posted this picture of herself lifting weights while 26 weeks pregnant with twins. Guidolin said that people were freaking out, posting all sorts of offensive, judgment comments such as, "you are going to miscarry," and "your babies are going to be deformed," as well as, "your placenta's going to prolapse," but she just blocked or deleted them. She has been a weightlifter long before she became pregnant, and she stated that all of her routines had been approved by her doctor. She also reported that she wasn't even close to the routines she had pre-pregnancy, but that she continued to work out to stay in shape and keep healthy. Pregnancy doesn't mean that you have to give up everything you love. Perhaps you just have to be a little more careful, which is what this super strong chick has done.

4The Oldest Mother Ever

Having children past a certain age, is not usually recommended, however, IVR treatments are making it more and more likely for older women to conceive. Reports from 2016 list Daljinder Kaur as the oldest women to have children. She and her husband had wanted children, but had been struggling to become pregnant. Mrs. Kaur underwent IVR treatment for two years before finally becoming pregnant. She is either 70 or 72 years of age, the undetermined age is a common problem in India where she lives on a farm with her husband, due to birth certificates not always being issued. Nevertheless, she is so happy to have finally had a child of her own. Some would question whether it was best for the child to have such old parents, but both Mrs. Kaur and her husband have strong faith in their god, and believe that everything will work out. This is a serious case of a woman who never gave up on her dreams.

3Surfer Mom

Kristi Olivares made waves when people discovered that she continued to surf, even when nine months pregnant. Kristi, like some of the other women on this list, refused to give up what they love simply because they are growing new life. She doesn’t feel like pregnancy has to stop you from being healthy and active. Kristi said that she modified her surfing to include smaller waves, hopping up from the kneeling position rather than from the belly, and when she 'took a spill' she would curl into the fetal position to protect her baby bump from hitting anything under the water. She reports that her doctor, who is also a surfer, advised that she could continue to surf, but to be sensible and aware of her limitations. Most people reacted positively to this pregnant surfer chick, but she did have a few skeptics along the way. She decided to roll with it, and not let it keep her from staying fit and active.

2Beyonce Pregnant Is A Phenomenon In And Of Itself

The Queen Bee, Beyoncé, broke the Internet yet again by doing nothing more strenuous than posting a picture of herself pregnant. Sure, she's pregnant with twins, but that is not exactly the least common thing to ever happen to a woman. Still, Beyoncé being pregnant seems to be a phenomenon in and of itself. Beyoncé’s pregnancies are probably more closely followed than that of Kate Middleton, and her children are royalty. Well, I suppose in this country Beyoncé’s children may as well be royalty, for all the attention they get. I for one am absolutely dying to learn what weird names the proud parents will come up with this time. And twins? Probably the names will be even more peculiar. There are many people online throwing out wonderful ideas for baby names. Hey, Beyoncé! Baby Gaga has lots of baby name ideas! You are sure to find something that will be unique enough for your famous kiddos.

1Model Mom

Models are criticized all the time for their tiny figures. People often believe they aren't healthy because they don't eat much of anything, and they have been known to suffer from eating disorders and issues of confidence. Some of that criticism is fair. I wish that our country would more rapidly head in the direction of beauty comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Size 0 is not the only 'beautiful' size, and eating healthy should be what's important, not remaining below a certain weight limit. This model, Sarah Stage, got criticized during her pregnancy for a whole different reason--because she was apparently working out too much. She was too fit...she had abs while pregnant. Sarah said that she has remained fit and continued to keep herself in shape, despite being pregnant. Her fitness in no way affects the baby, though, so everyone just simmer down. Just because you couldn’t do something, doesn’t mean others can’t.

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