15 Movies That Prepare Pregnant Women For The Unexpected

Pregnancy is one of the most important moments in someone's life. Even if it’s a dream come true, the months to come are a roller coaster of emotions (thank you ever-change hormones!). Every feeling, and thought can change on a dime from morning sickness to pain, and anxiety. 

Expecting a baby will often make women feel like they are starring in a movie. There will be times when it will feel like a drama, other times it may feel like a comedy, and even a horror. It is a whole new world and a perfect plot for a Hollywood movie. In fact, there are several movies about pregnancy with remarkable delivery room scenes.

The most traditional pregnancies are portrayed in movies such as "What To Expect When You are Expecting." But, movies are great when portraying other types of pregnancies, like surrogate mothers, teen pregnancy or times when a mother may think her child is anything but normal. 

Prepare the popcorn and see the list of 15 movies that talk about pregnancy that will give all expecting mothers a glimpse of what's to come. 

15 Juno (2007)

This movie doesn't only have one good scene regarding pregnancy, but the entire movie is based on it. When you are a 16-years-old, you dream about the career you want, which college you go, prom, a cute boy or girl you have a crush one. But the last thing on the list is having a baby.

That is the main plot in Juno, when 16-years-old, Juno MacGuff, finds out she is pregnant by her best friend Paulie Bleeker. First, she thinks about terminating the pregnancy. However, after going to visit a women's clinic, she decides to give the baby for adoption. She finds a couple that seems to be perfect to adopt, and parent, to her unborn baby: Mark (Jason Bateman) and Vanessa Loring (Jennifer Garner).

During the movie, we follow June and all of her emotions that she experiences, between bonding with the couple who wants to adopt her baby, her high school crush, and the conflicts she has with the decision of giving her baby away.

14 What To Expect When You're Expecting (2012)

This hilarious movie is based on the best-selling book, What To Expect When You're Expecting. It follows the lives of five interconnected couples that are about to become parents, and how each mom-to-be experiences their special moments of pregnancy. 

Jules Baxter (Cameron Diaz) is a perfect fitness guru and reality TV star, who is dating Evan Webber (Matthew Morrison) and tries to keep herself active and healthy during the pregnancy.

Holly Castillo (Jennifer Lopez) and Alex (Rodrigo Santoro) are a couple that can’t naturally have a baby and opt for adoption.

Wendy Cooper (Elizabeth Banks) and Gary (Ben Falcone) find out that expecting a baby is not perfect. She struggles a lot during her pregnancy and gives a really funny interpretation of pregnancy that most women can relate to. 

Skyler (Brooklyn Decker) is married to Ramsey Cooper (Dennis Quaid). Unlike Wendy, she has the perfect pregnancy. And, of course, Wendy hates her for it.

Rosie Brennan (Anna Kendrick) and Marco (Chace Crawford) have a one night encounter. Once Rosie finds out she is pregnant, they try to figure out what to do for the pregnancy, and for themselves as a couple. 

13 The Blue Lagoon (1980)

This movie stars a very young, and beautiful, Brooke Shields as Emmelie. It also stars a stunning Christopher Atkins as Richard. The couple grew up alone, on a paradisiacal island and, as in all Hollywood movies, they fell in love with each other when they grow up.

The naive couple learns everything they need to know on their own, including the birds and the bees. Unfortunately, they don’t know the consequences the B&B's can bring. After a while, Emmelie starts having morning sickness, feels something moving in her belly and has no clue what is going on. One day, after a fight with Richard, she feels an excruciating pain and has a baby in the middle of the jungle, surprise! Afterward, the movie shows the struggles of the new and clueless parents have when taking care of a new baby. 

Is this a movie that is going to change your life? Definitely not. But it is a good one to relax and forget about your own morning sickness.

12 Baby Mama (2008)

As we know, not everyone can naturally have a baby. In Baby Mama, Kate Holbrook (Tina Fey) is a very successful businesswoman, who decides to have her own baby, but unfortunately, can’t get pregnant. She decides to find a surrogate and chooses Angie Ostrowiski (Amy Poehler) to complete this task.

At some point, Angie is homeless and moves in with Kate. As expected, both women are like water and oil. While Kate is already reading all the maternity books and looking for a preschool, while Angie doesn't seem to care much about being pregnant. The comedy moves around Kate trying to make Angie engage in the pregnancy, but she fails miserably.

They have some hilarious scenes in maternity classes, where Angie is obviously clueless and bored. Of course, they will struggle with their differences, while they try to bond. 

The movie is also a chance to see Steve Martin back on the big screen again, playing Kate’s billionaire boss.

11 Nine Months (1995)

Nine Months is a popular comedy that was released back in a time when Hugh Grant was one of the most popular actors Hollywood. He plays Samuel Faulkner a child psychologist who begins dating Rebecca Taylor (Julianne Moore). While she dreams about marriage and a family, he believes the couple is good the way they are. 

Rebecca becomes pregnant and the movie focuses on the conflicts men face when they're not ready to have a family. Of course, Rebecca gets fed up at some point and leaves him. But, as we are talking about a romantic comedy, he realizes that he's ready, after seeing an ultrasound.

Although the movie revolves around the couple, the best moments of this movie is when their confused doctor enters the room. The Russian doctor, Dr. Kosevich, is played by Robin Williams and their hilarious encounter in the delivery room. 

10 Knocked Up (2007)

Having a fun night out may be harmless - unless you get pregnant. In Knocked Up, Alison Scott (Katherine Heigl) is a career-focused young woman who has meets Ben Stone (Seth Rogen) in a nightclub when they are both intoxicated. The next morning, the pair realizes they have nothing in common and go their separated ways. Soon after, Alison realizes she is pregnant and loses her mind. 

The movie focuses on how each character deals with the surprising news. Alison notices how her pregnancy is affecting her career, and the materialistic things she is forced to give up when she decides to keep the baby. However, Scott continues to live the childish life he currently has, without so much as a single responsibility. 

Many women might see themselves in Alison - even though they may have planned their pregnancy. Although the movie seems to be an unpretentious comedy, there are a lot of shape dialogues and is, definitely, worth watching.

9 The Back-Up Plan (2010)

The Back-Up Plan is the kind of movie that should be watched to have a good laugh. Zoe (Jennifer Lopez), gives up on waiting for “The One” and undergoes IVF. Coincidentally, on the same day, she meets Stan (Alex O'Loughlin) who seems to be a great catch, but he has to insist to go on date with her.

Zoe doesn’t know if the treatment worked or not, but decides to give Stan a shot. After she confirms her pregnancy, the movie revolves around their relationship and if Stan is ready to be a father, or not. Of course, their relationship is full of ups and downs, with very sweet moment in between. 

It is a movie that is perfect to relax with, especially if you're expecting as well. In addition to making you feel all the feels, it is also easy to identify with Zoe: an independent woman in her 30’s who is pursuing the dream of being a mother and, why not, find the love of her life at the same time!

8 The Waitress (2007)

The Waitress is the type of movie with bittersweet humor. Jenna (Kerri Russel) is a young woman, living in a small city and dreams about escaping her ordinary life and abusive, control-freak of a husband. 

Jenna works as a waitress and cooks amazing pies, that are named after the tribulations of her life. Once she realizes she is expecting a baby, she becomes more confident when she starts to write letters to her unborn baby, where she tells her what she can expect from her mom, and the plans she has made for the two of them. She also falls in love with her gynecologist. A great twist on the story that is extremely unexpected. 

The dialogues, in her letters, are very sharp and touching. Jenna is funny, sassy and the strength she has is inspiring. The movie is worth watching, whether you are pregnant or not. 

7 New Year’s Eve (2011)

New Year’s Eve is one of those movies that everyone falls in love with. It shows several couples on New Year’s Eve, in New York City. But, what does it have to do with pregnancy? In the middle of all the NYE rush, two couples head to the hospital. Griffin (Seth Meyers) and Tess Byrne (Jessica Biel) are about to have their first child, and so are James (Til Schweiger) and Grace Schwab (Sarah Paulson).

That night the hospital offers a US$ 25, 000 bonus for the first baby born, in their hospital, in the new year. The couples start a competition to see who will be born first. We won’t give spoilers about his part of the plot.

In the same hospital, there is also Stan Harris (Robert De Niro), a terminal cancer patient who just wants to see the ball drop one last time. Both stories running at the same place is an obvious comparison of the “life and death” question.

6 She’s Having A Baby (1988)

In this feel-good movie, Kristy (Elizabeth McGovern) and Jake Briggs (Kevin Bacon) are a young, newly-married couple, that is far away from the happy ending they envisioned for themselves. They face the frustration of trying to get pregnant, and their families pressures for grandchildren. Because of the pressure from both families, the couple faces many "unromantic" events. 

Finally, they find out they are pregnant, and the couple seems to live through different reactions. While Kristy is happy and very sure of the future, Jake is unsure if that is the life he wants to have. He also begins to feel trapped in an unhappy life, during most of the movie. Yes, this seems to be common behavior when a man is about to become a father in a Hollywood movie.

Although the movie didn’t do well when it was released, it brings up interesting questions about living your life to follow traditions or to satisfy someone’s else expectation, without living the life you want for yourself. 

5 Look Who's Talking (1989)

If you are a mother, you definitely asked yourself what your baby was thinking or feeling, before he was able to communicate with you. In "Look Who's Talking," the baby is the narrator of the story since she becomes pregnant with him.

The movie starts with Mollie (Kirstie Alley), a career-focused woman, who sees her life change when she gets pregnant by a married man. She continues with the pregnancy but has a lot of struggles during the entire pregnancy. However, when Mollie goes into labor, she enters a taxi drove by James Ubriacco (John Travolta), who remains by her side.

The movie is entertaining as a whole, but seeing a baby’s perspective makes it even funnier. Bruce Willis is responsible for the baby’s voice. The movie was a hit when it was released and two other movies came after it. But stick with the first one.

4 For Keeps (1988)

Much before Juno became a success, "For Keeps" brought up the important topic of teenage pregnancy. Darcy (Molly Ringwald, America’s sweetheart in the 80's) and Stan (Randall BatinKoff), were two high school seniors when they dramatically find out Darcy was pregnant. Just before their graduations, they face the decision of having the baby or not. The situation involves both families and causes a lot of conflicts. The school also becomes involved when the high school guidance counselor tells Darcy that other girls will want to follow her path, since she is quite popular.

This is considered to be one of the best roles played by Molly Ringwald, who had the chance of performing such an important character than the public was used to seeing her play. Although it is a comedy, it is not a shallow teenager’s film. The movies also brought up issues we were not used to discussing in the 80's, like teenage pregnancy and postpartum depression.

3 A Happy Event (2011)

A Happy Ending is a French heartwarming comedy, adapted from a best-seller autobiography written by Eliette Abecassis. It tells the story of Barbara (Louise Burgoin), a PHD candidate that meets Nicolas (Pio Marmai) at the video store where she works. They start dating and their chemistry is very intense and full of passion.

Their relationship is great and they have a brilliant idea: why not have a baby? As in most  movies, what else could go wrong? The movie follows the couple's relationship rapidly change, up until the due date.

The time comes for the delivery, which is one of the most beautiful and touching birth scenes on this list. If not THE most beautiful. This movie has a sensitive plot, explores how the changes a pregnancy can have on a relationship and offers viewers a chance at seeing a not-so-happy event. 

2 Away We Go (2009)

Have you ever thought about the best place to raise your child? Most parents discuss the importance of this subject. In the movie Away We Go, Verona De Tessant (Maya Rudolph) and Burt Farlander (John Krasinski) took their thoughts to a totally new level. When the couple finds out they are going to be first-time parents, they decide to travel the entire United States in hopes of finding the perfect place to call home.

During their journey together, they meet relatives and old friends that help them understand they each have a different definition of what "home" is. It is a very touching story, about how a child can help you understand your roots and where you come from. 

One of the best scenes is when a check-in clerk, at the airport, doesn’t allow Verona in the airplane due to her pregnancy. The couple has to carry on their journies home on the road. It is definitely a movie that will have you laughing, and thinking, all at once. 

1 Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

The only thing an expecting mother wishes for is that her baby is born healthy and, in Rosemary’s case, that he is not the Devil’s son. This, of course, is the worst nightmare anyone can have. Due to this horror that was so rarely seen in a film, it resulted in one of the most famous movies about pregnancy ever made.

In Rosemary’s Baby, Rosemary (Mia Farrow) and Guy Woodhouse (John Cassavetes) are a young couple who just moved into their new apartment. They meet their friendly neighbors, an older couple who is always ready and willing to help the couple. 

After very awkward events, Rosemary becomes pregnant and strange things start to happen. The future mother starts to worry that something supernatural is happening and she begins to suspect that her unborn baby has something to do with it. As the movie evolves, she also suspects everybody, including her neighbors and husband, has something to do with the scary events happening to her. 

The movie became an instant classic and is considered the best Roman Polanski's movie ever made. 

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