15 Most Ruthless Moms In Prison Right Now

And the terrible mother award goes to...all 15 of the women who made this list! For anyone who spent their teenage years thinking mom was bad, just wait until they read about these ruthless mamas! These stories will make anyone cringe and count their lucky stars that they ended up with the mama they have instead of the crazy mama they could have had!

These moms are behind bars for various reasons of increasing insanity as you scroll, from something as basic as tax fraud to something as horrible as Hannibal Lecter would be capable of; your jaws will drop after reading about these shocking women and how they embody the opposite of #parentgoals, and it’s too generous to even call them #parentfails. When I say ruthless, I mean they will make you question why some people even become parents at all!

Moms are supposed to be role models for their kiddos and it’s terrifying to think some of these moms are even moms to begin with! You have to feel for the kids in these stories, they deserve so much better than this! If the stories make you angry, it’s because of one truth and one alone; you are one of the good moms!

Next time your kids make you feel like a bad mom, just remember, you're not these mom's, not even close! I hope after reading about these 15 ruthless moms and the reasons they went to jail, you’ll realize just how worthy you are of the title “mom,” because these ladies sure haven’t earned it, not by a long shot!

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15 Gossip Girl Star Born In Prison

The beloved Blair Waldorf of the hit television show Gossip Girl has been in the media more for the drama between her and her mama. Leighton Meester was actually born in prison where her mother was serving time for drug smuggling charges. She, her sister and Leighton’s dad were attempting to smuggle marijuana from Jamaica to the United States, so you can already begin to understand what sort of family life Leighton had been brought in to.

But the drama doesn’t end there for Constance and her daughter Leighton. In addition to all that Constance had put her through, Leighton had to take her mother to court for taking money that she had clearly sent for her younger brother’s medical bills. What is even worse is that her mother not only took the money from her son, she actually spent in on plastic surgery for herself! Leighton’s mother is now out of her life, and she’s certainly overcome the hardships and risen above it all!

14 A Most Terrible Accusation

This story is not only pretty heinous, it’s straight up insane! There are many images of teen mom Heather Mack smiling behind bars while holding her newborn, Stella, in her prison cell. Heather was accused and later confessed to the murder of her socialite mother during their vacation in Bali. The smiling photos are unsettling, she seems rather unbothered by her mother’s death, but also seems to show much affection for her newborn who she is hoping to keep with her during her prison sentence until the baby turns two!

Her boyfriend, who helped her hide her mother’s body in a suitcase after the murder occurred, is also set to spend time in jail, but his parents want the baby to return to the states while they serve out their sentences. The courts gave boyfriend Tommy, 18 years, a whole eight years more than the mother of his child and the actual murderer! The courts were lenient towards the new mom, even though she admits no regret for slaying her own mother. Scary!

13 Not What She Seems

Dance Mom’s is already a pretty hard show to watch, it doesn’t seem like a very healthy environment for these girls, but it’s even harder to stomach knowing that the host is facing some pretty serious charges. Star of the show, Abby Lee Miller is facing jail time due to multi-million dollar fraud and illegal currency import cases. She explains that the hidden $800,000 is all because she became famous too quickly, but that doesn’t seem like much of an excuse.

Although she has taken full responsibility for her actions and apologized to the public, the courts and producers of her show, it looks as though Miller will still spend just over two years in prison. As for the fate of the show, it is unknown if it will continue, but as far as Abby is concerned, she is finished with it. Miller quit the show stating that she felt “manipulated, disrespected and used.”

12 150 Charges And Counting

Famous rapper, mourned for his tragic death in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, also had a very interesting mother. Turns out his mother, Afeni Shakur, had been a dedicated member of the Black Panthers Party, a party established in 1966 to protect African Americans from acts of police brutality. Although the intent was protection, the party was tied to many violent protests. Afeni Shakur had taken part in many of their protests, especially several bombings, over 150 to be exact! She spent 11 months in jail after being tried, and acting as her own attorney, for the charges of Conspiracy against the U.S. government.

Her name was eventually cleared and her release date was set. Tupac was born one month after her release from jail. You can definitely find fragments of his upbringing and beliefs in his music, he wanted people to be aware of the violence that occurs on a regular basis, a mission he seemed to continue for his mother through song.

11 A Fair Trade?

This story nearly feels made up, in fact I wish it was! Laurie Kelly was sentenced to 30 days in jail along with 4 years of probation after giving homeless people beer as payment for babysitting her 6 year old daughter! I can’t even imagine what this poor girl thought of the entire ordeal, kids understand quite a bit at six years of age, and where mothers’ are meant to protect and shield their children from strangers, this mother so easily handed her daughter over to people she barely knew!

After her arrest Kelly confessed to police that she had bought the beers for random strangers in the park and begged them to watch her daughter while she went off to “make some money” which is just another way of saying she was employed as a prostitute. I can’t even begin to imagine the damage and distress this must have caused her daughter. Just awful!

10 An Unlikely Remedy

When our children are in pain our natural instinct is to race them to the doctor or straight to the ER, unfortunately this was not the reaction Jennifer Campos had. When her two year old son was complaining about a toothache, she and her son’s father, Anthony Casillas, decided to treat it themselves. Instead of bothering to go to a doctor to help their son and find the source of his pain, they treated the tooth pain with methadone.

Jennifer Campos had enlisted the help of her friend Misty Murphy to concoct a beverage that was a mix of grape Kool-Aid and methadone. After the boy had overdosed, his parents finally took him to doctors, where they found traces of amphetamine, nicotine and acetone in his blood. To think that any parent would allow their child to ingest such toxins is mind-boggling! The couple was later sentenced to 10 years in prison.

9 Virtual Reality Is The Winner Here

This is one of the saddest stories I have come across. What mother with a heart could abandon their child and replace them with a virtual one? That takes a special kind of momster. Unfortunately, this exact incident occurred when a South Korean couple allowed their three-month old infant daughter to starve to death while they left her unattended at home to go off and play with their virtual child at various internet cafes! This mother raised a virtual child named Anima, and spend hours on end caring for a fictional being while her daughter waited at home to be held and loved and fed, just basic necessities.

After the arrest, police discovered that the couple seemed to have lost their will to deal with reality after losing their jobs and giving birth to a premature baby. They escaped through the game instead of seeking help and when they realized what their neglect had done, this mother tried to seek refuge in her own mother’s home, but they were soon found and arrested.

8 Time To Toughen Up

This mother won’t be winning mom of the year anytime soon! The sad part is she probably thought she was being a “good” mom when she decided that setting up a fight for her daughter to settle an argument with another teenage girl was a "good” idea. Florida mom, Sandra Padilla Miranda arranged for the teens to meet at her apartment complex after school. A crowd was even notified about the fight between the 14 and 17 year old so they could watch them exchange blows.

The entire fight was filmed and even posted to Facebook. You can hear Miranda screaming and telling her daughter to “hit harder” in the video, even telling her to bite the other girl! Miranda denied having anything to do with the fight at first, but after the video surfaced, there was no way of denying her involvement. She was charged with child abuse and contributing to juvenile delinquency, as for the girls, both were suspended.

7 Maybe Rethink Posting That On Social Media...

Posting cute pictures of your kids doing funny things is perfectly fine, but this mother took things way too far when she decided that letting her 7 year old behind the wheel of a car would be some great material for her social media feed! Florida mom, Kwaniqua Glenn decided to let her 7 year old son drive her car along a public street through their neighbourhood while she filmed the entire thing.

The entire thing was mom’s idea, her son would have never even asked about driving the vehicle if mom hadn’t offered up the opportunity. Her son drove at an average speed of 28 miles per hour while mom giggled and continued to film his driving skills. After the little joyride, Glenn not so cleverly posted the entire thing to social media, where authorities soon became aware of her poor parenting. She was charged with being a neglectful parent and allowing a minor to drive a motor vehicle. Luckily, no one was injured.

6 Britain's Worst Mom

You don’t get a title like “Britain’s Worst Mom” without earning it. Apparently it is viewed “safer” for teen mom to be, Natalie Harvey, to give birth behind bars as jail would offer a more “stable” environment for the baby than Harvey could ever offer. That might seem like the strangest thing you’ve ever heard but after Natalie’s 26 convictions, her serial conman ex-boyfriend, and a new boyfriend who’s not much better, this baby has a better chance under the watchful eye of others!

Many of Natalie’s convictions had to do with abuse and intimidation against people in her hometown, almost as if it were a pastime. She has even gone so far as to pose as a charity, stealing money from unsuspecting seniors. Not exactly the best role model mummy. She’s been charged for assault, picking fights for no reason or for an unwarranted reason. This mother clearly needs anger management therapy, and I can see why baby would be better off around security.

5 Real Housewife Does Real Prison Time

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice has entered a guilty plea with her husband Joe Giudice for 41 counts of fraud! Looks like more money you have, the more you hide. Among the numerous charges they have been accused of; the couple has pled guilty to engaging in bank, mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud, which resulted in acquiring about $5 million over a ten year period! Now that’s a lot of moola!

Hubby, Joe Giudice was sentenced to a 41 month term which he served first, and then came Teresa’s turn to serve her 15 months in a federal prison. They are serving their time separately so that a parent can be home with their children and be available to them, how thoughtful, but I’m sure the kiddos would prefer to have them both at home. I certainly hope fraud and reality television don’t go hand in hand, but it’s not looking good is it?

4 Teen Mom's Rabbit Hole

I will never understand the Teen Mom phenomenon and glorifying something as terrifying as teenage pregnancy. It’s something that no one plans on, and when it happens kids are forced to grow up fast! From 16 and Pregnant, to Teen Mom star Amber Portwood became famous for being in a difficult situation and all the drama that usually comes with being a teen. These moms were not perfect moms, they hadn’t even made it to adulthood yet, and Amber certainly made mistakes along the way.

Amber served 5 years in prison after being arrested for possession of drugs, felony, domestic violence and then failing to complete her court-ordered rehab program. They ended up releasing her early and we can only hope she stays on a brighter path from here on in for the sake of her daughter. Amber even dedicated half of her torso to a large tattoo of her daughter's face so that she always remembers her number one priority.

3 Mom's Underage Chauffeur

It’s always scary when the child has to parent their parents and in this case it’s not only terrifying it is a nauseating breach of trust between parent and child. After 42 year old Vermont mom Jessica Mathiau had drank way beyond the legal limit, she had her child drive, thinking that that would be some brilliant solution to avoid a DUI? Instead of DUI this mother was arrested and charged with child endangerment.

State police noticed the car oddly parked in the middle of the road. After police went to investigate the vehicle, they noticed that Mathiau was slumped in the passenger seat looking rather intoxicated while her child sat in the driver seat, clearly upset by the entire ordeal. According to police, Mathiau had activated the car’s emergency brake numerous times in the middle of traffic, trying to control what she could since her child was obviously unable to drive a car safely.

2 Some Messed Up Priorities

You’ve most likely seen the movie Bad Moms, but they do nothing quite as disgusting or un-parent like as these moms did! Two Calgary moms decided to blow off some steam and head out for drinks one night. Sounds innocent enough to start, but where it gets scary has to do with what they left behind in the car. The moms decided to leave their babies in a locked car in the parking lot outside the bar while they drank away for hours.

Luckily a passerby notified authorities after hearing a baby crying inside the vehicle. With the car turned off and the temperature dropping to frigid temperatures typical of Calgary’s winter months, the children were clearly in distress. When authorities arrived, they had to smash the windows of the car in order to get the 3 year old girl and 4 year old boy out of the vehicle. They were both shivering, one would hate to think what would have happened if they had remained in the car any longer.

1 The Most Terrifying Soup

This story is so messed up and cringe worthy that I highly suggest you refrain from eating. Katherine Knight is famous, but not for being the world’s greatest mom, instead she’s well known for one of the strangest revenge murders of all time. She was the first Australian woman jailed for life without parole; in fact the story is so grotesque that many of the details were never even reported, but they do call her the female version of Hannibal Lecter.

The long short of it is that Katherine murdered her partner John Price and then mutilated him, taking parts of him and even cooking them in a stew to serve to their children. She had even set the table with place cards for the kids as if it were a special dinner. I can’t imagine the therapy those kids will need, what an absolutely terrifying way to lose your father. This mother is certainly the scariest on the list, so scary that there have been talks to turn her story into a horror film!

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