15 Most Over Dramatic Celeb Families In Hollywood Right Now

Beyoncé had twins! The Guidices got into a fistfight. Whether they’re expanding their family or breaking apart one, you’re likely to hear about it and maybe even see it. Families are big business these days from celebrities whose pregnancies receive more coverage than their careers to large families who land their own reality TV show.

America is still a country that loves its families. Yet, sometimes it’s the family drama that we love more. ‘The Desperate Housewives’ series save the juiciest and most dramatic episodes for season finales, because when the arguments become heated and tempers rise, so do the ratings. Yet, there are other reality shows that pull in the ratings by featuring America’s other favorite moment for families; weddings.

When Kim Kardashian married Kris Humphries, it was a two-part episode extravaganza that brought in 10.5 million viewers and $17 million in earnings. (Although, Kim wore $10 million in jewelry alone for the big day.) Likewise, the Duggars see a spike in their reality show ratings whenever one of their daughters has a wedding. So, whether you love to see ill-tempered fights or weddings with 1,000+ on the guest list we’ve rounded up the most dramatic celeb families giving us the flashiest weddings and heated fights right now.

15 The Duggars: Christian Values?

This reality-family from ‘19 Kids & Counting’ is known for showcasing their wholesome Christian values. Just what are these Christian values? Well, this sweet Arkansas family is super conservative and likes to keep it that way by home schooling their children and keeping contacts only within their church community. They also have strict roles for women that forbid them from wearing pants, showing their knees or shoulders, leaving their parent’s home until married, and dating (unless of course it is expected to lead to marriage and then it’s called a courtship). It’s all to protect their virginity. Four of the Duggar girls are marred with the youngest married at 19. The oldest married Duggar is none other than Josh, who has five children, a wife, and a huge scandal! The scandal went from being a teen molester to physically assaulting women he met through the cheating site Ashley Madison!

14 The Trumps: Not Their Family Values

Surprisingly, Donald isn’t always the center of his family drama. It’s his oldest daughter, Ivanka who is starting the recent family tensions, because let’s face it, all the Trump children envy Ivanka in one way or the other. Eric and Donald Jr. feel slighted by her and her husband Jared who have official roles in the White House. Donald’s sons do not. When did we even begin to pay attention to the Trump boys? When Donald Jr. was basically blamed for the Russia scandal. Younger sister, Tiffany, has to endure knowing that Ivanka will always be the favorite and the voice who intervened to ask their father to expand Tiffany’s allowance while she was in school. In an interview with Barbara Walters, the Trump kids even said that she was the favorite. There are even rumors that they and Melania Ivanka had ‘an icy relationship’ on the campaign trail.

Portrait of Ivanka Trump for Harper's Bazaar..2007

13 The Kardashians: Krazy With A K

‘Krazy with a K’ was the original title for the reality show shadowing America’s most dramatic family. “This was real emotions, real feelings. People f-up,” Kim Kardashian and her famous family spoke to the Hollywood reporter for August’s issue to commemorate a decade of being a famous reality family. Yep, for ten years they have been crying, marrying, and growing up before our eyes. You don’t even have to have watched an episode to know that Kim was married for 72 days. Khole had a toxic short-lived marriage to NBA player Lamar Odom. Kourtney’s baby-daddy has a high-profile drinking and drug problem. Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner. Kim Kardashian added a West to her last name when she married Mr. Kanye. Kylie underwent a ‘growth spurt’ that gave her a drastically different face and body. And, Kendall is a fashion model who received negative controversy for that Pepsi commercial.

12 The Hadids: Not So 'Model'

By now the Hadid sisters Gigi and Bella are a household name. Yet, once upon a time, they were just your everyday rich girls whose mother, Yolanda Foster, a former model herself was on the reality show, ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’. Since then it’s been an emotional roller coaster for the family. Yolanda has spoken out about her struggle with Lyme disease which her children Bella and Anwar also struggle with. Yolanda has also had to the end to a tumultuous marriage broken by infidelity from her real-estate mogul husband Mohamed Hadid. Even her marriage to music producer David Foster didn’t last, as the couple divorced in 2016. Earlier this year 68-year old Mohamed was linked to Shiva Safai, a model 33-years his junior who is to be the future stepmother of the Hadid children.

11 The Jacksons: Drama As Easy As ‘ABC’

Michael tragically died in 2009 from ‘acute intoxication’ leaving his children Prince, Paris, and Michael to struggle with the loss of their father, the media, and a family fighting over his estate. In 2012, the police were called for a ‘disturbance’ at the family estate where Janet allegedly slapped Paris and called her a ‘spoiled little b---.” In June 2013, Paris attempted suicide by slitting her wrists and overdosing on Motrin. She attempted this all in Rolling Stone citing ‘depression, anxiety, and physical abuse from a stranger’ as the root cause for her suicide attempts. This was also around the time that T.J Jackson (Michael’s nephew) filed to become co-guardian of the children along with 82-year old Katherine Jackson. According, to TMZ T.J has been trying to keep Katherine away from the children to gain control of the Jackson estate.

10 The Gosselins: Drama Plus Eight

Jon and Kate became famous after she gave birth to sextuplets and two sets of twins. They had a reality show ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8’ that quickly turned to ‘Kate Plus 8’ after Jon left the ‘unhappy’ marriage. Kate recovered through the help of a free tummy tuck and a Hollywood transformation. Yet, more drama quickly followed from Jon alleging that Kate refuses to allow him visitation rights and that he hasn’t seen their son Collin (who has special needs) in years. Yet, twins Mandy and Cara spoke out with Mandy saying, ‘He [their father] makes it seem like we’re being kept from him, which is insane. He should… realize that if he ever does want a relationship with us, talking about us TV is not the way to make that happen. The last thing I have time for is a toxic relationship.”

9 The Jolie-Pitts: Drama From Beginning To End

What began on a dramatic note seems to be ending on a dramatic note. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had the perfect Hollywood romance- two stars meet on set and fall in love. Except, at the time Brad was married to Jennifer Aniston. Yet, Brad and Angelina pushed through and got married to become Brangelina; a Hollywood clan consisting of the world’s most beautiful couple, twins, and several adopted children. The media loved them, even during the weird moments when Angelina gushed about collecting her children’s Band-Aids. Yet, in early 2016 Angelina filed for divorce for ‘the health of the family’. Soon after that the court looked into an incident where Brad allegedly hit their eldest son Maddox on a plane. Then, Brad graced the cover of GQ, where he was seen ‘praying’ or ‘meditating’ inside the issue and claiming that he was leaving his heavy drinking days behind him.

8 The Knowles: Beyoncé’s Daddy Lessons

Beyoncé is a one-woman show with a whole lot of family drama behind her. Her parents split after Matthew Knowles’s liaisons came to light through a paternity suit that proved he was the father of Alexsandra Wright’s child in 2009. Who is Alexsandra, we don’t know, but we do know that Tina Knowles filed for divorce a month afterwards. The following year Matthew was accused of stealing money from Beyoncé’s ‘I Am…’ tour. She ordered an audit through the Reed Smith LLP law firm and announced publicly that she was ‘officially severing personal ties’ to her father. When he remarried in March 2013 to Gena Avery, neither Beyoncé nor Solange were present. In, 2014 another paternity test was issued showing that Matthew was the baby daddy for TaQoya Branscomb’s four-year old child. We wonder if the song ‘Daddy Lessons’ is what Beyoncé has learned from his numerous infidelities.

7 The Carters: Reversed Roles

News broke out that 29-year old Aaron Carter is bi-sexual. Aaron then back flipped a few days later when he told TMZ at a Los Angeles airport that; “I’m going to be pursuing relationships with women.” He also had a message for his ex, “If someone loves you enough, they’ll never leave you…whether it’s about me being bisexual... or anything.” We know, it’s hard to keep up with the Carter family drama. In 2015, Aaron filed for bankruptcy. “When I turned 18, I got $2 million in trust-fund money and I got a $4 million in taxes my parents didn’t pay when I was 11 and 12 years old.” In 2013, former Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter opened up on Dr. Phil about his drug and alcohol problems and how he lost his sister Leslie, 25, to an overdose in 2012. Sadly, money really cannot buy happiness.

6 The Guidice And Gorga Housewives: Never A Moment Of Calm

Nearly 3 million people tune in to see the dramatic ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ families. From catfights to full throwdowns, the Gorgas and Giudices have never failed to serve up bitter brawls. There has been other drama the family has suffered too. Joe Giudice is currently serving a 41-month sentence, because of bankruptcy fraud. Teresa also served jail time for a year, which she recounted in her book, ‘Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and Back Again.’ Indeed she has bounced back with not only a book, but a restaurant as well. She opened the doors to Gorga’s Homemade Pasta & Pizza with her brother Joe Gorga and his wife Melissa. It looks like the family battle has calmed down after all… at least until next season.

5 The Lohans: All The Wrong Priroties

‘Family Therapy can’t save the Lohans.’ That was the story in the New York Post profiling the demise of Lindsay’s parents, Dina and Michael who shot a reality series on ‘VH1 Family Therapy’ in 2016. It was a sad stab at the spotlight by proving just how dysfunctional the family is. The couple argued over the domestic violence that lead to Dina filing for divorce a decade ago. Maybe, they should have focused their attention on their children? Lindsay has been struggling with drugs, alcohol, DUIs, arrest warrants, jail time, and continuously being called out by directors for missing days of work. Thank God that Lindsay’s little sister has never touched drugs and the weirdest thing she’s done is change her name from Ali to Aliana. Lindsay proudly claims she is clean these days, but has still landed in the press due to her bizarre relationship with Russian heir Egor Tarbasov.

4 TheMeesters: From Prison To Gossip Girl

Leighton Meester is a far cry from Blair Waldorf, whom she played on ‘Gossip Girl’. Leighton worked hard for her money and even saved to be able to send $7,500 to her mother Constance each month to pay for her younger brother, Alexander’s medical treatments. Yet, where did the money go? Her mother spent the money on Botox, hair extension, and plastic surgery. So, in 2012, the 25-year old Leighton filed a suit to custody of her brother. Then, her mother sued the star for $3 million with claims that Leighton threw her to the ground and repeated hit her with a bottle. Yet, the real drama began even before Leighton was born, as Constance was in a federal prison for drug trafficking when gave birth to the soon-to-be ‘Gossip Girl’ star.

3 The Thompsons: AKA Honey Boo-Boo

Honey Boo Boo became a household name from her shocking antics on ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’. Remember how the six-year old downed ‘go-go juice ‘which was a combination of Mountain Dew and Red Bull to get competition ready? Later she got her own show, ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ that followed her, mom ‘Mama June’, and dad ‘Sugar Bear’. There were also Mama June’s other children, Chickadee, Chubbs, and Pumpkin. The show was axed after Mama June left Sugar Bear, because he was physically and emotionally abusive and her new boyfriend Mark McDaniel was a convicted child predator. Yet, according to TMZ, Mark and ‘Mama June’ were together before his 10-year stint in jail and that she dropped ‘Papa Bear’ after he got out. It was also revealed that it was Mama June’s oldest daughter that was molested by Mark. How did Mama handle all the drama? She lost 150 pounds.

2 The Baldwins: A Political Barrier

It’s mostly political drama that separates this family these days. Stephan Balwin (the youngest Baldwin brother) has supported Trump’s presidency since he was on the road rallying supporters for his election. “If our father were alive today…he’d smack you in the side of the head for supporting Donald Trump,” Billy, (the second-youngest) tweeted in response to his brother’s support. We bet Billy is a fan of Alec’s (the eldest famous brother) SNL impersonation of Donald Trump. Yet, he’s probably less of a fan of Alec’s voicemail tirade when he was fighting with actress Kim Basinger over custody of their daughter, Ireland. In the angry voicemail he called his blamed the 11-year old for the custody battle calling her a ‘rude thoughtless pig’..

1 The Spellings: Spelling It Like It Is

Here is another family that enjoys the spotlight on their family drama. In case you don’t know, Tori Spelling has planted her face (along with her husband Dean McDermott and their five children) on a slew of reality shows. In 2006 there was ‘So Notorious’, from 2007-2012 we had to endure ‘Tori & Dean Inn Love’, in 2011 there was ‘Tori & Dean Storybook Weddings’, and of course ‘Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood’. Yet, it’s not all-marital bliss, as the titles would like you to believe. In 2013, Dean admitted to cheating on Tori. Soon after he checked into rehab. The family pushed through it even welcoming their fifth child into the world. However in 2016, financial drama hit the family as American Express sued the couple over $87,595 of credit card debt and the state of California reported they owed $259,108 in property taxes.

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