15 Most Spine Chilling Things Kids Have Said

The majority of the time, adults have a filter. If they see something freaky they can bury it deep inside and never talk about it again...but kids, kids don't have filters for what they're saying. Kids can say anything. And some of these things can be hellishly creepy.

It's said that most kids can see things that we as adults can't. I'm talking about things like spirits. For some kids, they can start to see things as soon as they learn how to focus with their eyes. For others, things start to appear as they grow older. They see good spirits, bad spirits, all kinds.

But we condition our kids to believe that what they're seeing isn't real. That the monsters hiding under their bed aren't really there. That the ghosts who come into their room at night is just a bad dream. That their imaginary friends are just that - imaginary. And so, gradually, they stop being able to see beyond the veil.

Before proceeding with this article, it might be a good idea to make sure you're sitting in a well lit room, and have at least one other person in the house with you. Just in case.

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15 The Man With The Snake Neck

I am something of a horror nerd, and having watched so much grim stuff from my early teens, I've become somewhat desensitized to much of what I see and read about. But this story froze the hairs on the back of my neck.

Reddit user QuagmireDP was changing her daughter in front of an open closet door, but her daughter wouldn't keep still. She kept on looking around her mom and laughing.

Eventually her mom asked what was so funny and her daughter replied 'the man,' to which she replied 'what man?' The little girl then pointed to the closet door and said 'the man with the snake neck.' QuagmireDP turned around, but there was nobody there.

She said, while she's glad her daughter wasn't scared, she's far too terrified to look into the history of the house, in case someone hung themselves in the closet.

14 The Boy Who Comes At Night

One morning, Reddit user SueDaisy's 3 year old daughter came downstairs and said "Look what I can do!" She then proceeded to cross her eyes. Understandably curious as to how her 3 year old had magically learned how to cross her eyes, SueDaisy asked her how she'd learned to do that, to which her daughter replied, "The boy taught me at night."

Confused, SueDaisy asked "What boy?" The three year old said "The boy with the glasses...he did this!" She then held her finger up and zoomed it to her nose and crossed her eyes. The she started to laugh.

While this might not sound like anything terribly bad, that was how SueDaisy's brother had taught her how to cross her eyes when she was 5 years old. He then died when she was 7.

13 The White Wolves Are Our Friends

Reddit user Darinfic posted a story to the website about how their co-worker's four year old daughter always thought that the rattling of the water pipes in the kitchen cupboards were 'white wolves,' and the sound always scared her.

One day, the little girl was sitting at the kitchen table and she said to her mom, "Mom. The white wolves aren’t bad… they’re our friends!” Thankful that the 'white wolves' weren't scaring her daughter anymore, she encouraged the idea saying, “Yes! The white wolves are protecting us. They are our friends.”

But then her daughter came out with something entirely unexpected, something that made her mom's blood run cold. “They’re our friends, but not the man who crawls on the floor and stands by my bed." If my daughter was saying that to me, I would have packed up and moved in five minutes flat.

12 When You're Dead Mommy

Reddit user Bamboobies (make of that name what you will...) was preparing to give a PowerPoint lecture on heart anatomy. Her three year old son was standing next to her while she was doing it, and he asked what the large thing was on the top of the heart.

Happy that her little one had such a curious mind, she explained to him the term 'vessel' and the 'aorta.' Her son looked down at his chest and said that he wasn't able to see his aorta. His mom went onto say “No, the aorta is inside your body. You can’t see it now.”

The little boy then said - and please bear in mind he was 3 years old - “That’s ok mommy. Maybe when you’re dead, I’ll look at yours.”

11 Mommy Is Floating In The Kitchen

When his son was 2 years old, Reddit user Geekamongus would be woken up by him at 5am every morning. On one occasion, he took him downstairs and put him in front of the TV so that he could catch a few zzz's on the couch right next to him.

A few minutes after he'd fallen asleep he woke up and found his son standing in the foyer. The little boy was pointing into the kitchen and laughing. The he said something really freaky....“Mommy is floating in the kitchen.”

He didn’t think too much of it, and decided to go back to sleep for a little bit. Half an hour later his mom came downstairs having just woken up. She said that she had one of those weird dreams where she flew out of her body, went downstairs and found herself in the kitchen.

10 Mommy Someday Will You Die?

Magnus_Maximus, a Reddit contributor shared a story which chilled me to the bone marrow. When her sons were about 2 and 4 their pet goldfish died. She decided that this would be a good opportunity to have a discussion about death and mortality.

When she was done with her explanation, her 4 year old looked up at her with his big, blue eyes and asked “Mommy, someday, will you die?” Naturally her heart filled with love and a touch of sadness. She said "Yes, someday mommy will die." With a totally deadpan expression he replied "Good," and walked out of the room.

Later on, when the time came to flush the fish, the 4 year old asked if they could eat him instead. To which his mom replied "No, we don’t eat pets because we love them." After a moment he said “When you die, I’m going to eat you.”

9 She Has Empty Eye Sockets

Sometimes there are happenings which are too accurate, too god-damn incredible not to be believed. This is the case with this story from Reddit user jimparsonsrox. When his dad was 12 years old, he witnessed his mom die from a ruptured gallbladder. It's a memory which still haunts him. One day, his daughter randomly wakes up, an hour after going to bed, and she goes to speak to her dad. The conversation went like this.

Sister: Daddy, your mommy died in a red sweater, jeans, sneakers and with her hair in a ponytail, right? And her hair was blonde? Dad: Drops book he’s reading and stares, wide-eyed, and then says Yes… Sister: What color were her eyes? Dad: Blue… why? Sister: Oh, she doesn’t have them anymore, just empty sockets. I was curious.

Then she went right back to bed.

8 The Boy Was Hanging From The Fan

One morning, Reddit user FlowersAndDrink heard his four year old daughter's door open and shut closed again. He knew she'd be coming to their room to lay down with them. But she never came. Shortly afterwards he heard her voice. The door opened and shut again, so he decided to have a look. She was in bed with her eyes closed. Their conversation went something like this.

“Sweetie? Why did you get out of bed?”

“I didn’t, I was trying to sleep but he wouldn’t leave me alone. He kept talking to me and asking me questions.”


“The little boy that was in my room.”

“Sweetie there is no boy in your room.”

“I know. He just left.”

“What was the little buy doing?”

“He was hanging from the fan and asking me a bunch of questions.”

“How was he hanging from the fan? With his arms?”

“No, with a rope.”

7 Can I Keep Your Skin, Mommy?

We have witnessed some pretty scary shit so far, haven't we? Some sort of malicious, some really as innocent as can be. This particular story though, while pretty bloody gruesome, is actually kind of sweet in a really dark, weird, Hannibal Lecter kind of way.

One day, when a mom was peeling dry skin off her shoulders after having a bad sunburn, her young daughter stood and watched. The she asked if she could keep the skin flakes. She wanted to put them in a jar so that when her mom died, she would be able to make a mommy mask and remember her mom always.

I don't know about you, but to me this sounds like the beginning of a horror story. But I'm actually dying to know how the mom chose to respond to this creepy request!

6 Popaw Mike Kept Me Up All Night Pinching My Toes

I am constantly amazed at how kids respond to being visited my spirits. Much of the time, if an adult encounters a spirit they're left deeply disturbed. For a kid, well, for them it's not all that weird, or that's the impression I get anyway, and that was the case for the little girl at the heart of this story. Her mom, however, was shocked to the core.

When her 3 year old daughter woke up one day looking rough, she asked if she's slept okay, to which her daughter replied, “No! Popaw Mike kept me up all night pinching my toes!” The mom couldn't believe it. Her dad, also known as Popaw Mike, had passed away 8 years before her daughter had been born. And when she was a little girl, Popaw Mike used to pinch the toes of her and her brother to wake them up.

5 Mommy, It’s Gonna Be Such A BAD, BAD DAY!!

It would appear that some kids have a knack for seeing into the future, especially when it's a pretty effing bleak future!

It was September - you know what's coming - 11th 2001 and it was one mom's son's first day of kindergarten. The day before he had been beside himself with excitement. But, when he was woken up, he immediately started to cry hysterically. Over and over again he said ‘Mommy, it’s gonna be such a BAD, BAD DAY!!’

She tried her best to console him, to convince him otherwise, and said that he could watch cartoons while she got ready for work. She sat him down (still crying) on the couch and turned the TV on. It was just at that moment when the news showed the second plane hitting the tower in New York.

4 You're Going To Die

One day, while doing her job as a climbing instructor, a young woman had a 5 year old girl to teach. She let her start to climb first, giving her lots of encouragement as she made her way up the wall after the girl.

She's about 15 feet up with the little girl just above her, when the girl says "You're going to die." She thought she'd misheard the cute youngster. But she says it again and this time she realised that she didn't mishear anything. Then the warning comes again! She starts to panic slightly then asks "Why are you saying that?" To which she replies "You're going to die."

The teacher freezes suddenly, then calmly, carefully makes her way back down the wall. It's then she realizes that she hadn't been harnessed properly. She was, essentially, free climbing up the wall, with no safety equipment should she fall.

3 Daddy It's A Monster

When we introduce a newborn baby to their older sibling, we hope, we pray that the older one is immediately going to be utterly besotted and loved up. That they'll want to do nothing but adore and protect this new little person. It's our worst nightmare to think that our child is going to hate the new one, that they'll snarl at it instead of smile and refuse even to touch it.

When one happy new father brought his 3 year old daughter in to show her her new born baby brother, she stood and looked at him for a awhile. (I can imagine that the father's heart would have been racing.) The she turned and looked at her dad and simply said, "Daddy it's a monsters...we should bury it."

2 The Tall Men Are Walking

Reddit user Aeboco isn't a parent but he had an experience as a child that's sure to haunt your dreams for the next few weeks.

When he was about 3 or 5, he would sleepwalk into his parents room and stand by their bed deathly silent. His dad would wake up, find him standing there and try and put him back to bed. But the little boy couldn't go back to bed. When his father asked why he replied, "because the tall men are walking." The family ended up moving house and the tall men stopped visiting. The sleepwalking however, didn't stop.

Then, when Aeboco was around 15 he was at church with his family and happened to overhear one of the younger kids say this...

"Who are those men?"

"What men, honey?"

"The tall men with [my name]."

1 I Don't Want To Crash And Die

As we saw before, with the event that happened on 9/11 where the little boy said that it was going to be a 'bad day...' the little boy in this story also knew that there was something terrible going to happen.

It was a day like any other, except that one mom couldn't get her 3 year old son to leave the house. He had a temper tantrum and said to her that he “didn’t want to crash and die”.

The tantrum carried on for about 10 minutes, then he just stopped and was ready to go. When they were walking out of the house, she noticed that there had been a terrible accident on the street in front of their house. It was exactly the spot where they would have been driving had he not thrown his temper tantrum.

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